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人教版Book3 Unit5 Reading_图文

人教版Book3 Unit5 Reading_图文

Unit 5 Canada— ”The True North”
Maple Country
-- Canada

Leading in and Warming Up

How much do you

know about Canada?

1. What language (s) do Canadians speak? A. English B. English and German C. C English and French D. English and Spanish

2. What is the capital of Canada?
A. Vancouver B. Toronto

D. D Ottawa 3. What is the national animal of Canada?
A. A Beaver C. polar bear B. Grizzly bear D. Penguin

C. Calgary

4. What is the leader of the country called? A. President B. B Prime Minister C. Queen 5. How many “Great Lakes” are there in Canada? A. 4 B. 3 C. 5 D. 6 A

Canada is the second largest country in the world.
9984670平方公里,居世界第二位, 其中陆地面积9093507平方公里,淡水 覆盖面积891163平方公里。

9.98million km2


the national flag of Canada the national anthem of Canada

Capital city-----Ottawa

Stampede (美国西部或加拿大) 一年一次的庆祝会 The cowboys have a gift for working with animals and they can win thousands of dollars in prizes

Toronto Canada Skyline

the Niagara fall

most of the electricity is produced by water

Would you like to take a trip to Canada? Where would you like to go? What do you expect to see there?

Read the text and find out:

Try to find out what these numbers refer to in the text.
5500: It is 5500 kilometers from the east to the west of the country. Thirty million: The population of Canada is slightly over thirty million. One third: Canada has one third of the world’s fresh water.

Answer questions
1. Which continent are the cousins crossing? They are crossing North America.

2. Why are they not flying directly to the Atlantic coast? They are not flying directly to the Atlantic Coast because they want to take the train from west to east across Canada./ They want to see Canada./ They want to travel across Canada.

3. Why is the population of Vancouver growing so rapidly? The population of Vancouver is growing so rapidly because it is beautiful.

4. What happens at the Calgary Stampede? At the Calgary Stampede cowboys compete in riding wild horses for thousands of dollars. 5. How are ocean ships able to reach the centre of Canada? Ships are able to reach the centre of Canada because they can follow the St Lawrence River and the Great Lakes.

6. What are some of Canada’s greatest natural resources? Canada has water from its lakes and rivers and wood from its forests.

True or False

1. They will take the train across Canada westward. 2. You can cross Canada in less than five days. 3. Vancouver is the coldest part in Canada. 4. It is so wet in Vancouver that the trees are tall. 5. Canada is a large country with a small population. 6. The ocean ships cannot go to Thunder Bay. 7. Toronto is to the south of Thunder

True or False
____ 1. They will take the train across F Canada westward. ____ 2. You can cross Canada in less F than five days.

____ 3. Vancouver is the coldest part in F Canada.

____ 4. It is so wet in Vancouver that the T trees are tall. ____ 5. Canada is a large country with a T small population. ____ 6. The ocean ships cannot go to F Thunder Bay. ____ 7. Toronto is to the south of T Thunder Bay.

Draw the traveling route of the two girls.


Language points
1. Rather than take the aeroplane all the way, they decided to fly to Vancouver and then take the train west to east across Canada.
她们不想一路乘飞机,她们决定先飞到 温哥华,再从西海岸乘火车横穿加拿大到 达东海岸。

rather than 表示客观事实,意为
“是……而不是……;与其……不如……”。 它连接的并列成分可以是名词、代词、形容

动词等。 (1) 连接两个名词或代词

He is an explorer rather than a sailor.
与其说他是一个海员,不如说他是一个探险 者。

You rather than I are going to go camping.

rather than 连接两个名词或代词作
主语时,谓语动词应与rather than 前面的 名词或代词在人称和数上保持一致。

(2) 连接两个形容词

The sweater she bought was beautiful rather than cheap.
与其说她买的这件羊毛衫便宜不如 说它漂亮。

(3) 连接两个介词(短语)或动名词

We will have the meeting in the
classroom rather than in the great hall.

She enjoys singing rather than dancing.

(4) 连接两个分句

We should help him rather than he should help us.
是我们应该帮助他而不是他应该帮助 我们。 (5) 连接两个不定式

I decided to write rather than (to) telephone.

注意:rather than 后接不定式时,不定

式可以带to,也可以不带to, 如上句。但

rather than位于句首时,则只能接不带 to 的不定式。 如: Rather than allow the vegetables to go bad, he sold them at half price.

(6) 连接两个动词

He ran rather than walked.

注意:这里rather than 后用了walked,

主观愿望。如果换成walk,则作“宁 愿……而不愿 ……”解。

看 一 例:


I should thank you ___ that you should thank me. A. because C. for B. rather than B D. as

2.(2011· 全国卷Ⅰ)The form cannot be signed by anyone _________ yourself.
A. rather than C. more than B. other than D. better than

【解析】选B。考查介词短语。句意: 这个表格除了你自己外其他人都不能签 名。rather than而不是;other than除了; more than多于,不仅仅;better than胜 过。

3. If what your friend comes up with surprises you, don’t reject it immediately. ____imagine that it is true. A. Thus B. Besides C. Rather D. Otherwise C

2.That afternoon aboard the train, the cousins settled down in their seats. 那天下午表姐妹俩才登上火车落了座。 ? 1). aboard prep. &adv. 在船、飞机、火车
? ? ? ? 或公共汽车上 ①All passengers aboard fell into the river. 船上所有乘客皆落入河中。 ②They were the last two to go aboard the ship. 他们是最后两位上船的。

拓展】 go aboard


All aboard! 请大家上车!

Welcome aboard! 欢迎上船(车、飞机)!

【学以致用】翻译句子 ①该上飞机了。 It’s time to go aboard. ___________________ ②我们搭乘同一班机。 We traveled aboard the same flight. _______________________________

2). settle down定居;平静下来;专心
于 【拓展】settle in/into

settle on 选定,决定

settle up



一言助记settle down

After this panda settled down in the mountain, she settled herself down. Look, she is settling down to eating leaves of bamboo.

这只大熊猫定居在这座山里之后,她终于 让自己平静下来了。看,她现在正在专心地 吃竹叶。

【学以致用】选词填空(down/up/on) ①She took a seat and settled wait.

down _____ to

②All the articles displayed in the counter on were attractive, and finally she settled ___ a ring. up ③He needed ten yuan to settle ___ this bill.

3.Earlier that day, when they crossed the Rocky Mountains, they managed to

catch sight of some mountain goats and
even a grizzly bear and an eagle.

那天早些时候,当火车穿越落基山脉时, 她们总算见到了野山羊,甚至还看到了


How does Zhao Benshan manage to do so many great things? 赵本山是怎么设法做成这么多大事的?


manage to do 它含有“成功办成”的意
思 “试图做某事”,强调付

try to do


1)I see what you mean, but if you can manage to do it, everything will change.

我明白你的意思,但是如果你设法做成了, 一切都会发生改变。
2)We tried to stop him smoking in bed but he would not listen. 我们试图阻止他在床上吸烟,但他就是不 听。

①It was very dirty, but managed to __________clean it. (manage)


那个东西很脏,但是他设法把它擦干 净了。 ②I tried to _______look for the book, but I failed. (try)

③(2010· 山东高考)Your house is always so
neat—how do you _________ it with three children?

A. manage B. serve C. adapt D. construct
【解析】选A。句意:你的房间总是那么整 洁 —— 带 着 三 个 孩 子 你 是 怎 么 做 到 的 ? manage it 设法做成某事。

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