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牛津译林版八下《Unit 6 Sunshine for all study skills》教案

牛津译林版八下《Unit 6 Sunshine for all study skills》教案



知识目标 能力目标

Sunshine for all
To understand the importance of organizing ideas before writing.
To know the main parts of an article. groups
To organize ideas in different ways according to the type of writing.

教学重点 教学难 点

The same as the aims

Establish the sympathy for the weak, the helpfulness of consciousness




Step 1 Revision 翻译下列短语。

Try to learn the new words

1. 在周末 at the weekend

2. 超过,多于 more than 3. 改善他们的生活 improve their lives

Practice and act

4. 在我们的日常生活中 in our daily life

5. 节约你的零花钱 save your pocket money

6. 把某物捐献给某人 donate sth. to sb. Step 2 Free talk

Talk about the picture.

How can we tell the story very well? Step 3 Presentation


Introduce four different methods of writing.

(1) Present “Time order”.

(2) Present “Space order”.

Step 4 Writing

Write a short passage about your trip. Using one of the

type of writing we have learnt.

Step 5 Homework

Practice and

? Learn how to organize ideas according to the typ e act.

of writing.


? Preview the next lesson
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