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2010 年英语四级写作模板--提纲式作文 模版 1 Some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点 1. But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that 观 点 2. As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons behind my belief. First of all, 论据 1. More importantly, 论据 2. Most important of all, 论据 3. In summary, 总结观点. As a college student, I am supposed to 表决心. 或 From above, we can predict that 预测. 模版 2 People hold different views about X. Some people are of the opinion that 观 点 1, while others point out that 观点 2. As far as I am concerned, the former/latter opinion holds more weight. For one thing, 论据 1. For another, 论据 2. Last but not the least, 论据 3. To conclude, 总结观点. As a college student, I am supposed to 表决心. 或 From above, we can predict that 预测. 模版 3 There is no consensus of opinions among people about X(争论的焦点) 。Some people are of the view that 观点 1,while others take an opposite side, firmly believing that 观点 2。As far as I am concerned, the former/latter notion is preferable in many senses. The reasons are obvious. First of all, 论据 1。 Furthermore, 论据 2。 Among all of the supporting evidences, one is the strongest. That is, 论据 3。 A natural conclusion from the above discussion is that 总结观点。 As a college student, I am supposed to 表决心. 或 From above, we can predict that 预测.

四级作文写作模板 写作模板--图表式作文 It is obvious in the graphic/table that the rate/number/amount of Y has undergone dramatic changes. It has gone up/grown/fallen/dropped considerably in recent years (as X varies). At the point of X1, Y reaches its peak value of ...(多少). What is the reason for this change? Mainly there are ... (多少) reasons behind the situation reflected in the graphic/table. First of all, ...(第一个原因). More importantly, ...(第二个原因). Most important of all, ...(第三个原因). 写作模板--提纲式作文 1. 对立观点式

A.有人认为 X 是好事,赞成 X, 为什么? B. 有人认为 X 是坏事, 反对 X,为什么? C.我的看法。 Some people are in favor of the idea of doing X. They point out the fact that 支 持 X 的第一个原因。They also argue that 支持 X 的另一个原因。 However, other people stand on a different ground. They consider it harmful to do X. They firmly point out that 反对 X 的第一个理由。 An example can give the details of this argument: 一个例子。 There is some truth in both arguments. But I think t ...... 英语四六级写作试题模板--辩论式议论文 Some people believe (argue, recognize, think) that 观点 1. But other people take an opposite side. They firmly believe that 观点 2. As for me, I agree to the former/latter idea. There are a dozen of reasons behind my belief. First of all, 论据 1. More importantly, 论据 2. Most important of all, 论据 3. In summary, 总结观点. As a college student, I am supposed to 表决心. 或 From above, we can predict that 预测. http://www.51Test.net 主题句作文:是指按照所给出的题目和段落所给出的第一句进行续写,完成段落。主题句作 文一般由三段组成 例如:Money (1)Money is regarded by some people as the most impotant thing in life.__________For those people,a man with plenty of money can live happily.For example,only rich man can afford expensive cars and luxurious houses............. (2)But money cannot buy everything.___________For instance,no matter how much money one has,he cannot buy good health,which is essential to a good life.Neither can be buy happiness or friendship.Thus,although money is useful in many ways,there are still a lot of things ............ (3)There are people who ganmble or cheat to obtain money.____________Those people try to get money by dishonest means.Sooner or later,they will be punished by the law.For them,money will bring them nothing but misery.Only when money is obtained through working can it make people really happy. 主题句作文,应注意(1)应紧扣主题句的思想,主题句是整个段落的主导思想,它支配着整 个段落内容的发展,啊主题句思想的详细阐述; ( 2)理解每一个主题句的内容,在写主题句作文时,要从短文的整体结构来考虑各段的内容, 并理解和把握各个段落之间的逻辑关系。 大学英语四级考试十二句作文法 大学四级考试写作的评分依据是:文章切切题,条理清楚,语言准确和字数符合要求。 所谓切题就是看你写的作文跑不跑题。所谓条理是每一段的议论的正反清楚,描述的时间正 确。语言准确要求作文的语法词汇使用正确,符合英语表达习惯。四级作文的字数要求不少 于 100 字。针对四级考试的作文要求我们提出十二句作文法,这里所说的十二句作文法不仅 包括一般英文写作的方法而且包括一套行之有效的写作方法。它的具体内容有以下几点。

一 审题 我们拿到作文后第一件要做的事就是审题。 审题的作用在于使你写作不跑题 (如果跑题, 条理和语言再好,也得不到及格分,甚至 0 分。 )那末审题要审什麽呢? 1.体裁(议论文,说明文,描述文) 审题就是要审作文的题材和体裁。因为什末样的体裁就会用什末样的题材去写。那末体 裁包括那些呢?它包括议论文,说明文和描述文。从近些年看,四级作文不是单一的体裁, 而是几种体裁的杂合体。例如: Directions: For this part ,your are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic Trying to Be A Good University Student .You should write at least 100 words and you should base your composition on the outline (given in Chinese ) below : 1.做合格大学生的必要性 2.做合格大学生的必备条件(可以从德智体方面谈) 3.我计划这样做 很多人说这种类型的作文是议论文。 这是片面的, 因为, 第一段要求写"...必要性", 这说明本段体裁是议论文;第二段要求写" ...必备条件",这说明本段要求写说明文;儿地三段要求写"...这样做",这说明本段要求写 描述文。所以在大多数情形下,四级作文是三种体裁的杂合体。 2.根据不同体裁确定写作方法 我们审题的目的就是根据不同体裁确定不同的写作方法。通过审题,我们可以看出四级 作文大都是三段式。如上例第一段为议论体,第二段为说明体,地三段为描述体。而各种文 体又不同的写作方式: 议论文;要有论点和论据,而且往往从正反两方面来论述。例如上面 第一段的思路是:做合格大学生,会怎末样(这是从正面论述) ;不能做合格的大学生,会怎 末样(从反面论述) ;所以我们要做合格的大学生(结了论) 。 说明文:可以从几方面或几条来说明一个问题,就上作文而言,可以从方面(德智体) 来说明合格大学生的必要性。 描述文:一"人"为中心描述一个"做"的过程。与上两段相比,本段的主语多为人称代词, 他要与第二段相互应进行描述。 二 确定主题句 通过审题,我们知道该如何确定正确的写作思路。下边我们就谈如何些。第一部就是要 写主题句。主题句是确保不跑题的前提,只有不跑题才有可得及格分。写主题句嘴保险的方 法就是把中文提纲的各句译成英语。例如上述三段主题句分别为: 1.It is very necessary to be a good university student . (议论体的主题句) 2.There are several respects of necessities to be a good university student . (说明体的主题句) 3.What I will do in the future is the following .(描述体主题句) 如果要求句是英语就可以把它变成主题句,例如这样一篇作文: Good Health 1.Importance of good health 2.Ways to keep fit 3.My own practice 这样的作文的要求句就可以扩充成主题句。扩充后三段的主题句分别为: 1.It is very important to have good health (将名词 importance 变成形容词 important) . 2.There are four ways to keep fit for me .(用 there be 句型) 3.My own practices are the following .(采用原词) 三 确保文章条理清楚

