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Module 5 The Great Sports Personality 新课标词汇
athletics[?????????] n.体育运动;竞技 *athlete [???????] n.运动员 rugby n.英式橄榄球 bat[???]n. (棒球等)球棒;球拍;蝙蝠 club [????] n.俱乐部;高尔夫球球棒 net[???] n. 网 pitch (足球、橄榄球等)球场 ring n.马戏场;拳击场 stadium[?????????]n.体育场;运动场 *track [????] n.轨道;田径 tracksuit n.运动服 trainer n.教练员;运动鞋 retire [???????] vi. 退休;退职;退役 *perform [???????]v.表演;表现;履行;行动 retirement n.退休;退职;退役 background [??????????]n.背景;出身 brand [br?nd] n.商标;牌子 employ [???????] vt.雇佣 *globe [?????] n. 地球仪;地球 global a.全球的;全世界的 sportswear n.运动装;休闲服 logo n.商标;标识;标志 advantage [???????????]n.优 点 ;优 势 ;长 处 ;好 处 *guarantee[???r?n`ti:] v.&n.保证;担保 *purchase [`p?:t??s] v. 购 买 keep track of 通晓事态;了解动向 on the increase 呈增长趋势;在增长 have the advantage of 有…的优越性 have/gain/win an advantage over … 比…占优势;胜过… take(full) advantage of sth. (充分)利用某事 the chances are that 有可能 there is a chance that 有可能 there is no point(in)doing 做…没意义 rise to one’s feet 站起身 compete for 为…竞争 compete with 与…竞争 fail [????] v.失 败 ;不 及 格 ;衰 退 ;出 故 障 ;倒 闭 designer n.设计者;构思者;设计师 gymnastics [????????????]n.体操 gymnast [?????????] n.体操运动员 slogan n.口号;标语 *specific [sp?`sifik] a.具体的;特定的 symbol [`simb?l] n.符号;标志;象征 marathon n.马拉松赛跑 score[????]vt.&vi. 得分 ; 记分 n. 得分 ; 分数 ; 二 十 *ministry [ 'ministri] n. (政府的)部 final [??????] a.最后的;终极的 n.决赛 *champion[?????????]n.冠军;优胜者 quality[????????]n.质量;性质 ;特性;品德;品 性 quantity[?????????]n.量;数量 victory [????????] n.胜利 protest vi.抗议;反对 *declare [???????] vt. 宣布 ;, 宣告 ;声明 ; 断 言 competitor [??????????] n.竞争者;比赛 者;对手 compete [????????] vi.比赛;竞赛 *tough[???]a.棘手的;费力的;强硬的;困难的 *ambition [?m`bi??n] n.雄心;志气;抱负;野心

fail to do sth. 不能做某事 don't fail to do sth. 务必/一定做某事 never fail to do sth. 必定/从未忘记做某事 up to 正在做;胜任;该由...决定;多达;直到 up to standard 合乎标准 so what 那又怎样/那又如何? what if 如果…将会怎样,即使…又有什么要紧 That is not the point.问题不在这里/那不是重点。 pick up 拾起;扶起;爬起;养成;习得;好转 as well as (除...之外)也; 既...又 make a list of …列出一张…单子

重点词语精练 1. 单项选择: 1) --- What do you want to do next? We have half an hour until the basketball game. --- ________. Whatever you want to do is fine with me. [2004 年高考浙江卷] A. It just depends B. It's up to you C. All right D. Glad to hear that 2) It is wrong to judge people according to their family _________. A. basis B. blocks C. behavior D. background 3) We cannot _________ the punctual arrival of trains in fogy weather. A. guarantee B. purchase C. guess D. perform 4) In 1949, Chairman Mao ________ the founding of the People's Republic of China. A. announced B. said C. declared D. commented 5) She ___________ well although she had never been interviewed on TV before.

A. behaves B. performed C. formed D. achieves 6) What advantages do yon think Beijing _____ other cities in hosting the 29th Olympic Games? A. takes of B. gets over C. takes up D. has over 7) This midterm examination paper ______ two parts was so hard that few students could pass it. A. made out of B. made from C. made up of D. made in 8) _________ we continue to work hard, we are sure to finish our task ahead of time. A. As long as B. As soon as C. As far as D. As though 9) _________ rich you are, you should he modest. A. However B. No matter C. Whatever D. Whoever 10) --Have yon got in touch with Mr. Johnson? --Yes._________ in New York than I paid him a visit. A. No sooner I had arrived B. No sooner had I arrived C. No sooner 1 arrived D. No sooner did I arrive 11) The aim of this training is _________ all the injured ________ timely when a fire occurs. A. having; treat B. to have; treat C. having; to treat D. have; treated 12) The new law has come into effect, and _______ number of wild animals here is on ______ increase now. A. the; / B. a; the C. the; the D. a; / 13) Was it _______ he said or something that he did ________ made him a college student and later turn teacher? A. that; which B. that; what C. what; which D. what; that 14) With some important problems _________, they have decided to restart the both-side talks next week. A. settled B. settling C. to settle D. to he settled 15) Professor Smith, together with his assistants, ________ on the project day and night to meet the deadline. A. work B. working C. is working D. are working 2. 选用本模块所列的词或词组的适当形式填空: 1) The Olympic Games are a get-together for __________ from different countries and different backgrounds. 2) Li Ning’s designs were attractive, and they had a major ___________ over their better-known rivals (对手) ---they were cheaper. 3) In the 1908 marathon, the leader entered the ___________ and turned the wrong way, and the second runner was later declared the winner. 4) The Great Wall is seen as a _____________ of the Chinese people's intelligence. 5) The _______ of the table tennis match was 22:20. I only narrowly won. 6) There came the news that the visiting team had gained a _________ over the home team with a score of 4 to 3. 7) They voted for Mr. Wilson as chairman of the union, for his talent and _________ had won the respect of his workmates.

