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unit 8 life online

unit 8 life online

What are the video and pictures about?

What do you usually do on the internet?


Except those, what else can you do online?

always>usually>often>sometimes>seldom>never every+时间 / once a+时间 / twice a+时间 / three times a+时间 e.g. every day / once a day / twice a week / three times a month


Listening strategy
1 2 3

Listen to get the general meaning. Do not listen word by word. Listen to get the information you need.

4 Do not stop if you come to some difficulties.

Listening Exercise 1

Underline the questions about the iPad
Billy: What is that called again? Sue: It’s an iPad, a small computer designed by Apple. Billy: Is it heavy? Sue: No. It’s no heavier than a book! Billy: What do you use it for?

Listening Exercise 2

Sue: Everything! You can visit your favorite website, watch online movies, or download thousands of songs. Billy: That’s it?

Sue: And in this part here, you can buy things online. See, here? I ordered the lastest CD of Jay Chou.
Billy: Can you play games on it?

Sue: Sure thing! Tons of games!

Useful Expressions
Asking about a Product What do you use it for? Can you play games on it? Possible Responses Everything! Sure thing!

What can you do with it?

I use it to send e-mails.

Anything special about it? Yes, it has a touch screen!


A: What can you do with your mobile phone? B: Well, I use it to_____________. What about yours?

A: I _____________________.


Your room-mate has just bought a new mobile phone. You are asking about its features.



Electronic Reader(E-reader)



Summary & Assessment
Teacher’s assessment Partners’ assessment Self-assessment

After-class task
Choose one of the two tasks:
1) Longer the conversation in task 4 on P36 in the textbook and prepare for the dialogue performance in pairs. 2) Learn the conversation and useful expressions by heart and prepare for the recitation in pairs.


Life Online

Unit 8 Life Online
Listening & Speaking

By Xujing

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