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牛津译林版八下《Unit 6 Sunshine for all Integrated skills》学案

牛津译林版八下《Unit 6 Sunshine for all Integrated skills》学案


《Unit 6 Sunshine for all Integrated skills》

【课前导学】 一.背默课本生词表 P87-88 单词。 二.四会短语、句型英汉互译
1.训练计划______________________2.保持联系______________________ 3. 在电话里交谈________________ 4.改善我们的生活___________________


Step 1. Free talk

What do you know about Guizhou province?

Do you know volunteer teacher?

Step 2. Pre-listening

Listening skills:

1.Before listening, predict with the given information

2. While listening, listen to the key words an d write down the short forms if


Step 3. While-listening

1.Peter’s cousin Judy is telling him about a volunteer project. Listen carefully.

Help Peter answer the following questions by choosing the correct answers.

2.Judy is talking to Peter on the phone about her experience. Listen to their

conversation and help Peter complete his notes.

3.Peter is writing about Judy and the village school in his diary. Help him complete

his diary entry with the information in Parts A1 and A2.

Step 4. Post -listening

Have a discussion

Do you want to be a volunteer teacher in the future? Why?

Step 5. Speak up

1.Listen to the conversation and list the ways they are talking about to help people

in our daily life.

2.Work in groups and talk abou t how you can help people in your daily lives. Use

the conversation as a model.

Step 6. Language points

1. South-west China North-west China

2. talk o n the phone

3. teach sb sth (sb 用宾格)

4. Take part in

5. It’s meaningful to work as volunteers at Community centres or in libraries at



the weekend.



( )1.Many people __________ to find the missing plane.

A. expec t

B. feel

C. run

D. miss

( )2. If you want to know something well and clearly, you should _________ it


A. feel

B. touch

C. smell

D. make

( )3.----Why do you always spend some time doing voluntary at weekends?

----Because it is one of our __________. We are volunteers.

A. sports

B. duty

C. work

D. tasks

( )4. ---- What kind of house do you like to live in, Tom?

---- We hope the new flat is __________ to the ones in Seattle.

A. similar

B. different C. interesting D. beautiful


)5. To keep healthy, you had better __________ eating fast food and keep


A. put up

B. get up

C. give up

D. wake up

( )6. It is __________ of young man to donate his pocket money to Project Hope.

A. possible

B. kind

C. easy

D. difficult


take part in, more than, have to, improve the life, in need,



give the seat to

1. A friend _________ is a friend indeed. I think good friends should share both

happiness and sadness.

2. It’s polite of the boy to _________ the elderly on the bus.

3. We _____________ make a decision today.

4. The new government is always trying to _____________________ of the people.

5. We should ______ ______________ to stop them pouring the waste into the river.

6. People who want to _____________________ the sports must be in condition.

7. The company provides _____________________ 20 free channels. 二 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1. We should try our best to help the _______(able) people.

2. The government (政府) should do something to help those_____________(home)

people. 3. First, please read the __________ (introduce) of the book. Then tell me your opinion about it. 4. They are having a ________________(discuss) in the classroom now.

5. It’s ___________ (polite) of you to talk to others with rice in your mouth.

6. He felt _________ (happy) after hearing the death of his father.

7. (smoke)__________ is bad for your heath. You must give it up. 8. I ___________(not expect) you to come to see me. I’m so glad to see you. 9. --- How long do you spend practicing ______(speak) English, Amy?--- Two hours. 10. The girl won’t go to bed till she __________(finish) her homework every night. 11. We are going to hold a meeting __________ (discuss) the problem tomorrow afternoon.



12.He spent as much time as he could _______________ (achieve) his goal. 13.Uncle Wang is busy ____________ (plan) his holiday. 14.I’m too busy _ ____________ (plan) my summer holiday.


Information about Sally and her collection

Kind of collection: stamps

How long: 8 years

How many she has collected: more than one thousand

Where to get them: she buys or exchanges them with others

What she wants to do: to start her stamp show

Information about Betty and her collection

Kind of collection: snow globes

How long: 2 years

How many she has collected: about sixty

Where to get them: she receives them as birthday gifts; sometimes she buys or

exchanges them with friends

What she wants to do: to start a snow globe collection club

Information about Jack and his collection

Kind of collection: cigarette cases (烟盒)

How long: 4 years

How many she has collected: one hundred and five

Where to get them: by picking them up wherever he sees them

What she wants to do: to get more kinds of cigarette cases and know more about them

Information about Daming and his collection

Kind of collection: kites

How long: 6 years

How many she has collected: more than eighty

Where to get them: he mainly buys them; sometimes friends give him some

What she wants to do: to have a chance to take part in the International Festival

of Kites




How long

How many


What to do



8 years

more than 1

start her


stamp show



Snow globes 2 years

about sixty by



buying or




4 years

one hundred by picking get more

and five


kinds of


cases and

know more






about them

more than by buying or 5




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