8) She got the second prize in the contest, just next to her _______. So she got very embarrassed. 9) His dream was to open a school for gymnasts, helping young people to achieve their sporting __________. 10) When I saw my hometown take on a new look, a _______ of pride suddenly appeared in my mind. 11) If poverty is less of a problem and people are better educated, there is a good _________ that we will see less violence and fewer wars.. 12) Seeing the happy ______ of children playing in the park, I'm full of joy and confidence for the future of our country. 13) There is no ________ in trying to persuade him. He will never change his mind. 14) Due to the area's historical _____________ and large population - there are still 640 million people living in extreme poverty. 15) The Russian woman, Lioubov Galkina, was in the lead all the way in the woman's 10-meter air rifle, only to lose the _______ to Du Li. 16) The Columbia has finished the task in the International Space Station and is reported to come back to the earth tomorrow, or to be more__________ at 3:32 p.m. local time. 17) He is a _______ student, and all of his teachers can’t deal with him. 18) When older men ________ they make way for younger men to take their places. 19) To make members of a team _________ better, the trainer first of all has to know their strengths and weaknesses. 20) Most ordinary people in Iraq are living in poverty and panic now, in other words, their basic rights aren’t _____________. 21) He works day and night to earn enough money to ___________ a house. 22) In the past five years, the government has made every effort to help ________ disabled people. And many have found jobs and become financially independent. 23) They should stick to their posts, offering good services, satisfying any reasonable needs and being ready to help those in difficulty, and never _________ to do their duty. 24) Anyone who wins this competition will earn glory _______________ a large sum of money. 25) A good to save money as well as time when doing shopping is to _______________ the things you want to buy before you go. 26) This midterm examination paper _____________ two pars was so hard that few students could pass it. 27) Bad habits are easily _____________ while good ones are hard to develop. 28) I have given you my advice. Whether you follow it or not _____________ you. 29) --- I must be off now. I don't want to be late for the speech. ---________? Do you really want to listen to that dull report? 30) In America, the teenage crime is ______________. This is what the American public worry most. 3. 根据汉语意思完成下列句子: (每空一词) 1) 她丰富的经验使她比其他求职者具有有利条件。

Her rich ___________ gave her an __________ ________ other applicants _______the job. 2) 在健美比赛中, 姑娘们被要求按音乐表演体操。 In the beauty ________, girls are asked _____ ______ some of the exercises _____ the music. 3) 当人们想到这个品牌往往把它和上乘的质量联系在一起。 When people _______ _____ this _______, they always associate it with good ______. 4) 女主人告诉我们是我们的迟到使晚饭比平时推迟了一个小时。 The hostess told us _____ _______ our being late ______ caused her to serve dinner an hour later than ________. 5) 这些产品匆忙大量生产,没有达到我们的正常标准。 These _________ have been rushed out and not _____ ____ our usual __________. 6) 即使是已经赢得了自己在体操运动项目上所能赢得的一切 , 李宁还是带着一种失败的 感觉退了役。 ______ _________ he had won everything it was _________ to win in his sports, Li Ning retired with the ___________ that he had failed. 7) 就是这种失败感使他决心在新的生活中取得成功。 他决定推出一种新品牌的运动服, 和 全球大公司耐克、阿迪达斯等竞争。 It was the _______ of failure ________ made him ________ to succeed in his new life. He decided to launch a new brand of sportswear, _________ with global giants Nike and Adidas. 8) 现在每十秒钟就有一款李宁牌产品售出。如果你走进任何一个地方的中学或大学校园, 你很有可能看到身穿印有那个熟悉标志的李宁运动服的学生们。 Today a Li Ning product is _______ every ten seconds. If you go into a school or university anywhere, the _____ ______ you will see students in Li Ning tracksuits with the _______ logo. 9) 对他来说, 当一个杰出的运动员退出体坛时, 他的工作并不是结束, 而是开始。正如他 的标语所言,如果你是一位杰出的运动员,“一切皆有可能”。 For him, the work of a great sportsman doesn’t ________ when he ________ from the sport, it just _______. And if you are a great sportsperson, anything is possible,_____ his advertising slogan says. 10) 奥运会最后一个比赛项目---马拉松, 是最另人兴奋的。当第一个跑进运动场的运动员 在场内跑完全程 42 公里的马拉松赛的最后几米时候,所有的观众都会站起来为他/她喝 彩加油。 Marathon, the final _______ in the Olympics, is the most exciting. As the ________ comes into the ___________ to run the last few meters of the 42-kilometre race, the crowd _______ _______ its _______ to shout and cheer. 课本相关内容扩展 1. 选用下列词或词组的适当形式填空:(每空一词) prince; feeling; chance; competition; retirement; background; ambition; career; sense; attractive; possible; much; anything; that; over; on; retire; finish; perform; start; purchase; determine; guarantee; even though; compete with Li Ning, whose nickname (绰号) was Gymnastic 1)_______, was born on September 8, 1963, in Liuzhou, Guangxi. He won three gold medals at the 23rd Olympic Games. It was the first time

2)________ the Chinese gymnastics deligation (代表团) won gold medals. When he 3)_______ at the age of 26, he had won 106 gold medals in major 4)________ across the world, including six out of seven gold medals at the 1982 World Championship (锦标 赛), and three at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. But 5)_____ ______ he had won everything it was 6)_______ to win in his sport, Li Ning retired with the 7)______ that he had failed. He was disappointed because he had not 8)_______ well in the 1988 Seoul (汉城) Olympics. It was this 9)_______ of failure that made him 10)__________ to succeed in his new life. A year after his 11)_________, Li Ning began a new 12)________. But he didn’t forget his sporting 13)_________. He decided to 14)______ ____ global giants like Nike and Adidas. As the number of young people with money to spend was 15)______ the increase and sport had never been so popular, Li Ning had a good start. Besides, Li Ning’s designs were 16)_______, and they had a major advantage 17)______ their better-known rivals (对手) --- they were cheaper. A pair of Nike trainers, for example, could cost up to five times as 18)______ as a similar Li Ning product. Success for Li Ning was 19)_________, and it came quickly. Today a Li Ning product is 20)_________ every ten seconds. If you go into a school or university anywhere, the 21)_________ are that you will see students in Li Ning tracksuits with the familiar logo (商标). Li Ning’s dream was to open a school for gymnasts. Since 1991, he has continued to help young people to achieve their sporting 22)_________. Li Ning has discovered that the work of a great sportsman does not 23)________ when he retires from the sport. It 24)_______. And if you are a great sportsperson, 25)_______ is possible, as Li Ning’s advertising slogan says. 2. 背诵并默写下面的范文,然后进行仿写或改写练习(词数 120-150) Nothing Stops Ronaldo Football star Ronaldo is one of the world’s top players, and he can’t stop winning! He has just won the prize for the Best Latin-American Football Player in the Spanish League on Monday. The Real Madrid player said he wants to keep on winning. “I do not get tired of winning, and I must keep on working hard.” He feels he is now playing the best football of his football life. He showed talent from an early age. At 17, he was a player of the Brazilian national team. When he was 21 and 22, he won the prize of World Footballer of the year. He was the youngest player in the world to win it and the only one to win twice in a row. But his road to success has been difficult. Since he hurt his knee badly in 1998, he had some other injuries. But these problems haven’t stopped him. He has made a successful return to football and led Brazil to win the World Cup in 2002. 综合能力训练 1. 完形填空 The annual marathon in my town usually occurred during a heat wave. My job was to behind the runners in an ambulance 2 and I were in an air-conditioned ambulance behind approximately one hundred athletes to hear the sharp crack of the starting gun. 1_ 3__ any of them needed medical attention. The driver

