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Ⅱ.写出下列单词的变化形式? culture 1.文化(?n?.)_____________;文化的(?adj?.) _____________? cultural 2.价值,重视,珍视(?n.&v?.)_____________; value 贵重的,有价值的(adj.)_____________;无价值的(adj.) valuable valueless _____________;价值观(?n?.)_____________? values 3.使吃惊,使惊讶(?v?.)_____________; amaze 惊讶,吃惊(?n?.)_____________;令人惊讶的(adj?.) amazement amazing _____________;吃惊的(?adj?.)_____________? amazed design 4.设计;图案;构思(?n.&v?.)_____________; 设计师(?n?.)_____________? designer 5.属于(?v?.)_____________;财产(?n?.) belong belongings _____________?

6.怀疑,疑惑(v.&n.)_____________;怀疑的(adj.) doubt _____________;大概的,几乎肯定的(?adj?.) doubtful doubtless _____________? 7.接待(v.)_____________;接待,招待会,接受(n.) receive receptionist ____________ ;?接待员(?n?.)_____________? reception form 8.表格(?n?.)___________;正式的(?adj?.) _________;非正式的(?adj?.)__________? formal informal 9.考虑(?v?.)_____________;考虑,深思(?n?.) consider _____________;考虑到,?鉴于?(?prep?.) consideration considering _____________;体谅的,考虑周到的(?adj?.) _____________? considerate 10.明显的(?adj?.)_____________;证据(?n?.) evident _____________? evidence

◆活学活用? 用所给单词的适当形式填空。? survival 1.The island is deserted, and the chance for the ________ of the three_____________ from the wrecked ship is slim. survivors (survive)? 2.When Mary told her parents she was marrying Jack, they consideration begged her to take everything into _____________ before considering she made the decision,_____________ that Jack is not considerate _____________ ?enough. (consider)? gift 3.Little John has a ___________for literature and the critics commented him as a rare __________ young writer when gifted he first published his work at the age of 13.(gift)? undoubtedly 4.There is _____________ a great deal of truth in what he doubtful says, but the judge is still _____________ about his purpose. (doubt)?

receptionists receive 5.The _____________ were told to _____________ him as the most honorable guest. (reception)? evidence 6.It was _____________ that all the _____________ we evident

collected proved him to be guilty. (evident)

Ⅲ. 翻译下列必背短语? 1.装饰有 2.处于交战状态 3.少于 4.调查;朝里面/深处看 5.属于 6.而不是 7.寻找 8.作为报答;作为交换 9.依某人看来 10.拆开,拆散 11.看重,器重 12.可用作;产生……的效果

be decorated with? _______________? (be)at war? ______________? less than? ______________? ______________? look into? belong to? ______________? rather than? ______________? in search of? ______________? in return (for)? ______________? in one’s opinion? ______________? take apart? ______________? think highly of? ______________? ______________? serve as

根据括号中的解释,从课文中找出恰当的短语完成下列句子。 1.It’s silly to go out on such a burning day. I’ll stay at home rather than ___________ (instead of) go out for a walk.? In my opinion 2._____________(As far as I’m concerned), we can spend the holiday home, you know, there is no place like home.? 3.We can host up to 10.The two sofas in our sitting-room can serve as _____________(be suitable for a particular use) beds for a night or two.? look into 4.A group of ten people was set up to _____________(to examine) the serious problem of water pollution in that area.

highly 5.As a top student in his class, Tom is always ________ thought of _________ (to have a good opinion of) by both the

teachers and students.?
in return for 6.Can I treat you to a Chinese buffet _____________(as a response/thank to) your great help of my edition work??





fancy decorate

belong? remove





?用上述动词的适当形式填空。? survived 1.It was really a miracle that the little girl ___________ the flood by holding a tree floating in the water.? 2.The engineer was famous for having designed the longest _____________ bridge in the world.? 3._____________ the right material for the project, Tom Having selected went back to the factory with a light heart.? rebuilding 4.Now people in Sichuan are getting on well with ________ their homes.?

exploding 5.With two bombs _____________ near the market, over
ten people were killed.?

sank 6.My heart _____________ when I knew that I failed in the job interview.?

Ⅴ.重点句型? Later, Catherine II had the Amber Room moved to a palace outside St Petersburg where she spent her summers.(P2)? 后来,叶卡捷琳娜二世派人把琥珀屋搬到圣彼得堡郊外她避 暑的宫殿中。? have sth. done请别人做……,做完某事,遭遇某种不幸? ◆活学活用? 模仿造句。? (1)她准备剪头发过春节(请别人剪头发)。? She’s going to have her hair cut for the Spring Festival. ________________________________________ ? (2)天黑前请把墙漆好。? ________________________________________ ? Please have the wall painted before dark.? (3)踢足球时汤姆摔断了左腿。? Tom had his left leg broken while playing football. ________________________________________

Ⅵ.语篇领悟? 根据课文in Search of the Amber Room完成下列短文?