保证不跑提示写作当中第一任务,第二个重要任务就是要做到条理清楚。对于议论文来 说,正反面要清楚,对于说明文来说条理要清楚,对于描述文来说,谁干什么要清楚。就拿 上例 Good health 来说,第一段保持正反面要清楚救应这样写:正面(With good health ,we can...) ,反面(Without good health ,we can do nothing .We can't do...) 为了使文章更具有条理性,我们可以用 first(ly) second(ly) third(ly)等副词,他们 可以是文章的条例性更加突出。作文是主观题,想得告分就必须引起老师的主意,老师的时 间很短(每篇作文只有一两分钟就要阅完) ,所以我们在列调试最好不用: To be with,... after that ,...And then, ... The next , ... The following , ... As last ... 。因 为用这样的词语不利于老师看出你作文的条理性。 四 保证作文符合字数要求的十二句作文法 考生一般都希望作文达到字数而又不至于写得太多,因为写得太多一方面暴露自己语言 上的弱点,另一方面又会占用过多的时间。写得太多还易跑题,一个有效的方法就是十二句 作文法。 我们知道,四级作文都是三段式。我们算一下,如果我们在每一段中写上四句,即主题 句加两三句扩展句和一个结论句就可以了。这样全片在十二句左右,每一句十多个词,就又 120-150 个字。大家可以试图找一些作文题练一练。 学英语四六级考试万能作文试题模板 提纲式模块 (I)说明原因型 模块(一) Nowadays ,there are more and more XX in some big cities . It is estimated that ( 1 ). Why have there been so many XX ? Maybe the reasons can be listed as follows. The first one is that ( 2 ) .Besides,( 3 ) . The third reason is ( 4 ). To sum up ,the main cause of XX is due to ( 5 ) . It is high time that something were done upon it. For one thing ,( 6 ). On the other hand ,( 7 ). All these measures will certainly reduce th ......

四十二天学会英语的模范短文 第一天:THE NEWSPAPER 报 纸 Nowadays the newspaper possesses considerable value Everybody should read it. It supplies us with a variety of news every day. It tells us the political situation of the world. If we form the habit of reading the newspaper, we shall (will) get enough knowledge to cope with our circumstances. 现今报纸拥有极大的价值,人人都应该看它。它每天提供我们各种类类的消息。它告诉我们 世界政治局势。如果我们养成看报的习惯,我们就能得到足够的知识来因应我们的环境。 学生虽然每天须做功课,但他们至少应该匀出一两个小时来看报。哪些,他们不但能增加知 识而且也能赶上时代。总而言之,看报对学生很有益处。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二天:MY DAILY LIFE 我的日常生活 Though my daily life is extremely monotonous, I try hard to adapt myself to it. Why? Because I intend to be a good student. I wish to render service to my country. I get up at six o'clock every day. After I wash my face and brush my teeth, I begin

to review my lessons. I go to school at seven o'clock. After school is over, I return home. We usually have supper at seven o'clock. Then I begin to do my homework. I want to finish it before I go to bed. 虽然我的日常生活十分单调, 但我却竭力设法去适应它。 为什么?因为我打算做一个好学生, 希望将来为国家服务。 我每天六点起床、洗脸刷牙后,就开始复习功课,七点钟我就去上学。 放学后,我就回家了。我们通常在七点钟吃晚餐,之后我就开始做家庭作业,希望在睡觉前 把它做完。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三天:A MODEL STUDENT 模范学生 Do you mind being called a bad student? Of course not. So far as I know, everybody intends to be (become) a model student. However, to be a model student is by no means an easy thing. First, he must do his best to obtain knowledge. A man without sufficient knowledge will not succeed. Secondly, he must remember to improve his health. Only a strong man can do great tasks. Thirdly, he should receive moral education. If his conduct is not good, no one will consider making friends with him. 你价意被称为坏学生吗?当然不。就我所知,每个人都打算做模范学生。然而,做模范学生 却不容易。第一,他必须尽力获得知识(求知) 。 一个没有足够知识的人是不会成功的。第二,他必须记住促进健康。只有强壮的人才能做大 事。第三,他应该接受道德教育。如果他品行不好,没有人会考虑和他交朋友的。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第四天:HOW TO GET HAPPINESS 如何获得快乐 There is no doubt that happiness is the most precious thing in the world. Without it, life will be empty and meaningless. If you wish to know how to get happiness, you must pay attention to the following two points. First, health is the secret of happiness (the key to happiness). Only a strong man can enjoy the pleasure of life. Secondly, happiness consists in contentment. A man who is dissatisfied with his present condition is always in distress. 无疑的快乐是世界上最宝贵的东西。没有它,人生将是空虚的而且毫无意义的。如果你希望 知道如何获得快乐,你须注意下面两点。健康是快乐的要诀。唯有身体强壮的人才能享受人 生的乐趣。快乐在于知足。一个不满于现状的人终是处在痛苦之中。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第五天:BOOKS 书籍 As is well known, books teach us to learn life, truth, science and many other useful things. They increase our knowledge, broaden our minds and strengthen our character. In other words, they are our good teachers and wise friends. This is the reason why our parents always encourage us to read more books. Reading is a good thing, but we must pay great attention to the choice of books. It is true that we can derive benefits from good books. However, bad books will do us more harm than good. 如众所周知,书籍教我们学习人生,真理,科学以及其它许多有用的东西。它们增加我们的 知识,扩大我们的心胸并加强我们的品格。换句话说,它们是我们的良师益友。这是为什么

