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raised a lot of money to promote medical research into back injuries. He made speeches all

Unit 1 Lifestyle A Workaholic

. As soon as I

over the USA about his problems. Unit 3 Celebration Every year in September Chinese people all (占据) a

(experience). This not only drew public attention to ( live) with all kinds of

research into back injuries but also encouraged a lot of people my bed. takes me less than fifteen minutes to

I normally wake up about five minutes before my alarm clock goes hear my alarm clock, I jump out wash, get I am always the first person busy and the afternoons are even eight o‘clock, I usually find some time personal e-mails. When I get home at about ten, I look at some documents office so wife and children are already I seldom have time complains get bored Unit 2 Heroes (sleep). ( change), have breakfast, leave home and get on a bus.

October, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated by the

(get)to the office. The mornings are always very (busy)! Meetings and phone calls (fill) with urgent matters. By around

the world. On this day, the moon is said to be its biggest and (importance) because it is a special occasion for moon cakes. There are all kinds of moon bean paste, but nowadays, there are (include) fruit, coffee, chocolate and even

brightest. People like to meet in the evening and watch the moon. The Mid- Autumn Festival is family. It is also a day for special foods many different kinds of moon cakes ice-cream moon cakes. Christmas Eve, the whole family helped to decorate the house, put up the Christmas tree, the decorations and the balloons. Then, in the afternoon, when Auntie Kathleen and my two cousins arrived, everything was ready. left some wine and biscuits we went to bed, we end of next thing we Father Christmas and then put our stockings at

large part of the day. Every minute of the day is

(do) my own paperwork and answer some I bring back from the my

cakes. Traditional moon cakes are usually made

I can be ready for the next day‘s work. I get to bed around midnight

fun and other activities with my family. My family ,I (be)busy.

it. But I try to work hard so that I can make more money for them. there‘s nothing to do. I like

our beds. We tried to stay awake as long as possible to see Father but knew it was morning. Christmas morning! October 1 is the day he was still in college. He

Christopher Reeve was born in September, 1952. He was in his first school play when he was eight and he started to act in TV shows and films made many films (fortunate), disaster came in 1995 when he fell from his horse and broke his back. The doctors did not expect he couldn‘t breathe The second year to live. r, he made amazing progress. At first, his own. He would great courage. a machine, but he learnt to breathe (success) films and TV shows he is most famous for his Superman

the People‘s Republic of China was founded. It is a ( activity) to celebrate the day. There is most people it‘s the time

national holiday. People have different

always a huge public firework display on National Day. Sometimes there are parades and gatherings. Since it is one of the longest holidays in the year, to get ( relax) or go out of the city to travel. The Spring Festival is the most important holiday for the Chinese people. There are many traditional activities to have (celebrate) the festival, such as to do a thorough cleaning new look for the new year, to paste handwritten couplets on front doors to

never walk again but he started a new life

his accident, Christopher returned to film making. He also


bring good luck, to conduct Yangge dance and lion dance to increase the festival atmosphere, to prepare a The festival lasts difficult (various) of foods to treat the family, friends and relatives. 15 days. It‘s usually the biggest family gathering for most families,

the city‘s tallest Tower. You can also see Maori Museum.

(tradition) dances at the Auckland

From anywhere in the city, you can see the sea. Auckland is called ―the city of sails‖ it has more boats than anywhere in the world. It has a warm climate with plenty of doing water sports: sunshine. It has some of the best beaches in New Zealand swimming, diving, fishing, sailing and surfing.

everyone is supposed to go home to join the celebration. Train and airplane tickets are very (get) before the festival. (rapid). In 1983, there were only Unit 4 Cyberspace In the last thirty years, the Internet has grown 200 computes (grow) is clearly going to continue. Some experts are pessimistic the future. One worry is crime in cyberspace. Even banks and governments. In the future, now, young hackers can get into the computers crash. , many people are information from the Internet. ―In the next few years,‖ says Angela Rossetto of Cyberia magazine, ― we are going to see a huge growth in shopping on the Internet.‖ She also in the future, we will get disappear. The mail Auckland is (entertain) from the Net and television will (serve) may also disappear with the is clear that (belief) that, (probable) (optimism) about the future of the Internet. Already, users can buy books, find out about holiday offers, book tickets, and get all sorts of (connect)to the Internet; now there are around 50 million and this

