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with 复合结构

1.With a lot of difficult problem ____________, the newly-elected president is having a hard time. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. being settled 【答案】C 【解析】"with+复合宾语"作原因状语。用不定式 to settle 作宾补表示还 没发生的动作。 2.Last year was the warmest year on record, with global temperature 0.68 ℃ ____________ the average. A. below B. on C. at D. above 【答案】D 【解析】句意:去年是有纪录以来最热的一年,全球平均气温上升 0.68 度。 With 的宾语 global temperature,宾语补足 above the average。


一、"with+宾语+宾语补足语"的构成: 1. with+宾语+名词 ?He died with his daughter yet a schoolgirl. 他去世时,女儿还是个小学生。 2. With + 名词 + 介词短语

?She said good-bye with tears in her eyes. 她含着眼泪说了声再见。 ?He was asleep with his head on his arms. 他头枕着胳膊睡着了。 3.with + 名词 + 形容词 (强调名词的特性或状态)

?He often sleeps with the windows open.他常开着窗睡觉。 ?Don’t speak with your mouth full. 不要满嘴巴食物说话。 4. With + 名词 + 副词

?He stood before his teacher with his head down. 他低着头站在老师面前。 He was lying on the bed with all his clothes on.他和衣躺在床上。 5. With + 名词 + -ed 分词 (强调名词是 -ed 分词动作的承受者或动作已经 发生) ?He sat there with his eyes closed.他闭目坐在那儿。 ?All the afternoon he worked with the door locked. 整个下午他都锁着门在房里工作。 6. with + 名词 + -ing 分词 (强调名词是 -ing 分词的动作的发出者或某动作,

状态正在进行) ?He fell asleep with the lamp burning.他没熄灯就睡着了。 ?I won’t be able to go on holiday with my mother being ill. 因为妈妈有病,我无法去度假。 7. with + 名词 + to do (不定式动作尚未发生) ?I can’t go out with all these clothes to wash.要洗这些衣服,我无法出去了。 ?With so many people to help us, we are sure to finish it in time. 有这么多人帮忙,我们一定能按时完成。 二、"with+宾语+宾语补足语"的用法: ?The room with lights on is our classroom. 开着灯的那个教室是我们的。 (定 语) ?The house caught a big fire last night, with nothing left in it. (结果) ?With her money lost, she was at a loss what to do. (原因) ?He fell asleep, with the light still on. (伴随)

1. The murder was brought in, with his hands _____________ behind his back. A. being tied B. having tied C. to be tied D. tied 2. With all the homework he was given _____________, he gladly went to bed for a good sleep. A. to do B. doing

C. done D. to be done 3. It is likely to get a flu if you wear a short dress with your arms and legs ___________ to the cold. A. exposing B. exposed C. to expose D. being exposed 后语:坚持是一种信仰,专注是一种态度!每一次您的转发,就是对我们 的认同和鼓励!亲们,喜欢就积极转发吧,您的每一次转发,都是我们持续的 原创动力。原创的路上感恩有您一路同行! ! !

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