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2019教育届高三英语一轮复习How to make your writing attractive教学课件 共22张PPT数学_图文

2019教育届高三英语一轮复习How to make your writing attractive教学课件 共22张PPT数学_图文

Features of Good English Essays
1.Heading 点题;一两个句子;概括
准确为先 Chinglish
2. Body
有文采为妙 Advanced Diverse vocabulary sentences
Linking words
3. Ending 小结;呼应主题

1.I very like studying English. I like studying English very much.
2. I think they should not charge people , because it is a public park.
I don’t think they should charge people , because it is a public park .

3.There are 5 people ssiittting
in the classroom.
4. I sometimes floerftgot my English book at home.

5.Come and see me whenever iytoisucaornevceonnievnetnfieonrty. ou.

Advanced vocabulary(高级词汇)
She likes music.
She is fond of music.
She is into music. She is crazy about mShuesics.keen on music. She has a passion for music.

1. We are having sduipnpneerr.
2.It’s been a laognegstime since I last saw you
3.He is a young teacher with a gporodmising future.
4.It is a hcahradllenging/ demanding job.

5.We will try our best to promote the traditional friendship between us.
We will spare no efforts to develop … We will do as much as we can to develop … We will do everything we can to develop …

Diverse sentences
1. 感叹句 (exclamatory sentence) e.g. What a kind boy he is!
2.简单句(simple sentence) e.g. Hurry up , or you will be late.
3. 复合句(compound sentence) e.g. That’s what I should do.

e.g. So long as we work harder at our lessons ,we’ll catch up sooner or later.
e.g. Do call me in advance so that I can meet you at the airport.
e.g. In my opinion, net bar should be a place where we can find much useful information.

e.g. Hardly had they got to the station when they met the young man.
5.主动句与被动句 (active/passive voice)
6. 强调句 (emphasis sentence) e.g. It was this young boy that helped the old granny.

7. With结构 e.g. I saw a young lady walking in the street with a handbag in her hands 8. 分词(doing /done)
e.g. Frightened by the snake, the boy cried.

Express the same meaning in different ways as possible as you can. 1.You gave me a pleasant surprise.
What a pleasant surprise you gave me! It is you who gave me a pleasant surprise. What you gave me is a pleasant surprise.

2.We must take measures to stop pollution.
Measures must be taken to … We must stop pollution with some measures. It is necessary for us to take measures to stop pollution .
If we want to stop pollution, we must take measures.

3. She walked out of the lab and many students followed her. She walked out of the lab, followed by many students, 4. They sang and laughed as they went back to school. Singing and laughing, they went back to school.

5.If you study hard, you will make rapid progress.
Study hard, and you will make progress. 6.You can solve this problem only in this way . Only in this way can you solve this problem.

Fill in the blanks with the following linking words.
Besides, on the contrary, what’s more, as well,

Some of us think that it is better to see the film . The reason is that it takes less time to understand the whole story. What’s more, the film is more interesting. Besides, it is easier to follow as well . On the contrary, some others have the opposite opinion. They think they can get more information. The language is possibly lively and beautiful.

Chinese students celebrate their birthday in various ways. The most common way, however, is just to hold a birthday party, at which friends get together to have fun drinking, singing and dancing. On the birthday, one usually receive nice gifts as well as pure-hearted wishes. Besides, parents will prepare a special dinner or cake to show their deepest love for their children.

Since birthday celebration is one of the most important activities in one’s life, it can be done in more meaningful ways. For instance, we can buy a bunch of flowers or cook a delicious meal for our mothers on that very day, with which to express our thanks to our dear parents.

Dear Lucy, You will come to Hangzhou and visit it. I’m
very glad. Hangzhou is a beautiful city. It lies in the east China. It is next to the Qiantang river. People said an Italian visitor Marco Pole once visited Hangzhou. He thought Hangzhou was beautiful. It was the capital of China in the past. It has a long history.There are many towers and temples around it.Hills surround the West Lake, and there are many parks too. Every year a lot of visitors from china and other countries come here. I hope you can have a good time.

Homework: make it better with the above skills.
Some students think: we should learn English from childhood. Because of we have a good memory in childhood, it helps us remember lots of words. It is help me that learning English stich to strongly foundation. Other students think we should not learn English from childhood. In childhood, not only does we learn Chinese pinyin, but also does we learn English. Otherahile, we are easily by mistakes it has effects on Chinese study and future English study. Most of students disagreed with each other. I think it that we should accord to some condition, then we decide our chooses.

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