New Zealand, in the South Pacific, quite a lot of volcanic in New Zealand. Unit 5 lesson 1 Rhythm

( consist) of two large islands plus other (high) rainfall. In ( high) mountain

smaller island with an area of 270,000 sq km. North Island has a warm climate and there is (active). South Island is cooler and has a the South Island, there are the Southern Alps with Mount Cook, the

terrorists may ―attack‖ the world‘s computers, cause chaos, and make planes and trains

Canadian singer and song writer, Alanis Morissette, is used to eye. Her most famous album Jagged Little Pill, came twenty-one years old. It stage.
Lesson 3

(be) in the public

in 1995 when she was only

(sell) 15 million copies and made her world (fame).

then she has made several more albums and she has continued giving great performances

Folk dances are[1] ____________ (tradition) styles of dancing that[2]________ (come) from ordinary people. They are usually group dances that are taught from one generation to[3] ________. China is well-known[4] ________ many different types of folk dances,[5] ___________ (include) the dragon dance and the lion dance, [6]________ are performed during the Special Festival. They are easy to learn and are usually danced in couples. Among the most famous dances is the Yangge, which is often danced on special occasions. In many parts of the country, you can see people of all ages[7] _________ (dance) in the street during festivals. They are[8] ________ (dress) in beautiful costumes, skipping back

(increase) use of e-mail.

(large) city in New Zealand. It has a population of just under a people of

million people and is located on North Island. This seaside city is an important centre for business and industry. It is also the most exciting city in New Zealand many different cultures living there. Famous sights include Mt Eden, one of many large homes. the city, you can enjoy an amazing view (volcano), as well as the the Sky Tower, is Auckland Harbour Bridge. At the Parnell Village, you can visit some of the first European


and forth[9]______ the rhythm of loud drums. Such performances are quite different from[10] ________ of popular dances. Unit 6 Design Lesson 1 Qi Baishi was one of China‘s (great) painters. He worked with wood the country and simple pictures its during his early youth. Then between 1902 and 1909, he traveled painted many pictures of (scene). His interest changed later

Qi's work. The tiny insect near the cabbage has some red on its back. Its black eyes, which are fixed on the cabbage, _______ (show) the creature's interest in the vegetable.Qi Baishi's style of painting often leaves the audience guessing and makes them use their _______ (imagine). Chen Yifei (1946-2005) was a very _______ (success) artist. His soft portraits of beautiful women are very _______ (value).In 1997, one of his paintings _____ (sell) for US $503, 000.The painting, named Poppy, is a typical example of Chen's style.In the painting, a young woman sits alone and is deep in thought.Her hand _______ (hold) the fan is _______ (elegant) positioned above her knees._______ (emphasize) the woman even more, Chen adds a lot of detail to the fan and the cloth of her dress and chooses to paint the background behind the woman black.The folds of her dress are very _______ (beauty) painted. Lesson 3 for There are three types of paper cuts people still make today: paper cuts They are

from everyday life, such as vegetables, flowers, birds, and insects. Cabbage is a well-known example of Qi‘s work. The tiny insect near the cabbage has some red back. Its black eyes, them use their Fill in the blanks: Xu Beihong (1895-1953) was important in modern Chinese folk art. During his lifetime, he developed the tradition of ________ (combine) poetry ______ painting. Between 1933 and 1940 he held several ________ (exhibition) in Asia and Europe ________ (promote) Chinese art. Across this painting, _______ (name) Racing Horse, we can see a horse _______ (run) at high speed like a missile across the sky. On the left and right side of the painting, Xu ______ (clever) drew in black ink to show the moving hair on the horse's mane and tail. He also used different shades of grey in a _______ (create) way to show the sweat along the horse's body. The painting of dark and light colours is a favourite of many art lovers. Qi Baishi (1863-1957) was one of China's greatest _______ (painter). He worked with wood during his early _______ (young). Then between 1902 and 1909, he travelled across the country and painted many pictures of scenery. His interest changed later to simple pictures from everyday life such as vegetables, flowers, birds, ______ insects.Cabbage is a well-known example of vegetable. Qi Baishi‘s style of painting often leaves the audience (imagine). are fixed on the cabbage, show the creature‘s interest in the (guess) and makes

