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Unit 2 The Olympic Games

Period 1 Warming up and Fast reading Period 2 Intensive Reading Period 3 The Olympic games reading

Period 4 Language points
Period 5 Passive voice Period 6 Reading II

Period 1 Warming up and Fast reading

Unit 2 The Olympic Games

Warming up
? What are they doing now?

? Do you often do some exercise after school? ? Which sport do you like doing ? Why? ? Which sport events do you like to watch most? ? Is it important to win in a sports game? Why or why not?

Do you know him?


? Do you know this map? ? Could you tell me what the five rings stand for?

five rings, five continents
?What does each ring stand for?


Africa America



? Do you know the following pictures?

Sydney Opera House


Opening ceremony in 2000

Mascot of 2002

Do you remember the moment?

? How many years before the Summer Olympic Games are the Winter Olympic Games held?

two years
? In 2008, which Olympic Games will be held in Beijing?

The 29th Olympic Games.

? write down the numbers which appear in the each paragraph

four; two 776BC 393AD 1896; 311; 13; 1992 ;8.000; 150 25th ; 250 ? Paragraph 5: 1984; 4; 100; 200; 4*100 16; 12
? ? ? ? Paragraph 1: Paragraph 2: Paragraph 3: Paragraph 4:

Video—the first Olympic Games

Period 2 Intensive Reading

Unit 2 The Olympic Games

? 1.How often are the Olympic Games held? ? 2.When and where did the Olympics begin? Around the year 776BC in Greece. ? 3.When did the Olympics stop? ? About the year 393AD. ? 4.When did the first Olympic Games take place in modern times? In 1896.


?5.How many competitors were there in 1896? 311 competitors.

?6.When and where did the 27th Olympic a Games begin? In 2000, Sydney, Australia.

? Listen to the tape and finish the following exercises(T or F ) ? The motto of the Olympic Games is “ Faster, Higher, Further”. stronger ? Carl Lewis won three gold medals in the 1984 four Olympic Games. ? The winter Olympic Games are held every three years. four ? The 29th Olympic Games will held in Beijing.


Topic sentence of each paragraph
? Para 1 : the every-fourth- year Olympic

? ? ? ?

Para 2: Para 3: Para 4: Para 5:

the ancient Olympics the modern Olympics the Olympic motto the preparation for the 29th Olympic Games

Group work
Work together and write down good and bad effects of hosting the Olympic Games.

What’s the event?

What’s the event?

What’s the event?

What’s the event?

What’s the event?

What’s the event?

Period 3

The Olympic Games

1. When did the ancient Olympic Games start? A. 1896 B. 1906 C. 776 BC 2. When did the ancient Olympic Games stop? A. 393BC B. 393 AD C. 311AD 3. What was rewarded to the winners in ancient Olympic Games? A. Metals B. Medals C. Olive wreath

4. How many gold medals did China get in the 2008 Beijing Olympics? A. 36 B. 28 C. 21 D. 51

5. Which sport is in the Winter Olympic Games? A. badminton B. basketball C. speed skating D. soccer

Work in pairs and ask each other the following questions:
Questions Answers

1. Where did the ancient Olympic Games start? 2. How many countries competed in the ancient Olympic Games?
3. Who could not take part in the ancient Olympic Games? 4. When and where did the modern Olympic Games start?

Olympia (Greece)

One (Greece)
slaves and women (except in chariot races)

Athens in 1896

Work in pairs and ask each other the following questions:
Questions 5. Who was China’s first gold medal winner and for what event? Answers Xu Haifeng for shooting

6. What are the three words that show swifter, higher, the spirit of the Olympic Games? stronger
7. What do the five rings on the Olympic flag stand for? The five continents

8. What are the official mascots for the the Five Friendlies Beijing Olympics?

Sets/ Kinds Motto(格言,口号)
Host city of the first Olympics Host city of 2000 Olympics Host city of 2008 Olympic Host city of 2012 Olympics

Summer ~ Winter ~ Swifter, higher, stronger

Athens, Greece
Sydney, Australia Beijing, China London, the UK




Differences between the ancient and modern Olympic Games
Any Winter Olympics?




competitors from? M / W athletes
Prizes Any Olympic villages? (more/less) events

all over the world only in Greece

both medals

only men
olive wreath

More events

Less events

Differences between the ancient and modern Olympic Games
How often? Any men athletes? Motto (格言,口号) Events (any races/ horse riding…?)