我们的父母终是鼓励我们要多读书的理由。 读书是一好事,但我们必须多加注意书的选择。不错,我们能从好书中获得益处。然而,坏 书却对我们有害无益。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第六天:A TRIP TO THE COUNTRY 乡村游记 One Sunday my mother (Mother) had (made) me take my little young brother to the a trip to the country. She bade me take good care of him. While we were walking along the road, the sun was shining brightly and the breeze was blowing gently. We saw the beautiful flowers smile (smiling) at us and heard the birds sing (singing) their sweet songs on the trees. The scenery was indeed very pretty (beautiful). When we felt tired, we returned home. We saw Mother (our mother) wait (waiting) for us at the door. 有一个星期日,我母亲叫我带小弟弟去乡村游历。她吩咐我要好好照料他。 当我们沿着道路行走的时候,太阳灿烂地照耀着,微风轻轻地吹着。我们看见美丽的花儿对 我们微笑着,并听见鸟儿在树上唱着悦耳的歌曲,风景实十分美丽。 当我们感觉到疲倦的时候,我们就回家了。我们看见母样正在门口等候我们。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第七天:BE PATRIOTIC 要爱国 It is the duty of every citizen to make the country rich and powerful (To make the country rich and strong is...). In order to accomplish this object one must be patriotic (love his country). I consider this an unchangeable truth. How can a student love his country (be patriotic)? I find my answer very simple and clear. He must study hard and store up knowledge so as to serve his (the) country in the future. If every student can do according to what I said, the country will certainly be rich and powerful. 要使国家富强是每个公民的责任。为了达到此目的,必须爱国。我认为这是一条不易的定理。 一个学生如何才能爱国呢?我发觉答复很简单明了。他必须用功读书并积储知识以便将来服 务国家。如果每个学生能按照我所说的去做,国家一定会富强。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第八天:THE VALUE OF TIME 爱惜时光 An English proverb says that time is money. I consider it (this) wrong. Why? Because we all know that we can earn money be work but can not in any way get back time (in anyway). For this reason, we may (can) say that time is more valuable than money. Many people do not know the value of time. It (this) is indeed a great pity. We must bear (keep) in mind that wasting time is equal to wasting your life. 英国有句谚语说,时间就是金钱。我认为这是不对的。为什么?因为我们大家都知道我们能 够用工作赚钱,但无论如何却无法把时间争取回来。基于此种理由,我们可以说时间比钱钱 更宝贵。 许多人不知爱惜时光。这确实是可惜的。我们必须记住浪费时间等于浪费生命。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第九天:WHY SHOULD WE STUDY ENGLISH 为什么我们要学英文 If you want to ask me why we should study English, my answer will be simple and clear. Now let me enumerate the reasons one by one in the following.

In the first place, English has become an international language. If you know English, you van make a trip round the world without being misunderstood. In the second place, most valuable books, newspapers and magazines are written in English. If you wish (hope) to get knowledge, you must learn English. 如果你要问我们为什么我们要学英文。我的答复很简单明了。现在让我来把我的理由一一列 举在下面: 英文已成为一种国际语言。如果你通晓它,你可以环游世界不会被人误解。 大多数有价值的书籍,报纸和杂志都是用英文写的。如果你希望获得知识,你必须学习英文。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十天:MY BIRTHDAY 我的生日 Yesterday was my birthday, so some of my classmates sent me presents. Mother prepared a tea party for me. I invited all of them to come and take part in it. The tea party began at half past six. There were cold drinks and refreshments. We ate, talked and laughed. We felt that we were the happiest men in the world. Time passed quickly. In a twinkling, the clock on the wall struck nine. We could not but say "Good-bye" to one another. 昨天是我生日,所以有几位我的同班同学送我礼。母亲给我准备一个茶会。我邀请他们都前 来参加。 茶会下午六点半开始。有冷饮和点心。我们又吃又谈又笑。我们觉得是世界上最快乐的人。 时间过得很快。转瞬间,墙上的钟敲九点了。我们不得不互道再见。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十一天:HOW TO SPEND SUNDAYS 如何消度星期日 Some of us always spend Sundays aimlessly. We can seldom derive profits from the valuable hours (time) of Sundays. This is indeed a great pity. Though Sundays are set aside as a day for rest, we must make good use of them. We know that our school lessons are usually not sufficient. We should often utilize Sundays to read reference books. In this way we will increase our knowledge. Besides, we must be engaged in sports or outing so as to strengthen our bodies. 我们许多人终是把星期日毫无目的地消度掉。这确实是十分可惜。我们很少能从星期日的宝 贵时光中获得益处。虽然星期日是被指定为一个休息的日子,但是我们却应好好利用它。 我们知道我们学校的功课通常是不够的。我们应时常利用星期日来阅读参考书。如此我们的 知识就会增加了。此外,我们必须从事运动或郊游以便强壮我们的身体。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十二天:HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY 诚为上策 There is an English proverb which says (saying) "Honesty is the best policy." It signifies the importance of honesty. What are the benefits of honesty? If you are honest to others, they will be honest to you in return. When you are sad, they will comfort you. When you are in trouble, they will help you. There is no enumerating the evils of dishonesty here. In a word, a dishonest man will be looked down upon by others and (be) regarded as a public enemy. 英国有一句谚语说"诚为上策"。 它说明了诚的重要性。 诚的益处是什么?如果你对他人诚实, 他们也会对你诚实作为报答。当你忧悉的时候 ,他们会安慰你。当你是处在困难中的时候,他们会帮助你。无法在这里数述不诚实的害处。

一言以蔽之,一个不诚实的人会被人看轻的而且被看作为一个公敌。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十三天:HOW EXERCISE HELPS 运动的利益 If our bodies are not strong, our spirit to do things will certainly be quite dull. And at the same time, we are lack of energy (ies) to study. Diseases will only attack the weak, but not the strong. Why are our bodies not strong? Because we do not pay attention to exercise. For this reason, we students must often take different kinds (sorts) of exercise in the gym. Exercise helps us (to) strengthen our bodies and avoid disease. It also teaches us cooperation, for most exercise is played by team. 如果我们的身体不强壮,我们做事的精神一定会十分迟钝。而且同时,我们也缺少足够的精 力来读书。疾病只为侵击体弱的人而不是强壮的人。 为什么我们的身体会不强壮呢?因为我们不注意运动。基于此种理由,我们学生必须时常在 运动场做不同种类的运动。 运动帮助我们强壮身体并避免疾病。它也教我们合作,因为大多数的运动都是团体游玩的。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十四天:THE BENEFITS OF TRAVELING 旅行的益处 I am always interested in traveling. My reasons are quite (extremely) simple and clear. If anybody is not satisfied with my viewpoint(s), I shall be greatly surprised at his ways of thinking. In the first place, traveling increases our knowledge. Only by traveling can we see (因为用(only)开头,主动词须颠倒)things outside our home town. In the second place, traveling is good to our health. While we are traveling, we usually exercise our bodies. In conclusion, I earnestly hope that everybody must seize (grasp at) the opportunity of traveling. 我对旅行终是感觉有趣。我的理由非常简单时了。如果任何人对我的观点不满意的话,我将 对他的想法会大大吃惊。 旅行增加我们的知识。只有藉旅行我们可以看到我们故乡以外的东西。 旅行对我们的健康有益。当我们旅行的时候,我们通常运动我们的身体。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十五天:HOW TO BE A GOOD CITIZEN 如何做一个好公民 My aim is to become a good citizen so as to be able to render service to the (my) country. However, to become a good citizen is not an easy thing. He has many duties to fulfill. The first duty of a good citizen is to love his country. He is to (must) be ready to sacrifice even his own life for the country. His second duty is to obey the law and help the government (to) maintain order. If everybody can do so, the country will be rich and strong (powerful). 我的志向是做一个好公民以便能给国家效力。然而,做一个好公民不是一件容易的事情。他 有许多责任要尽。 一个好公民第一件责任是爱他的国家。他须准备为国家牺牲自己的生命。 他第二件责任是服从法律并且帮助政府维持治安。 如果人人都能这样做的话, 国家必定富强。 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