“We’re supposed to stay behind the Doug, as we began to creep (徐行) forward. “Let’s _7_ 5


runner, so take it slowly,” I said to the driver,

hope all the runners are fast!” he laughed. 6 __. It was then that my

As they began to pace themselves, the front runners started to

were drawn to the woman in blue silk running shorts and a baggy white T-shirt. 8 that it seemed

We knew we were already watching our “last runner”. Her feet were turned in, yet her left knee was turned out (向外弯). Her legs were so crippled (跛的) and impossible for her to be able to walk, let alone run a marathon. Doug and I watched in 9 as she slowly moved forward. We didn’t say a thing. We 10 some distance. Then we’d would move forward a little bit, then stop and wait for her to slowly move forward a little bit more. Finally, she was the 11 runner left in sight. Tears streamed down my face as I sat on the edge of my seat and watched with awe, amazement and even reverence (敬意) as she 12_ forward with sheer (全然的) determination through the last miles. When the _16 13 line came into sight, trash ( 垃 圾 ) lay everywhere and the 17 14_ crowds had long gone home. 15 , standing straight and ever so proud waited a man. He was slowly crossed

one end of a ribbon (带子) of crepe paper (绉纸) tied to a post.

through, leaving both ends of the paper fluttering (摆动) behind her. I do not 18 this woman’s name, but that day she became a part of my life – a part I often 19 the other runners or winning a trophy (奖品), it was 20_ . When I think things are too depend on. For her, it wasn’t about

about finishing what she had set out to do, no matter runner. Then I realize how easy the task before me really is. 1. A. interview 2. A. when 3. A. searching 4. A. slow 5. A. just 6. A. run 7. A. attention 8. A. bent 9. A. happiness 10. A. keep 11. A. single 12. A. pushed 13. A. close 14. A. seeing 15. A. Yet 16. A. catching B. watch B. even if B. sitting B. last B. ever B. miss B. mind B. hurt B. silence B. make B. only B. fought B. end B. cheering B. But B. handing C. follow C. because C. wishing

difficult or too time-consuming (耗费时间的), I get those “ I-just-can’t-do-it”, I think of the last D. fall D. in case D. waiting D. helpless D. however D. lose D. eyes D. painful D. hope D. shorten D. careful D. jumped D. finish D. interesting D. Therefore D. bringing

C. wounded C. still C. disappear C. sights C. soft C. disappointment C. gain C. last C. pulled C. match C. standing C. Thus C. holding

17. A. He 18. A. remember 19. A. winning 20. A. what 2. 阅读理解

B. I B. know B. competing B. where

C. They C. understand C. beating C. when

D. She D. forget D. fighting D. why

A Michael Phelps and his U.S. teammates crowned the greatest single Olympic performance Sunday morning with a win in the 4x100 – meter medley relay. The victory gave Phelps his eighth gold medal of the Beijing Olympics, the most golds ever won by an athlete at one Games. With gold No. 8, Phelps earned a singular place in the Olympic record books. "There is no comparison in the swimming world for what Michael has done," said Gregg Troy, coach of U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte, who finished third to Phelps in two races here in Beijing but also won gold alongside him in the 4x200 - meter freestyle relay. It's hard to find comparisons even in the sports world overall. Phelps is solidly in the company of seemingly invincible superstars such as Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods. "I think years and years down the road we' 11 realize more and more how amazing he is and how special he really is." U. S. teammate Natalie Coughlin said. The 23 - year - old from Baltimore capped a brilliant meet at the Water Cube. He set a world record in every event aside from the 100 butterfly which he narrowly won on Saturday, completing a program of 17 races in nine days. Phelps has won 14 Olympic gold medals and 16 total medals. He holds the record for most medals won by a man, surpassing Soviet gymnast Nikolai Andrianov, who won 15 from 1972 -1980, Soviet female gymnast Larysa Latynina holds the record with l8. At the 2004 Athens Games, Phelps won six gold medals and two bronze. He has already said he'll swim in the 2012 London Games. Phelps' victories in Beijing include: 200 –meter freestyle, 200 and 400 individual medleys, 100 and 200 butterfly, 4x200 free relay, 4x100 medley relay, and 4x100 free relay. 21. Which of the following would be the best title for the text? A. Phelps wins 4x100 -meter medley relay B. Phelps writes Games gold history C. Phelps plans to attend 2012 London Games D. Phelps finishes his competitions 22. Why are Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods mentioned in the 3rd paragraph? A. To emphasize Phelps' unique position in swimming. B. To indicate Phelps' great efforts to his championship. C. To attract the world's attention to the young Phelps. D. To memorize the two heroes' contributions to the world. 23. The world records Phelps has set do not include ________. A. 200 - meter freestyle B. 200 individual medleys C. 200 - meter butterfly D. 100 - meter butterfly 24. Which of the following is true of Phelps?

A. Phelps has won 18 Olympic gold medals till now. B. Phelps has got the most gold medals in Beijing Olympic. C. Phelps defeated Nikolai Andrianov in Beijing. D. Phelps won 8 gold medals at the Athens Games. 25. It can be inferred from the text that ________. A Phelps is a swimming genius by nature B. Phelps succeeded in Athens at the age of 18 C. Phelps has won the most golds all by himself D. Phelps will have a brilliant future in the 2012 London B Some people believe that international sport creates goodwill (友好) between the nations and that if countries play games together they will learn to live together. Others say that the opposite is true: that international contests encourage false national pride and lead to misunderstanding and hatred. There is probably some truth in both arguments, but in recent years the Olympic Games have done little to support the view that sports encourage international brotherhood. Not only was there the incident of tragedy involving murder of athletes, but the Games were also ruined by lesser (较小的) incidents caused largely by minor national contests. One country received its second-place medals with visible anger after the hockey (曲棍球) final. There had been noisy scenes at the end of the hockey match, the losers objecting to the final decisions. They were convinced that one of their goals should not have been disallowed and that their opponents’ victory was unfair. Their manager was in a rage (愤怒) when he said; “This isn’t hockey. Hockey and the International Hockey Federation are finished.” The president of the Federation said later that such behavior could result in the suspension (停赛) of the team for at least three years. The American basketball team announced that they would not yield (让与) first place to Russia, after a disputable (有争议的) end to their contest. The game had ended in disorder. It was thought at first that the United States had won by a single point, but it was announced that there were three seconds still to play. A Russian player then threw the ball from one end of the court to the other, and another player popped it into the basket. It was the first time the US had ever lost an Olympic basketball match. An appeal jury (评审委员会) debated the matter for four and a half hours before announcing that the result would stand. The American players then voted not to receive the silver medals. Incidents of this kind will continue as long as sport is played competitively rather than for the love of the game. The suggestion that athletes should compete as individuals or in non-national teams, might be too much to hope for. But in present organization of Olympics there is far too much that encourages aggressive patriotism (爱国主义). 26. The author thinks that in recent years Olympic Games have _________. A. showed little international friendship B. greatly encouraged international brotherhood C. created goodwill between the nations D. created only misunderstanding and hatred 27. What did the manager mean by saying “This isn’t hockey. Hockey and the International

