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一、 宪政理论; A.V Dicey, Introduction to the Study of the law of the Constitution (9th ed.,1939,First Published in 1885). Plato:The Law; Hayek::自由宪法(中英文), Hayek::法律、立法和自由。 Hayek::致命的自负。 Tribe:宪政的选择(1985); 霍布斯:利维坦 法学阶梯; Rawls:Political Liberalism; Rawls:A Theory of Justice; 狄骥:宪法论; 狄骥:宪法学教程 麦迪逊文集; 奥斯特罗姆:复合共和国的政治理论; 奥斯特罗姆:美国公共行政的思想危机; 西塞罗三论; 查士丁尼:法学总论; 超验正义----宪政的宗教之维;

二、 比较宪法; 联邦党人文集; 王世杰、钱端升:比较宪法; 詹宁斯:法与宪法; 梅特兰:英国法律与文艺复兴(英文); 柏克:法国革命反思录; 罗马法史; 罗马法教科书; Bagehot,English constitution; Acton:History of Liberty 自由史; James Bryce, Studies in History and Jurisprudence (1901). W.R Anson (Sir),Law and Custom of Constitution (1907) E.C.S.Wade & G.Gooffrey Philips,Constitutional Law (1946). J.D.B.Michell,constitutional law,2nd edn.(1968). K.,C.Wheare, Modern Constitutions, 2nd edn (1966). Geoffreyy Marshall, Constitutional Theory (1980) E.S.Corwins's The Constitution and What i\t Means today (1978 14th Edn.) T.E.May (Sir), Constitutional Hisitory (1861). Stubbs, Constitutional History of England.

Committee on Ministers' Powers, Cmd 4060 (1932). O.Hood Phillips, Constitutional and Administrative Law Tribe:American Constitutional Law;

三、 法哲学; 德沃金:法律的帝国; 波斯纳:法律的经济分析; 波斯纳:法理学问题; 康德:法的形而上学原理; 哈特:法律的概念; 斯宾诺莎:神学政治论; 凯尔森:法与国家的一般理论; 四、 中国宪法; 瞿同祖:中国法律与中国社会;

五、 社会学、经济学、哲学等: Hayek::Sensory Order, 康德:实践理性批判; 康德:纯粹理性批判; 诺斯:什么是产权; 斯宾诺莎:伦理学; 诺斯:经济史中的结构与变革; 伽达默:真理与方法; 福科:规诫与惩罚; 福科:知识考古学; 伽达默:哲学解释学; 涂尔干:宗教生活的基本形式; 亚当斯密:国富论; 亚当斯密:论道德的情操; 索旭尔:普通语言学教程; 舍勒选集; 蒂里希选集; 涂尔干:社会分工论;

社会学部分英文书目: Durkheim 1973 "Individualism and the Intellectual" in R. Bellah ed. On Morality and Society, University of Chicago Press 1993 Ethics and Sociology of Morals, Prometheus Books Foucault, M. 1977 Discipline and Punish: the Birth of the Prison, Allen

Lane 1979 The History of Sexuality Vol.1: an introduction, Allen Lane 1984 "Space, knowledge and Power", in P.Rabinow ed., The Foucault Reader, Pantheon 1988 Politics, Philosophy, Culture, Routledge Geertz,C. 1980 Negara: The Theater State in Country Bali, Princeton Habermas, J. 1984-7 Theory of Communicative Action, Vol.1-2, Beacon Press 1989 The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere, The MIT Press McCormick, J. 1997 Carl Schmidt's Critique of Liberalism: Against Politics as Technology, Cambridge Parsons, T. 1966 Societies: Evolutionary and Comparative Perspectives, Prentice-Hall 1971 The System of Modern Societies, Prentice-Hall 1991 "A Tentative Outline of American values", in Robertson and B. Turner ed. Talcott Parsons: Theorists of Modernity, pp.37-65, Sage Simmel, G. 1978 The Philosophy of Money, RKP

北图部分宪法书目: The constitution of liberty. / Hayek, Friedrich August, London :Routledge,1960. 569 p.21 cm. 2-97/D52/H41

