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The Attributive Clause

她是唱得最好的那个女孩. 她是唱得最好的那个女孩 唱得最好的那个女孩 She is the girl who sings best of all.
定语从句 在英语中,作定语的从句就叫做定语从 在英语中 作定语的从句就叫做定语从 句.

She is the girl( who sings best of all.)
先 行 词
关 系 代 词

She is the girl( who sings best of all.)
主语 谓语

注: who是指 是指the girl(指人 在 指人),在 是指 指人 从句中作主语,因此谓语动 从句中作主语 因此谓语动 词用单词形式. 词用单词形式

关系代词: 关系代词 who,whom,whose,that,which 关系副词: 关系副词


关系代词和关系副词的用法 1) 当先行词为人时 作主语时用 who/that 作宾语时用 作定语时用 2.先行时为物时用 that /which 先行时为物时用 whom whose

3) 先行词为人 物时 先行词为人,物时 物时--

that 作状语-作状语 where

地点-地点 4)先行词为 先行词为

作主语-- that 作主语

时间-时间 when 理由/原因 理由 原因--- why 原因

例: who/that 1)The man (________came yesterday) is a friend of mine. who/whom/that 2) The man_________________ you met yesterday is a friend of mine. that/which 3)Did you see the letter____________was put on your table?

4)Here comes the man _________English whose is excellent. 5) I live in the house __________ window whose faces the south. 6.That is the day________I was born. when 7.That is the place _______ I was born. where why 6) That is the reason_________I was late . for school.

7 This

is the museum _______ we visited last year .

This is the museum ____ my father used to where work .

when I studied in I will never forget the days ______
the university . I will never forget the days _______ we spent together .


that和which在指物的情况下一般 和 在指物的情况下一般 NOTE 都可以互换, 但在下列情况下, 都可以互换 但在下列情况下 一般用 that而不用 而不用which。 而不用 。 I am sure she has something (that) you can borrow.

I’ve read all the books that are not mine. This is the first book (that) he has read.

This is the very book that belongs to him.

That talked for an hour of things and persons that they remembered in the school.

E.g. 1) Who is the girl that is standing under the tree?

2) Which of the books that were borrowed from him is the best?

Alice received an invitation from her which boss ,_____ came as a surprise. Tom’s mother kept telling him that he should work harder ,but _____ didn’t it help . I will never forget the days when we got together ,______ has a great effect on which me .

6.当关系代词在从句中作主语时 其后的谓 当关系代词在从句中作主语时,其后的谓 当关系代词在从句中作主语时 语动词与先行词的人称和数要保持一致. 先行词的人称和数要保持一致 语动词与先行词的人称和数要保持一致 He is one of the students who(that) like literature. 2) He is the only one of the students who(that) likes literature.

7)as 和which都可引导非限制性定语从句 都可引导非限制性定语从句 Which可指主句中的一部分 也可指全 可指主句中的一部分,也可指全 可指主句中的一部分 句.(如) 如 引导非限制性定语从句时,常带有 而 as引导非限制性定语从句时 常带有 引导非限制性定语从句时 正如...”的含义,从句可置句首 从句可置句首,也可置 “正如 ”的含义 从句可置句首 也可置 句末.(如 句末 如)
常用下面的结构As 常用下面的结构 is known, As is said, As is reported

2) As we know,smoking is harmful to one’s health.--Smoking is harmful to one’s health, as we know. 2)As is known,smoking is harmful to one’s health. 引导非限制性定语从句时,从句动词 注:as引导非限制性定语从句时 从句动词 引导非限制性定语从句时 常是know,see, expect,point out. 常是

1) He was proud,which his brother never was.(which指proud) 指 2) He was proud,which I dislike very much.(which指全句 指全句) 指全句

Is this factory _____ we visited last year? A. where B. in which C. the one D. at which C 分析:此题还原成陈述句应该是This 分析:此题还原成陈述句应该是 factory is______ we visited last year. 而 不是 This is factory ______ we visited last year. 所以答案是 。从句前省略了 所以答案是C。 关系代词that/which。 关系代词 。

关联词的正确选择是学习定语从句的关 键。关联词选择的方法是带入法,即将 先行词代入到定语从句中,判断其在定 语从句中所起的作用,据此方能选择正 确的关联词

Do the exercises on 《同步诠案》


Homework :
1. Finish the exercises on 《同’》. 2.Conclude the grammar rules.



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