Hockey Federation are finished”? A. This is not a standard hockey match. B. The federation would not exist any longer after this match was over. C. His team would not enter the game in three years. D. The unfair decision ruined both hockey and the Federation. 28. The basketball match showed that _________. A. aggressive patriotism was displayed in the incident B. the Russian team should not have taken advantage of the last three seconds C. the appeal jury was too inefficient in making a decision D. the American team should have taken the first place 29. The author gives two examples in the 2nd and the 3rd paragraphs in order to show that _____. A. contests often end in disorder B. no contests are fair in Olympic Games C. competition discourages international friendship D. unfair decisions are common in sports 30. Which statement best summarizes (概述) this passage? A. Athletes should compete as individuals. B. The organization of the Olympic Games must be improved. C. Any team that has disrespectful behavior should be suspended. D. Different teams often have disputes when fighting for the first place. 3. 阅读表达 Wang Yifu is one of China's greatest marksmen (神枪手) for the past 20 years. His talent is undeniable, but what makes him different is his determination and drive. He has taken part in 6 straight Olympics since 1984. Wang Yifu's shooting career has seen his ups and downs. 1992 saw his peak as a professional marksman when he won the air pistol gold medal in Barcelona. Back in 1984, he failed to win China an Olympic gold in Los Angeles, when he lost to his teammate and gold medalist Xu Haifeng and took home the bronze. His 4th and 5th Olympics in Atlanta and Sydney saw him return to China with 2 silvers. But he scared his wife, coaches and audience by fainting after the last shots. He got his second gold medal in Athens in 2004, realizing the dream in his deep heart. Two decades have passed since he began his career, but he is still holding the gun, and is not satisfied with his past achievements. Because of his poor state of health, many have said his sporting days are numbered. The stress he is under is evident, and he sometimes shows some hesitancy (踌躇) when making his shots. But he says that with more training, he can overcome it. He said, "If you want good results, you must make painstaking efforts. Even after more than 20 years in the sport, I endure just as much hardship as younger marksmen. Shooting brings me delight. I can't go without shooting, so _____________, I go to the shooting range to practice, otherwise I feel a little bit uneasy. After a few shots I always feel relaxed." 31. What is the second paragraph mainly about? (within 5 words) ____________________________________________________________ 32. Which sentence in the passage is the closest in meaning to the following one?

However, just after finishing shooting he fainted, which put his wife, coaches, and audience into a panic. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 33. Please fill in the blank in the last paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (within 10 words) _________________________________________________________________ 34. Why did Wang Yifu succeed? (within 10 words) __________________________________________________________________ 35. Translate the underlined sentence in the third paragraph into Chinese. _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ 4. 书面表达
作为一个中学生, 你肯定经历过多次考试, 体验过成功, 也遭遇过失败. 请你根据提示内容, 简要概述 中学生普遍存在的对考试失败的两种态度, 并结合自身实际, 说明你的观点. 态度一: 当考试结果不尽人意时, 情绪低落, 丧失信心, 不再继续努力. 态度二: 当考试失败时, 分析找出失败的原因, 鼓励自己, 增强自信, 避免再犯同样的错。 你的观点: ……

Module 6 Animals in Danger 新课标词汇
endanger vt. 危及; 使…处于危险 *reserve [???????]n.&v.储备;预订;预约;保 护区 habitat n. 栖息地 extinct adj. 灭绝的; 绝种的 extinction n. 灭绝; 绝种 struggle [???????] v.&n.努力;奋斗;挣扎;斗 争 battle [?????] n. 战斗;战役 fight [????] n.& v.打仗;打架;战斗;斗争 wildlife [??????????]n.野生动物 ideal adj. 理想的 worth[????]a.有…的价值;值得…的 *worthwhile [??????????] a.值得做的 *worthy [`w?:?i] a.有价值的,可尊敬的, 值得的,配得上的 spot[????]n. 斑点 ;污点 ; 场所 ; 地点 ; 现场 vt. 认 出 condition[?????????]n. 条件 ; 状况 ;(pl.) 环 境;情况 *meanwhile [??????????] ad. 同时 dealer n. (尤指买卖贵重商品的)商人 aim [???]n.目的;目标 v.计划,打算;瞄准;针对 involve[in`v?lv]v.涉及;包含;使陷入;使卷入;牵涉 live[????] a.活的; 实况; 现场的 lively[???????] a.活泼的; 充满生气的 living [??????] a.活着的 alive[??????]a. 活着的 , 存在的 ; 有活力的 ;有 生气的 lay[???] (laid; laid) vt.放;搁; (鸡)下蛋 lie[???] vi. 说谎 vi. (lay; lain)躺; 平放; 位 于 wonder [??????]n.奇迹 insect [???????] n. 昆虫 branch[???????]n. 树枝 ; 办事处 ; 分支机构 ; 分店 continent[??????????]n. 大陆;大洲;陆地 focus [`f?uk?s] n.焦点; 焦距; 集中点 energy [???????] n. 精力; 能量 waste [?????]v.浪费 n.废料;垃圾;污水;[复]粪 便 monitor[???????] vt. 监测 *survival [s?`vaiv?l] n. 生存 profit [`pr?fit] n. 利润,赢利,利益 create [??????????] vt.创造; 发明; 造 成 intelligent [in`telid??nt] a.有智力的;聪明的 *origin [`?rid?in] n.起源;起因;出身;血统 originally adv. 起初; 原来

struggle to one’s feet 挣扎着站起来 struggle against 同…作斗争 sth. be (well) worth doing 某事(很)值得做 on the spot 马上; 当场; 在现场 aim at 瞄准; 向某方向努力;目的在于 be / get / become involved in… 陷入;被涉及 do / work wonders/a wonder 创造奇迹 (it is) no wonder 难怪; 并不奇怪 be concerned about/over/for 关心;担心;挂念 feed on 以…为食; 靠…生活; 从…得到供养 stand for 象征; 代表; 竞选; 支持; 主张 stand out 显得突出; 引人注目 set up 竖立;升起;张贴;建立;设立;创立 put down 放下;镇压;记下;扑灭 put away 收起来; 存钱 go for 攻击; 批评; 试图得到; 争取获得 keep an eye on 照看; 留意;留神 keep an eye out for 小心;密切注意 if only 但愿; 要…就好了; 要是; 若是 in reserve 储备; 储备 only if 只有; 只有… be ready to do … 准备/乐于做.. be ready for…为…作准备; 乐于做.

