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模块三 Unit 3-4 单元练习
第一节 单选填空 1. He must be getting thin, for his trousers ______ badly like a flag in the wind. A. are flowing B. flows C. flowed D. have flowed 2. The flu is believed ______ by viruses that like to reproduce in the cells inside the human nose and throat. A. causing B. being caused C. to be caused D. be have caused 3. _______ about wild plants that they decided to make a trip to Madagascar for further research. A. So curious the couple was B. So curious were the couple C. How curious the couple were D. The couple was such curious 4. The Foreign Minister said, “______ our hope that the two sides will work towards peace.” A. This is B. There is C. That is D. It is 5. She has been working hard day and night, which of course, _______ her pale face. A. accounts for B. stands for C. goes for D. answer for 6. Mo Yan won the 2012 Nobel Prize for Literature, rewhich no one recognized him or even gave him a second look as he cycled the streets of Beijing. A. which B. for which C before which D with which 7. The world’s tallest woman, Yao Defen oasured a gigantic 2.36m, passed away last month,_____ just 41. A. measuring; aged B. measured; aged C. measuring; aging D. measured; aging 8. When asked about the movie “Back To 1942”, a 75-year-old man from Henan said the heavy and truthful______ in the movie reminded him of his miserable life. A. scenes B. sight C. scenery D. view 9. Oxygen usually______ in the form of gas in nature but when made cold enough, it can also take the form of solid. A. remains B. stays C. exists D. survives 10. The thief had himself ______by the police when he was trying to break into the hotel. A. to spot B. to be spotted C. spotted D. being spotted 11. ---Would you permit me ______ Chinese instead of English? ---Sorry. We don’t permit ______ Chinese in the English Corner. A. speaking, speaking B. to speak, to speak C. speaking, to speak D. to speak, speaking 12. As a result of destroying the forests, a large ______ of desert _______ covered the land. A. number, has B. amount, has C. number, have D. quantity, have 13. _______you feel exhausted after the long tiring journey, you may as well take a good rest at home. A. Even if B. Now that C. Unless D. As soon as 14. Don’t worry yourself too much about the situation. _______will get better _______. A. Things; on time B. Things; in time C. The things; with time D. The things; on time 15. The pull of gravity depends upon size, _______, upon mass. An object, whether its mass is big or small on the earth, _______ in weightless conditions, like the outer space.
1 模块三 Unit3-4 练习


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A. or rather; floats B. other than; flies C. to be more exact; flies D. rather than; floats It is never harmful ______ you to be polite and gentle to others and ______, as is often the case, you can get what you want. A. to; thus B. for; thus C. of; therefore D. with; however His parents died in the strong earthquake, so he was _______ in the SOS Village. A. brought about B. brought down C. brought back D. brought up Without the atmosphere _______ our earth from the sun, it _______be too hot for any living things to live on. A. to protect; would B. protecting; will C. protests; will D. protecting; would The students were playing happily ______ suddenly the ball flew to the classroom and broke one of the windows. A. as B. while C. before D. when As the children author Zheng Yanjie, _______Pipilu fairy tale series brought him 26million Yuan ranked first in the 2012 Chinese Writers Rich List, doubts were raised about _______ we should connect money with literary creation A. who; why B. whose; whether C. whom; whether D. whose; that

第二节 完形填空 What a blessing to be alive in a wonderful world of unlimited possibilities.After contracting Hodgkin's disease at seven and being given six months to live,I recovered.I’m not dying of cancer.I’m __21 with it, _ 22 __ what comes my way,I don’t have to be afraid any more. In the second year of high school, class was scheduled to run the __23 . the Due to the swelling and __24 from surgery on my leg,for two years I hadn't worn shorts and lived in __25 .Yet that day,I was ready-shorts, heart and mind. When the coach yelled, “Ready. Set. Go!” I ran faster than anyone else for the first 20 feet, 26 to finish first. we came around the first of four laps, __ As there were students all over the __ 27 __.By the end of the second and third laps,many of the students had already 28 and were on the ground breathing deeply.By the time I hit the fourth lap,I was 29 .Then it hit me.I realized nobody had given up.__ 30 _,everyone had already finished.I cried.12 minutes,42 seconds after starting,I 31 _ the finish line.I fell to the ground,__ 32 __. Suddenly my coach ran up to me and 33 , yelling, “You did it, Manuel. You finished, son. ”He looked me 3 in the eyes,waving a piece of paper in his hand.It was my 35 for the day,which I had forgotten.He read it aloud to everyone.It simply said, “I,Manuel Diotte,will finish the mile run tomorrow,whatever __ 36 come.No _ 37 or frustration will stop me, 38 _ capable of finishing, and with God as my strength,I'll finish.” My heart 39 and tears went away.It was then 40 _ I realized winning is not always finishing first.Sometimes winning is just finishing. 21. A.enduring B.studying C.living D.burdening 22. A.Regardless of B.As of C.In terms of D.Let alone 23. A.game B.competition C.match D.mile 24. A.wounds B.scars C.signs D.treats 25. A.fear B.surprise C.anger D.disappointment
2 模块三 Unit3-4 练习