(decorate), for religious purposes and for design patterns. Paper cuts (use)for decoration are often seen on windows and gates. (lucky). They are also used on presents.

(usual) put up during holidays to bring good A present for parents for example. Paper cuts used to celebrate weddings.

child has recently been born might show a paper cut of children, show the Chinese character for double happiness are often

Paper cuts used for religious purposes are often found in temples. They are also used offerings to the dead. People The whom the dead person was related would make these (use) to make patterns on clothing. offerings on special days and during festivals. ( three) kind of paper cuts are those They are also sometimes used to decorate jewellery boxes. Dragons are very popular patterns for these deigns. Lesson 4 They always told us that one day we would move into a house, a real


house that would be have real stairs, washrooms house would be white

( us) so we wouldn‘t have to move each year. And our house worked. And inside would the houses on TV. And we‘d have a basement and at least three

the Red decided to set sail further west, there were as many as 10,000 Vikings living in Iceland. ______ ___(根据) the old stories of Iceland and Norway, Eric the Red was f______(被迫) to leave Iceland because he had _______ ____ _______(犯谋杀罪), for which he ______ _____ _____(陷入麻烦). Eric reached Greenland and d______(发现) that people could live in the place where he l______(着陆). He returned to Iceland and told people there about Greenland. He p________(说服) some people to go back with him to Greenland. Eric set sail once again, this time with 25 ships, ( ) only 14 ______ __ ____(到达) Greenland. Not long after Eric the Red had landed in Greenland, a man called Biarni set sail from Iceland ___ _______ ____(寻找)Eric's party. Biarni was hoping to join his father ( 终) reached Greenland. In the year 1002, ( west, Biarni was the man ( ) Eric the Red's son Leif was planning a trip further ) Leif discussed his plans. Leif f_______(听从) ) was with Eric, but he was b________(吹, 刮) off

would have running water and a bathtub and pipes

when we wanted to bathe we wouldn‘t have to tell everybody. Our trees around it, a great big yard and grass growing without a (be) rich and this we went to bed.

fence. This was the house Papa talked about when he dreamed of was the house Mama dreamed up in the stores she told us Unit 7 The sea The Underwater World is a new park. front, ten kilometers the city centre.

is located on a beautiful part of the sea

On the one hand, there are several good things about Underwater World. It has modern buildings and some of the things to see excellent picnic area. On other hand, some things are not so good. you have to wait a long time to get in. (especial) to see the coral and iceberg. However, The pool for the dolphins is very small and generally there are too many animals in a small area. The discovery pool is good Go to Underwater World, There are problems with the sound in the virtual reality show. don‘t go to the dolphin pool. And take your own food, and use the picnic area. (late) technology. It also has some exciting the man-made iceberg and some beautiful coral. It has

course and found himself in an u_______(不知名的) land, from where he e_________(最

Biarni's d_______(指导) and sailed to what is believed to be the coast of p__________(现 今的) Canada. He then sailed further south to an island which is now known as Newfoundland. We know about Eric the Red and Leif's d______(事迹) through stories ( ) were written down centuries later in Norway and Iceland. They are the first r_______( 记录) we have of Europeans sailing to the Americas. L 4 Sea Stories It may seem s______(奇怪), but at that moment, when we were on the e_____(边 缘)of the w_______(漩涡), I felt c_____(更加镇定) than when we were moving towards it. We went round and round, nearer and nearer to the h______(可怕的) edge of the whirlpool. Suddenly, we went over the edge. I thought my life was over. But moment after moment passed, and I was still safe. The boat was on the inside of the huge whirlpool and