重点词语精练 1. 单项选择: 1) The head office of the bank is in Beijing, but it has ______ all over the country. [2005 年高考辽宁卷] A. companies B. branches C. organization D. businesses 2) We will never forget the great _______we fought against SARS in 2003. A. battle B. war C. fight D. struggle 3) I easily _______ him in the crowd because he was very tall. A. saw B. stared C. spotted D. reserved 4) ATM is a short form which _________ "automated teller machine". A. relies on B. stands by C. bases on D. stands for 5) With his songs widely accepted by the youth, his reputation as a songwriter ______ grew rapidly. A. meanwhile B. somewhat C. however D. anyway 6) Don't worry. There will be ________ TV report of tonight's football match and we can enjoy it together. A. alive B. living C. live D. lively 7) Wait! Tom. It is raining so hard. Take a raincoat to __________ yourself from the rain. A. save B. prevent C. stop D. protect 8) They raised a lot of money and ___________ a school for the children in the mountain area. A. took up B. set up C. picked up D. made up 9) As a model you should know extreme designs always go out of ________ as quickly as they come in. A. order B. control C. question D. fashion 10) John _____ on the desk the compositions he had written, and then _____ for a rest. A. laid; lay B. lay; laid C. lay; lay D. laid; laid 11) We’re just trying to reach a point _________ both sides will sit down together and talk. [2006 年高考山东卷] A. that B. where C. when D. which 12) The reason _______ he gave for his second visit to the city was simply _______ he admired the sights here so much. A. why; that B. why; why C. which; that D. which; why 13) Look out! Don’t get too close to the house ______ roof is under repair. [2006 年高考福建卷] A. whose B. which C. of which D. what 14) Was it what he said or something _________ he did ________ made her cry? A. that; which B. that; that C. that; what D. what; that 15) The three-storey building, ________ in the 18th century, was turned into a museum in 1960. A. constructing B. being constructed C. constructed D. when constructed 2. 选用本模块所列的词或词组的适当形式填空: 1) Plastic bags are even dangerous to ___________ as thousands of sea animals are killed each year when they eat or are choked by them. 2) On hearing there was a serious traffic accident that took place on the highway, they hurried to the ______ to rescue the injured. 3) In order to improve the student’s living and studying ___________, measures should be taken

without delay. 4) The _____ of the special education is to help disabled students understand that they can play a valuable role within society. 5) The Great Wall is considered as one of the seven _________ of the world. 6) The ________ bent but didn't break when the boy climbed along it. 7) Australia was probably once connected to South America, but the ___________ separated as the earth’s plates moved. 8) Because of his strange clothes, he immediately became the ______ of attention when he entered the office. 9) Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas, wind and other forms of ______. 10) The business to export the shawls is completely illegal---there has been a _____ on the trade since 1975. 11) To get quick _________ from trees, people cut them down in large numbers, only to find that they have lost their good friends. 12) Those animals that can fit in with the new surroundings have better chances of _________. 13) While your opinions are _________ considering, the committee finds it unwise to place too much importance on them. 14) The trip to Australia, ____________ to be made last week, was finally canceled for the lack of money. 15) Though the young man was badly injured, and yet he ___________ to his feet and cried for help with all his strength. 16) The police are looking into the records of all those _________ in the crime. 17) He ____ on the ground ____ to me that his hen had _____ two eggs a day. 18) In the Olympics Chinese athletes _________ one new record after another. 19) If people keep polluting the rivers, no fish there will _________ in the long run. 20) He is said to have studied in America for three years, so it is _______________ that he speaks perfect English. 21) It’s known to all that cattle ______ mainly ______ grass. 22) Johnny is a great dancer, he ___________ above the rest for his perfect performance. 23) Mr. Read made up his mind to devote all he had to ____________ some schools for poor children. 24) Before the war broke out, many people ___________ in safe places possessions they could not take with them. 25) Liu Xiang was trying to ________ another world record in 110m Hurdles in the 29th Olympic Games. Unfortunately he withdrew from the game because of his foot injury. 26) I will be just briefly out and will you please _______________ on my luggage? 27) ____________ he lay quietly as the doctor instructed, we would not suffer so much now. 28) Every word from the parents will _____________________ the child. 3. 根据汉语意思完成下列句子: (每空一词) 1) 那个赛跑运动员保留着一些力气以备最后的冲刺。 The runner _________ some of his ________ for the ______ spring. 2) 大多数动物不得不在一个充满危险的世界里为生存而斗争。 Most animals have to _________ for _________ in a dangerous world. 3) 为了纪念那些牺牲的战士,在那场战役的发生地建立起了一座大型的纪念碑。 In ____ of the dead soldiers, a grand monument was built on the _____ of the great campaign.

