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新课标 人教版高二英语unit11全单元_图文

新课标 人教版高二英语unit11全单元_图文

The biggest enemy that each of us has is the person we meet every morning in the bathroom mirror.

What is your new year’s resolution?

Scientific achievements
Electricity Cars Which achievement is Aeroplane the most important and Radio and television The internet give at least one reason Cloning The theory of Gravity for your decision. Nuclear science Solar energy

?Neil Armstrong ?Alexander Graham Bell ?Ray Tomlinson ?Archimedes

New word study

1. The speech was in French, but I grasp managed to _______ the main idea. 2. The environmentally friendly car uses _____ power, that is, the sun’s solar energy. achieve 3. The reason I _______ good results is that I work hard ---- and so could you.

New word study

4. The government has set up a special zone economic ______ to attract more overseas companies. rely 5. I ______ on you to finish the work today.


1. What is Zhongguancun?
It is the new center for Chinese science and technology.

2. Where is Zhongguancun?
In Haidian District, northwestern Beijing,

3. Who founded Zhongguancun?
Chen Chunxian, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of sciences.

陈 春 先
The founder of the Zgc Garden

Main idea
Brief introduction of Zgc.
The development of Zgc. Zgc is home to a growing number of oversea Chinese.

Para 1
Para 2 Para 3-7 Para 8-9

Zgc has had a positive effect on business and science and the spirit of Zgc.

Careful reading:
1. Find “in the early 1980s, in the late 1990s, 5000, 25000, 8000” from the passage and explain what they mean to Zgc.

2. Find some information about Xiang Yufang : Why did he study abroad? Why did he work abroad for a few years? How did he return to China? How did he feel about it?
3. Find the mottos for Zgc and explain them.

Find “in the early 1980s, in the late 1990s, 5000, 25000, 8000” from the passage and explain what they mean to Zgc. in the early 1980s: in the late 1990s: 5,000: 25,000: got started

a special economic zone

hi-tech companies


The numerals 0 and 1 represent the idea that Zgc will rely on computer technology to develop itself.

Find some information about Xiang Yufang:

study abroad: return:

see more of the world, work with some of the top scientists

work abroad: couldn’t find a company …
talk, arrange for happy, wonderful, do sth. good


Find the mottos for Zgc and explain them.

Relying on science, technology and knowledge to increase economic power
Science and business can and must work together to build the future.

Encouraging pioneering work and accepting failure.
Great scientific achievements are the results of years of failure, years of trying to create something that has never existed before.

Zhongguancun, in Beijing’s Haidian _______, is _______ District science the new centre for Chinese ______ and technology _________. started The centre itself got ______ in the early 1980s and set __ was ____ up as a special economic zone in the late _________ 1990s. Then it quickly became the leader of hi-tech China’s _______ industry. A growing number of overseas ________ Chinese have returned to China and grasped ________ the opportunity to develop their ideas at effect on Zgc. Zgc has had a positive_______ ___ business as well as __ _____ ___ science . Today, there are more than 8000 hi-tech companies in Zgc, more than half ___ of which ______ are IT companies. What has made Zgc a creativity success is the spirit of _________ and scientific skill.

Zhongguancun, a new center for Chinese science 1. What is the passage mainly about? and technology. 2. It has is Zhongguancun a success?scientific skill. Why the spirit of creativity and 3. He thought it was perfect for him return what he Why did Xiang Yufang choose to to do to wants to do and do sth. good for China. China? 4. Science and business can and must work What can be inferred from the motto “Relying together to technology and knowledge to on science, build the future. increase economic power”? 5. To writethe best explanation for the word “put” What is something using words in a particular way. last paragraph? in the

Important sentences
1. 无论中国将来会有什么样的伟大成就, 其中许多很有可能会诞生在北京的西北部。 Whatever great achievements the future may have in store for China, it is likely that many of them will be born in northwestern Beijing.

likely 指“从表面现象看很有可能” possible 指“由于有适当的条件和方法,某事可 能发生或做到”,强调“客观上有可能”,但 “实际希望很小”。 probable 指“有根据、合情理、值得相信的事 物,带有大概,很可能的意思”

probable> likely>possible
相同点:It is likely that … 不同点:1. be likely to do sth. 2. likely的主语可以是人

Important sentences
2. 它是中国科学院以及包括北京大学、清 华大学在内的十多所著名大学的所在地。 It is home to the Chinese Academy of Sciences and more than ten famous universities, including Peking University and Tsinghua University.

Important sentences
3. 中关村是20世纪90年代末建成的一个经 济特区。 Zhongguancun was set up as a special economic zone in the late 1990s.