Unit 7 L1 The Spirit of Explorers—Viking Voyages to America
The Vikings were the first E_______(欧洲人) to r______(到达) America. They a_______(实现) this long before Columbus ever _____ _____(启航). The Vikings were a group of people ( ) a__(祖先)came from Scandinavia. ) They c___(控制) the seas and coasts of Northern Europe between the 8th and 10th centuries AD. By around 900 AD, there were many places in Northern Europe ( the Vikings c______(选择) to live. In 982 AD, ( ) a man c______(被叫做) Eric


we were going round in c______(圆圈) ____ ______ _______(快速地). I saw clearly that there were other o______(物体) in the whirlpool – trees and b______(木桶) I noticed that the heavier objects went down more quickly than the smaller, l_______(更清的) ones. So I t____(系) myself ___ a barrel to help me f_____(漂浮). I tried to make my brother understand, but he was t_______(害怕的) and stayed in the heavy boat. Without waiting, I dived into the sea to try and escape. About three years ago, something terrible happened to me. Those six hours of t____(恐怖) have broken my body and s____(灵魂、 ). You think I am a very old man – but I am not. It took less than a single day to change my hair from black to white. One day, my two brothers and I were coming back from the islands, our boat full of fish. ____ _____ ____ (突然) , the sky ____ _____ _____(被覆盖) dark clouds and in less than a minute we were in a terrible storm. An e______(巨大的) wave covered our boat and my younger brother fell into the sea. Our boat s______(幸存), and I was trying to recover when my elder brother put his mouth c_____(靠近) to my ear, and s_______(尖叫) out the terrifying word ―Whirlpool!‖ With the wind and waves we were going ____ _____ ________ ____(朝…方向) the whirlpool, and nothing could save us! As you can see, I did e______(逃脱). I will bring my story quickly to a c______(结 论). Some time after I left the boat, with my brother in it, it s_____(下沉) into the b_____(底部) of the whirlpool. Soon a______(然后), the whirlpool became less v_____(猛烈的). Then the sky was clear, the wind calmer and the moon was shining. I was still tied to the barrel and the waves soon carried me to an area where the other fishermen were. ____ _____ _____(最后), a boat ______ me ____(接人). I was very tired. The fishermen were my old friends, but they ____ _____ _____(没能) recognize me. When I told them my story, they did not believe it. Now I have told you, and I cannot expect you to believe me more than the fishermen did. Unit 8 Adventure Lesson1 Adventure Holidays

Just i_______(想象). You are walking along a mountain p_____(小路) in the Himalayas. You are feeling t____(劳累的). You are thinking about how far there is (go). Then, suddenly you are there! And the a______(令人惊异的) Mount Qomolangma is ___ _____ ________(在地平线上). It looks great. A few minutes later, you arrive at the camp. The food having (cook) on the fire ______ _______ (闻起来很棒) and while you are (一杯热茶), you r_______(放松) and watch the sun ______ ______(下

落). At dinner, the food _______ _________(尝起来很好吃). You talk with other people in the group about everything you have seen and done during your day's hiking. If you are looking for you. A lot of hiking holidays sound exciting, but the r______(现实) is often very different. Hiking trips can be u__________(不舒服的) and even d______(危险的). However, at Adventure 2000 we feel that we understand (徒步旅行者的需要). All our g______(向导) —______ several years of __________ _____(有….的经验) leading hiking trips in the Himalayas. They know all the best r______(路线) and best places to camp. We also realise that hiking can be hard work and believe that hikers need all our help. ____ _____ _____(除..以外,也,还) the group guide, all teams have cooks and p______(搬运工). While on a hiking trip, our cooks prepare d______(美味的) meals. And our porters carry your l_______(行李), which the experience. At Adventure 2000 we also think that good travel in Tibet. A____________(住宿) is in comfortable hotels in Beijing and Lhasa, hostels on the hiking trip, and There are also (一两个人的帐篷) for camping. (特殊服务) for people who don't want to go straight home (旅行安排) are important. We organize all the flights for you: from London to Beijing, from Beijing to Lhasa and bus (意味着) that you can simply enjoy (体验, 经历) like this, Adventure 2000 is the o_________(组织) for

afterwards. If you like history, there is a trip to Western China. For people who ______