4) 这个项目旨在改善中国最贫困地区人民生活条件。 The program _____ _______ ________ the living ________ for the poorest people in China. 5) 随着生活水平的提高,人们越来越关心生活的质量。 With the ____________ of living _________, people _____ more and more _________ ________ the life _______. 6) 令人遗憾的是,此项研究局限在增加经济利益方面,而没有涉及对环境的保护。 Unfortunately, the research was _________ to increasing economic ________, rather than _____________ the ____________. 7) 中俄两国政府在边界地区建立了一个自然保护区, 来保护西伯利亚虎的自然栖息地。 The Chinese and Russian government have ________ a ________ reserve _____ the border to help save the Siberian tiger’s ___________ habitat. 8) 那些偷猎者往往是夜里出动 , 一次就捕杀整群的藏羚羊, 只留下那些毛不怎么值钱的幼 崽。 Often working at night, the poachers ________ whole herds of antelopes at a time, __________ only the babies, ________ wool is not _______ so much. 9) 工作在保护区的政府官员得到了来自全国各地的、 愿意忍受海拔 5000 米以上恶劣生活环 境的志愿者们的支持。 The small group of officials who work in the reserve are helped by ___________ from all over the country, who are _______ ______ the difficult ___________ of life at 5000 meters. 10) WWF 所代表的是《世界保护自然基金会》英文首字母缩写。该机构认为只有人类学会 保护自然, 不浪费自然资源, 我们人类社会才会有美好前景。 The WWF, which _______ _______ World Wide Fund for Nature, believes that our world has a future _______ ______ people learn to conserve nature and not waste energy. 课本相关内容扩展 1. 选用下列词或词组的适当形式填空:(每空一词) environment; average; ban; balance; measure; reserve (n); part; profit; advantage; active; worth; meanwhile; another; in; for; from; to; face; fall; rise; work; play; clear; realize; preserve; leave; shoot; prohibit; follow; sacrifice A. The earth was once the home 1)_______ many different kinds of living things ― perhaps five to ten million kinds. Because the 2)__________ that they are living 3)______ has changed greatly, many wild animals are 4)_________ the danger of extinction. It is thought that between the years 1550 and 1950 an 5)__________ of one kind of living thing died out each year. By 1985 this had 6)_______ to one per day. Between 1980 and 2008 we may lose 7)________ half a million different kinds of living things. One example of an animal in danger is the Tibetan antelope. At the beginning of the 20th century there were millions of antelopes on the Qinhai-Tibetan Plateau. By the 1990s the number had 8)_______ to about 50,000. There are many reasons for animals dying out, but the most important one is the 9)_____ that humans have 10)_______. First, many animals have been killed for food. Second, because forests have been 11)_______. their living areas have become narrower and narrow. Now many of the wile animals are hard to get enough food. At the same time, man is killing off species just 12)_____ their fur, skin, horns, teeth and meat, 13)______ which they can get huge 14)_______. In order to protect our resources of ecology, people should 15)_________ that the loss of any species is at least the loss of natural beauty. Also it can destroy the 16)________ of nature and

cause a serious result. Therefore, 17)_________ of the following should be taken: laws should be made to reduce the use of poisons; killing off certain rare species is 18)_________; national parks should be set up as wildlife 19)________. Only if we human beings take some drastic measures can wild animals be 20)________. B. On a freeing cold day, Jiesang Suonandajie found the poachers. But the poachers had an 21)________ ---there were more of them. In the battle which 22)________ Jiesang was shot and killed. When his frozen body was found, he 23)________ his life to save the Tibetan antelope. Often working at night, the poachers 24)________ whole herds of antelopes at a time, 25)_______ only the babies, whose wool is not 26)_______ so much. Since 1975, there has been a 27)______ on the trade. In the 1990s the Chinese government began to take an 28)_______ part in protecting the antelopes. Over the next ten years about 3000 poachers were caught. The number of poachers has fallen. 29)_________, international co-operation seems to be 30)_______. The antelope population has slowly begun to grow again. 2. 背诵并默写下面的范文,然后进行仿写或改写练习(词数 120-150) What will life be like without animals Animals are close friends of human beings. Their existence, especially the existence of rare animals makes the whole world lively and colorful. Unfortunately, we heard such news recently that rare animals, even kept in the zoo, couldn't escape being hurt and killed, at which we can feel nothing but shocked. The reason why it happened is that some people lack understanding about these animals and caring for them. Therefore, we should study and publicize the information about rare animals, and keep it in mind that protecting animals is the duty of everyone. At the same time, we should take active and effective measures. After all, protecting animals is protecting ourselves. 综合能力训练 1. 完形填空 The basic meaning of “pet” is an animal we keep for emotional (情感的) rather than economic reasons. A pet animal is 1 _ as a companion, and we all need companion to keep us feeling happy. _ 2 pets offer more than mere companionship: they invite us to love and be loved. Many 3 feel their pets understand them, for animals are 4 to sense anger and sorrow. Often a cat or dog can comfort us 5 when human words don’t help. We feel loved, too, by the way pets 6 _ us for a home, for food and drink. Dogs 7 , look up to their owners, 8 _ makes them feel important and needed. A pet can be something 9 to each member of the family, another baby to the mother, a sister or brother to a (n) 10 _ child, a grandchild to the elderly, but for all of us pets provide _11 and companionship. It has 12 been suggested that tiny pets 13 be sent as companions to astronauts (宇航员) on space ships, to help reduce the stress (紧张) and 14__ of space flights. In this Plastic Age, when most of us live in large cities, pets are particularly important for _15 _. A pet in the family keeps people in 16 with the more natural, animal world. Seeing an animal give birth brings understanding of the naturalness of childbirth, and seeing a pet 17_ helps a child to cope with sorrow. Learning to 18 a pet helps a child to grow up into a loving adult who feels 19 toward those dependent on them. Rightly we teach children to be good to their pets. They should learn, too, that pets are 20 for us human beings. 1. A. known B. looked upon C. treated D. kept

2. A. But 3. A. masters 4. A. slow 5. A. in time 6. A. depend on 7. A. especially 8. A. it 9. A. dangerous 10. A. single 11. A. loss 12. A. ever 13. A. would 14. A. loneliness 15. A. housewives 16. A. connection 17. A. die 18. A. pay for 19. A. comfortable 20. A. fit 2. 阅读理解

B. However B. owners B. quick B. on time B. live on B. hardly B. who B. necessary B. only B. love B. even B. could B. distance B. children B. conversation B. suffer B. ask for B. suitable B. good

C. So C. bosses C. easy C. at times C. wait on C. hopefully C. which C. the same C. separate C. trouble C. never C. should C. darkness C. grown-ups C. touch C. cry C. call for C. valuable C. expensive

D. Otherwise D. hosts D. difficult D. at no time D. look on D. entirely D. what D. different D. alone D. pleasure D. probably D. must D. weight D. relatives D. love D. fight D. care for D. responsible D. bad

A How could we possibly think that keeping animals in cages in unnatural environments-mostly for entertainment purposes-is fair and respectful? Zoo officials say they are concerned about animals. How ever, most zoos remain “collections” of interesting “things” rather than protective habitats (栖息地). Zoos teach people that it is acceptable to keep animals bored, lonely, and far from their natural bones. Zoos claim (声称) to educate people and save endangered species (物种), but visitors leave zoos without having learned anything meaningful about the animals’ natural behavior, intelligence, or beauty. Zoos keep animals in small spaces or cages, and most signs only mention the species’ name, diet, and natural range (分布区). The animals’ normal behavior is seldom noticed because zoos don’t usually take care of the animals’ natural needs. The animals are kept together in small spaces, with no privacy and little opportunity for mental and physical exercise. This results in unusual and self-destructive behavior called zoochosis. A worldwide study of zoos found that zoochosis is common among animals kept in small spaces or cages. Another study showed that elephants spend 22 percent of their time making repeated head movements or biting cage bars, and bears spend 30 percent of their time walking back and forth, a sign of unhappiness and pain. Furthermore, most animals in zoos are not endangered. Captive breeding ( 圈养繁殖 ) of endangered big cats, Asian elephants, and other species has not resulted in their being sent back to the wild. Zoos talk a lot about their captive breeding programs because they do not want people to worry about a species dying out. In fact, baby animals also attract a lot of paying customers. Haven’t we seen enough competitions to name baby animals?

