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Product presentation:The Auldey Toys Company_图文

Product presentation:The Auldey Toys Company_图文

The Auldey Toys Company

Sales manager :容佩仪 Production manager :李绍祺 CEO :刘素琼

The Auldey Toys Company
Our company was founded in 1993,located in Guangdong Shantou,Chenghai area. Covers an area of 120 mu.We have more than 2000 staff. The main business of our company are design and product many kinds of toys.Our product sells overseas.

Company profile
? Company:Guangdong Auldey Toys Company. ? Address:XX Road,No.XX.Chenghai Area,Shantou, Guangdong, China ? Zip Code: 515041 ? Website: http://www.auldey.com Business Started In: 1993 ? Tel:0754---5678910

The main products
? The mini 4 wheels car

The yo-yo

The gyro

Remote control plane

? And so on......

? Our company not only sell toys for kids.We also design some high-tech products.Such as the robot and some digital product

? Our company have many chain store in many city.If you want to buy our products and don’t want walk so far .You can visit our online store. ? http://auldey.tmall.com/

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