______(更喜欢)spend some time on the coast, we can organise your travel and accommodation too. This is a Class A hike — you have to be f____(健康). There are walks of 6–8 hours most days, with a maximum a_________(高度) of 5,545 metres. Class B and C hikes are easier, so you don't need to be so fit. The hike costs ? 2,500 i_______(包括) all flights and accommodation. Maximum group size is 15 people. Hikes are between October and May Lesson 2 I decided to take bungee jumping and now I am (real )into it. When I , but my any special clothes, turned up for my first jump I was so just a sweater and jeans, But it‘s worth ( nervousness) that I tried to back

the Chinese. E________(最后), they arrived in Beijing. At that time, China _____ _____ _____(被统治)the Yuan Dynasty E_______(皇帝), Kublai Khan. Kublai Khan w______(欢迎) Marco and his father. He was very happy to meet two foreigners and wanted to learn all about Europe. Marco and his father were g______(客人) at the Emperor's Palace. Although Marco was young, he was very clever and could already speak four languages. The Emperor ______ _______ _____(被…打动) him and they became friends. He asked Marco to s______(任职) in his c_____(宫廷) and sent him to do many important tasks across the country. Marco, _____ ______(转而), was a______(震惊) by how beautiful and p______(强大) China was. He was very impressed by Beijing and the Emperor's Palace, especially the Summer Palace ( ) he d_______(描述) as “The greatest palace that ever was ... The walls were c______(覆盖) in g____(金子) and s_____(银) and the Hall was so large it could easily s____(容纳) 6,000 people for dinner.‖ There were inventions and d_________(发展,新事物) in China which were not a______(可用的,可见的) in Europe at that time. Marco was surprised to ____ Chinese people _______(看到..使用) paper money in the markets. In Europe, people paid for goods with gold or silver. He could not understand how people could pay for food and v_______(有价值的) things with paper! He was also c_______(迷惑) by the black stones people used to burn for f_____(燃料). The black stones were coal, but Marco had never seen coal before! In 1291, after 17 years of service to the Emperor, Marco returned to Italy. He was now a very w______(富有的) man. Not long after his return, a l_____(当地的)war ______ _____(爆发) near his town. During the war, Marco was the captain of a warship but was caught by the enemy and_____ ______ _____(投进监狱). However, Marco was lucky enough to meet another p_____(囚犯) who enjoyed listening to his stories about China. The prisoner was an a______(作者) and he took d______(听写, 做笔录) while Marco told

friends persuaded me to go through with it. You don‘t have to put (wait) for. It‘s difficult to get across

obviously you need a lot of time to set up the equipment. exciting it is!

At Camp Xtreme, we‘ll take you hiking across the island. We‘ll teach you (survive) skills and you‘ll learn to make a fire and build your own shelter. ( friend) and experienced staff teach you You can join one of our nature hiking trips and see the island‘s wildlife close-up. you like extreme sports, let our Xtreme! Our camp is clean and modern. There are 10 big tents and each tent sleeps 6 people. There is one shower room on the camp an adventure, everyone takes turns everyone to share. To make it ( cook) for the rest of the camp! more of sailing, windsurfing, or mountain biking. There‘s something for everyone at Camp

U8 L3Marco Polo --Marco Polo and His Travels Marco Polo was born in Italy in 1254. When he was 17 years old, he travelled across Europe and Asia with his father,( ) wanted to____ ______ ______(与…做生意)


all his stories to him. The prisoner then wrote the stories in a book called The Description of the World, which became one of the best-selling books in Europe. Although people enjoyed reading his book, many of them thought that Marco's stories about China were too f________(奇幻的) to be true. But Marco always _____ _____(坚 持) his tales. Just before he died, aged 70, Marco was asked the question, ―Was it all true?‖, to which he r_______(回答), ―I have only told a half of what I saw!‖
L4 Journey to the Antarctic--The RACE to the POLE

