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? Who will come to your aid in the first place when you are faced with difficulties? ? At that time into my mind came an idea that I should communicate with my parents, which turned out to be a wise decision. ? It is universally acknowledged that our parents are the only people willing to devote all their love and heart to us without hesitation. ? They are also the last people to hurt us in the world

? No matter how old you are, parents are always the best friends you can open your heart to completely. ? But communicating with our parents, which is equally important, is often neglected by us. ? Therefore, never forget to communicate with our parents, who get happy when we rise and worried when we fall. ? Only by communicating with each other will they better understand us and the gap between us can be narrowed and even wiped out.

? As is known to all, we should be grateful to our parents and chat with them more often. Yet this is not always the case. ? It is a common sense that we should get along well with our teachers and classmates. But most of us seem to have ignored our own parents, with whom we really should communicate often.

? What parents said is like sunshine giving us hope in desperate situations. The communication is like a bridge linking us to parents and their love encourages us to march on further. ? I just want to confirm one thing, that is, communication with your parents may not be a comfortable way for you, but it must be the most proper way to solve problems.

? It is indisputable that our parents have given all their love and attention to us. If we were flowers, our parents would be the sunshine. ? It was not until that evening that I realized the communication between us is of vital importance. ? When it comes to high school daily life, what occurs to our mind must be our teachers and classmates.

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