Constitution of Athens and related texts. / Aristoteles. New York :Hafner Pr.,1974. 233 p. ;20 cm. 2-85/B502.233/A71C An introduction to the British constitution. / MacPhail, I.M.M. London :Edward Arnold Ltd.,1967. 194 p. 2/D756.12/MIMM Parliament : its history, constitution, and practice. / Ilbert, Courtenay. London :Oxford Univ. Pr.,1960. 230 p. 2/D756.123/IC/ 1960 Police : the constitution and the community : a collection of original essays on issues raised by the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984. / Baxter, John, New Delhi :D.K. Agencies (P) Ltd.,1986. 274 p. ;25 cm. 2-88/D756.135/P761 The American Constitution : its origins and development. / Kelly, Alfred Hinsey, New York :W.W. Norton & Co., Inc.,1983. xx, 877 p. ;25 cm. 2-91/D771.29/K29/ 1983 The Islamic law and constitution. / Maudoodi, Syed Abul 'Ala, Lahore :Islamic Pub.,1969. 402 p. 2/D91/MA/ 1969

A workable government? : the Constitution after 200 years. / Marshall, Burke, New York, N.Y. :W.W. Norton & Co.,1987. 262 p. ;22 cm. 2-88/D771.22/W92 The ancient constitution and the feudal law : a study of English historical thought in the seventeenth century : a reissue with a retrospect. / Pocock, John Greville Agard, Cambridge :Cambridge Univ. Pr.,1987. 402 p. ;24 cm. 2-87/D956.19/P74 Law, legitimacy and the constitution : essays marking the centenary of Dicey's Law of the constitution. / McAuslan, Patrick, London :Sweet & Maxwell,1985. 219 p. :ill. ;23 cm. 2-87/D956.11/L41 The first written constitution in the world. / Hamidullah, Muhammad. Hyderabad :Habib & Co.,1983. 45 p. ;22 cm. 2-85/D937.01/-09/H21/ 1983 The founding : a dramtic account of the writing of the constitution. / Barbash, Fred. New York, N.Y. :Linden Pr./Simon and Schuster,1987. 286 p. ;23 cm. 2-88/D971.29/B26 Your rugged constitution : how America's house of freedom is planned and built. / Findlay, Bruce Allyn. Stanford, Calif. :Stanford Univ. Pr.,1952. 282 p. 2/D971.29/FBA/ 1952 Our national constitution : Origins, development and meaning. / Rickard, J.A. Harrisburg, Pa. :Stackpole Co.,1957. 291 p. 2/D971.29/RJA/ 1957 Th U.S. Constitution and constitutionalism in Africa. / Thompson, Kenneth W., Lanham, Md. :Univ. Pr. of America,1990. 147 p. ;24 cm. 2-91/D940.1/U58 The Acts of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia, 1901-1950 : to which is prefixed the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (63 and 64 Vict, Ch. 12) : as altered to 31st December, 1950 : with notes of cases, tables and index. / Australia. Sydney :Law Book Co. of the Commonwealth of Australia,1952. 6 v. :ill., maps ;24 cm. 2-88/D961.109/A931 United States code annotated : Constitution, amendments 14 to end : supplementary pamphlet. / St. Paul, Minn. :West Pub. Co.,1972. v. (1961-71) 2/D971.209/USCAC/ Amend./ Suppl. Civil liberties under constitution. / Abernathy, Mabra Glenn,

Columbia :Univ of South Carolina Pr.,1985. 618 p. ;24 cm. 2-86/D971.21/A14/ 1985 The American founding : essays on the formation of the constitution. / Barlow, J. Jackson, New York :Greenwood Pr.,1988. xxii, 341 p. ;22 cm. 2-89/D971.21/A51 The constitution of the United States of America. / Bhagwan, Vishnoo. New Delhi :Sterling Pub. Private Ltd.,1984. 164 p. ;23 cm. 2-87/D971.21/B57 The constitution of the United States of America : analysis and interpretation. / Wash. D.C. :U.S. Governemtn Printing Office,1964. 1693 p. 2/D971.21/CU Constitution of the United States : Constitution of the State of California, 1879, as last amended November 7, 1972 and ralated documents 1973-74. / [S.l.] :Senate,1978. 294 p. 2/D971.21/CUSC Rules of the Senate and rules of the House of the State legislature of Washington, together with the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the U.S., Enabling Act, State Constitution and amendments, members of Congress, Supreme Court, State officers and members of the legislature, forth-sixth legislature sessions of 1979-80. / Cherberg, John A. Wash., D.C. :[s.n.],1980? 551 p. :ill. ;16 cm. 2/D971.21/RSR The U.S. constitution for everyone. / Gerberg, Mort. New York, N.Y. :Perigee Book,1987. 64 p. :ill. ;21 cm. 2-88/D971.21/U58 Essays on the making of the Constitution. / Levy, Leonard W., New York :Oxford Univ. Pr.,1969. xxii, 260 p. ;21 cm. 2-92/D971.21/-09/E78 The formation and retification of the constitution : major historical inter-pretations. / Hall, Hermit L., New York :Garland Pub., Inc.,1987. 562 p. :ill. ;24 cm. 2-89/D971.21/-09/F72 The origins of the American constitution : a documentary history. / Kammen, Michael G., New York, N.Y. :Penguin Books,1986. xxxv, 407 p. ;20 cm. 2-88/D971.21/-09/O69 The living U.S. constitution : story, text, leading supreme court decisions, fully indexed guide, portraits of the signers. / Padover, Saul K.