26. A.hoped 27. A.trip 28. A.quit 29. A.annoyed 30. A.Otherwise 31. A.ran 32. A.embarrassed 33. A.sent me up 34. A.up 35. A.opinion 36. A.can 37. A.hesitation 38. A.Other than 39. A.lifted 40. A.before 第三节:阅读理解

B.determined B.school B.gone B.confident B.Instead B.walked B.proud B.picked me up B.over B.goal B.may B.blame B.More than B.broke B.when

C.expected C.ground C.insisted C.alone C.Yet C.passed C.amused C.took me up C.straight C.belief C.should C.pain C.Rather than C.sank C.that

D.longed D.track D.left D.lonely D.Besides D.crossed D.excited D.set me up D.ahead D.thought D.must D.laughter D.Less than D.beat D.since

A I was born an albino. one in my family had ever known what an albino was, No what it meant to be an albino,and what had to be done differently because I was an albino. My parents treated me just like they treated everybody else. That was just about the best thing they could have done. It helped me trust myself,so when the annoyances came along,I could deal with them. Actually,my photo always looked like a snowball with two pieces of coal for eyes. Kids would tease me,asking if I was joining the circus and calling me “Whitey”. Like most albinos,I had terrible eyesight, and my grades suffered until eventually I overcame my feeling ashamed of myself and realized it was okay to ask to sit in the front of the classroom so I could see the blackboard better. People stared at me when I held reading material right at the tip of my nose so I could see it well enough to read. Even when I was eight or nine. movie-theater clerks started asking me to pay adult prices because I “looked older”. The worst part for me was that because my eyesight was so bad,I couldn't play sports very well. I didn't give up trying,though. And I studied harder. Eventually,I got better at school and loved it. By the time I got to college I was double majoring,going to summer school and devoting myself to every kind of extracurricular activity I could find. I had learned to be proud of being an albino. I did my best to make “albino” a positive word. And I decided to make my living with my eyes. I couldn't see well enough to play spots, with a solid education and the drive to do it, could make but I a living involved in the field I loved. I've done it now for more than thirty years in print and in video,and now in cyberspace. People make jokes about how I'm the only “blind editor” they know,but most of the time the jokes are signs of respect. And I make jokes about being an albino. I was just a proud albino kid from the coal country of Pennsylvania. I now realize that being born an albino helped me to overcome difficulties,gain confidence,and be proud of my personal achievement and humble about my professional accomplishments.
3 模块三 Unit3-4 练习

41.According to the passage,an albino refers to a person . A.who has bad eyesight B.who is born with white skin and hair C.who looks older than his age D.who joins the circus 42.What does the underlined word “It” in Paragraph 2 refer to? A.The fact that the author was born an albino. B.The way that the author's parents treated him. C.What had to be done differently to the author. D.The fact that the author had no idea what an albino was. 43.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A.Despite his bad eyesight,the author played sports well. B.The author paid adult prices for movies when he was still young. C.The author's study was affected by his eyesight at first. D.“Albino” has already become a positive word now. 44.In the passage,the author intends to tell us . A.actually being an albino helped him achieve success B.how an albino studied well C.what it is like to be an albino D.how people should treat an albino B A popular saying goes,“Sticks and stones may break my bones,but words will never hurt me. ”However, that's not really true. Words have the power to build us up or tear us down. doesn't matter It whether the words come from someone else or ourselves—the positive and negative effects are just as lasting. We all talk to ourselves sometimes.We're usually too embarrassed to admit it,though.In fact,we really shouldn't be because more and more experts believe talking to ourselves out loud is a healthy habit. This“self—talk”helps us motivate ourselves,remember things,solve problems,and calm ourselves down.Be aware, though,that as much as 77%of self—talk tends to be negative.So in order to stay positive,we should only speak words of encouragement to ourselves.We should also be quick to give ourselves a pat on the back .The next time you finish a project,do well in a test,or finally clean your room,join me in saying“Good job!” Often,words come out of our mouths without us thinking about the effect they will have.But we should be aware that our words cause certain responses in others. example, For when returning an item to a store,we might use warm,friendly language during the exchange.And the clerk will probably respond in a similar manner.Or unkind and critical language will most likely cause the clerk to be defensive. Words possess power because of their lasting effect.Many of us regret something we once said.And we remember unkind words said to us! Before speaking,we should always ask ourselves:Is it true? Is it loving? Is it needed? If what we want to say doesn't pass this test,then it's better left unsaid. Words possess power:both positive and negative.Those around us receive encouragement when we speak positively.We can offer hope,build self—esteem(自尊) and motivate others to do their best. Negative words destroy all those things.Will we use our words to hurt or to heal? The choice is ours.
4 模块三 Unit3-4 练习

