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浙江省杭州市绿城育华中学七年级英语上册《Unit 5 》单元综合 测试题 人教新目标版
第一部分 客观题 I.单项选择 1. There is _____ old map on ____ wall. It’ s ____ map of ____ China. A. a; the; a; the B. an; a; the; / C. the; the; a; the D. an; the; a; / 2. Thanks______ the great photo of your family. A. at B. with C. by D. for 3.Lily and Liz ________ a cat.They like it very much. A.have B. .there is D. 4.—Do you h —________,I___________. A. B. .Yes, have an D. 5.—How many pens ________ Jim _____ —Three. A.does; have B. .does; has D. 6.I don't _____ a dictionary.She ______ one. A.has; have B. .have; has D. 7.They don't have _______ color pencils, but I have _______. A.some; some B. .some; an y D. 8.—Is this —No, it is________.____ __is red. A.her; His B. .mine; Her D. 9.______ that old woman ____ A.Do; has B. .Does; has D. 10.— —_____,I don't know.I don't have a watch. A.Excuse me; Sorry B.Sorry;Excuse me C.Sorry; Sorry D. 11.—Who ______ 20 yuan —I do. A.have B. C.do have D. 12.—Li Wei, —______! I don't have any. A.Excuse me B. .OK D. 13._____ A.Hello B. .Thank you D. 14.Kate gives_______ some books, but I must give_______ back soon. A.I; it B. .my;they D. 15.Let’s ________ the map on the wall. A.look at B.see C.watch D.look 16.I can ________ many things on the table. A.look at B.see C.watch D.look 17.The question is not easy. It’s very ________. A.difficult B.difficulty C.relating D.not difficult 18.Let’s pla y _____ basketball. I don’t like playing ____ violin(小提琴) at home. A.the, the B.the, × C.×, the D.×, ×


19.________ our club, please! A.Join B.Join in C.Come D.Go 20.Let’s ________ and ________ football on the playground. A.to go, to play B.go, play C.to go, play D.go, to play 21.Can you ________ it ________ English? A.speak, in B.say, in C.talk, with D.tell, with 22.---Can you ____ it ____ English? ----It’s a bat. A. speak; in B. say; in C. talk; with D. spell; with 23.---____your brother have good life habits? ----Yes, he likes____sports and ___well. A.Do; to play; having B.Does; playing; have C.Does; playing; eats D.Do; play; eat 24.Paul and I aren’t in ____class, so we are not_____. A.the same; classmates B.same; classmates C.the same; students D.same; students 25. I don't like ___milk, but my brother ____. A. many; is B. /; does C. much; isn’t D. a; doesn’ t 26.----Do you like ____for lunch? ----No, I don’t. But I like______. A. egg; apple B. apple; chicken C. banana; chickens D. eggs; chicken 27.Do you like doing the ______work? A. every II.完形填空 I have a good friend. 1 name is Mary. She 2 from America. She is 3 China with her father and mother. She can 4 a little Chinese. She is in the No. 15 Middle School in Shanghai. Her father and mother 5 . They are in the No. 50 Middle School. Mary is a good student. She 6 school five days a week. She 7 up early. She 8 to be late. She often goes to school very early. But today she got up late. So she got to the classroom at seven thirty. 9 there weren’t any students in the classroom. She wasn’t late. She was still early. It was Saturday today. The students were all 10 . 1.A.She B. He C. Her D. His 2.A. come B. comes C. are D. go 3. A. at B. in C. of D. from 4. A. say B. tell C. talk D. speak 5. A. is teacher B. are teachers C. is doctor D. are doctors 6.A. is go B. likes getting C. like get D. likes get 7.A. like getting B. likes getting C, like get D. likes get 8. A. like B. likes C. don’t like D. doesn’t like 9. A. And B. But C. So D. Too 10. A. at home B. in home C. at school D. in school III..阅读理解 A It’s Saturday morning. Betty is having her breakfast. Betty’s mother and father are with her. On Saturday morning Betty doesn’t go to school. She helps her parents do some housework. This morning she says to her mother. “Can I help you, mum? ”“Yes, you can help me. ”her mother says, “You can go to Mr. White’s


shop. Something is wrong with our clock. Mr. White mends (修理)clocks. Our clock is in his shop. ”“Is he mending our clock? ”Betty asks. “Yes. ”her father says. “And this morning it is ready. ”“Yes, it is ready. ”Her mother says, “Go to Mr. White’s shop. Take this bag. You can put the clock in it. ”Betty takes the bag and goes to the shop to get the clock back home. 1. What is Betty doing on Saturday morning? ________. A. She goes to school. B. She is having her breakfast. C. She is cooking with her mother. 2. Betty often helps her parents _______on Saturday. A. do some cleaning B. do some shopping C. do some housework 3. There is something wrong with their ______. A. radio B. clock C. car 4. _______ is mending their clock. A. Mrs. White B. Mr. White C. Mr. Brown 5. Which is correct in the following? A. The clock is ready this morning. B. Betty goes to the shop to get the clock with a backpack. C. Betty and her mother go to the shop together. IV. Writing. B One day an old man is selling a big elephant. A young man comes to the elephant and begins to look at it slowly. The old man goes up to him and says in his ear, “ Don’t say anythi ng about the elephant before I sell it. Then I will give you twenty dollars.” “All right,” says the young man. After the old man sells the elephant, he gives the young man twenty dollars and says,” Now, can you tell me how you found the elephant’s bad ears?” “I didn’t find the bad ears,” says the young man.” Then why are you looking at the elephant slowly?”asks the old man. The young man answers. “ Because I have never s een an elephant before, a nd I want to know what it looks like.” 6.________the elephant. A. The young man sells B. The old man sells C. The two men see D. The old man buys 7.The young man is looking at the elephant slowly. He wants to find out _____. A. which foot of the elephant is bad B. how heavy it is C. which ear of the elephant is bad D. what it looks like 8.The young man _________. A. knows the elephant has bad ears B. wan ts to buy the elephant C. looks after the elephant D. gets some money from the old man 9.The young man ______ A. is not interested in elephants B. knows what an elephant looks like C. has seen some elephants before D. has never seen an elephant before 10.Hearing what the young man said, the old man will probably(可能) be _____. A. angry B. happy C. dangerous D. hungry 第二部分 主观题 Ⅰ.选择可以替代划线部分的选项 1.His family name is White. A.last name B.middle name C.first name D.given name