Actually, we will save endangered species only if we save their habitats and put an end to the reasons people kill them. Instead of supporting zoos, we should support groups that work to protect animals’ natural habitats. 21. How would the author describe the animals’ life in zoos? A. Dangerous. B. Unhappy. C. Natural. D. Easy. 22. In the state of zoochosis, animals _________. A. remain in cages B. behave strangely C. attack other animals D. enjoy moving around 23. What does the author try to argue in the passage? A. Zoos are not worth the public support. B. Zoos fail in their attempt to save animals. C. Zoos should treat animals as human beings. D. Zoos use animals as a means of entertainment. 24. The author tries to persuade readers to accept his argument mainly by __________. A. pointing out the faults in what zoos do B. using evidence he has collected at zoos C. questioning the way animals are protected D. discussing the advantages of natural habitats 25. Although he argues against zoos, the author would still agree that _________. A. zoos have to keep animals in small cages B. most animals in zoos are endangered species C. some endangered animals are reproduced in zoos D. it’s acceptable to keep animals away from their habitats B Tragedy at the Circus (马戏团) In yesterday’s circus show, a tiger suddenly attacked its trainer and had to be shot dead. As the circus packed up and left, circus officials said the show would go on, even without tigers. However, the officials can’t simply turn a blind eye to the ethical problems left behind. Even before this tragedy (悲剧), animal rights activists protested against keeping wild animals in unnatural conditions and forcing them to suffer for the profit of circus organizers. It is now time for us to take effective steps to make sure that circus animals are treated properly. ******************************* Circus Safe for Animals Our circus recently suffered a most tragic event in its history. While we are thankful for the pity from the public, we are also astonished by the opinion expressed in “Tragedy at the Circus.” First, our performing animals are not taken from the wild. As to the ethical problems. we always believe humans and animals can---and should--live together nicely. To us, the performing animals are representatives of their species (物种), and our circus is one of the only places left willing to support this special role of performing animals in the existence of the species. Those who argue that circus life is harmful to animals show little knowledge of these facts. Life in the “wild” is unsafe, but a continuous struggle for existence. To overlook these realities is the greatest fault against the animal kingdom. This circus has proven that animals are stronger and smarter than we could imagine. Within the circus is a joyful atmosphere for both animals and humans: people are educated, and species

saved. 26. What is the main purpose of the first passage? A. To show pity for the performing animals. B. To express worries about animal trainers' safety. C. To deal with the difficult situations of the circus. D. To call for action to protect circus animals. 27. What will the circus most probably do? A. Take no notice of the tragedy. B. Continue its performances. C. Use fewer wild animals. D. Limit its profit. 28. What does the circus think of its performing animals? A. They are as clever as human beings. B. They struggle continuously with human beings for existence. C. They are helpful in saving their species. D. They have equally natural living conditions as wild animals. 29. What is the most probable relationship between the two passages? A. A public request and a newspaper report. B. A newspaper article and a reply to it. C. Two parts of a newspaper article. D. Two newspaper reports. 30. What does the underlined word “overlook” in the fourth paragraph mean? A. fail to notice B. forgive C. have a view of D. pay attention to 3. 阅读表达 Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Most people know this joke. But recently, some people have been much more concerned with how the grizzly bear (大灰熊) and mountain lion can cross the road. Millions of animals die each year on US roads, the Federal Highway Administration reports. In fact, only about 80 ocelots, an endangered wild cat, exist in the US today. The main reason? Roadkill. “Ecopassages (生态通道)”may help animals cross the road without being hit by cars, which are paths both over and under roads. They allow animals to cross safely. “These ecopassages can be extremely useful, so that wildlife can avoid human conflicts.” said Jodi Hilty of the Wildlife Conservation Society. But do animals actually use the ecopassages? The answer is yes. Paul Beier of Northern Arizona University found mountain lion tracks on both sides of an ecopassage that went under a highway. This showed that __________________________. Builders of some ecopassages try to make them look like a natural part of an area by planting trees on and around them. Animals seem to be catching on. Animals as different as salamanders and grizzly bears are using the bridges and tunnels. The next time you visit a park or drive through an area with a lot of wildlife, look around, You might see an animal overpass! 31. What is the best title of the passage? _____________________________________________________________________ 32. Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? In some places, ecopassages mix with nature closely because of trees being planted nearby. _______________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

33. Please fill in the blank in Paragraph 4 with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (Please answer within 10 words.) _____________________________________________________________________ 34. Do you think ecopassages should be built in your area? Give your reasons. (Please answer within 30 words.) _______________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ 35. Translate the underlined sentence in Paragraph 3 into Chinese. _______________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 4. 书面表达 近年来,各地动物园频频发生动物袭击游人的事件,请 结合下图所给信息,谈谈你的看法和感想。 注意:词数 120—150。

