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M9U4 Reading1(language points)_图文

M9U4 Reading1(language points)_图文

M9 U4 language points (Reading)

1. –The criminal was finally sentenced to death. A --Just as a biblical idiom says,:_________ A. You reap what you sow B. An eye for an eye C. See the handwriting on the wall D. Killed the fatted calf

2. – Mr Li is the most excellent engineer in our company despite his poor education background. C -- ______. His technical capacity comes from his devotion and rich experience. A. Four eyes see more than two B. The end justifies the means C. Work makes the workman D. Better late than never

3. – I’m going to join the army. I really don’t want to leave my good friends. C ---________. A. Tomorrow is another day B. All things are difficult before they are easy C. All good things must come to an end D. All is well that ends well.

4. – They may be getting married soon. --- How did you know it? A ---________. A. A little bird told me B. I have butterflies in my heart C. It’s a piece of cake D. Beauty lies in love’s eyes

Part one (1) 1. An idiom is a group of words or an expression whose meaning is not straightforward, because it often cannot… straightforward 1) adj. 简单易懂的 a straightforward examination question 容易回答的试题 用浅易文字写成的 written in straightforward language 2) adj. 坦诚的,率直的 straightforward in one's business dealings 老老实实做生意. straightforwardly adv.

Part one (1) 2. In other words, its meaning can be very different from the apparent meanings of its components. (Line 3)

= The meaning of an idiom is different literal meaning of the words from the _______ make up the idiom. that ____________

in other words

换句话说 简言之,总之 与某人谈一下 与某人吵架

in a word
have a word with sb

have words with sb
word came that… beyond words eat one’s words weigh one’s words

keep/break one’s word 守信/ 失信 有消息称… 无法用语言描述 收回自己的话 推敲

Part one(1) 3. Idioms often use a number of words to represent a single object, person or concept, among other things, …(Line 4-5)
除了别的东西,此外 翻译:除了别的话,他还谈了当前形势。 He, among other things, talked about the present situation.

Part one(1) 4. …, and unless you recognize when an idiom is being used, it is easy to misunderstand what you read or hear spoken. (Line 5-7) hear sth spoken
There was an accident yesterday, but strangely I didn’t hear it mentioned ________ (mention) in the company.

你听过用英语唱这首歌吗? Have you heard the song sung in English?

C with snow and cyclists 1. Seeing the road ______ falling down here and there, we decided to walk to our office. (2013 南通期末) A. to block B. blocking C. blocked D. to be blocked
2. In the job interview applicants often find themselves B unexpected questions, some very difficult to _____ answer. (2012 南京一模) A. To ask B. asked C. to be asked D. asking

Part two(2-6)

1. The bible was first written in Hebrew and Greek, both of which use many idioms. (Line9-10)

neither___ of ______ whom lives at She has two daughters, ______ home.(两个都不)

all _____ of _______are which He has five dictionaries, _____ practical.(全都)
of ________all which are I have many story books, ____ interesting.

1. The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, many of A left their village homes for a better life in the city. A. whom B. which C. them D. those 2. The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, but many of C left their village homes for a better life in the city. A. whom B. which C. them D. those 3. The settlement is home to nearly 1,000 people, many of C having left their village homes for a better life in the city. A. whom B. which C. them D. those

2. A biblical idiom is often an expression that underlines the moral of a story…(line15-16) underline vt. 1)You'd better underline these words and try to learn them by heart. 在...下面划线 underlined 划线的单词 ___________words 2)The report underlines the importance of pre-school education.强调(emphasize/ stress)
这个例子强调了管理不好的后果。 underlined the consequencs This example ____________ _____ __________ of

Bad management.

3.The statue had a head and throat of gold… and bare feet made of iron and clay.(line18-20) bare adj. 赤裸的 a child with bare feet bare-footed child = a __________ The little room was almost bare of furniture. 没有(家具、装饰等) He earned a bare living by his hard work. 刚够的,最低限度的 Don’t get annoyed. He’s just told you the bare facts. 未加任何修饰的

bare vt. 使赤裸,暴露

bare one’s soul 敞开心扉 barely adv. 刚刚;仅仅;几乎不 They barely met the deadline.

Although it was barely four o’clock, the lights were already on.

他一到,就又要走了 He had barely/hardly/scarcely arrived when he had to leave again.

4.In the dream, a stone flew at the statue and struck it on the feet. (line20-21) 他打了我的鼻子。 on the nose He hit me ____________.

小偷猛击他的头。 the head The thief struck her hard on ____________.
Don’t let them lead you by the nose. The women took me by the hand/ sleeve. strike / hit / pat /catch / seize / take/ lead etc.

+ sb. + on/ in / by + the +身体部位


(strike – struck – struck—striking)

striking her head against She fell heavily, ________ the side of the boat. 撞;触 Strike while the iron is hot I _________ struck a match to light the room. 擦(火柴) An earthquake _________Ludian struck , Yunnan Province, killing over 800 people. (不愉快的事)突然发生

struck An idea suddenly _______me and then I knew what to do. 忽然想起 It suddenly struck/occurred me that I hadn’t spoken to Mike for months.