45.The main idea of the first paragraph is that . A.words have a lasting effect on us B.inspiring words give us confidence C.negative words may let us down D.not sticks and stones but words will hurt us 46.It is unnecessary to feel embarrassed when we talk to ourselves because . A.almost everybody has the habit of talking to themselves B.talking to ourselves always gives us courage C.we can benefit from talking to ourselves D.it does no harm to have“self—talk”when we are alone 47.The underlined part in the third paragraph means that we should also occasionally . A.remind ourselves B.make ourselves relaxed C.praise ourselves D.give ourselves amusement 48.The author would probably hold the view that . A.encouraging words are sure to lead to kind offers B.negative words may motivate us to make more progress C.people tend to remember friendly words D.it is better to think twice before talking to others C The announcements by the NASA,in the form of several Web site postings and a video posted on YouTube,were in response to worries that the world will end on Dec.21,2012. The doomsday(末日) rumour reached a high point with the release of the new movie “2012”,directed by Roland Emmerich.In the movie,Yellowstone blows up, showering the continent with black ash.Tidal waves wash over the Himalayas,where the governments of the planet have secretly built a ship which a select 400,000 people can ride out the storm.There are hundreds of hooks devoted to 2012,and millions of Web sites,depending on what combination of“2012”and“doomsday”you type into Google.All of it, astronomers say, is nonsense.“Most of what's claimed for 2012 relies on wishful thinking and ignorance of astronomy. ”Ed Krupp, an expert on ancient astronomy, wrote in an article in the November issue of Sky &Telescope. “I get angry at the way people are being influenced and frightened to make money,” Morrison said.“There is no right to frighten children to make a buck.”suggested David Morrison,an astronomer at the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field,Calif.He said he had been getting about 20 letters and e—mail messages a day from people as far away as India scared out of their wits.Morrison said he did not blame the movie for all this, much as many other supporters of the Mayan prediction. then, said, as But he “my doctorate is in astronomy,not psychology.” In an e—mail exchange, Krupp said:“We are always uncertain about the future,and we always consume representations of it.We are always attracted by the romance of the ancient past.”A NASA spokesman, Dwayne Brown, the agency did not comment on movies, said leaving that to movie critics. But when it comes to science, Brown said, “we felt it was careful to provide a resource.” If you want to worry,most scientists say,you should think about global climate change or nuclear
5 模块三 Unit3-4 练习

war. if ancient prophecies(预言)get you going, But here are some things Morrison and the others think you should know. 49.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to the passage? A.Dr.Morrison blamed the Movie“2011”for the panic it aroused in the public around the world. B.People who watched the movie were seared and firmly believed that the end of the world was coming. C.In terms of science it was better to provide evidence and theory at the same time. D.Dr.Morrison thought it was not right to make money by frightening people. 50.It can be inferred from the text that . A.astronomers think that doomsday is likely to happen in the near future B.the reason why the NASA posted web site postings was to make people interested in astronomy C.scientists think we shouldn't worry about doomsday but show concern about environment protection D.most astronomers agree that the world is not ending—at least anytime soon 51.Which of the following would be the best title? A.A New Movie“2012” B.Is Doomsday Coming? C.End-of-the-World Stories D.Astronomers Comment on Movies 52.What would the author probably discuss in the paragraph that follows? A.Evidence that the Mayans thought something special would happen in 2012. B.What will really happen in 2012. C.The reason why there is no need to worry about doomsday. D.Ancient stories about the end of the world. D Here's a scene:a village where the sun always shines, crops always grow and your friends drop by to sweep your yard to the sound of guitar music.Animals do what they are told , there is no disease , and lendin’ folks a helpin’hand makes you richer and wiser.Welcome to FarmVille— Current population 69m and rising fast. “It reminds me of my childhood, ”says one player, Lia Curran, a nurse from London. 37, “Right now I'm growing wheat and flowers. I've got a small garden, and I'm raising some chickens and some cows. I like having the animals. It's relaxing.” Curran's animals, however, is nothing more than a collection of cartoons. FarmVille is an online computer game built into the social networking site Facebook and is described by its players as “addictive”. Launched last June by Zynga Game Network, FarmVille now has many players—more than the population of the UK. The players are largely women over the age of 35. FarmVille unites the worlds of social networking and gaming.Players are given a ground with six fields, “cash”, few seeds and a plough and have to build up wealth, a skills and neighbors to create bigger, better,richer farms.Inviting your online friends to play means you earn more and get flee gifts;you rise
6 模块三 Unit3-4 练习