Ancient every 4 years

every 4 years
Yes Swifter, higher, stronger

Swifter, higher, stronger

races, horse riding …

races, horse riding …

Read and answer the questions.
1. What amazes Pausanias about the Olympic Games? He is amazed that so many countries take part in the modern Olympic Games and that women can also compete. 2. Why does he think Athens and Beijing should feel proud? Because they can host the Olympic Games which is a great honor. 3. Why does he think people may be competing for money in the modern Olympic Games? Because he feels so much has changed since his original ancient Olympic Games.

What do the five rings mean?

Europe Asia



The five interlocking rings stand for friendship of five continents.

champion athlete



take part in reach the standard be admitted to the games be admitted as competitors as well as competition compete

Pausanias, who was a Greek writer 2,000 years ago, has come on a magical journey to find out about the present-day Olympic Games. He is now interviewing a girl, Li Yan ,a Chinese girl. Pausanias Liyan An interview

A person wants to get some information from others by talking. Ancient times Modern times



Look at the title, pictures and the first paragraph.

What is the text probably about?

Reading Task 1: Skimming
1. What do they mainly talk about? 2. What does he say when he hears that women are also allowed to join in ?How does he feel? A. Surprised B. Happy C. Sad 3. How does Pausanias feel when he hears the Olympic Games are also about being able to run faster, jump higher and throw further? A. Surprised B. Happy C. Sad

1. What do they mainly talk about? They mainly talk about the ancient and modern Olympic Games especially. the similarities and differences. 2. What does he say when he hears that women are also allowed to join in ? How does he feel? “Please wait a minute! All those events, all those countries and even women taking part!” he says.

A. Surprised B. Happy

C. Sad

3. How does Pausanias feel when he hears the Olympic Games are also about being able to run faster, jump higher and throw further? A. Surprised B. Happy C. Sad

Task 2: Scanning
Can you find the similarities

and differences of the ancient and
modern Olympic Games?

Both are held not for money but for honor ______. Men ? ______are allowed to take part in both in ancient and modern Olympics. ? The mottos are the same. They Swifter, higher and stronger are: _____________________________. ? Some events are the same, such running, jumping, shooting, throwing.… as___________________________________ every four years Both are held ____________________.

Item Types The ancient Olympics Only Summer Olympic Games The modern Olympics Summer and Winter 3 Olympic Games

Athletes Places Prize

Only men from Greek 6 City. Greece 10 olive wreath an

More events like skiing 4 Ice skating 5 From all 7over the world Including Women 8 9 Every country is possible
11 Medals


True or False.

( F )1.Men and were notwere allowed to take part in the Women women allowed ancient Olympic Games. ( (

every four years. F )2.The Winter Olympic Games are held every threeyears.
29th F )3.The 28th Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

( T )4. A special village is built for competitors to live in. ( T )5.To hold the Olympic is a rich prize and a big honor for a country. ( F ) 6. Every athlete can take part in the Olympic Games. Every athlete who reaches the standard can

The Olympic Games are the biggest sports meeting in the world. There are two kinds of Olympic Games . One is the summer Olympic Games , the other is ___________________________. Both of them are the winter Olympic Games every four years held________________. All countries can take part if their athletes standard admitted reach the _________ to be _________to the games. Women are important not only ________to join in but play an __________role. A allowed special village _____________is built for the competitor to live in, a stadium ________for competition, a__________ as well as seats for those who watch the gymnasium games. It’s a great ________ to host the Olympics. It’s just as honor much ______a competition to host the Olympic Games as to win an Olympic_______. The olive wreath has been replaced by medals. ________ medal faster higher But it’s still about being able to run_______, jump_______ and throw_________. further

The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games are drawing near ,we can smell them. Every Chinese seems to be preparing for it, we do hope it is coming as soon as possible . from a high school student

New Beijing Great Olympics
? What can we do to prepare for the 2008 Olympic Games as a a citizen of

? Tai Zhou?

study hard to learn more knowledge.
learn English well to communicate with the foreigners. do the propaganda(宣传) work. We should

collect money for the Olympic Games.
do the service work.

promote physical culture and build up our health .