He was struck by her beauty and desire to know her. 给人深刻印象
I left immediately the clock struck nine. (钟)敲响 All the workers were on the street, striking for higher pay. be on strike 罢工

Encourage your children try new D things , but try not to _______ them too hard.(2012无锡期末) A. draw B. strike C. rush D. push

5. After spending every penny of his money and being reduced to hiring himself out to feed pigs, he realized that he had been a fool and went home. 落魄 ,沦落为

He used up all his money and then he had embarrassing to feed pigs, which was ______________ for him. ______________, he realized that Consequently he had done wrong and went home.

Shortly after suffering from a massive earthquake and _____ C to ruins, the city took on a new look. A. reducing B. reduced (2013 江苏) C. being reduced D. having reduced

Shortly after 为介词短语,其后应为名词或动 名词,此处与 suffering应并列,且reduce与 city之间为被动关系。

He was reduced to begging for a living.

6. In honour of his return, his father killed and cooked a calf… ( Line30-31) in honor of … 为了欢迎… 为了庆祝… 为了纪念…

1. The success of a government should be measured ______ the happiness of the people as well as the D development of economy.(2014无锡期末) A. in favor of B. in place of C. in honor of D. in terms of 2. – As a weight-lifting athlete, Thomas is indeed too large, I think. (2011南通三模) B that, he is an excellent athlete at present. --- But ____ A. In case of B. in spite of C. thanks to D. in response to



in need of in celebration of in time of in memory of in face of in charge of in spite of in search of in place of in defense of in case of in control of in possession of in favour of in terms of in praise of

Part three(7)
By learning many important idioms, you can develop a high level of competence in your communication skills. (line50-51)

By learning many important idioms, you can

be competent in ______ _______ _______ your
communication skills.

Part three(7) When you have a thorough understanding of English idioms and their origins, you can better understand and appreciate the history and cultures…(line51-

When you ____________English idioms and their understand thoroughly you can better understand… origins ____________, a good When you have _____ ______ knowledge/command ____________________ of English idioms and their origins, you can better understand…

Important phrases
换句话说 in other words 除了别的(东西/地方/因素)以外,此外 among other things/places/factors, etc 把…翻译成… translate… into… 要么…要么…, 或者…或者… either… or… 和...有关系 have a connection to/ with…

不久以后 by and by: before long 打算用来… be meant to do: be intended to do 突出故事的寓意 underline the moral of a story 在这些单词下划线 underline these words 赤脚 bare feet 砸在脚上 strike it on the feet

不为人知的弱点 a hidden weakness 藏身之处 a hiding place 举行庆祝,开庆祝会 have/hold a celebration 浪费时间做某事 waste time (in) doing sth/ on sth 为纪念, 为庆祝 in honour of 少数,少量,一小撮 a handful of

宠物, 珍爱物 the apple of one’s eye 和食物有关的习语 food-related idioms 在某方面培养/获得高能力 develop/gain a high level of competence in… 有能力做某事 have competence in doing sth/to do sth 说英语的国家 English-speaking countries 历史和文化的载体 carriers of history and culture 透彻了解…… have a thorough understanding of

7….few of these new idioms would ever catch on. (page53)

catch on 受欢迎,变得风行起来
The song caught on and was sung everywhere.
Would you mind repeating what you said? I didn’t quite catch on. 理解 You’ll catch on to the job after you’ve been here for a while. 了解、熟悉情况

catch hold of catch sight of catch up with

catch one’s eye catch one’s breath


1.Jews believe in one God and their religious book is called Torah. (Page54)

believe in sb./sth.
She still believes in Santa Claus even though she is in her twenties. 相信…的存在/ 相信有… Many Americans no longer believe in their government.


I’ve always believed in being broad-minded.


2…. There will be great sufferings and burdens for people to bear. ( P.57) burden n. 负担;担子 She is bearing the burden of raising three children.

They don’t want to add to the government’s burden.
He is always a burden to his parents.

A horse can easily carry a burden of several hundred pounds

burden vt. 承受…负担;被…所困

The company has a heavy burden of debt. =The company is burdened with/ by heavy debt. The man , burdened ________ _____ with grocery bags, had trouble walking up the steps.
Hope is like the sun, when you march towards it, the shadow you _____ will be left behind. A. burden with B. were burdened with C. are burdened with D. burdened with

3. There will be great suffering and burdens for people to bear.

bear : (bore, borne) 1)The ice is too thin to bear your weight.
2)He’s a carefree fellow who bears his responsibilities lightly. 负起(责任等),肩负

3) He can't bear to be laughed at/ being laughed at.
忍受; 忍耐; 承受 bear doing/to do sth (常常和can, could连用,常用语否定句和疑问句

4) She has borne five children. 生(孩子) 5) bear fruit 结(果) land which bears no crops 不毛之地 6) The document bore his signature. 写有,印有,带有 7) bear in mind (that)...记住...: bear/keep sb/sth in mind Bear in mind (that) the performance begins in two minutes.

Mr. and Mrs. Stanford traveled to California where they founded the University that bears their name, a memorial to a son that Harvard no longer care about.(福建完形) Every sound was louder, every game was grander, every pain unbearable. (安徽阅读)

4.He also has twelve reindeer that help him deliver presents on Christmas Eve. (P.58) deliver vt. 1) 把(货物、信件等)送往某处
deliver milk / newspapers / a letter /a message He arranged to _____ have the package delivered _______ to her apartment. 2)作讲演 deliver a speech/lecture/address etc The king delivered a televised speech to the nation on Nov 5.

3)接生 Traditionally, the local midwives would deliver all the babies in the area.

delivery n.

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