SB 5 Module 5 重点词语精练 1. 1)-15) BDACB DCAAB DCDCC 2. 1) athletes 2) advantage 3) stadium 4) symbol 5) score 6) victory 7) quality 8) competitor 9) ambitions 10) sense 11) chance 12) scene 13) point 14) background 15) final 16) specific 17) tough 18) retire 19) perform 20) guaranteed 21) purchase 22) employ 23) fail 24) as well as 25) make a list of 26) made up of 27) picked up 28) is up to 29) What if 30) on the increase 3. 1) experience; advantage over; for 2) competition; to perform; to 3) think of; brand; quality 4) it was; that; usual 5) products; up to; standard 6) Even though; possible; feeling 7) sense; that; determined; competing 8) purchased; chances are; familiar 9) finish; retired; starts; as 10) event; leader; stadium; rises to; feet 课本相关内容扩展 1) prince 2) that 3) retired 4) competitions 5) even though 6) possible 7) feeling 8) performed 9) sense 10) determined 11) retirement 12) career 13) background 14) compete with 15) on 16) attractive 17) over 18) much 19) guaranteed 20) purchased 21) chances 22) ambitions 23) finish 24) starts 25) anything 综合能力训练 1-5 CDDBA 6-10 CDABC 11-15 BADBA 16-20 CDBCA 21—25 BADBD 26. A。从文章第一段中 the Olympic Games have done little to support the view that sports encourage international brotherhood 可知。 27. D。这件事过后曲棍球联会依然存在,但这次不公正的比赛损害了曲棍球运动和联会的名声,使真正意 义上的曲棍球和其联会都不复存在了。 28. A。原文举的美俄篮球比赛的例子并未表明谁是谁非,作者只是要说明过分的爱国心会导致不愉快的事 件发生。 29. C。作者举两个例子是为了说明在第一段的观点 in recent years the Olympic Games have done little to support the view that sports encourage international brotherhood.;其他三个选项都过于绝对,以偏概全。 30. B。本文主要说明奥运比赛的组织方式必须改进,以防过于狭隘的爱国心扭曲了奥运的真正意义。其他 选项显然不是作者的意图。 31. About Wang Yifu's achievements. 32. But he scared his wife, coaches and audience by fainting after the last shots. 33. whenever I have time 34. Because he put his whole heart into shooting. 35. 由于他身体状况不佳,许多人说他在运动赛场上的日子屈指可数。 4. 书面表达 We middle school students have had many tests or exams and have both achieved success and suffered from failure, but different students take different attitudes to failure. Some fall in low spirits when they don’t do well in the exams, losing heart and no longer studying as hard as before. However, most students take an active attitude towards failure. By encouraging themselves to be self-confident, they find out and analyze the causes so that they will no longer make similar mistakes. In my opinion, failure is the mother of success, which can teach us a lot in the process of reaching our goals, and only by tasting failure can we enjoy the fruit of success. SB 5 Module 6 重点词语精练 1. 1)-15)BACDA CDBDA BCABC 2. 1) wildlife 2) spot 3) conditions 4) aim 5) wonders 6) branch 7) continents 8) focus 9) energy 10) ban 11) profits 12) survival 13) worth 14) originally 15) struggled 16) involved 17) lay; lying; laid 18) created 19) survive 20) no wonder 21) feed; on 22) stands out 23) setting up 24) put away 25) go for 26) keep an eye 27) If only 28) have an effect on 3. 1) reserved; energy; final 2) struggle; survival 3) memory; spot 4) aimed at improving; conditions 5) improvement; standard; are; concerned about; quality 6) limited; profits; protecting; environment 7) created; nature; on; natural 8) shoot; leaving; whose; worth 9) volunteers; ready for; conditions 10) stands for; only if 课本相关内容扩展 1) to 2) environment 3) in 4) facing 5) average 6) risen 7) another 8) fallen 9) part 10) played 11) cleared 12) for 13) from 14) profits 15) realize 16) balance 17) measures 18) prohibited 19) reserves 20) preserved 21) advantage 22) followed 23) sacrificed 24) shoot 25) leaving 26) worth 27) ban 28) active 29) Meanwhile 30) working 综合能力训练 通读全文,本文是议论文。全文论述了宠物在家庭中的重要作用:它可以让大人感到自己的重要,被需要; 它可以让孩子认识孩子的出生,宠物的死会让他们体会难过,及学会爱。 1. D。 B 有一定干扰性。从空后的 and we all need companions to keep as feeling happy 看,作者认为人们是把宠 物作为伴侣来养,而不是把它看作伴侣。 2. A。 从空后的 more than mere (only) companionship 看,本句与上句为转折关系。 3. B。 从空后的 their pets 得此答案。 A,D 有较大干扰性。host 是相对客人而言, master 相对仆人 (servant) 而言,而 owner 指某物的所有者。 4. B。 quick 在这里指“反应灵敏”。

5. C。 at times 在此相当于 sometimes。 6. A。通过宠物依赖于我们给它们一个家、食物、饮料,我们也感受到爱。depend on sb. for sth.意思是“依靠 某人获得某物”。 7. A。作者认为在这一点上狗表现最突出,因此用了 especially 一词。 8. C。 which 在这里指代 Dogs look up to their owners 的内容,look up to 在这里是“尊敬,尊重”的意思。 9. D。从空后的 another baby to the mother, a sister or brother to a (n) 10 (only) child, a grandchild to the elderly, 我们可以 看出宠物对于不同的家庭成员其角色是不一样的。 10. B。 A, D 有较大干扰性。single 意思是“单身的”,指没有结婚;alone 不可作定语,因此 A, D 不合题意。 11. D。“宠物给我们带来欢乐和陪伴。”B 有一定干扰性,从空后的 and companionship 看 love 不合题意。 12. B。“甚至有人建议小宠物应该带到宇宙飞船上作宇航员的伴。”even 意思是“甚至”,在这里用作加强语气。 13. C。 suggest 后的宾语从句用的是虚拟语气,其谓语是 “should+动词原形”。 14. A。宠物用来减轻宇航员飞行中的紧张与孤独。 15. B。最后整段论述了宠物对孩子性格培养方面的重要作用。本段第一句为主旨句。 16. C。 “宠物使得(家庭中的)人们与更多的自然的、动物世界保持接触。” 17. A。 die 在此与 give birth 相对,从空后的 with sorrow 也可得此答案提示。 18. D 。care for 在此是“关心,照顾”的意思,从空后的 grow up into a loving adult 可得此答案。 19.D.“学会关心宠物有助于将孩子培养成有爱心的成年人,他们会对需要自己的人负责。” 20.B.“他们也会知道宠物对我们人类有益处。 21-25. BBAAC 26-30. DBCBA 31. Special bridges help animals cross the road. 32. Builders of some ecopassages try to make them look like a natural part of an area by planting trees on and around them. 33. the lion used the passage. 34. Yes, it’s necessary. There are many wild animals in my area and they often run across the roads with heavy traffic./ No, it’s unnecessary. Wild animals have been well protected in my area and they are hardly seen on the roads. 35. “生态通道”是建在公路的上空或地下,因此他们或许有助于动物横穿马路却不被车撞倒。 4. 书面表达 Recently, news has often come that animals in the zoos attack tourists. That results from the fact that tourist, though rarely reported, often annoy or hurt the animals. Just as we can see in the picture, a child is to throw a stone at the elephant, and the elephant holds a board, reading "I'll take revenge on the person who injures me." Similar happenings often occur in our daily life. Neglecting the rules in the zoo, many tourists throw such things as food, garbage, or even stone at the animals, causing injuries to the animals. Consequently some of the animals attack the tourists in return. We all know that one good turn deserves another. Vice versa, one bad turn deserves another, too. Animals are our friends. Being kind to animals is being kind to ourselves.

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