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高一英语必修2Unit3Computers课件 (1)_图文

高一英语必修2Unit3Computers课件 (1)_图文

1. With me you can watch different programmes just at home. I’m a machine that has a screen with moving pictures and sounds. But watching me too much is bad for your eyes.

TV set

2. I am a machine which moves very fast on four wheels. You need a license(执照) and must be very careful when you drive me. Rolls Royce, Benz and BMW are some famous kinds of me.


3. I am a machine which is a good
helper in doing house work. I wash clothes for people.

Who am I?

washing machine

4. A machine that you use to talk to other people even in a far-away place. We are connected by wire or radio. Now each of us often has a number.

Who am I?


5.It is a machine, which you can use to type your homework, draw pictures, play games, watch movies, listen to music, communicate with your friends, gather information…


? it is a kind of computer which can be taken conveniently like a notebook.

A laptop

What English words do you know about computers?

What is it in English??


What is it in English??

CPU (central processing Unit)

What is it in English??

Main board(主板)

What is it in English??

Display /


B ill Gates Blog

Keyboard Click E- mail
E- pal


Components of a computer



Printer Floppy Disk Scanner Mouse

The computer began as a calculating machine 1642:_______________________________________________
1822:The Analytical Machine was made by Charles Babbage.

The computer grew rapidly both in size 1936:_____________________________________________

and in brainpower.

The computer had grown as large as a room. 1940s:_________________________________________ 1960s _____: The first family of computers was connected to
each other.

Computers were used in offices and homes. 1970s:_________________________________________ Computers connect people all over the Now:__________________________________________

world together.

Fill in the blanks: I began as a calculating ________ machine in 1642 in France. analytical machine. Then In 1822 I was built as an ________ in 1936 Alan Turing wrote a book and built a gone by I ________ ___, universal machine. As the years have___ have been made smaller ______ . There were times when my size totally ______ changed. And my memory became _____ so large _____ that I couldn’t believe it. In the 1960s connected by a network. I they gave me a family_________ share my knowledge was able to _________________with others through the World Wide Web. Since the 1970s many new applications ______________ have been found for me.

Find the word or expressions fro each of the following meanings from the text.
complete change in ways of thinking ,working , revolution 1.___________


2.___________ network

connected computer system

simplify 3.___________ to make things easier 4.___________ calculate to find the answer using numbers

mobile 5.___________ can be moved easily from place to place solve 6.___________ to work out the answer to a problem totally 8.___________ completely
anyhow anyway 9.___________ finance activity of managing money 10.__________ explore 7.___________ to travel around an area to find out about it

2 Complete the passage with the words below My brother was very interested in computers and enjoyed writing programs of his own. He used to download information from the Internet and made good explore use of it. He liked to ________the World Wide _______ Web and used the Internet to communicate with computer programmers all over the world. When he went to technology university he studied IT( information ____________) artificial and developed a special interest in __________ applications of the intelligence. After developing special ___________ intelligent robot which computer, he hopes to design an __________ can think _________ and look like a human being, but in logically _______reality he has a long way to go.

Changes of the machine
Calculating machine Analytical machine Universal machine

Machine with new transistor A family connected by a network

Machine with artificial intelligence A family used by the Internet

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