Great changes

New buildings and sports venues were built; More trees were plant and New roads were built.

Group Work

Hosting the Olympic Games will have good effects on Beijing/China ,but it will also bring some bad results.
Good effects Bad effects

Good effects
Showing the level of science and technology Attracting investment Improving the friendship between the Chinese

Bad effects
Disturbing people’s daily life and the people of the world More pollution Wasting some money in building some buildings

Bird nest



Period 4 Language points

Unit 2 The Olympic Games

1.How many competitors from how many countries____________? competed 从多少个国家来的多少名运动员参加了比赛?

compete. ? 竞争/竞赛(vi.)___________ competition ? 竞赛(n.)_______________ competitor ? 参赛者(n.)_____________ compete in (a game, a match)参加,在…方面竞争 compete with/against somebody 和某人竞争 compete for( a prize, a medal, …)角逐,为…竞争

1.He believed that nobody could compete with ____________ him.
2.More than 1,000 competitors took part in compete for the competition to ____________ the first prize. competed in 3.Wang Junxia has now ___________ two Olympics.

2 take part in, join, join in, attend的区别
take part in 指参加某种活动,如体育、比赛、游戏、 讨论、战斗等,并积极地起着作用。 join指参加某组织并成为一员。 join in 指参加活动或游戏,和take part in 相当。 但join sb. in… (和某人一起做某事),不等于 take part in。 attend表示参加会议(聚会)等。

be present ( at )

joined 1.Do you remember the day when you _______ the Party?
join in 2.Would you ____ us ___ the ball game? to attend 3.Last month he was invited ________ an important international meeting in London.

4.Every four years, many athletes from take part in/join in different countries __________________ the Olympic Games.

3. Pausanias, who was a Greek writer 2,000 years on a magical journey ago, has come ___________________ to find out about ______________the present day Olympic Games. go/start/ come/ be on a journey 进行旅行 My father is away on a journey. find out about 弄清有关……的情况 The police are trying hard to find out about the accident.

1.The Smiths are ____ a journey to Guilin. on 2.----What are you doing here? finding out about ----I am ________________ the case.

4. I lived in what you call “Ancient Greece” and I used to write

about the Olympic Games … 我生活在你们所说的“古希腊”,我曾经写过2000年前奥林 匹克运动会的情况。 what 引起宾语从句,并在从句中作call的宾语,“Ancient Greece”作宾补。what相当于the place that,因此what不 能改为that,也不能改为where,因为where 只能作状语。 After many days’ voyage, they arrived in what is called America now. After a long journey, they came to what was called “Gebi Desert”.

表示过去经常做某事/ 表示过去的状态 be/get/ become used to doing =“习惯于” used to do

be used to do =“被用于做……”,是被动语态? 1. I’m still not used to getting up early. 2. The man got used to living in the countryside. 3. Wood can be used to make paper.

am used to 1.I __________ the weather in Guangzhou. used to dance a lot 2.Her mother ________ when she was young. be used to 3.Bamboo (竹子) can _____________ make paper. are used to 4.The old ___________ getting up early.

5. every four years


基数词 + 复数名词

every four years= every fourth year every two weeks 每两周, 每隔一周 every second week every other week


每隔几...: every few+复数名词

Usually,medicine should be taken

every four hours / every fourth hour _____________________________.(每四小时)

Some of you go back home

every two

weeks / every second _______________________ week /every _____ other week _.(每隔一个星期)
He likes reading very much, so he

every few days goes to the bookshop______________.

6. admit v. 1)允许 be admitted as 作为------被接受 be admitted to/into(介词)sth(运动会,俱乐部, 学校等) 获准做某事/参加 Only one hundred boys are admitted to the school every year. 2)承认 admit sth/doing sth I admit my mistake. He admitted having done wrong.