New York :New American Library,1968. 384 p. ;18 cm. 2-89/D971.21/-09/P12/ 1968 Reflections on the constitution : the American Constitution after two hundred years. / Maidment, Richard Anthony, Manchester :Manchester Univ. Pr.,1989. 222 p. :ill. ;23 cm. 2-90/D971.21/-09/R33 The United States Constitution : the first 200 years : papers delivered at a bicentennial colloquium at the University of Birmingham. / Simmons, Richard C., Manchester :Manchester Univ. Pr.,1989. 242 p. ;25 cm. 2-90/D971.21/-53/U58 The United States Constitution : its birth, growth, and influence in Asia. / Starr, J. Barton, Hong Kong :Hong Kong Univ. Pr.,1988. 310 p. ;24 cm. 2-91/D971.21/-53/U581 A constitution for Europe : a comparative study of federal constitutions and plans for the United States of Europe /edited by Preston King and Andrea Bosco. London :Lothian Foundation Pr.,1991. 377 p. :ill. ;23 cm. 2-98/D750.21/C75 The Constitution : our written legacy /Joseph A. Melusky. Malabar, Fla. :Krieger Pub.,1991. xx, 316 p. ;24 cm. 2-93/D971.21/M52 Supplement to fourth editions of constitution law : cases, comments, questions : The American constitution : cases and materials : Constitutional rights & liberties : cases and materials. / Lockhart, William B., St. Paul, Minn. :West Pub. Co.,1976- v. (1976), (1977), (1978) ;27 cm. 2-96/D971.21/L81/ 1975/ Suppl. An Essential safeguard : essays on the United States Supreme Court and its justices /edited by D. Grier Stephenson, Jr. New York :Greenwood Press,1991. xii, 178 p. ;25 cm. 2-93/D971.262/E78 Rewriting the United States Constitution : an examination of proposals from Reconstruction to the present /John R. Vile. New York :Praeger,1991. xii, 202 p. ;25 cm. 2-95/D971.29/V69

A child of fortune : a U.S. Constitution and foreword by Warren E. Ottawa, Ill. :Jameson 2-96/D971.29/S14

correspondent's report on the ratification of the battle for a Bill of Rights /Jeffrey St. John ; Burger. Books ;c1990. xxv, 392 p. ;22 cm.

George Clinton : yeoman politician of the new republic /John P. Kaminski ; sponsored by the New York State Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution and the Center for the Study of the American Constitution. Madison :Madison House,1993. viii, 342 p. :ill., map ;24 cm. 2-95/K837.127/C64K1 MacArthur's Japanese Constitution : a linguistic and cultural study of its making /Kyoko Inoue. Chicago :University of Chicago Press,1991. xii, 378 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D931.31/I58 The Constitution of the United States / Harold J. Spaeth, Edward Conrad Smith. New York, N.Y. :HarperPerennial,c1991. viii, 248 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.21/S73/ 1991 Liberty and community : Canadian federalism and the failure of the Constitution /Robert C. Vipond. Albany :State University of New York Press,c1991. x, 249 p. ;24 cm. 2-98/D771.19/V81 The constitution and the economy : objective theory and critical commentary. / Conant, Michael. Norman, Okla. :University of Oklahoma Press,1991. 410 p. ;24 cm. 2-96/D971.21/C74 National identities : the constitution of the United Kingdom. / Crick, Bernard R., ed. Oxford :Blackwell,c1991. viii, 181 p. ;22 cm. 2-96/D856.13/N27 Out of sight : from quarks to living cells /Sven Kullander, B 鑟 rje Larsson. Cambridge [England] ;Cambridge University Press,1994. xiv, 278 p. :ill. ;26 cm. 2-95/O562/K96 Ideal government and the mixed constitution in the Middle Ages / James M. Blythe. Princeton, N.J. :Princeton University Press,c1992. xvi, 343 p. ;25 cm. 2-93/D59/B66