第十六天:THE NATIONAL FLAG 国旗 it is the duty of every citizen to honor the national flag. Why? Because the national flag is the symbol of a (the) country. To respect it means to respect the country. In other words, if a man loves his country, he must love the national flag. In school, the national flag is usually raised at a certain time every day. Then the principal, teachers, staff and students are to (must) stand before it and sing the national anthem. It is indeed extremely meaningful to attend such a ceremony. 尊敬国旗是每个公民的责任(义务) 。为什么?因为国旗是国家的象征。尊敬它意思就是尊敬 国家。换句话说,如果一个人爱国,他必须爱国旗。 在学校里,通常每天定时要升旗。那时,校长,老师,教职员学生教师将恭敬地站在它前面 并且唱国歌。参加此项仪式确实非常有意义。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十七天:THE IMPORTANCE OF EDUCATION 教育的重要性 It is impossible for us to make our country rich and strong without developing education. Why? Because education gives people knowledge and teaches them how to become good citizens so as to be able to serve their country. No wonder they say that education decides the progress, prosperity and civilization of a country. At present (Nowadays) most countries in (of) the world are enforcing compulsory education. It is necessary for all kinds of people, both rich and poor, to receive education. Taiwan is an exception as well not. 我们不可能使我们的国家富强而不发展教育。为什么?因为教育给予人民知识并教他们如何 成为好公民以便能为国家效力。难怪,有人说教育决定一个国家的进步,繁荣与文化。 现在世界大多数的国家都在实施强迫教育。所有各类人民不论贫富都必须接受教育。台湾也 不例外。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第十八天:INDUSTRY (DILIGENCE) 勤勉 It is a matter of course that industry will bring us success, wealth and good luck. I am sure that a hard-working person can always succeed in the work which he wants to do. This is unchangeable truth. Idleness is the opposite of industry. It is the source of all evil. An idle man only enjoys playing and making pleasures. That he is doomed to failure is of no doubt. We should not follow his example. 勤勉会带给我们成功,财富和好运乃是当然之事。我确信一个苦干的人终是能够做成功他所 要做的工作。这是不易之定理。懒惰是勤勉的反面。它是万恶之源泉。一个懒惰的人只享受 玩耍和寻乐。他命运注定失败是毫无疑问的。我们不应学他的榜样。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------第十九天:MY NATIVE TOWN 我的故乡 My native town is X. We have settled down here since my grandfather was a child. In other words, my family has lived here for more than one hundred years. It is a small village. There are about one thousand inhabitants. Most of them are farmers. The mode of their living is very simple. However, they have already possessed television sets and refrigerators. They made up their minds to live a modern life. 我的故乡是 X。我们自从祖父是小孩时,就定居在此地。换句话说,我们家人在此地已经住 了一百余年了。

这个小村庄。居民大约有一千人。他们大部分是农夫。他们的生活方式很简单。然而,他们 已拥有电视和冰箱。他们下定决心要过一个现代的生活。 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十天:MY SCHOOL LIFE 我的学校生活 When I was six years old, I began to go to school. The first school (which) I attended was a primary school. There were many subjects (which were taught in the school, such as Chinese, arithmetic, history, geography, drawing and so forth. Since I was (became) a student, I studied very hard. My parents were quite proud of me. After I had studied there for three years, I entered a junior high school. When I was twelve years old, I became a student of a senior high school. I still studied very hard. Except on sick leave I was never absent from class. Everybody looked upon me as a model student. 我六岁的时候,就开始上学了。我第一个上的学校是一所国小。学校里教的课目有许多,诸 如国文,算术,史地,画图等等。既然我是一个学生,我就用功读书。我父母深以我为荣。 我在那边读了三年后,就进入初中。我十二岁的时候,就成为一个高中的物理学。我依旧用 功读书。除病假外,我永不缺课。人人都把我看作是一个模范生。 第二十一天:WAR 战争 Though the people in the world are all opposed to war, they can by no means avoid it. This is indeed a regrettable thing. War is very terrible. Everybody hears it with fear. In a war thousands and thousands of lives will be lost and a large amount of money (will be) wasted. It brings us untold miseries and damage. To sum up, so long as war is unavoidable, human beings cannot enjoy lasting peace. How tragical their fate is! 虽然世界的人民都反对战争, 但是他们却无法能够避免它。 这确实是件非常令人遗憾的事情。 战争是非常可怕的。每个人听到它都害怕。在一次战争中,成千成万的人丧失了生命,大量 金钱浪费了。它带给我们无穷尽的痛苦和损失。总而言之,只要战争不可避免,人类不可能 享受持久的和平。他们的命运是多么悲惨呀! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十二天:COOD HEALTH 良好的健康 We all wish (hope) to be happy, so we should take good care of our health. Health is the best treasure (which) a man can possess. Money can do many things, but it cannot buy happiness. However, so long as man has good health, he can enjoy the pleasures of human life. In order to insure good health we must pay attention to three things. They are-nourishing food, fresh air and proper exercise. 我们大家都希望快乐,所以我们应该好好保重健康。一个病人因为失去健康而很少快乐。 健康是一个人所能拥有最好的财富。钱能做许多事情,但是它却不能购买。然而,只要一个 人有良好的健康,他就能享受人生的乐趣。为了保证良好的健康,我们必须注意三件事情。 它们是营养食物,新鲜空气和正当运动。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十三天:MONEY 钱 Everybody wishes (hopes) to get money so that he can maintain his livelihood. In other words, money is so useful that it is impossible for mankind to live without it. For

