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Unit 1 How often do you exercise?
No.4 Middle School Yakeshi Hulunbeier

Wu Nan

Healthy / unhealthy lifestyle?
Lisa : sleep eight hours every night.

eat a good breakfast
exercise every day never eat junk food.

Healthy / unhealthy lifestyle?
Pico :

play tennis three times a week
run every Saturday. never watch TV.

eat fruits and vegetables every day
sleep nine hours every night.

3a. Read Katrina’s letter in one minute, and try to find the key sentence(s) .

My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades.

Good food and exercise help me to study better.

Read again and answer:
1. How often does she exercise? She exercises every day. 2. How often does she drink milk? She drinks it every day. 3. Does she eat junk food very often? No. She only eats it once a week. 4. Do you think she has a healthy lifestyle?

Why or why not? Yes,because she eats good food and exercises every day.She sleeps 9 hours every day.

…but I’m pretty healthy. I exercise every day, usually when I come home from school. My eating habits are pretty good. I try to eat a lot of vegetables. I eat fruit and drink milk every day. I never drink coffee. Of course, I love junk food too, but I eat it two or three times a week. Oh, and I sleep nine hours every night. So you see, I look after my health. And my healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. Good food and exercise help me to study better.

3a Read and learn:

How often does…?
Questions 1.exercise
2.eat vegetables


hardly ever

3.eat fruit 4.sleep

twice a week never

5.drink milk
6.eat junk food 7.drink coffee

three or four times a week four times a day

What’s wrong with Bill?
…and I think I’m kind of unhealthy. I hardly ______ _____ exercise. I eat __________twice a ever vegetables week,but I never eat _____ And I _____ fruit don’t junk ____to drink milk. Yuck! I love _____ like _____and eat it _____ ___ _____ ______a three or four times food week. I love to drink______,too. So maybe coffee I’m not very healthy,although I have one nine healthy habit. I ______for _____ sleep ______every night. hours

Bill is kind of unhealthy. Can you

give him some advice(建议)?

Bill, you should(应该) try to … /try not to…

Fill in blanks with the correct words . 1. You must _______(尽量) to eat less meat. try 2.We should ______(尽力)our best to learn English. try 3.You _____ ______(尽量不要) to eat junk food. not try 4.They _____ ______(照顾)their pretty flowers. look after 5.Did you take ____ _____ (照看)your baby yesterday? ____ care of 6.Congratulations!you got ______ _______ good grades 7.Tomorrow is _______(会更好) better (好成绩)

8.There are lots of differences (different) _______

between them.
9.Your classroom is ____ ____ _____ (和…一 the same as 样) ours. 10.They are the ____ (一样),because they are same twins. Although 11.—————(虽然)I am thin, I am healthy. 12.I am thin,_____(但是)I am healthy. but

Writing practice:
write about your own


In your group,

who is the healthiest?

Homework : My parents’ lifestyles
My father is (not ) pretty healthy. He (always, usually, often,hardly ever …) He tries to eat/ drink /sleep…every day. My mother’s lifestyle is the same as my father’s. My mother’s lifestyle is different. She…

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Questions How often do you exercise? How often do you eat junk food? How often do you eat fruit? How often do you eat vegetables? How often do you drink milk? In your group, who is the healthiest?





Give us your report like: I…andI…
A: How often do you …? B: Once a week/ Every day / Twice a month /Hardly ever / Never / Sometimes/…
brush your teeth (刷牙)
wash your clothes clean your room

cut your hair (理发)
take a shower(洗澡) visit your grandmother

surf the Internet (上网) arrive late for class
practicedo homework your English

play computer games eat in the classroom
watch TV

go shopping /do some shopping eat breakfast

Talk about Bill:
Bill sleeps nine hours every night, too.
Is he healthy, too?

Although Bill sleeps nine hours
every night, he is unhealthy. Bill sleeps nine hours every night,but he is unhealthy

How can we keep healthy?
Try to eat more healthy food and less junk food. Try to exercise every day.