She_______ having read the admitted letter.(承认) was admitted to He_____________ the club after his tenth try.(被批准参加 ).
was admitted as He ______________ a member by a baseball team . (被接收 )

7.Our Greek cities used to compete against each other for the honor of winning. ? in honor of “为向...表示敬意”为纪念...”为祝 贺... ? Have the honor of doing sth / to do sth ? 荣幸地做某事 ? Washington, a state in the United States, was named____ one of the greatest American presidents. A. in honor of B. instead of C. in favor of D. by means of

8. No other country could join in, nor could slaves or women. 其他国家都不能参加,奴隶和妇女也不行。 Nor do I think they should give it to any government. I don’t know, nor do I care. Nor是含有否定意义的副词,放在句首时,引起 部分倒装句,意为“同样也不”。

Neither的用法也有相似之处,只是它只用与第 二个否定

I can’t do it, nor/neither can he. She is not a doctor, nor/neither am I . He went home, so did I. so +助动词/情态动词+sb./sth …也… nor/neither +助动词/情态动词+sb./sth. ……也不……

Nor /neither did (1). I didn’t go there. ______________her. (她也是) (2). She was a teacher. So was I. ______ (我也是这样) (3). I’m a student and I like So it is with English. __________ him. (他也是如此)

allowed 9. Women are not only _______but play a very important role, especially in… allow vt. 允许 The law doesn’t allow such an action.

allow + n./ pron. 允许…… My parents won’t allow me to stay out late. allow sb. to do 允许某人干…… The police don’t allow parking in the street. allow + doing 允许干……

? 在候车室乘客不允许吸烟 ? Passengers ( are not allowed to smoke ) in the waiting room. ? 我们不许在这里吸烟。 We don’t( allow smoking here )

? 10. as well as 并列连词 ? 1)不但------而且------,相当于not only…but also… ? He gave me advice as well as money. ? 用于连接两个主语,谓语的形式有前 一个名词确定 ? The son,as well as his parents,wants to go there.

? as well可做副词短语,意思为“也”, 放在句末。 ? 如:He has not only finished his own work, but helped others as well.他不 仅完成了自己的工作,还帮助了其他 人。

11.There’s just as much a competition among countries to host the Olympics as to win an Olympic medal. 国与国之间争取奥运会承办权的竞争就跟争 夺奥运会金牌一样激烈。 as much + 名 + as + 名 (与……同样地……) → It’s as much your responsibility as mine.

她和你一样都是聪明的学生. She is as clever a student as you (are).

It is generally believed that teaching is ____ it is a science. B A.much as an art as B. as much an art as C. an art as much as D. as much as an art

12. It’s still all about being able to run faster, jump higher and throw further.

Farther 距离或时间上更远的, 是指具体 Further 更远的 (=farther);程度上进 一步的,是指抽象 E.g. We can’t go any farther without a rest. We must get further information. We need take further step to deal with the matter.

Period 5

Unit 5 The Olympic Games

被动语态的构成 一般现在时:am/is/are+p.p. (done) 一般过去时: was/were+p.p. (done) 一般将来时: will/shall be+p.p. (done) am/is/are going to be + p.p. (done) am/is/are to be +p.p. (done) 过去将来时: would/should be+p.p.(done) 现在进行时: am/is/are being+p.p.(done) 过去进行时: was / were + p.p. (done) 现在完成时: have/has been+p.p. (done) 过去完成时: had been + p.p. (done)

Check the answers: 1.Your children will be taken care of when you are off.

2.The foreign friends will be given a warm welcome. A warm welcome will be given to the foreign friends. 3.How many athletes will be sent to take part in the 2008 Olympic Games?

4.He was laughed at for the foolish mistake. 5.All these things are to be answered in the future.

6.The students were given some advice.
Some advice was given to the students.

7. It is known that he is teacher.
? He is known to be a teacher.

8.He wants to find a job in a factory which is still being built.

9.Can such a thing be prevented from happening again? 10.By the end of last year, another new stadium had been built in Beijing. 11.A new plan is not being discussed now.

12.The naughty son was always being scolded by his father. 13.He is not here. He must be being examined (by the doctor). 表猜测的被动:一定在做某事 must be doing sth. ?sth. must be being done

? It is said that… 据说 ? It is reported that…据报道 ? It is believed that…大家相信 ? It is hoped that…大家希望 ? It is well known that…众所周知 All of us know that the Great Wall is one of the cultural relics. ?It is known that the Great Wall is one of the cultural relics. ?The Great Wall is known to be one of the cultural relics.


情态动词+be+p.p. (done)
can / could / may / might / must / should / ought to / have to + be + p.p. (done) ?I can finish the work. ??The work can be finished by me. ??Can the work be finished by you?