this reason, we have an interesting proverb. It says "Money can make the world go around." In a word, money is more powerful than anything else. However, money should not be wasted. It must be used for (some) proper purposes. We young men should form the good habit of not spending money in the wrong way. 每个人为了能够维持生活,所以都希望得到钱。换句话说,钱是非常有用,所以没有它人类 即无法生活。基于此种理由,我们有一句有趣的谚语。它说有"钱能使鬼推磨"。一言以蔽之, 钱比任何另外的东西更有力量。 然而,钱不应该被浪费掉。它必须用于正当的用途上。我们青年人应该养成不乱花钱的好习 惯。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十四天:THE CHINESE NEW YEAR 中国新年 I like the Chinese new year better than any other festival. This is a time especially for rest and joy. I need not study. I wear good clothes and eat good food. I have a good time from morning till night. To be frank with you, I am as happy as a king. The Chinese new year lasts as long as fifteen days. It gives us more pleasure than we have imagined. After that we have to(比用 must 来得好)resume our normal work. 我喜欢中国新年比喜欢其它任何节日更甚。 这是一个专为休息和欢乐的时间。 我不需要读书。 我穿好衣服,吃好东西。我每天从早到晚日子过得轻松愉快。坦白地说,我和帝一样快乐。 中国新年持续十五天之久,它给我们的欢乐比我们想像中的更多。之后,我们就得恢复我们 正常的工作了。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十五天:THE ZOO 动物园 The zoo is the most interesting place that I have ever seen in my whole life. It is like a garden which shows (exhibits) various kinds of animals, birds and insects. It is indeed a good idea to pay a visit to the zoo during school holidays. The more you look at the animals, the happier you will become. Of (Among) all the animals, the monkey is (monkeys are) the funniest. That's my opinion. Do you agree. 动物园是我一生中所知道的最有趣的地方。它像一个各种类类动物,鸟类以及昆虫展览的花 园。 在学校放假期间,参观一下动物园,确实是一个好主意。你越喜欢看动物,你将越变得快乐。 在所有动物中,猴子是最滑稽的。那是我的意见 。你同意么? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十六天:HOW I SPENT MY SUMMER VACATION 我如何度过暑假 No sooner had the summer vacation begun than I returned to my native town. Of course I must make good use of it; otherwise I would incur the displeasure of my parents. In the morning I reviewed my lessons and read newspapers or magazines. In the afternoon I played ball games with my friends or went fishing in the river. At night (In the night) I watched television with my family (the members of my family). hardly had the clock on the wall struck ten when I went to bed. 暑假刚一开始,我就回故乡了。自然我须好好利用它,否则我会招致父母的不快。 早晨我复习功课并阅读报纸或杂志。下午我和朋友打球,或去河中钓鱼。晚上我就和家人看 看电视。墙上的钟刚敲十下,我就去睡觉了。 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

第二十七天:KNOWLEDGE IS POWER 知识就是力量 If we have no knowledge, we cannot succeed in doing any work. Why? Because knowledge is power. With knowledge we have conquered nature and invented steamers, trains and airplanes. We can send messages by telegram. We can talk with our friends by telephone. As is well known, we students are the future masters of the nation. She (It) needs us very much. If we do not make efforts to acquire knowledge, how can we render service to her (it)? 如果我们没有知识,我们就不能做成功任何事情。为什么?因为知识就是力量。冯藉知识我 们征服了大自然,并且发明了轮船,火车与飞机。 我们能用电报传递消息。我们能用电话和朋友谈话。 如众所周知,我们学生都是国家未来的主人翁。她非常需要我们。如果我们不努力去获得知 识,将来如何来报效她呢? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十八天:A LETTER TO A FRIEND 一封给友人的信 Dear X: We have not seen each other for a long time. I miss (think of) you very much. I wish (that) I had wings and could fly to your home. However, this is impossible! Father (My father) has gone abroad of late. If I had had time then, I would have accompanied him. Only Mother (my mother) and I are at home now (at present). We are leading (living) a quiet and happy life. We look as if we were fairies. I hope (that) I can hear from you very often. Sincerely yours. 亲爱的××: 我们彼此有好久没有见面了。我十分想我。我希望我有双翅膀而且能够飞到你 家去。然而,这是不可能的! 我父亲最近出国了。我那时如果有时间的话,我就会陪着他去。现在家里只有我母亲和我。 我们过着一个很宁静而快乐的生活。 我们看起来好像神仙似的。 希望我能常常接到你的信。祝 你好 ××× 敬上 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第二十九天:CHOOSING FRIENDS 选择朋友 A man who is careful in choosing friends will certainly derive benefit from them. Why? Because there are more false friends than real ones in this world. To have one real friends is better than a hundred false ones. Friends who flatter you to your face are not true friends.We must make friends with those who have good character and kindness of heart. On the other hand, we should do our best to a void keeping company with bad people. 一个小心选择朋友的人一定会从他们那里获得益处。为什么?因为在这个世界里假朋友比真 朋友要多。有一个真朋友要比有一百个假朋友来得好。凡是当面奉承你的朋友不是真朋友。 我们必须和凡是具有良好品格和心地善良的人交朋友。 反过来说, 我们应尽力避免结交坏人。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十天:TO RISE EARLY 论早起 I do not know the reason why some people want to get up late. They will never have the opportunity to enjoy (of enjoying) the fresh air and calmness of the morning. This is indeed a quite regrettable thing. To rise early is a good habit (which) we should cultivate. Why? Because the best time when we can pursue our studies is in the morning. In addition, early rising is also good to our health. I hope that everybody our knows the reason why we must rise early.