Important sentences
4. 它们都有着各自的特色,但是它们都具 有中关村赖以成功的那种创新精神和科学技 能。 They all have their own characteristics, but they all share the spirit of creativity and scientific skill that have made Zhongguancun a success.

Important sentences
5. 越来越多的海外华人抓住机会到国内来 实现他们的理想。 A growing number of overseas Chinese have grasped the opportunity to develop their ideas at home.

Important sentences
6. 裕方曾经和他在北京的大学朋友谈过, 他们帮助裕方安排了回国事宜。 Yufang talked to some friends from his university in Beijing and they helped arrange for his return.

Important sentences

7. 我永远不会忘记再次踏上中国的土地时, 那种感觉是多么幸福。 I will never forget how happy when I set foot in China again.

Important sentences
8. 他和两个朋友一起在中关村经营着一家 小公司。 He runs a small company based in Zhongguancun together with two friends.

Important sentences
9. 中关村无论是对商业还是对科学都产生 了积极的影响。 Zhongguancun has had a positive effect on business as well as science.

Important sentences
10. “依靠科学技术和知识发展经济实力” 阐明了科学和商业能够而且必须结合在一起 共创未来。 “Relying on science, technology and knowledge to increase economic power” makes it clear that science and business can and must work together to build the future.

Important sentences
11. 并不是所有的新公司都会取得成功, 但是他们所体现的那种精神和创造性却比金 钱更为重要。 Not all the new companies can succeed, but the spirit and creativity they represent are more important than money.

部分否定:all, both, everyone, everything, everywhere, always… 与否定形式的谓语连用。 e.g. Everything is not good. Not all plans are practical. Not everybody likes the book. 全部否定:none, no one/nobody, neither…nor, nothing, nowhere, never…与肯定形式的谓语 连用。 e.g. Nothing is good. None of the plans are practical. No one / Nobody likes the book.

Important sentences
12. 我们为所有这些在中关村富有活力的 新技术和卓越的想法而感到激动不已。 We are excited about all the new technology and great ideas that are coming to life in Zhongguancun.

北京海定区 经济特区

Beijing’s Haidian District
the special economic zone

研究发展机构 research and development institute 海外华人 overseas Chinese
硕士学位 Master’s degree 信息产业公司 IT company 中国电脑巨头 Chinese computer giant


Pioneering work

Useful phrases


in store be home to grasp the opportunity to


set foot in / on

对…产生积极的影响 have a positive effect on 依赖 rely on 变得活跃;苏醒过来 come to life


1、无论天气如何,我们明天都得动身了。 2、那天还有另一个灾难在等待着他。 3、很可能会议要被取消了。(两种翻译) 4、在中国,越来越多的人到国外度假。 5、我会安排一辆车去学校接你。 6、惩罚似乎对他没有什么效果。 7、有钱人并非总是快乐的。 8、这篇新闻是根据实际情况写的。

1.Whatever weather it is, we will set off tomorrow.

2. There’s another disaster in store for him.
3. The meeting is likely to be cancelled. = It’s likely that the meeting will be cancelled. 4. In China, a growing number of people go abroad for holiday.

5. I’ll arrange for a car to pick you up at school. 6. Punishment doesn’t seem to have any effect on him. 7. The rich are not always happy.

8. This news is based on facts.


Word Formation
Unit 11-12

派生 合成 截短法 混合 缩写



由一个词转化为另一个 shop n.? shop v. happy?unhappy ?happiness 通过加缀构成另一个词

in + come ? income 两个或更多合成另一个词
aeroplane ?plane 把词某部分截去 advertisement ?ad influenza ?flu

breakfast and lunch 两个词各取一部分合成 ?brunch
FBI (联邦调查局)

Prefix Usage Examples ununhappy; unlike; unable; unlucky



相反: dislike; disorder; disagree; disappear incorrect; informal 不; 非; imbalance; immaterial; impossible irregular; irrelative 无;
illegal; illogical nonsmoker; nonstop

Prefix retele-


rebuild; retell; rewrite; revision telephone; telescope; television international; interview misunderstand; mislead

重新 远程

inter- 相互;之间 mis误 en-

enable; enlarge; enrich 使… export ex出 前任的 ex-husband; ex-president transport; transplant trans- 转移 sub- 下,次,亚 subway; subconscious; subnormal

Suffix Usage -er -or -ist -ian -ese -ee Examples
worker; teacher; washer; villager
actor; inventor; visitor; professor artist; scientist; dentist; chemist

名 词 表 人 或 器 具

Canadian; historian; Christian
Chinese; Japanese; Cantonese employee; interviewee

Prefix Usage


性质 -ship 或者 friendship; hardship -ment 状态 movement; agreement; judgment
-age -ure

happiness; darkness; kindness

动作 或者 结果

pollution; action; introduction marriage; package; shortage

failure; creature; pressure

For adj.:
-ful -able -ed -al -less -ous -y -ly -ive

For verb.:
-en e.g.: soften; sharpen; strengthen

For adv.:

Exercise 3. P 6.
invisible disappearance disagreement misunderstanding dishonesty enlargement impossibility reconsideration non-conductor interaction international unexpected illogical unforgettable replacement unsuccessful

Integrating skills

1.What fields that China has made great achievements in are mentioned in the passage? Exploring space, solving the mysteries of life, evolution, fighting cancer.