被动语态的特殊 结构形式

Passive voice 的特殊形式
have/get sth. done=ask sb. to do sth. ?have a hair cut

?have my bike repaired
? ………..

get + p.p. = be + p.p. ?The thief got caught yesterday. 那个贼昨天被抓了。 ?Be careful, or you’ll get hurt. 小心,否则你会受伤。

smell/taste/feel等感觉动词和系动词不需 要用被动。
?The water feel very cold.

Correct the sentences (改错): 1.His mother gave him a present . ?A present was given him by his mother. to 2.Someone caught the boy smoking . smoking ?The boy was caught smoke. 3.The teacher has made us work hard. ?We have been made work hard. to 4.We are to put off the meeting till Friday. ?The meeting is to be put till Friday. off 5.I need to repair theto be done. need + doing = need house. ?The house needs repairing.

Practise the dialogue in passive voice:
M: male F: female M: Why don’t you drive your car? F: It is being repaired in the factory now. M: But it was just repaired a few months ago. F: I know. Maybe repair job wasn’t done well. My car needs sending back to the factory again. M: What’s going on around in your company? F: Haven’t you heard? Where have you been, anyway? M: I was sent to Chicago. I just got back.

F: Well, a lot of changes were made last week. For one thing, Susan was fired. M: Where is she now? F: Maybe she is looking for a new position now. M: I see. What about me? Was me fired too? F: No, of course not. I was given a new office. M: It’s great. Congratulations! F: Spanish will be studied next month. Anyway, I don’t want to be the next one! M: Good luck!

Make sentences in passive voice:

The woman was given some flowers on Feb 27.


put out 4 1 show repair 2 scold 3 follow hurt


write a story / dialogue about Johnson following the record.
Time Before (之前) Tuesday (昨 天) Wednesday (今天) Thursday (明天) Record (备忘录) build a department store ask someone to repair his car / take his son to the park / prepare for the meeting attend a meeting(now) have a hair cut / repair the road / finish the design for the subway / buy a gift for his son

Reference Version:
Johnson works in a construction company. He has made great contribution to our city. A department store has been built by him. He always has much work to do. Yesterday he had his car repaired. Much work was prepared for the next day meeting. Now a meeting is being attended. Tomorrow he has to have a hair cut and the road should be repaired as soon as possible. The design for the subway will be finished. Moreover, his son should be bought a gift for his 12th birthday. Wow, how busy Johnson was, is and will be!

带双宾语(复合宾语)的被动语态 1.His mother told him a story. was ____ He ____told a story by his mother . A story ___ told __ him by his mother. was ___ to 2.I saw the girl drawing in class. The girl was seen drawing in class. ___ _____ _____ 3.He often lends me a pen. am I ___ oftenlent pen by him. ____a is A pen __ often lent ____ me by him. ____ to 4.They take good care of the children. The children are taken good care of ___ ____ ___. 5. Who made it ? ___ _____ it made by? Who was _____ whom was By _____ ____ it made ? _____

1.They heard him say good-bye to his teacher after class. Hewas heard to say good-bye to his _______________ teacher after class.

2.They made him do the work just now. He was made to do the work just now. _______________
3.His teacher notices him play a computer. noticed to play Heis _______________ a computer.


Multiple Choice:
1. ( D ) If the work ________,you can go and play games.
A. finished B. has finished C. will be finished D. is finished

2. ( B ) It was raining heavily outside, the children were made ______

in the classroom. A. stay B. to stay

C. staying

D. stayed

3. (C ) Kate _______ the letter before her mother came into her bedroom A. has written B. was written C. had written D. is writing 4. ( B ) To make our city more beautiful, rubbish ______ into the river. A. needn’t be thrown B. mustn’t be thrown C. can’t throw D. may not throw 5. ( A ) I like my bike. It ________ very well.

A. rides

B. is riding

C. is ridden

D. has ridden

6. ( D ) —I won’t come to the party unless Tom ______, too.
—You mean if Tom comes ,you’ll come. A. will invite B. invites C. invited D. is invited

7. ( A ) Everyone who heard Mr. Green’s story _____________ it. A. laughed at B. was laughed C. laughed D. was laughed at 8. ( D ) The children must _______. A. look after B. be taken good care C. look the same D. be taken good care of 9. ( B ) The woman still doesn’t know what _______ in her hometown while he was away. A. happens B. happened C. will happen D. was happened 10. ( B ) — I saw you were on foot this morning. —Yes. My bike ___________.