我不知道某些人要晚起的理由。他们永不会有机会来享受早晨的新鲜空气和宁静。这真是一 件 发令人遗憾的事情。 早起是我们应该养成的一种良好习惯。 为什么?因为早晨是我们从事学业的大好时间。 再者, 早起对我们健康也有益处。我希望每个人应该知道我们必须早起的理由。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十一天:THRIFT 节俭 There is not a (no) thrifty man but becomes a rich man sooner or later. Why? Because he will not spend such money as is unnecessary. Little by little his money will accumulate. Ten to one, he is bound to make a fortune. I do not like such men as spend their money in a wrong way. They do not know extravagance is a bad thing. It can only make them happy for the time being. In short, thrift makes poor men rich and extravagance makes rich men poor. 没有一个节俭的人迟早不成为一个富翁。为什么?因为他决不花像那种不必要的钱。渐渐他 的钱就会聚积起来。十之八九,他一定会发财的。我不喜欢那种乱花钱的人。他们不知道奢 侈是一件坏事。它只能够使他们暂时快乐而已。总而言之,节俭使穷人变富,奢侈使富人变 穷。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十二天:PERSEVERANCE 毅力/坚忍 Needless to say, nothing but perseverance can lead a man to the way of success. In other words, a persevering man never does his work without succeeding in it. This is indeed unchangeable truth. Our National Father, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, is the most ideal example. He was devoted to the revolution about forty years. He met with many failures, but he was anything but discouraged. As a result, he won. The Republic of China was born. 不需说,只有毅力才能引导人迈向成功之途。换句话说,一个具有毅力的人做工作终是 (never...without)会把它做成功的。这真是不易之定理也。 我们国父孙中山先生是一个最理想的例了.致力国民革命凡四十年。他遭遇到许多次的失败, 但是他决不灰心。结果,他赢了。中华民国诞生了。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十三天:MY MOTHER 我母亲 My mother is a woman of the old school. She is too conservative to keep up with the times. However, she is good-natured and treats others incerely. For this reason, all her neighbors are only too glad (pleased) to make friends with her. They consider her a model woman.She is a typical housewife. She keeps the (her) house neat and clean and looks after us with extreme care . She often says to us, "You cannot study too ard." 我母亲是中国老式女子。她太保守无法跟上时代。然而,她性情善良,待人诚恳。基于此种 理由,所有她的邻居都十分高兴和她结交朋友。他们认为她是模范女子。 她是一位标准的家庭主妇。她把家保持整洁。她小心翼翼地照顾我们。她时常对我们说:" 你们越用功越好"。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十四天:WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY 有志者事竟成 The secret of success (The key to success) is not so much money as a strong will. A great man is one who has a strong will and an indomitable spirit. In other words,

if a man does not have a strong will to win (get) the final victory, he will never succeed in his life. He is no more than a failure. It is quite obvious that there is no difficult thing (nothing difficult) in the world. if you make up your mind to do it, you will certainly accomplish your end. That stands to reason. 成功的要诀不是金钱而是一个坚强的意志(用 not so mush... as) 。一个大人物是一个具有 坚强意志和不屈不挠精神的人。换句话说,如果一个人没有坚强意志去获得最后胜利的人, 他终其一生永远不会成功。他只不过是(用 no more than)一个失败者。很显明的世界上并 没有难事。如果你下定决心去做它,你一定会达到目的。那是显而易见的。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十五天:DUTIES OF A STUDENT 学生的责任 Education is the very thing that we want to receive. Our parents send us to school so as to enable us to get (obtain) knowledge and achieve great things in the future. The following are the duties of a student (which) we should keep in mind. In the first place, we should be filial to our parents and respectful to our teacher. In the second place, we have to (must )study as hard as we can.In the third place, we must not tell lies. Last of all, we must not criticize others.To sum up, the above-mentioned rules are the very duties of a student. 教育就是我们要接受的东西。我们父母送我们上学以便能使人们获得知识与将来成大事。下 面是我们应该记住的学生的责任。我们应对父母要孝顺,对老师要尊敬。我们要尽可能的用 功读书。我们切不可说谎。最后,我们不要批评别人。 总而言之,上面所说的规则就是我们应尽的责任。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十六天:TO BE PATIENT 要忍耐 When someone disagrees with you or offends you, don't lose your temper. Why? Because it is of no use to do so. You ought to (should) be patient and keep calm lest you should quarrel with him. You must know that patience is not cowardice, but a virtue. I hope that everybody practices it.In addition, patience will also bring us success. When you meet with difficulties in your work, it is no use losing heart. You must keep on fighting until (till) the final victory belongs to you. 当有人和你意见不同或开罪你的时候,你切不可发脾气。为什么?因为这样做是无用的(用 of no use) 。你应当忍耐并且保持冷静,唯恐和他争吵。你必须知道忍耐不是弱而是一种美 德。我希望人人都实行它。另外,忍耐也会带给我们成功。当你在工作中遭遇到困难的时候, 灰心是无用的。你必须继续作战直到最后胜利属于你为止。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第三十七天:SANITARY WAYS IN SUMMER 夏天的卫生方法 Not only is summer a hot season but also diseases are apt to happen. To us it is neither comfortable nor safe. If we do not wish to get sick, we must pay attention to the following sanitary ways in summer.Both fresh air and clean food are indispensable to us.We must try our best to get (obtain) them.We should take at least one bath every day.Don't wear dirty clothes.In conclusion, if we can carry out the above mentioned rules, we will neither get (take/fall) sick nor suffer pain.

夏天不仅是个炎热的季节,而且疾病也容易发生。它对我们既不舒适也不安全。我们希望不 生病,就得注意下面那些夏天卫生的方法。新鲜空 气和干净的食物两者对我们是不可缺少的。我们必须尽全力去获得它们。我们每天至少应当 洗一个澡。不要穿脏衣服。总而言之,如果我们能实行上面所说的那些规则,我们既不会生 病也不会吃苦。 第三十八天:WORK WHILE YOU WORK, PLAY WHILE YOU PLAY 工作时工作,游玩时游玩 Both work and play are necessary to us; the former gives us knowledge while the latter (gives) rest. An English proverb is well said: "Work while you work play while you play." It makes our life pleasant, efficient and successful.Work is one thing and play is another. It is of course not good to work all day long. However, it is also not good to play all day long. While you work, you should work in earnest. Then while you play, you will feel more relaxed and pleasant. That goes without saying. 工作和游玩两者对我们都是必须的,前者给我们知识,后者给我们休息。英谚说得好"工作时 工作,游玩时游玩"。它使我们的生活愉快,有效率以及成功。工作是一回事,游玩又是另一 回事。整日工作自然不好。然而,整天游玩也是不好。当你工作时,你应认真工作。那末当 你游 玩时,你会觉得比较轻松愉快。那是不需说的。 第三十九天:MY FAVORITE PASTIME 我心爱的消遣 It goes without saying that work without rest will do harm to health. In other words, we had better take sufficient recreation to relax after work. There is no doubt that there are a number of amusements, such as playing ball games, collecting stamps, fishing, gardening, skating and so on. As for (to) me, I take great delight in gardening. Whenever I am at leisure, I am accustomed to growing flowers. I regard them as my most agreeable companion. 不需说,工作而不休息会对健康有害的。换句话说,我们最好工作后,从事分的消遣来轻松 一下。 无疑的,消遣的种类很多,诸如打球,集邮,钓鱼,园艺,溜冰等等。 就我而言,我大大喜欢园艺。每当我有闲暇的时候,我习惯于种花。我把它们看作是我最称 心如意的伴侣。 第四十天:FACTORS OF SUCCESS 成功要素 I would rather suffer hardships than fail. In other words, to achieve success is my only desire. We all know that there are many factors of success. Now let me write down the most important ones in the following. Diligence-Foolish as a person is, he can succeed in his work if he works hard. That does not admit of any doubt. Perseverance-When you fail, don't lose heart. Keep on working until you accomplish your aim. Honesty-If you tell lies or does not keep your words, no one will rely on you. I would rather be scolded than cheat (others). 我宁愿受苦难不愿失败。换句话说,获致成功是我唯一的愿望。我们大家知道成功要素很多。 现在让我们把它们最重要的写在下面。勤勉――一个人虽然不大聪明,但是他地能做成他的 工作,如果他苦干的话。那是不容置疑的。 毅力――当你失败的时候,不要灰心。要继续工作,直到你达到目的为止。 诚实――如果你说谎或不守信,没有人会信赖你。我宁愿挨骂不愿欺骗人。