weather conditions were terrible. Scott started to realise their h______(绝望的) situation: ―... we are very c______(高兴的), but w P each man feels in his heart I can only guess. on our shoes in the morning is getting slower and slower.‖ However, on their way back they found time to look for rocks. They carried 20 kilos of rocks all the way with them. Later, these rocks p______(证明) that ___ ____ ____(以 前) in the distant past the Antarctic ____ ______ ____(被…覆盖) plants. Then, d______(灾难)soon came. Edgar Evans had a terrible d_______(疾病) and died after a bad fall. The next to go was Captain Oates, ( ) was having great difficulty walking. Scott recorded his death: ―He said, ?I am just going outside and I may be some time.' We knew that poor Oates was walking to his death, but though we tried to stop him, we knew that it was the act of a brave man and an English g_______(绅士). We all hope to meet the end with a similar s_____(精神), and certainly the end is not far.‖ Scott and two of his team members _______ _____(继续) and got within eleven miles of one of their food bases. But then a terrible storm started and they could not leave their tent. Scott spent some of his last hours writing. He wrote a letter _____ ____ ______(充满悲伤) to his wife Kathleen: ―I could tell you lots and lots about this journey. What stories you would have for the boy … But what a p_____(代价) to pay.‖ Scott's diary also told the story of their end: ―We are getting _____ _____ _____(越 来越虚弱) and the end can't be far. It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more.‖ The news of Scott's death shocked the world. He had ____ _____(未能) win the race to the Pole, but the extraordinary c______(勇气) shown by Captain Scott and his men _____ them_____(使…成为) heroes. Captain Scott and his team members reached the Pole, but with little to celebrate. Unit 9 Wheels Lesson 1 Return of the white bikes!

On 1 June, 1910, Captain Scott left London to begin his journey to the Antarctic. On his way, he received a message from the Norwegian e_______(探险家) Roald Amundsen: ―I'm going South.‖ So the race to the South Pole was on! During the p_____(极地的) summer of 1910–1911, both teams organised food bases _____ _________ _____(为…做 准备) their journeys the next year. Then came the total d_______(黑暗) of the polar winter. Scott and Amundsen waited a________(焦急地) for spring. Amundsen was the first (离开), on 15 October, 1911. He had teams of dogs pulling the sledges and all his men were on skis. _______ _____(因为) this, he _____ _____ _____(取得快速进步). Scott left on 1 November and soon had problems. First, his two sledges ______ ______(出故障), and then the horses began to ____ serious ______ _____(有困难) the snow and the cold. After a while, Scott and his men had to push the sledges themselves. Amundsen reached the Pole on 14 December and put a Norwegian flag there. Then he _______ _______(准备) the return journey. Scott finally arrived at the Pole with four team members on 17 January. They were s_______(震惊的) when they saw the Norwegian flag. Scott wrote sadly in his diary: ―Well, we have now lost the g_____(目标) of our a________(报复,野心) and must face 800 miles of hard pushing – and goodbye to most of our dreams.‖ The return journey was one of the worst in the history of exploration. The men were soon e________(疲惫的) and _____ ______ ______ ______(快吃完了) food. The


People have been enjoying good city for cycling plenty of places for bicycle (convenient) for bicycles there. In They were places it didn‘t work – time

benefits of cycling in Amsterdam for years. It is a is convenient for bikes. There are also (park)and most streets in the city centre have a bicycle

4. Share cars. If you‘ve It is much cheaper and kinder

( real)got to use a car, share journeys the environment.

someone else.

