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基础英语词汇与语法练习 100 题(一) (精编) 1. —Would you like some ______? —Yes, a little please. A. apple B. banana C. orange D. milk 2. —Can I help you, boy? —Yes. There is ______ wrong with my bike. A. something B. anything C. everything D. nothing 3. The accident happened ______ a cold winter early morning. A. in B. at C. on D. for 4. —Do you know ______ he is going to stay in Shenzhen? —Sorry, I don’t know. Maybe a few weeks, but I’m not sure. A. when B. how long C. what time D. how soon 5 —I want a ticket to Shanghai this afternoon, please. —OK. Will you please___ me your ID card? A. tell B. serve C. send D. show 6. —I hear Mr. Zhang has gone to Beijing for a meeting. —Really? Do you know when he ____? A. leaves B. was leaving C. has left D. left 7. —Mum, when can I watch TV? —As soon as your homework ______. A. finish B. finished C. is finished D. will be finished 8. Don’t ______ so often. It’s bad for your health. A. get up B. stay up C. look up D. come up 9. The population problem may be ______ one of the world today. A. the most B. most difficult C. the greatest D. more interesting 10. —I’m leaving now. —______ you turn off the lights and the computer. A. To make sure B. Make sure C. Made sure D. Making sure
11. —Can I go to the park, Mum? A. can A. if B. may B. unless —Certainly. But you ______ be back by six o’clock. C. might C. because D. must —No, ______ you have the tickets. D. since B. which C. Whose D. whom

12. —Could we go and watch the football game?

13. I hate people ______ talk much but do little. A. who 14. I don’t know ______ Apple iphone4s. A. that she is so crazy about C. why she is so crazy about A. No hurry B. No problem

B. what is she so crazy about D. how she is so crazy about —______, Daniel. You can do it. D. Come on C. That’s all

15. —I am too tired to walk any farther, Jack.

16.— May I use your bike?

— Sure. ______ red one under the tree.

A. A B. An C. The D./ 17. — Whose dictionary is this? Is it yours? — No, it isn’t. ______ is in the desk. A. Your B. Yours C. My D. Mine 18. — Please park your car over there. — Sorry. I ______ notice the sign. A. am not B. don’t C. won’t D. didn’t 19. — Excuse me! I’m going to Linzi. The No. 51 bus? —The No. 51 bus to Huantai. Take the No. 20 bus, please. A. go B. goes C. went D. has gone 20. —Wow! You are cool! — I wear my school uniform, but it’s washed and wet. A. should B. can C. may D. will 21. — Look! What a beautiful hill! — Yes, and it’s also famous its old trees.

A. about B. with C. by D. for 22. — How often does the train run to Jinan? — twenty minutes. A. Any B. Each C. Every D. Some 23. — Is that girl Amy? — No, that’s Wendy. Amy is than Wendy. A. thin B. thinner C. thinnest D. the thinnest 24. Peter, please come to school a little earlier tomorrow. You are ______ late these days. A. already B. almost C. always D. also 25. — Is John an ______ boy? — Yes, he never tells lies. A. honest B. active C. athletic D. outgoing 26. — Where is Mary? — She’s busy for the exams. A. study B. studies C. studying D. to study 27. — Did you go to Qingdao or Yantai for your holiday? — We went to . A week in Qingdao and a week in Yantai. A. both B. all C. either D. neither 28. — Will you help me with the trouble? — I won’t______ you tell me the truth. A. if B. but C. while D. unless 29. —Sam, you always get up early every morning. Do you like it? —Not really, but . A. I used to it B. I’m used to it. C. I used to do it D. I’m used to do it 30. Who can tell me when______? A. the telephone is invented B. the telephone was invented C. is the telephone invented D. was the telephone invented 31. —I am crazy about chocolate. — . That's probably why I am becoming fatter and fatter. A. So I am B. So I do C. So do I D. So am I 32. —What is your little brother like? — . He enjoys telling jokes. A. He is tall and thin B. He is shy and quiet C. He is outgoing and funny D. He is strong and heavy 33. My daughter for me until I came back last night. A. didn't wait B. waited C. is waiting D. waits 34. The movie was ,I fell asleep halfway through it. A. funny B. boring C. exciting D. thrilling 35.—Which hair band do you like best, madam? —I can't decide now. I really don't know . A. to choose which one B. choose which one C. which one to choose D. which one I should choose it 36. —I am going to Alison's birthday party tonight. — your new jacket, Betty. You are not supposed to your old one. A. Dress, put on B.Wear, dress C.Wear, put on D. Put on, wear 37. —Where is John? —He to the library and he there for an hour. A. has been, has been B. has gone, has been C. goes,went D. has been, will be 38. I wonder if the talent show next month. If they it, I must get ready for it. A. will hold,hold B. will hold, will hold C. will be held,hold D. is held, will hold 39. —How do you like the concert given by New Ocean Waves? —Exciting, one piece of the music wasn't played quite well. A.so B. because C. though D. and 40. —What will you do if you see someone __in line?