The Amber Room, one of the great wonders of the world, was a great work that 1 took (take) ten years to make. __
In 1716, the Amber Room was given to the Russian people as 2 ___ a gift of friendship by Frederick William I, who loved best soldiers 3 more _____than the Amber Room 4 itself _________ .In Russia, the room first served as a small

reception 5_________(receive)hall for important visitors and later moved and 6 redesigned (design) by Catherine II.? _________
Unfortunately ?____________(fortune), the Amber Room disappeared when the Nazi Germany and Russia were at war and now nobody knows 8 what ________ happened to it. In the


spring of 2003, however,a new Amber Room, built by the Russians and Germans on the 9 basis (base) of old _____

photos, was ready for the people of St Petersburg to celebrate 10_________ (celebrate) the 300th birthday of their city. ?

1.Is it enough to have survived for a long time?(P1)? 保存时间长的东西就能成为文化遗产吗?? ◆词语拓展? survive (v.幸存,存活,继续存在)?

survival (n.幸存,存活)?
survivor (n.幸存者)? survive the flood 在洪灾中幸存? survived on 靠……生存

◆即学即练? 选用上述单词或短语完成下列小片段。? survivor Mr.Green was the only(1)_____________ who(2) ___________________(在地震中幸存).He told us he(3) survived the earthquake survived on _____________ a bottle of mineral water. Everyone said

his(4)_____________ was a miracle. survival

2.Frederick William I, the King of Prussia, could never have
imagined that his greatest gift to the Russian people would have such an amazing history.(P1)? 普鲁士国王腓特烈· 威廉一世决不可能想到他送给俄罗斯人民 的厚礼会有这样一段令人惊讶的历史。? 注意:“情态动词+have done” 的含义。? could not/never have done sth.过去不可能做某事? could have done sth.本来可以做(却没有做)某事? must have done过去一定做过某事? can’t have done 过去不可能做过某事? should have done过去本该做(但没有做)某事?

◆即学即练? 用“情态动词+have done”完成下列句子。? (1)He paid for a seat, when he ____________________.(本 could have entered free 来可以免费进去的)? must have completed (2)He ___________________(一定已经完成了)his work; otherwise, he wouldn’t be enjoying himself by the seaside.? (3)Well,he____________________(不可能走远),for his coat’s can’t have gone far still here.? (4)My English-Chinese dictionary has disappeared. Who could have taken __________________(会拿走)it?? couldn’t have been at home (5)He _________________________(不可能在家)last night, for the lights in his flat were out all night.?

3.The design of the amber room was in the fancy style

popular in those days.(P1)?
琥珀屋的设计采用了当时流行的别致的建筑式样。? ◆词语拓展? fancy sth.想要某物? fancy doing sth.想做某事/想不到做了某事?

fancy oneself自命不凡?
take/catch one,s fancy吸引某人?

◆即学即练? 根据括号中的提示完成下列句子。? fancy a cup of coffee (1)I really ____________________.(想喝一杯咖啡)? Fancy meeting you (2)_____________________(真想不到见到你)here!? (3)When I was chatting with him, I could see that he really fancied himself _____________.(自以为是/自命不凡)? took/caught her fancy (4)The handsome boy really ___________________.(吸引 她)

[绕口令]Fancy Nancy did not fancy doing fancy work.
But fancy Nancy's fancy auntie did fancy Nancy doing fancy work. 可爱的南希没有想象到能做出出色的工作,而可爱的南希的 漂亮的姑姑的确想象到南希做出了出色的工作。

4.Frederick William I, to whom the amber room belonged,
decided not to keep it.(P2)? 腓特烈· 威廉一世,这个琥珀屋的主人,却决定不要它了。? belong to属于(不用于进行时态,也不用于被动语态)? ◆即学即练?

(1)Everybody knows that Taiwan _____________(属 belongs to 于)China.

belonging to (2)The dictionary_____________(属于)Li Ming is gone.?
belongings (3)She packed her few _____________(财物)and left.

5.Almost six hundred candles lit the room.(P2)? 将近600支蜡烛照亮了这个房间。? 阅读下列句子,注意light的意思。? (1)Our classrooms take great advantage of the natural light. (light: n.光/灯光,是不可数名词)? (2)The stage was lit by bright spotlights. (v.点燃;照亮)? (3)Take your light blue jacket; anyway, it,s light. (adj.明亮的; 浅色的;轻便的)? (4)With a lighted candle, she walked along the corridor to her bedroom. (adj.点燃的)? 温馨提示:light作动词时,其过去式、过去分词为:lit, lit,但 也可以用lighted、lighted,在名词前充当定语时,只能用 lighted。

◆即学即练? 根据括号中的提示完成下列句子。? (1)He _____________(点燃)the candle and walked towards his room.? (2)I put a _____________(点燃的)match to the letters and watched them burn.? (3)Suddenly all the ___________(灯)went out and she had to do the knitting by the _____________(光)of the moon.? (4)Her _____________(浅的)grey bag is much _____________(轻便的)than yours.