第四十一天:MY AIM 我的志向 Whatever a man's status is (may be), he must have an aim. If not, he can hardly stand on his own two feet in the world. That stands to reason.However important fame and wealth may be, we must not let them become our object in life. We should aim at doing something useful to the society.If my aim can come true, I hope (wish) to be a teacher. However, teaching is by no means an easy thing. I must apply myself closely to my studies so as to be able to cope with my duties (as a teacher). 不论人是什么身份,他必须有一个志向。如果没有的话,他很难立足于世上。那是显而易见 的。 不论名利如何重要,我们切不可让它们成为我们生活之目标。我们应当志在做一些对社会有 益的事情。 如果我的志向能实现的话,我就希望成为一个老师。然而,教书并不是一容易的事情。我必 须 专 心 学 业 以 便 能 应 因 我 的 职 责 。 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------第四十二天:OUR NATIONAL FATHER 我们的国父 There is no doubt that Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is the greatest man that I ever known in my whole life. He set up the Republic of China, so we call him our National Father. He was devoted to the revolution about forty years. His aim was to liberate China from the hands of the Manchu Dynasty. He had not met with result, but he was not discouraged at all. As a result, he accomplished his end in the long run. To sum up, his strong will and indomitable spirit are worth our worship and imitation (are worth our worshiping and imitating). 无疑的,中山先生是我一生知道的最大的人物。他建立中华民国,所以我他为我的国父。 他致力革命凡四十年。他的目的是清朝手里解放中国。他曾遭遇屡次的失败,但他却一点也 不灰心。那是不需说的。结果,他终于达到目的。总而言之,他坚强的意志和不屈不挠的精 神 (是) 值得我们的崇拜和仿效。____________________________________________________ 『三最背诵短文(1)-我最喜欢的运动』 My favorite Sports During my secondary school years I often liked to go to the recreation room to play table tennis. Some of my classmates were very good at this game and I often tried to compete with them to improve my skill. In high school I spent many hours playing outdoor sports. I enjoyed team sports like basketball and volleyball. In my senior year I started to practice tennis. Sometimes I would find a partner to play tennis with me, but as yet I am not very good at this sport. Tennis requires great strength in the arms and legs as well as strong concentration on the game. 我最喜欢的运动 在我读中学的日子里,我常到活动室打乒乓球。我有些同学精于此道,我常与他们对抗以提 高自己的技术。读高中时,我把大量的时间用来做户外运动,我喜欢团队的运动项目,比如 篮球和排球。临毕业那年,我开始练乒乓球。有时我可以找到一个同伴陪我打,但是我打得 不是很好。打乒乓球不仅需要强壮的臂力和腿部力量,还需要集中精力。 『三最背诵短文(2)-遵守交通规则』 Obeying the Traffic Laws I am often very afraid to cross-large wide streets. I always go to the traffic light and use the crosswalk, but many times I have been frightened. When the light changes

to green I still need to look both directions to check the traffic. On many occasions a speeding motorcycle or bicycle or once a truck drove past the red light and across the pedestrian's path. When I have my bicycle, I get off and walk across the street, but always someone crosses the red light. Once at the intersection near the shopping mall I saw an accident: a taxi had stopped for the light, and another truck came from behind and did not stop. For safety, it is very important for everyone to obey the traffic laws. 遵守交通规则 横过大宽马路时,我常会害怕。我总是看着信号灯,走人行横道。仅管这样,我还是被吓着 了几次。当信号灯换成绿灯时,我还是要朝两边看一下。很多时候,超速行驶的摩托车或自 行车甚至是卡车, 都闯红灯穿过人行横道。 当我骑车时,我就会下来,推着车子步行过马路, 但 总有人闯红灯。一次,在靠近购物广场的那个十字路口,我见到了一起交通事故:一辆出租 车停在那儿等红灯,但是它后面的卡车没停。所以,从安全计,每个人都遵守交通规则是很 重要的。 『三最背诵短文(3)-冬天』 Winter Winter is very cold and windy in most parts of China. I usually look forward to the Spring Festival and the winter holiday when I can go to the south where the climate is warmer during these holidays. Also, I look forward to seeing my grandparents and my friends. Winter is the time everyone is in a festive mood. In the city, I usually do a lot of reading at home in the winter because of eh cold weather outside. 冬天 中国大部分地区的冬天是即冷又有风的。我总是盼望着春节或寒假,到时候我就可以去南方 了,当地的气候在这时会暖和的多。我也盼望着去探望我的祖父母和我的朋友。冬天,每个 人都怀着喜庆的心情。在城里,冬天的时候我经常待在家里尽情地看书,因为外面的天气非 常的冷。 『三最背诵短文(4)-秋天』 Autumn For me the autumn or fall starts in September when school starts its new term. I usually do some shopping. The mild weather made it very nice to study outside under the trees in a small park close to my house. I like to look up the leaves changing colors from green to red and yellow, and then brown colors. The park also has many bright fall flowers; sometimes I see a small squirrel coming down from the tree to hunt for food on the ground. On the weekends, I sometimes like to fly my kite. Usually on the street corners you can see street peddlers selling warm baked sweet potatoes. This is a nice time of the year. 秋天 我觉得秋天是在 9 月份新学期幵始的时候来临.我常常要去买一些东西.宜人的天气让我感觉 在离家不远的小公园的树下学习是件非常惬意的事.我喜欢抬起头看蓍枝头上的树叶由绿变 红,变黄,然后再变褐.公园里还有许多鲜艳的秋花.有时我会见到小松鼠从树上跳到地上觅食. 在周末,我有时会去放风筝.在街头的拐角处,常常会有街头小贩在卖烤红薯.秋天是一年中的 好时节. 『三最背诵短文(5)-夏天』