—I will say "Would you mind joining the line?”. A. wait B. cuts C. waiting D. cut 41. He may leave now, because there is ___ work for him to do. A. a little B. some C. no D. any 42. The students make model toys old TVs and sell them to raise money for the children in the poor areas. A. out of B. into C. of D. from 43. Sometimes the ads but don't tell you anything about the quality of the product A. look well B. sound good C. taste good D. seem bad 44. What a beautiful painting it is! I've never seen ___ painting. A. such a B. a C. such D. this better 45. Between the travel plans, I'd like the one with a ____ price because I don't have so much money. A. higher B. lower C. cheaper D. more expensive 46. —Where are the ____ ? —They are playing violin in the school hall. A. girl students,/ B. girls students,the C. girl students, the D. girl student, the 47. —Do you know ? —Yes. He came here by train. A. when he came here B. if he will come here C. why he came here D. how he came here 48. Jim was going to meet me early this morning at the aquarium but he didn't . A. show up B. give up C. stay up D. set up 49. I can't write a complete report unless you me with enough information about the competition. A. offer B give C.provide D. tell 50. The young college students jumped into the river and swam to the boys they heard them crying for help. A. as soon as B.before C. because D.till 51.—Excuse me, what's this? —It's map. A. a B. an C. the D.不填 52.—Who is the boy over there? — is my brother. A.He B. She C. His D. You 53.--I'm thirsty. Could you get me something to drink? —Sure. Here's some ,please. A. bread B. meat C. water D. kite 54.—Would you like to come to my house for dinner this evening? —I'd love to, I am too busy. A. so B.and C.but D. or 55.-—It's necessary for us to take exercise every day. —Yes. And we should go bed early. A, on B. with C. in D. to 56.— are you interested in pop music? —Because it's relaxing. A. Who B. Why C. Where D. What 57.—Is that Tom? He is tall. —Yes, Tom is the in his class. A. clever B. taller C. tallest D. thin 58 —Why do you collect so many old bikes? —I'Il have them and give away to the children who don't have bikes. A. used up B. fixed up C. given up D. set up 59.—Whose room is this? —It's . A. Kate B. John's C. my D. our 60. —You did quite well in the school sports meeting. — . A. Wonderful B. Thank you C. Don't worry D. You are welcome