The Constitution in conflict / Robert A. Burt. Cambridge, Mass. :Belknap Press,c1992. 462 p. ;25 cm. 2-93/D971.26/B97 The color-blind constitution / Andrew Kull. Cambridge, Mass. :Harvard University Press,1992. x, 301 p. ;25 cm. 2-94/D971.29/K96 Building a more democratic United Nations : proceedings of CAMDUN-1 /edited by Frank Barnaby. London, England ;F. Cass,1991. 313 p. :ill., ports. ;23 cm. 2-94/D813.2/-532/I61 The Constitution, law, and American life : critical aspects of the nineteenth-century experience /edited by Donald G. Nieman. Athens :University of Georgia Press,c1992. xvii, 197 p. ;24 cm. 2-93/D971.21/-09/C75 The United States Constitution : roots, rights, and responsibilities /edited by A.E. Dick Howard. Washington :Smithsonian Institution Press,c1992. xxix, 402 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.21/-532/U58 The Confederate Constitution of 1861 : an inquiry into American constitutionalism /Marshall L. DeRosa. Columbia, Mo. :University of Missouri Press,c1991. vi, 182 p. ;24 cm. 2-98/D971.21/-09/D43 The Constitution of rights : human dignity and American values /edited by Michael J. Meyer and William A. Parent. Ithaca :Cornell University Press,1992. 248 p. ;24 cm. 2-98/D971.23/C753 The iron horse and the Constitution : the railroads and the transformation of the fourteenth amendment /Richard C. Cortner. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xvi, 231 p. ;25 cm. 2-95/D971.2219/-09/C82 The Constitution of the United Kingdom. / Institute for Public Policy Research (London, England) London :Institute for Public Policy Research,c1991. 30, 136, 128 p. :ill. ;21 cm. 2-93/D956.11/C751

A Written constitution for the United Kingdom / Institute for Public Policy Research. London ;Mansell,1993. 286 p. ;24 cm. 2-95/D956.11/W95/ 1993 The British constitution now : recovery or decline? /Ferdinand Mount. London :Heinemann,1992. viii, 289 p. ;24 cm. 2-93/D756.12/M92 The Constitution and the flag / edited with an introduction by Michael Kent Curtis. New York :Garland Pub.,1993. 2 v. ;24 cm. 2-95/D971.21/C751 Gun control and the Constitution : sources and explorations on the Second Amendment. / Cottrol, Robert J., ed. New York :Garland Pub. Co.,1993. 3 v. ;24 cm. 2-95/D971.21/G97 Prayer in public schools and the Constitution, 1961-1992 / edited with an introduction by Robert Sikorski. New York :Garland Pub.,1993. 3 v. ;24 cm. 2-95/D971.221/P92 Property rights and the Constitution : shaping society through land use regulation /Dennis J. Coyle. Albany :State University of New York Press,c1993. xvi, 382 p. ;24 cm. 2-96/D971.223/C88 The interpretable Constitution / William F. Harris, II. Baltimore :Johns Hopkins University Press,c1993. xv, 225 p. ;24 cm. 2-95/D971.21/H31 A theory of liberty : the Constitution and minorities /H.N. Hirsch. New York :Routledge,1992. x, 276 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.21/H66 George Washington and American constitutionalism / Glenn A. Phelps. Lawrence, Kan. :University Press of Kansas,1993. x, 245 p. ;24 cm. 2-95/K712.3/P53 The Wyoming state constitution : a reference guide /Robert B. Keiter and Tim Newcomb ; foreword by Mike Sullivan. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xxviii, 318 p. :ill. ;25 cm. 2-94/D971.21/K27 A companion to the United States Constitution and its amendments / John R. Vile. Westport, Conn. :Praeger,1993. xvi, 221 p. ;25 cm. 2-95/D971.21/V69