rapidly through the first levels but, once hooked, have to work harder and harder with no final level or goal in sight. “Games like this draw people into a fantasy world that's separate from real life where there are no issues,and where things are simple and controllable,” Brian Dudley says.In November,he opened the UK's first computer games addiction clinic,treating online gamers who stayed at the keyboard for up to eight hours a day—“the tip of the iceberg”, says. he Two weeks ago, group of US players launched a class a action against Zynga and Facebook. “Most, not all, the online advertisements presented through Zynga if of are scams(骗局),”the lawsuit states.“The advertisements are highly misleading and often result in users ordering goods or services that they do not want or need.” According to Nick O'neill from the social media site All Facebook,Zynga is making $500, 000(£304, 000)a day, from its Facebook games, turn spending some $50m(£30m)a year on Facebook in ads. If all that weren't enough,FarmVille doesn't even function like a proper farm:in FarmVille,wheat grows in two days—in real life,it takes months.But play continues nevertheless. 53.If you want to create a better and richer farm,you should do the following EXCEPT that . A.you have to work harder and harder B.you should pay real—world money to advance in the game C.you should invite your online friends and neighbors to play D.you should develop your skills and befriend FarmVille neighbors 54.Which of the following statements is TRUE? A.Most young girls are fascinated by the farming game. B.Money Zynga has made is mostly spent on advertising campaign. C.There is potential threat to the players and some players are misled by the advertisements. D.The UK's first computer games addiction clinic was opened to help treat online players. 55.The purpose of the class action against Zynga and Facebook was to . A.show that Zynga has an extremely tight relationship with Facebook B.try to stop Zynga and Facebook from putting advertisements C.attract more people to FarmVille game to plant crops D.appeal to the public to order more goods or services E Our brains work in complex and strange ways. There are some people who can calculate the day of the week for any given date in 40,000 years, but who cannot add two plus two.Others can perform complex classical piano pieces after hearing them once, but they cannot read or write. Dr. Langdon Down first described this condition in 1887. called these people idiot savants. J. He An idiot savant is a person who has significant mental impairment (损伤) , such as in autism or retardation.At the same time, the person also exhibits some extraordinary skills, which are unusual for most people.The skills of the savant may vary from being exceptionally gifted in music or in mathematics, or having a photographic memory. One of the first descriptions of a human who could calculate quickly was written in 1789 by
7 模块三 Unit3-4 练习

Dr.Benjamin Rush, an American doctor.His patient, Thomas Fuller, was brought to Virginia as a slave in 1724.It took Thomas only 90 seconds to work out that a man who has lived 70 years, 17 days, and 12 hours has lived 2,210,500,800 seconds. Despite this ability, he died in 1790 without ever learning to read or write. Another idiot savant slave became famous as a pianist in the 1860s.Blind Tom had a vocabulary of only 100 words, but he played 5 ,000 musical pieces beautifully. In the excellent movie Rain Man, made in 1988 and available on video cassette, Dustin Hoffman plays an idiot savant who amazes his brother played by Tom Cruise, with his ability to perform complex calculations very rapidly. Today we more clearly recognize that the idiot savant is special because of brain impairment.Yet not all brain impairment leads to savant skills.Some studies have shown that people who have purposeful interruption of the left side of the brain can develop idiot savant skills.However few people wish to participate in such experiments.There are many excellent reasons for not undergoing unnecessary experimentation on one's brain.The term idiot savant is outdated and inappropriate.Virtually all savants have a high degree of intelligence and are thus not idiots. 56.What does the passage mainly talk about? A.Idiot savants have areas of outstanding abilities. B.Human Beings have complicated thinking process. C.The brains of the idiot savants are partly impaired. D.The reasons why people have wonderful skills vary. 57.Which of the following can be done by Rain Man? A.He can play wonderful pieces of classical music. B.He can guess out exactly the length of a man's life. C.He can memorize the contents of the pictures fast. D.He can count matches dropped on the floor quickly. 58.What can you infer from the passage? A.Idiot savants have real talents for art and math. B.Dr.Down is the first person who found idiot savants. C.Few people wish to risk becoming savants by brain operations. D.Intentional left brain impairments will surely lead to idiot savants. 59.Which of the following shows the structure of the passage?

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