61. — do you watch TV? —Twice a week. A. How long B. How far C. How many D. How often 62. The problem is not difficult. Tina can work it out . A. hardly B. loudly C. easily D. lovely 63.—What about the pictures on show? —They beautiful. A. look B.feel C. sound D. smell 64. — ? —Yes. I'd like the new dress. Please show me the green one. A. What's the matter B. How are you C. What's the date D. Can I help you 65. We are going to have a school trip tomorrow. I'll ask Wendy . A. why to start B. who to start C. which to start D. when to start 66. —Could you lend me your dictionary? I want to the new word. —Sure. Here you are. A. look out B. look up C. look at D. look after 67. It's raining outside. Remember to an umbrella with you when you go out. A. take B. borrow C. put D. send 68. —Dad,can you help me? There is wrong with my computer. —OK,I'm coming. A. nothing B. everything C. anything D. something 69. —Whose notebook is this? — It belong to Lucy. Look, her name is in it. A. must B. can C. can't D. need 70. -—What's in the box? -It's so heavy. —There lots of books in it. A. is B. are C. have D. be 71. Mary, could you please down the music? Your father is sleeping. A. put B. turn C. let D. sit 72. Lots of football fans plan the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. watched 73. All of us found necessary to keep the balance of nature. A. it B. that C. this D. one 74. — What is five and six? Do you know? —Yes,it's . A. nine B. eleven C. thirteen D. fifteen 75. —Thank you for offering such a good meal. — . A. I'm sorry to hear that B. I'm afraid so C. I don't like it D. I'm glad you all enjoy it 76. —Look. The boy Mr King. —Yes. He is Mr King's son,Bill King. A. hears from B. goes over C. looks like D. laughs at 77. —How long have you your e-book? It is nice. —Only about three weeks. A. had B. bought C. received D. borrow 78. —Hello, this is Jack. May I speak to Tom? —Sorry, he isn't in at the moment. If he back, I'll ask him to call you back. A. come B. comes C. have come D. came 79. —Let's see the dolphins. —Great !I like to watch them and swim. A. jump B. to jump C. jumping D. are jumping 80 —Excuse me. Could you tell me ___ . —Yes. There's a post office over there. Can you see it? A. where can I buy some stamps B. how can I get to the museum C. where I can buy some stamps D. how I can get to the museum 81. —Mum, I want to buy ________ new toy car. —But ______ old one is still running, isn’t it? A. the; the B. the; an C. a; the D. a; an 82. The Lushan Earthquake took place ________ about 8 o’clock ________ April 20, when the

children are just beginning their first lessons. A. at; in B. at; on C. in; on D. from; to 83. Young children can easily lose reading skills during the summer vacation without ________. A. practice B. discussion C. homework D. education 84. Mary is so ________ — she comes to you whenever you’re in trouble. A. useful B. careful C. thankful D. helpful 85. My twin brothers promised my parents to give up playing computer games, but ________ of them made it. A. none B. neither C. either D. both 86. The shop manager is quick to _____ any phone calls or emails from her customers, which brings her good business. A. make B. return C. write D. deal 87. —Why didn’t you answer my phone call, Jack? —I’m sorry, but I _____ then. A. drove B. drives C. was driving D. have driven 88. Claude didn’t do much homework, ________ he still passed the exam. A. for B. or C. and D. but 89. They _____ a notice to tell the students about the changed meeting time. A. put up B. put on C. put away D. put out 90. Hi, guy! You ________ not park your car here. It’s for our customers only. A. need B. may C. will D. can 91. Don’t come into the lab ________ you are asked to. A. unless B. until C. because D. since 92. People who eat breakfast are always in ________ spirits than those who don’t. A. good B. nice C. better D. best 93. Teenagers with working experiences know more clearly ________ they will be in the future. A. who B. why C. where D. what 94. —The paper says Iron Man 3 is on this evening. Let’s go and see it. —But I _____it. A. see B. saw C. have seen D. will see 95. —Someone is knocking at the door, dad! —Go and see _____. A. who is it B. who it is C. who was it D. who it was 96.—Linda, I called you this morning, but nobody answered the phone. —I'm sorry. I football with my friends then. A. play B. played C. am playing D . was playing 97. The World Health Organization has given some advice on to protect us from being infected(感染)with H7N9. A. how B. what C. where D. when 98. the children have fun, parents can take dance lessons on the beach. A. When B. If C. While D. Once 99.—How often do you chat with your friends online? — . I'm busy with my study. A. Only one month. B. About twice a month. C. Almost every day. D. Maybe in two weeks. 100. —Sir, could you please put out your cigarette? This is a smoke-free (无烟的) school. — A. I'm sorry about this. B. No problem. C. Sure, I'd love to. D. Never mind. 1-5 DACBD 6-10 DCBCB 11-15 DBACD 16-20 CDDBA 21 - 25 DCBCA 26 - 30 CADBB 31-35 DCBBC 36-40 DBCCD 41-45 CABAB 46-50 CDACA 51-55 AACCD 56-60 BCBBB 61-65 DCADD 66-70 BADAB 71-75 BCABD
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76-80 CABAC

81-85 CBADB



96-100 DACBA

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