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牛津高中英语M7U2 Project_图文

牛津高中英语M7U2 Project_图文

M7U2 Project
Exploring Chinese medicine

By Wang Hongmei from Taixing Senior High School

Teaching objectives:
After this period, students should be able to
? have a clear idea of Chinese

acupuncture ? work together to do research on Chinese medicine in order to gain a better understanding of Chinese medicine.


Possible ways of losing weight healthily:

Taking weight-loss pills ×


Going on a diet ×


Plastic surgery ×

fat extraction ( liposuction)

hula hoop


Doing regular exercise √
Rope skipping



Having enough sleep √


Receiving an acupuncture treatment on the face.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the use of needles treat people’s ________to health problems.

Q: Do you know the origin of acupuncture?

Acupuncture is a way of medical treatment with a long history. About 4,000 years ago, ancient Chinese began to treat patients by stimulating (刺激) the body’s surface at specific points with something like needles. The first record of acupuncture was found in the oldest medical textbook in the world called Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine (Huang Di Nei Jing). Today, acupuncture proves to be safe and effective.

Fast reading: ⑴Read the article quickly and find which
of the following topics is not mentioned:

history, past uses, current uses, acceptance in the west, benefits, disadvantages


Structure analysis : Para.1 History Para.2 ________ Needles Para.3 Acupuncture points development Para.4 Pulses Para.5 __________of acupuncture Application Para.6 How acupuncture relieves pain

Task 1. Blank-filling (Para.1) :

Detailed reading:

Chinese acupuncture, the art of agic m_________ needles, was a___________ cknowledged to be one of the most famous Chinese medical reatments t__________. ractised in It is said to have been p________ China for about 4000 years and a_____ pplied to treat s______ wollen areas of the body during the Stone Age.

Task 2: Completing the following diagram

the development of Chinese acupuncture
stone or pottery __________needles

metal needles
put needles into at certain points the skin ___________ on the body

make holes on swollen areas of the body

365 acupuncture points

about 2,000 acupuncture points

Acupuncture point wall chart


Task 3. Making a comparison(para.4-5)
Chinese acupuncture & Western medicine
A physician An acupuncturist will ① enquire _____ about your medical only checks history and_________; lifestyle ② one pulse Before ________the color of your indicating _________the observe getting the skin and your tongue _______; heartbeat. diagnosis ③ listen to your ________; ④check your breathing pulse _______. Acupuncturists Application ①Medical problems ___________ including of __________some bad can be found Addictions to in many pain ②___________ Acupunccigarettes, drugs, etc. countries. ture

Task 4 Further thoughts on acupuncture (Para.6)
Q: How does acupuncture reduce and relieve pain?

Chinese medicine

&western medicine,

Which do you prefer? Why?

Useful expressions and sentence structures:

effective, side effects, expensive, weigh the benefits against …,combine…with, cure thoroughly…
In our opinion/From our point of view/As far as we are concerned, …has advantages over…. The reasons are as follows. First of all/Firstly, …. Secondly/Also/Besides,… Thirdly/Moreover/Furthermore… In a word/In brief/In short, we prefer… to…

Doing research on Chinese medicine Chinese medical treatments


Cupping therapy--a non-drug folk therapy


herbal cuisine

Maintaining good health through Chinese medicine

Steps when doing the research
1. Planning Choose one of the medical treatments listed above or any other topics your group members like. 2. Preparing Select information on the following aspects of the topic you choose. History, uses, advantages, acceptance in the west, etc. 3. Producing Write your research paper

based on the information you get.

4. Presenting Present your research to the

whole class.

Chinese massage
Massage, a systematic manipulation and rubbing of bodily tissues and muscles to relax and soothe aches, claims a rich tradition in ancient China, with recorded documentation of the practice dating to 3000 B.C. (History of massage)

Chinese massage methods originated from the principle that diseases and illnesses arise due to a deficiency or imbalance in the energy in specific pathways or meridians(子午线)that represent physiological(生理 的)systems. The Chinese believed that massage would allow positive energy to better flow through afflicted areas. (Therapeutic principle)

Massage practices can be found in every culture and ethnic group. The ancient civilizations of Rome, Greece, China, Egypt and Mesopotamia each created their own forms and favorite techniques. Hippocrates, generally acknowledged as the “father of medicine”, believed that doctors should become familiar with rubbing techniques because of the effects that it could have, especially on the joints of the body. In ancient Rome, practitioners used a series of pinching motions in an effort to treat the emperor?s neuralgia(神经痛) and epileptic seizures(癫痫发作).

(Massage practised in other countries)

Today's most popular type of massage is based on the Chinese “tuina” or “anmo”, a form of therapy that involves manipulating areas of the body to bring it into balance and increase the flow of energy.(Modern Chinese massage)

The terms “anmo” and “tuina” are often used interchangeably to describe modern Chinese massage, but there is an important distinction between the two. Anmo is the Chinese medicine practice of utilizing massage for relaxation and restoration of vigor, while tuina is primarily a musculoskeletal(肌(与)骨骼的)technique designed to serve as a physiotherapy and eradicator of diseases, cancers and migraines(偏头痛). (Distinction between “anmo” & “tuina”)

1. Perfect your report on Chinese medicine

2. Review Unit 2

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