2. What plan did the Chinese government put forward in 1995? A plan for “rejuvenating the nation by relying on science and education”
3. What does CSA stand for? The Chinese Space Agency.




Space exploration

Send satellites into space, Long March Rocket,Man in space learn more about space. Improve …, rice, human genome New kind of Prove … Shenwei supercomputer: One of the world’s fastest humanoid computers robot Give hope fight cancer cells Element to to cancer patients; Make China one of …

Genetic research
Computer engineering

Medical science


Chinese history is filled with great

achievements in science and technology. Since the early 1990s, China had been enjoying a boom in scientific and technological development. The

success is no accident. In 1995, the Chinese
government put forward a plan for “rejuvenating

the nation by relying on science and education”
and it has helped Chinese scientists make many

breakthroughs. The results are impressive.

n. (人口,贸易等的)突然增加,繁荣昌盛时期
e.g. The oil market is enjoying a boom.

The IT market is growing, thanks to the Internet boom.
v. “处于经济快速发展时期”

e.g. Business is booming.

put forward

提出; 计划 / 提前

e.g. 1. 他提出了几项令人感兴趣的计划.

He put forward several interesting plans.
2. 会上将讨论昨天提出的问题. At the meeting we will discuss the questions put forward yesterday. 3. 进攻提前了半小时. The attack was put forward half an hour.


the Chinese Space Agency

长征系列运载火箭 Long March rocket series


manned space flight aim at … high-speed broadband network humanoid robot give hope to



in the battle against …

The magazine Modern Science has asked you to help them choose the greatest scientific achievements ever. Write a short essay to tell them which achievement you have chosen. ? Give at least two reasons for your choice
? Explain why you think that it is the most important.

Keys to Page 83 EX 3
1. The constitution is the fundamental law of a country 2. The Chinese government has established more than 50 state-level economic and technological development zones 3. The house would be perfect 4. You’ll get a 7-day free trip to Europe for two provided by the Youth Travel Agency

Keys to Page 83 EX 3
5. My luggage is very heavy 6. It is necessary to make a law to stop the trade in human organs 7. we must rely on science and technology

8. he always puts forward new demands
9. aiming at improving farmers’ living


B 1.He has already __________ his suggestions about the new project. A. worked out B. mapped out C. found out D. made out D 2. The new government _________ its policy at once. A. requested B. arranged C. boomed D. announced A 3. I can see the bright future_________. A. in store B. in the store C. set store D. set foot D 4. This beautiful house is _________to Crazy English and a lot of ________speeches have been given there. A. a home; inspired B. home; inspired C. a home; inspiring D. home; inspiring

C 5. As a young man in modern society, I should________ every opportunity and try best to _______my ideas. A. grasp; form B. seize; make C. grasp; develop D. catch; build D 6. The two countries decided to __________ with each other______this new project. A. cooperate; in B. deal; on C. deal; at D. cooperate;on D 7. We must aim_________ exports. A. to increase B. at increase C. for increasing D. at increasing 8. The ________of the language center is open your mouth , B take the chance and surprise us. A.sign B. motto C. theme D. spirit

D 9. _________its new conductor, the band achieved great success. A. With B. By C. For D. Under C 10. If I ________you , I _______call you . A. am;will B. was;would C. were; would D. am; should 11. When this book was published, he_______the road to B fame. A. set foot B. set his foot on C. was on his foot D. stood on his foot B 12. It is generally considered unwise to give a child______ he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. whenever

D 13. Stand over there_______you’ll be able to see it better. A. or B. while C. but D. and 14. It was evening ________we reached the small town D of this city. A. that B. until C. since D. before A 15. The economic zone was _______by these foreign investments. A. rejuvenated B. boom C. transported D. come to life C 16. This guy is ________to tell a lie. A. probably B. possible C. likely D. seeming

D 17. It’s nice to hear from her again. _______, we last met more than thirty years ago. A. What’s more B. That’s to say C. In other words D. Believe it or not A 18. The Foreign Minister said, “________ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.” A. It is B. This is C. There is D. That is D 19. Our new manager __________all the payments reforms at the meeting yesterday. A. put towards B. put off C. put through D. put forward

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