Conscience and the Constitution : history, theory, and law of the Reconstruction amendments /David A.J. Richards. Princeton, N.J. :Princeton University Press,c1993. xii, 295 p. ;25 cm. 2-95/D971.21/-09/R51 The Kansas state constitution : a reference guide /Francis H. Heller. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1992. xx, 164 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.218/H47 The Vermont state constitution : a reference guide /William C. Hill ; foreword by Thomas P. Salmon. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1992. xiii, 188 p. ;25 cm. 2-94/D971.218/H64 The Connecticut state constitution : a reference guide /Wesley W. Horton ; foreword by David M. Shea. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xxii, 193 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.218/H82 The Nebraska state constitution : a reference guide /Robert D. Miewald and Peter J. Longo ; foreword by Robert M. Spire. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xxiv, 215 p. :ill. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.218/M63 The Maine state constitution : a reference guide /Marshall J. Tinkle ; foreword by Vincent L. McKusick. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1992. xxiv, 197 p. ;25 cm. 2-94/D971.218/T58 The Mississippi state constitution : a reference guide /John W. Winkle III ; foreword by William F. Winter. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xxvi, 172 p. ;25 cm. 2-94/D971.218/W77 The Arkansas state constitution : a reference guide /Kay Collett Goss ; foreword by Wilbur D. Mills. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xviii, 253 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.218/-62/G67 The California state constitution : a reference guide /Joseph R. Grodin, Calvin R. Massey, and Richard B. Cunningham ; foreword by Malcolm M. Lucas. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xxix, 372 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.218/-62/G87 The Hawaii state constitution : a reference guide /Anne Feder Lee ; foreword by John Waihee.

Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xviii, 247 p. :ill. ;24 cm. 2-94/D971.218/-62/L47 Reforming the Constitution / edited by Subhash C. Kashyap. New Delhi :UBS Publishers Distributors,1992. xiii, 363 p. ;23 cm. 2-95/D735.12/R33 Living without a constitution : civil rights in Israel /Daphna Sharfman. Armonk, NY :M.E. Sharpe,c1993. ix, 187 p. ;24 cm. 2-94/D738.221/S53 The politics of the ancient constitution : an introduction to English political thought, 1603-1642 /Glenn Burgess. Basingstoke, Hampshire :Macmillan Press,1992. xii, 293 p. ;22 cm. 2-97/D095.613/B95 The roots of liberty : Magna Carta, ancient constitution, and the Anglo-American tradition of rule of law /edited with an introduction by Ellis Sandoz. Columbia :University of Missouri Press,c1993. 335 p. ;24 cm. 2-98/D956.19/R78 The North Carolina state constitution : a reference guide /John V. Orth ; foreword by James G. Exum, Jr. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,1993. xx, 191 p. ;24 cm. 2-98/D971.218/O77 The Arizona state constitution : a reference guide /John D. Leshy ; foreword by Chief Justice Stanley G. Feldman. Westport, Conn. :Greenwood Press,c1993. xxvii, 425 p. ;25 cm. 2-98/D971.21/L62 Original intent & the framers of the Constitution : a disputed question /Harry V. Jaffa, with Bruce Ledewitz, Robert L. Stone, George Anastaplo ; foreword by Lewis E. Lehrman. Washington, D.C. :Regnery Gateway ;c1994. xv, 408 p. ;24 cm. 2-95/D971.21/J23 Jack London, Hemingway, and the Constitution : selected essays, 1977-1992 /E.L. Doctorow. New York :Random House,c1993. xii, 206 p. ;24 cm. 2-95/I712.6/D63 The Nevada state constitution : a reference guide /Michael W. Bowers ; foreword by Frankie Sue Del Papa.

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Debating the constitution : new perspectives on constitutional reform /edited by Anthony Barnett, Caroline Ellis, and Paul Hirst. Cambridge, UK :Polity Press ;1993. xix, 183 p. ;23 cm. 2-95/D911.01/D28

The Constitution in the courts : law or politics? /Michael J. Perry. New York :Oxford University Press,1994. viii, 277 p. ;25 cm. 2-95/D971.26/P46 The constitution as political structure / Martin H. Redish. New York :Oxford University Press,1995. viii, 229 p. ;24 cm. 2-96/D771.22/R31 The constitution of judicial power / Sotirios A. Barber. Baltimore :Johns Hopkins University Press,c1993. xiii, 279 p. ;24 cm. 2-95/D971.26/B23 The role of the constitution in a changing society : joint Polish-Norwegian conference, Oslo, 14-16 May 1991. / Norske videnskaps-akademi i Oslo. Oslo :Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters,[1991?] 338 p. ;21 cm. 2-96/D953.31/-532/R74 Right to life and liberty under the Constitution : a critical analysis of Article 21 /by B.L. Hansaria, assisted by A. Pasayat. Bombay :N.M. Tripathi,1993. xix, 215 p. ;25 cm. 2-95/D935.11/H24 Founding Fathers : brief lives of the framers of the United States Constitution /M.E. Bradford ; foreword by Russell Kirk.

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