Summer Summer is the great season for all sports in the open air. It is the season for football which is often called the national sport because of its popularity. I usually watch television and read the newspaper reports about the football results of the little leagues. During the summer I like to go to the beach often because it is very close to my home. I usually go there during the summer vacation to relax after many months in school in the city. I feel very comfortable with the familiar quiet life of the villagers. 夏天 夏天是户外运动最好的季节.这是一个橄榄球的季节,橄榄球由于广受欢迎被称为全民运动. 我常常看电视,看报纸,从报道中获得小联盟橄榄球赛的比赛结果.夏日里,我喜欢经常去海滩, 因为那里离我家不远.在城里的学校呆了几个月后,暑假我常常去那里放松一下.此处有我很 熟悉的村民们的宁静生活,这让我倍感舒适. 『三最背诵短文(6)-春天』 Spring Spring is a delightful season. The temperatures are moderate, and the blooming trees and flowers make the city bright with colors. This is the time when we can begin to wear lighter and more brightly colored clothes and go outdoors more often. Smaller children like to bring their kites out to the spacious square. Also I enjoy going back to the village on this holiday after being in the city for the winter months. 春天 春天是个让人欣喜的季节.气温适中,挂满绿叶的树和盛开的花朵给城市增添了明亮的色彩. 在这个时节里,我们可以穿上轻便靓丽的衣服经常出门去了.小孩子们则喜欢在广阔的天空中 放风筝.在城里呆了一个冬天之后,我也喜欢回到村子里度假. 『三最背诵短文(7)-今日青年』 A Youth and His Country The youth of today will help to shape the future of his country tomorrow. As a good citizen, he should prepare himself in his everyday life as well as in school for the contribution of his talent to his country. He should have ability or skill to work. He should keep well informed and help to inform others about what his country's problems are. He should try to find out and show what he can do for his country. Also he should be physically strong and mentally sound. As a responsible citizen, with his courage, enthusiasm, and love, he will help to make his country one of which all its citizens can be proud. 今日青年 今日的青年将肩负他们国家的未来。作为一个好公民,他应该在日常生活中和在学校时一样 准备着把自己的聪明才智贡献给国家。他应有一定工作能力和技能,他应该清楚的知道,并 且帮助别人了解他们国家的问题所在。他应该知道且显示他能够为他的国家做些什么。同时 他应该有强健的体魄和良好的精神状态。作为一个有责任感的公民,他将会用他的勇气、热 情和爱心使他的国家成为全民都为之自豪的国度。 『三最背诵短文(8)-我的朋友』 My Friend John is the most diligent student in our class. He is one of my friends. As a matter

of fact, he gets along with his classmates. He might spend just five to ten minutes talking to you once in a long while, but he talks with enthusiasm and energy, and he likes to share his thinking and ideas with you. He is honest; he does not like to waste his time and energy. He never appears sleepy and tired in the classroom. He always hands in homework on time and also does well in his examinations, yet he has time practicing playing football and his violin skill. I admire him. I hope I can be as diligent as he is; John is persistent, attentive, and energetic. 我的朋友 John 是我们班上最勤奋的学生。他也是我的一个朋友。实际上,他和班上的同学相处的都很 融洽。 也许过好长时间他才只是花 5 分钟或 10 分钟和你聊天, 但是他的谈话充满了活力和热 情,而且他喜欢和你分享他的思想和想法。他是诚实的,他不会无谓的浪费他的时间和精力。 在教室里,他从没有显得困倦或是疲惫。他常常会按时交作业,考试中也会取得好成绩,然 而他仍会有时间踢足球和练小提琴。我羡慕他,我希望自己 能象他那样勤奋。John 是个执着、专注、充满活力的人。 『三最背诵短文(9)-长大后你想干什么?』 What do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? This question and another similar question, "Have you decided what you will do after you finish school?" were among the most common questions people often asked me when I was a small child and then a student in school. Choosing the right career is very important. For this reason we should try to find out what our talents and interests are and how we can use them. There are many careers open to each of us. Many persons find their place in government service, and many others may be interested in going into the business world. Teaching, newspaper works, medicine, engineering, science -- these and many other fields offer fascinating careers to persons with talent and training. 长大后你想干什么? 这个问题和另一个相似的问题"你决定完成学业之后做什幺了吗?"是我小时候和在学校时人 们问得最多的一个问题。选择一个适当的职业是非常重要的。因此,我们必需找出自己的天 赋和兴趣所在并且要知道如何加以利用。我们每个人都面临着许多职业选择。一些人在政府 机构找到了他们的位置,而另一些人则可能喜欢在商界驰骋。教育、新闻、医药、工程、科 学等和其它许多行业给都有才能的人提供了丰富的就业机会。 『三最背诵短文(10)-我的职业生涯』 My Career Plan During my high school years, I have found chemistry, physics, and mathematics interesting. Actually, I am interested in many subjects such as history, and English. But somehow I cannot remember the historical events or the facts in detail. I cannot remember English words well, either. On the other hand, chemistry, physics, and mathematics are easy for me because they seem logical to me. After considering my interests and talents I feel that science or engineering might be the best choice for my career. I would like to study science or engineering in college. After graduation from college I hop to go for higher education overseas. Eventually I would like to return to school to teach. This is my career plan. 我的职业生涯 在我高中的时代,我发现我对化学、物理和数学很感兴趣。事实上,我觉得其他的学科也很

有吸引力,如:历史、英语。但是不知何故我不能详细记住历史事件,也不能很好地记住英 语单词。相反,化学、物理和数学却容易些因为它们有逻辑性。鉴于我的兴趣所致我感觉到 理科或者工科是我未来职业的最好选择。我更愿意在大学里学理科或工科。大学毕业后我希 望到海外去继续深造。最后我将回到学校教书。这就是我的事业规划。 『三最背诵短文(11)-明智的消费』 Intelligent Consumerism Wise consumers read magazine advertisements and watch TV commercials, but they do this with one advantage: knowledge of the psychology behind the ads. In other words, well-informed consumers watch for information and check for misinformation. They ask themselves questions: Is the advertiser hiding something in small print at the bottom of the page? Is there any real information in the commercial, or is the advertiser simply showing an attractive image? Is this product more expensive than it should be because it has a famous name? With the answers to these questions, consumers can make a wise choice. 明智的消费 聪明的消费者看杂志广告,看电视广告,但他们这么做只有一个目的,就是要了解藏在广告 背后的心理状态。换句话说,信息灵通的消费者会留心各种资讯,也会查证各种有误导作用 的谣传。 他们会问自己: 广告商是不是在边角的小字里藏着点什么?广告里是否有真实内容, 或者广告商纯粹只提供诱人的画面?是否因为是名牌,产品就卖得更贵?这些答案会帮助消 费者做出明智的选择。 外语学习别无他法,唯坚持之。 作文背诵三十天

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