Everyone must sleep 8 or 9 hours every night.

6.I look after my health(health)and I am very healthy . 7.My friend is an interviewer(interview) and he often asks me questions. 8.As for speaking (speak)English,some students do well. 9.There’re lots of differences (different) between Emma and her sister. 10.Doctors think doing (do)morning exercises is good for our health

Writing:write another famous person after you read this passage.
Jackie Chan is a good actor. He is

pretty healthy. He usually exercises three times a week. Swimming is his favorite sport. He goes swimming once a week. He can swim very well. He is often busy with work, so he usually has to stay up late(熬夜). As for food, he likes vegetables and hardly ever eats junk food. He eats fruit every day. So he looks after his health very well.

1. Interview your favorite teacher about lifestyle, then write an article.
My favorite teacher’s lifestyle

Do you know these food?

ice cream











Do you know?
cola, salad, soup, hot dogs, fruit, vegetables broccoli, milk, hamburgers, dumplings, French fries , fried chicken, onions, ice cream

salad, soup, broccoli, milk, fruit, vegetables, dumplings, onions,

cola, hot dogs, French fries, fried chicken, hamburgers, ice cream

Match the words
1.____ junk food b 2. _____ milk a 3. _____ fruit e 4. ____vegetables c f 5._____sleep 6. _____coffee d

A: How often do you drink milk/eat vegetables ……? B: I drink milk/eat vegetables ……every day/twice

a week…….
A: Do you like it? B: No. But my mother wants me to drink it. She says it’s good for my health. /Yes. I like it.Because it’s delicious and it’s good for my healthy.

Let’s discuss:
How to keep healthy?
? Eat healthy food. ? Exercise often. ? Have lots of sleep. ? Be happy. ? Help others.


Ⅵ.Listen and circle

Is Bill healthy? Is Katrina healthy?

Yes No I don’t know Yes No I don’t know

exercise eat vegetables eat fruit How many hours do you sleep? drink milk eat junk food drink coffee

every day

hardly ever sometimes never

every day

every day 9 hours

9 hours

every day never 2 or 3 3 or 4 times times a a week 4 times a day week never

Ⅴ.Fill in the blanks
…and I think I’m kind of unhealthy. vegetables I hardly ever exercise. I eat__________ twice a week, but I never eat________. fruit can’t stand And I_____ _______to drink ______ . milk Yuck! I love______ ______and eat it junk food three ___ four times week I love to _____ or ____ ____a coffee drink______ , too.

Ⅴ.Fill in the blanks
So maybe I’m not very healthy, although I have one healthy habit. sleep I_____ for___ _____every night. 9 hours

1.junk food 2.Healthy food 3.Pair work

4.Katrina’s letter

1.recite 3a

2. copy some important phrases

Do you want to know what Katrina like junk food and healthy? Let’s read 3a loudly. Then answer some questions.

Read and answer尝试练习
1. How often does she exercise? Every day. 2. How often does she drink milk? Every day. 3. Does she eat junk food very often? No, she eats 2 or 3 times a week. 4. Do you think she has a healthy lifestyle? Why or why not? Yes, I think so. 5. Is her lifestyle the same as yours or different? What are the differences?

Language points
1. of course 2. pretty healthy/good 3. unhealthy 4. a healthy lifestyle 5. try to do sth.. 6. look after 7. help sb. to do sth. 8. study better 9. the same as 10. be different from

1.I look after my I am (health)and

very 2.The boy is trying
the door. 3.He often helps me some housework. 4.My lifestyle is different

(clean) (do) yours.

never / hardly ever sometimes once or twice a week three or four times a week usually
A: How often do you …? B: ...

eat junk food
never / hardly ever sometimes once or twice a week three or four times a week usually

A: How often do you …?

B: ….

surf the Internet

watch TV
A: How often do you …? B:



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