2.I think the math class is boring, so I don’t like it. A.interesting B.difficult C.not interesting D.not difficult 3.Thanks a lot. A.many B.very much C.very D.much 4.Ed likes sports. A.has B.have C.does D.loves 5.Let’s have a look at the collections. A.have a watch B.see C.look at D.look Ⅱ.用所给词的正确形式填空 6.That ________(sound) interesting. 7.________ you ________(have) a tennis racket? 8.My brother ________(have) a baseball bat. 9.We have many ________(club) in our school. 10.Let watch ________(they) on TV. 11.She ________(play) sports every day. 12.Can you ________(bring)your new picture books here? 13.________ your friend ________(like) sports? 14.Let ________(we) play tennis. 15.That’s an ________(interest)computer game. III. 词汇 1. She likes ____________(体育运动)very much. 2. ____________(让我们) play tennis. 3. Sue has two ____________ (篮球). 4. My mother ____________(看) TV every day. 5. I have a computer game. It's ____________(有趣的). 6. My mother ____________(有) a nice book. 7. That music ____________(听起来) good. 8. Do you want to ____________(加入) the English club? 9. To play soccer is ____________(困难的). 10. Welcome to ____________(我们的) school. 11.She has a g_________ sports collection. 12.Gina h__________ two cousins. 13.They play ping-pong e__________ day. 14.Does your mother w__________ TV every day? 15.We use (用) the baseball b__________ (球拍) to play baseball. 16 .He has o__________ (只) one soccer ball. 17.We have many sports c__________ (俱乐部), basketball, soccer, and more. 18.I don’t like math. It is b__________ (无聊的). IV.选用正确的词填空 do, does, don’t, doesn’t, is, am, are, be, can, can’t 1.What ________ Sue have? She has many sports things. 2.Do you have some more paper? No, I ________. 3.There ________ two football and a volleyball in the basket. 4.Let’s ________ good friends.


5.________ you spell your name, please? 6.________ there a football game on TV today? 7.Sorry, I ________ answer the question. It’s too difficult. 8.Card ________ like sports. She thinks it’s boring. 9.________ they need more school things? 10.I ________ a football fan. I like it very much. V.按要求转换句型 1.My father doesn’t like playing tennis.(变为肯定句) 2.I think tennis is very interesting. (就划线部分提问) 3.Tim has a gold watch. (变为.一般疑问句) 4.There are old bikes under the tree. (变为单数句) 5.We have a big TV in our house? (改为否定句 6.Kate has some money in her pocket.(改为否定句 7 .My parents have five good frien ds.(就划线部分提问 VI.用 have 或 has 填空 1. 't. . 2.There are some children in the room. They all _____ new books.But they don't ______ any colour pencils.Lei Hao _____ a big pencil-box.Ren Lijuan ______ a small one.What about Bai jie? Oh,she , don’t, doesn’t, is, am, are, be, can, can both, join, woman, hold, winter, one, big, also, kind, be The Olympic Games are the 1___ sports meet in the world. There are two 2___ of Olympic Games: the Summer Olympic Games and the 3__ Olympic Games. 4__ of them are 5___ every four years. The old Olympic Games began round the year 776BC i n Greece. And 6___ were not allowed to take part in the games then. After about the year 393 AD, there 7 no Olympic Games for centuries but they were not forgotten. The 8____ Olympic Games in modern times happened in 1896. After that more and more countries 9 ____ in the games. There are 10___ more unusual different sports in the games. “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” is the Olympic motto. To hold the Olympic Games is a rich prize for a country. VII.短文填空(首字母已给出) Mr.and Mrs.Green h 1 a big house.Their house h 2 a kitchen (厨房),four bedrooms and three other rooms.There are some trees n 3 to their house.They h 4 two cars.One is for Mr.Green and the other is for Mrs.Green. They h 5 two children.One is a s 6 ,and the other (另一个) is a d 7 .The children like s 8 very much.The son has five b 9 ,nine s 10 balls and many baseballs . He likes playing b 11 every day . The daughter has eight v 12 balls,ten ping-pang balls and seven t 13 balls.She plays 14 ball every day. VIII.书面表达 学校体育俱乐部要招募新会员了,假如你的名字叫 Tom Brown,13 岁,来自七年级三班。 请先填写以下信息,然后写一段自我介绍。 1. First name:________________________________________


2. Last name: ________________________________________ 3. Age(年龄):______________________________________ 4. Class:__________________________________________ 5. Grade: __________________________________________ 6.Sports collection: __________________________________ ______________________________________________________


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