答案: (1)lighted/lit (4)light,lighter



6.Sadly,although the Amber Room was considered one of the wonders of the world, it is now missing.(P2)? 可悲的是,虽然琥珀屋被认为是世界上一大奇迹,但是现 在却找不到了。? ◆词语归纳?

consider+?n?./doing sth.考虑某事/做某事?
consider sb./sth.to be/as认为某人/某物是……? wonder想知道,不知道,奇迹,奇景? wonderful 美妙的,精彩的,使人愉快的? It,s a wonder that奇怪的是……?

It,s no/small/little wonder/No wonder(that)难怪……?

根据括号中的提示完成下列句子。? (1)He,s_____________(考虑购买)another house near the

subway station.?
(2)We all _____________(认为他是)an honest man.? (3)_____________(奇怪的是)that he quitted the job in the

world-famous company.?
(4)He won the lottery(彩票);_____________(难怪)that he quitted the job. 答案: (1)considering buying (2)consider him to be/consider him as (3)It was a wonder (4)it was no wonder/no wonder?

7.After that, what happened to the Amber Room remains a mystery.(P2)? 从那以后,琥珀屋的去处便成了一个迷。? ◆词语拓展? remain (link ?v?.)仍然是,保持不变;(?vi?.)剩余,逗留,

It remains to be seen whether...是否…… 还有待证实?

It remains true that...一向如此?

◆即学即练? 根据括号中的提示完成下列句子。? (1)Although he has taken a lot of medicine, _____________.(他的健康状况仍然很差)? (2)It was already past midnight and only three young

men _____________.(仍然呆在茶馆)?
(3)__________(尚有疑问)about the truth of the story.? (4)这是否是一个好的选择还有待证实。? ______________________________________ ? (5)体育重在竞争而非获胜,一向如此。?


答案: (1)his health remains poor/he remains weak ?

(2)remained in the teahouse ?
(3)Questions remain? (4)It remains to be seen whether it is a good choice or not.? (5)It remains true that sport is about competing, not winning.?

8.Do you agree with Johana?(P7)? 你同意乔娜的意见吗?? ◆词语辨析? with;agree to;agree on? (1)agree with(后跟sb.或sb,s idea, opinion, view等表 示观点、意见的词)同意某人的意见;? (2)agree to后跟sth.,表示同意(建议或安排等);? (3)agree on则表示双方或多方商定、决定、达成共识。 The majority agreed to his proposal.? 大多数人同意了他的建议。? She doesn,t agree with her husband on many things.? 在很多事情上,她和丈夫意见不统一。

温馨提示:agree with还可以表示:(1)与……相符; (2)适合(某人的健康、口味等)? His words don,t agree with his deeds.? 他的言行不一。?

Hot food doesn,t agree with me/my stomach.?


(1)I quite _____________ what your parents said.? (2)After three days, talk, they finally ___________how to

solve the problem.?
(3)When you,re writing a sentence, mind that the verb ? _________ its subject in person and number.? (4)Forget it. He never __________ such crazy plans. 答案: (1)agree with (4)agrees to (2)agreed on (3)agrees with

there be 结构的高级句型? 1.There is no doubt that...毫无疑问……? There was no doubt that he was telling the truth, but his mother didn,t believe him.? 毫无疑问,他说的是实话,可他妈妈不相信。? 2.There is some doubt whether...……尚有疑问。? There is some doubt whether he can overcome the difficulty.? 他能否克服困难尚有疑问。? 3.There is no need to do sth.(=It is unnecessary to do sth.) 没必要做某事。? There is no need to tell such bad news to her.? 没必要把这个坏消息告诉她。


4.There is no sense/point in doing sth.做……没有意义。

There is no sense in waiting here without knowing when
he will come back.? 在这里傻等而不知道他什么时候回,一点意义都没有。?

5.There is no use (in) doing sth. (It is useless to do sth.)做
某事没用。? There is no use (in) arguing with him about it again.? 再跟他争论此事没有用。? 6.There is no denying....(=It is impossible to deny...)……无 可否认/抵赖……。? There is no denying the fact that Japan invaded China.? 日本侵华历史不容否认。?

7.There is no telling....(=It is impossible to tell....)无法知 道……。?

There is no telling who will win the game as both
players are very excellent.? 两个选手都非常优秀,现在无法预知谁会赢得比赛。?

◆活学活用? 用上述句型翻译下列句子。? 1.现在不能预知未来会怎样。? ____________________________________ ? 2.毫无疑问,他是总经理的最佳人选。? ____________________________________ ? 3.不求甚解、死记硬背课文没有意义。? ____________________________________ ? 4.你没必要跟他解释此事。? ____________________________________ ? 5.他能否接受你的帮助尚有疑问。? _____________________________________ ? 6.是发达国家造成了全球变暖这是不容否认的事实。? __________________________________________

答案;1. There is no telling what the future will be like.? 2. There is no doubt that he is the very person for the

general manager.?
3. There is no sense/no point in reciting the text without understanding its meaning.? 4. There is no need for you to explain to him the matter.? 5. There is some doubt whether he will accept your help.

6. There is no denying the fact that it is the developed
countries that have caused the global warming.?

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