A. is mending C. is mended

B. is being mended D. is being mending

Fill in the blanks using right forms:
1. All the students __________(ask) to bring a kite with them last Sunday. were asked tried 2. Are many ways _______(try) to stop people from cutting down so many trees? 3. —What are on show in the museum? —Some photos _________(take) by American children. taken 4. This coat _________(wash) well. washes 5. Must the old people ____________(speak) to politely? be spoken warned 6. I’m often _________(警告)not to copy others’ homework. disappeared 7. He couldn’t explain why dinosaurs ___________ (消失). 8. I’ll have my bike __________________(修理) tomorrow. mended/repaired stolen 9. Have you found your necklace ________(偷) last week? founded 10. The PRC was _________(成立) on October 1, 1949.

Unit 2 The Olympic Games

Warming up (3m)
Do you know any stories or persons in ancient Greek?

Skim the text and find out the main idea of the story. The story is about a princess who races to marry the man that can run faster than her. In order to win the race, a man asks for help from the Goddess of Love.

Scan the passage and find the answers: 1. Who was Atlanta?

2. What was she good at?
3. Who did she want to marry? 1. How could Hippomenes win Atlanta?

Scan the passage and find the answers: 1. Who was Atlanta? She was a Greek princess. 2. What was she good at? She was good at running.

3. Who did she want to marry? She wanted to marry a man who could run faster than her. 4. How could Hippomenes win Atlanta? He asked for help from the Greek Goddess of Love. The Greek Goddess of Love gave him three golden apples to attract Atlanta’s attention and make her slow down.

Read the text again and finish the following true or false exercise.

1. Atlanta could run faster than any man. F 2. At first Hippomenes understand why men ran against Atlanta. F 3. Atlanta was not confident she would win. F 4. She was so angry that she could not run in the Olympics. T 5. She made as many men as she could share her pain. T 6. Her father did not understand her wish to compete. T 7. He did not refuse her wish to choose a husband in a race. T

Language Points
amaze (v): fill (sb.) with great surprise

be amazed at sth. /+that从句 E.g. We were amazed at the change in his appearance She was amazed that he was still alive. . amazing (adj):令人惊奇/惊异的 E.g. An amazing speed / player

v t. 允诺,答应 promise (sb.) sth.; promise (sb.) to do sth. promise (sb.) that clause

E.g. He promised (her) never to tell a lie.
vi. / v t. 预示;有希望…, 很有希望成功; 保证;前途

E.g: The clear sky promises fine weather. This project promises well. 这个工程大有前途。 n. 诺言、字据,充当make, break, keep, carry out 的宾语 E.g: If you make a promise, you should keep it, you ought not to break it. 如果你作出允诺,就得守诺言,不应该违背诺言。

Underline the important sentences , understand them and recite them.
? 1.She was so angry that she said to her father she would not marry anyone who could not run faster than her. ? 2.When a man says he wants to marry me,I will run against him. If he cannot run as fast as me, he will be killed. ? 3.Other men stayed to run the race.There was a man called Hippomenes who was amazed when he heard of Atlanta’s rules. ? 4.She promised to help him and gave him three golden apples.

(1) Suppose you are Pausanias. Now you meet your old friend /your wife/ mother and you talk with him / her about the modern Olympics. (2) Suppose you are Li Yan. Now you meet your old friend/ mother /teacher and you talk with him/her about the ancient Olympics.

You may begin like this: Friend--- Hi, Pausanias! I haven’t seen you for days. Where have you been? P– I went to visit a girl in the year 2004…

To host the Olympic Games or not? Why?

A great honor Reasons to host the Olympic Games

too expensive Reasons not to host the Olympic Games

Imagine Mr. Pausanias has just watched Beijing Olympic Games, and you are interviewing him. What questions will you ask and what will Mr. Pausanias answer them?
Please have a discussion with your partners.

You can use the following words: Fu Wa babies, lucky symbols, athletes, admit, Olympic city, stadiums, gold medal, host, Green Olympics, people’s Olympic and Hitech Olympics, New Beijing, Great Olympics, Liu Xiang

Surf the Internet to find more information about Olympic Games. You are expected to share it with your partners in the next class.

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