it is flat and

5. Don‘t believe advertisements! 6. Take actions somehow! We often think there is nothing we can do your neighbours about it. Write just sit Unit 10 Money time and complain! Lesson 1 (determine) to become a millionaire. They spend half their rest of their time thinking about they got rich. But do all millionaires find the the noise, pollution and danger of traffic. There is. If your street‘s full of heavy traffic, talk to the papers. Go to the city government. Ask for suit you. Don‘t speed limit. Ask for a pedestrian area. Do whichever of these things

path. Today some people call Amsterdam the ―City of Bicycles‖ because of the 1960s, a group of cycling fans had an idea. They believed that it would be cars weren‘t allowed in the city centre and only bicycles were. (hope) that this would help to save energy, reduce pollution and provide in lots of neighborhoods around people to use. The problem was

better for everybody

free public transport. The group painted hundreds of bicycles white and (thief) took all the bicycles within weeks! ( late), the ―white bike‖ is back in town – this every move! The new ―white bike‖ is not both locals and tourists cars for many years ( long). the

A lot of people are

(dream) up ways of getting rich, and

However, more than thirty years a computer chip to record actually white

all the enjoyable things they would do continue to be concerned hardworking to get all that money. lose it!

(happy) that they thought they would get when they achieve their goals? Some millionaires money when they become millionaires. They are they are hardworking to make sure they never a rich

is an unusual design with bright colors. the good ideas of lots of people, many

There is already less traffic in central Amsterdam, have been using the white bike. Indeed, thanks people Lesson 4 the world have been enjoying city centre streets

Charles appreciates this change. He was pleased to give up the lifestyle man. He was tired of being a person who had everything in a world had nothing. He made the him happiness. Lesson 3 You may agree In fact, (choose) to give all his money

many people . And this brought

1. Use your legs. Leg power can save you money, keep you fit and help you live And regular exercise cuts 2. Use public transport. but 3. Think about risk of heart disease by 50%. average, about forty people travel in one bus,

is a huge job to control Yellow River erosion. Many people international organizations. stopping Yellow this point of view. so, it is time for you to think again. your 5 yuan? For a start, it can buy you

same number occupies thirty-three cars. Sometimes what? You can relax on the bus meet the love of your life – who knows?

can take a little bit longer,

believe this kind of work is best done by government

train, read a book, talk to someone, other side

is you who have the most important role to play

you go. Do you really have to go to that shopping centre on you really need to make that journey.

River erosion. Did you know the importance a tree, grow crops to make

of town? What

the shops around the corner? Before you get into your car, think

will help make soil on the land. On land with rich soil, local farmers can living. With the money they earn from their crops, farmers buy


goods or services. This helps to develop local Unit10 Lesson3 When less is more 3 Your Money What can you do


when you have 5 yuan in your pocket next time, think twice about money. Remember you can use it to buy a tree and c our people and yourself. (buy) a bag of ? Yes, a tree along Unit 11 The media consist (nature) balance (destruction) pictures Lesson 3The Advertising Game (1)

to use the

a green future for our motherland,

5 yuan? Not a lot, you may think. Well, if you, how a buying a tree i (确切地说). (含有) materials to keep the

candies or cookies doesn't appeal the banks of the Yellow River Every year, second longest river. The soil of the land a

Advertisements need to attract and hold try to create advertisements that people

attention of the public. Some advertisements good the products are. present-day (simple) enjoy looking at.

the words of experts to show people

(大约)1.6 billion tons of soil flows into the Yellow River, China's has caused serious erosion (move) to other areas. this

advertisers often have large budgets, a lot of money is spent on applying modern techniques of design to make these advertisements as Not all advertising is about selling products and contemporary advertisements improving educate the public (main) aim to make (visual) attractive as possible. ( serve) for profit. Some (contribution) to

of the area. Over time, a lot of soil has been removed, almost all the land, and has forced many local farmers It is a huge job point of view. If In fact, it is you you a tree, w

the River. In some areas in Shanxi Province, this has

(control) Yellow River erosion. Many people believe this kind , it is time for you to think again. have the most important role to play in (stop) Yellow (important) of your 5 yuan? For a start, it can buy (stay) on the land. On land with rich soil, local the money they earn from their crops, (affect)? Well, just take (谋生). W

society. There are public advertisements which encourage citizens to participate neighbourhood, protecting the environment, and helping other people. using advertisements to has made fighting AIDS, saving water, helping the poor, giving up smoking, Over the last decade, the government had worked hard

of work is best done by government or international organisations. You may agree

River erosion. Did you know the will help make soil farmers can grow crops Still a look

etc. These advertisements have helped to increase public knowledge, our society a better place for everyone. L3 2 The Advertising Game ( 2 ) 1 The classic advertisement is one

farmers buy goods or services. This helps to develop local economies. ( puzzle) how your 5 yuan can have so much the fact below. Since 1997, a tree-planting programme has changed the a green homeland. Visitors from all over the , the success (admiration) this great achievement. What is m

gives information about finding certain products. 3 4 may be a general location. ―Tsing Tao Beer 6 they are located,

is likely to be just the name of a company, part of 5

For example, it could be ―Shanghai Sewing Machine‖, Corporation‖, and you would know and the brand names. 7

Jiuchengong Valley in Inner Mongolia world now come to started 5 yuan!

the companies sell,

of the programme has greatly improved the lives of the local people. Just think: all this

, this kind of advertising might not be suitable when there are products and 8 each other in the market place. In such situations, 9 the public. Some 10 good

services in direct competition

advertisements need to attract, and hold the attention

advertisements consist of pictures or the words of experts to show people


the products are. on 13


try to create advertisements that people simply enjoy

12 14

Over the last decade, the government has worked hard


using advertisements to 33 has made

(look) at. As present-day advertisers often have large budgets, a lot of money is spent (apply) modern techniques of design to make these advertisements as 15 ( notice) in a modern 16 18 ( see) high standards (compete) ( link) to the (visual) attractive as possible. However, even this is often not enough to city.Because of the advertising boom, people are used to by combining the highest standards of design with ideas products to make them more concept of freedom itself. For many of today's advertisers, 22 (repeat) old ideas is not a successful 23 attractive the idea linked with the 24 (make) 25 approach. They realise that it does not matter 21 19 suggest that buying a car can make you 20

educate the public on fighting AIDS, saving water, helping the poor, giving up smoking, etc. These advertisements have helped to increase public knowledge, our society a better place for everyone. Unit 12 Culture shock I would hot and As (definite) suggest that your friend bring clothes for different seasons. ( rain). Autumn is the best time of the year as the sky is blue, the air is crisp , winter is very cold and it sometimes snows. food, he must definitely try Beijing Roast Duck as this is thought to be one of are more In Beijing, the four seasons are all very distinct. Spring is dry and windy and summer is and the temperature is mild.

of visual design. Modern advertisements must stand out in a world full of 17

(attract). For example, some advertisements may (freedom). That is, they use the

( sell) the car. Other common ideas include happiness, wealth

most delicious dishes in the world! He must also try Hotpot – this is especially good on a cold winter‘s day. And Beijing is famous for its snacks. It is said that than 200 different kinds! If you are planning to come to Poland interesting places to choose a tourist, you will have plenty of (go) to . People who enjoy hiking should consider

and success. In fact, in the world of advertisements, such content is as old as advertising

product is – most people know that the main purpose of the advertisement is making customers spend money. Instead, these advertisers look for other ways people notice their products. The top advertisers of today believe that using humour as well as new and create something 26 at. 27 something! However, not all advertising is about society. There are public advertisements 30 28 (sell) products and services for a 29 encourage citizens to participate 31 profit. Some contemporary advertisements mainly aim to make contributions (usual) ideas to surprise people is important in modern advertisements. Their aim is to has never been seen before and is fascinating for people to look doing this, the hope to make people forget that someone is trying to sell them

the mountains, in the south of Poland. You don‘t‘ have to book accommodation advance as you will certainly manage to find a local person who will offer to put you up a very reasonable price. If you love sailing and you don‘t mind being bitten to stay on a boat or go camping and practice lake. The coast in Poland is cold crowded seaside town you decide to go it‘s beautiful. If you can‘t stand (stay) in a can‘t afford to pay for a big hotel, arrange to stay in one of (meet) too many people if a long walk along the beach. mosquitoes, you can choose a (cook) on an open fire next

the many small coastal villages. You certainly won‘t risk

improving their neighbourhood, protecting the environment, and helping other people.


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