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2015 届高考英语阅读理解一轮复习测试 3(带答案)
【四川省成都市 2014 届高三英语摸底测试模拟试题(二) 】--A In this age of Internet chat, videogames and reality television, there is no shortage of mindless activities to keep a child occupied. Yet despite the competition, my 8-year-old daughter Rebecca wants to spend her leisure time writing short stories. She wants to enter one of her stories into a writing contest, a competition which she won last year. As a writer, I know about winning contests – and about losing them. I know what it is like to work hard on a story only to receive a rejection letter from the publisher. I also know the pressure of trying to live up to a reputation created by previous masters. What if she doesn’t win the contest again? That’s the strange thing about being a parent. So many of our own past scars and destroyed hopes can be embodied in our children. An inspiration came last week when I asked her, “Don’t you want to win again?” “No,” she replied, “I just want to tell the story of an angel going to first grade.” I had just spent weeks correcting her stories as she independently told them. Telling myself that I was merely an experienced writer guiding the young writer across the hall, I offered suggestions for characters, conflicts and endings for her tales. The story about a fearful angel starting first grade was quickly “guided” by me into the tale of a little girl with a wild imagination taking her first music lesson. I had turned her contest into my contest without even realizing it. Staying back and giving kids space to grow is not as easy as it looks. While stepping back was difficult for me, it was certainly a good first step that I will quickly follow with more steps, putting myself far enough away to give her room but close enough to help if asked. All the while I will be reminding myself that children need room to experiment, grow and find their own voices. 31. Which of th e statements will the author agree with? A. Children should be given every chance to voice their opinions. B. Parents should keep an eye on the activities their kids engage in.

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C. Children should be allowed freedom to grow through experience . D. A writing career, though attractive, is not for every child to pursue. 32. Which of the following word can replace the underlined word “embodied” in paragraph 2? A. put B. expressed C. connected D. included

33. Why did Rebecca want to enter this year’s writing contest? A. She wanted to share her stories with readers. B. She was sure of winning with her mother’s help. C. She believed she possessed real talent for writing. D. She had won a prize in the previous contest. 34. The author took great p ains to improve her daughter’s stories because _______. A. she wanted to help Rebecca realize her dreams of becoming a writer B. she was afraid Rebecca’s imagination might run wild while writing C. she did not want to disappoint Rebecca who needed her help so much D. she believed she had the knowledge and experience to offer guidance 【参考答案】31-34 CBAD

【山东省枣庄市滕州一中 2014 高考英语二模】 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 If your preschoolers turn up their noses at carrots or celery, a small reward like a sticker(贴画) for taking even a taste may help get them to eat previousl y disliked foods, a UK study said. Though it might seem obvious that a reward could encourage young children to eat their vegetables, the idea is actually controversial, researchers wrote in the American Journal of Clinical Nutr ition. That’s because some studies have shown that rewards can backfire and cause children to lose interest in foods they already liked, said Jane Wardle, a researcher at University College London who worked on the study. Verbal praise, such as “Brilliant! You’re a great vegetable taster”, did not work
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as well. The study found that when parents gave their small children a sticker each time they took a “tiny taste” of a disliked vegetable, it gradually changed their attitudes. The children were also willing to eat more of the vegetables—either carrots, celery, cucumber, red pepper, cabbage or sugar snap peas—in laboratory taste tests, the study said. Researchers randomly assigned (分派) 173 families to one of these groups. In one, parents used stickers to reward their children each time they took a tiny sample of a disliked vegetable. A second group of parents used verbal praise. The third group, where Parents used no special vegetable-promoting methods, served as a “control”. Parents in the reward groups offered their children a taste of the “target” vegetable every day for 12 days. Soon after, children in the sticker group were giving higher ratings to the vegetables—and were willing to eat more in the research lab, going from an average of 5 grams at the start to about 10 grams after the 12-day experience. The turnaround(转机) also seemed to last, with p reschoolers in the sticker group still willing to eat more of the once-disliked vegetable three months later. Why didn’t the verbal praise work? Wardle said the parents’ words may have seemed “insincere” to their children. 61. The purpose of writing the passage is .

A. to introduce a practical method of making children eat vegetables B. to show the procedure of an experiment on children’s diet C. to explain why children hate to eat vegetables D. to present a proper way of verbal praise to parents 62. The underlined word “backfire” in Paragraph 2 probably means “_______”. A. shoot from behind the back C. produce an unexpected result B. make a fire in the backyard D. achieve what was planned

63. Which of the following statements is true according to the passage? A. Most children are born to dislike carrots or celery. B. It remains a question whether rewarding is a good way to get children to eat vegetables.
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C. Oral praise works quite well in encouraging children to eat vegetables. D. Children in the sticker group will never lose interest in eating vegetables. 64. How did the researchers get their conclusion from the experiment? A. By comparison. C. By giving examples. B. By asking questions. D. By discussion.

65. What can we learn from the last paragraph? A. Children like rewards, not verbal praise. B. Parents should praise their children in a sincere tone. C. Children are difficult to inspire. D. Parents should give up verbal praise. 【参考答案】 61-65 ACBAB

阅读理解(二)-----A Few laws are so effective that you can see results just days after they take effect.But in the nine days since the federal cigarette tax more than doubled - to $1.01 per pack -smokers have jammed telephone “quit lines” across the country seeking to kick the habit. This is not a surprise to public health advocates.They've studied the effect of state tax increases for years,finding that smokers,especially teens,are price sensitive.Nor is it a shock to the industry , which fiercely fights every tax increase. The only wonder is that so many states insist on closing their ears to the message.Tobacco taxes improve public health , they raise money and most particularly,they deter people from taking up the habit as teens,which is when nearly all smokers are addicted.Yet the rate of taxation varies widely. In Manhattan,for instance,which has the highest tax in the nation,a pack of Marlboro Light Kings,cost $10.06 at one drugstore Wedne sday.In Charleston, S.C.,where the 7 cent a pack tax is the lowest in the nation,the price was $4.78. The influence is obvious. In New York,high school smoking hit a new low
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in the latest surveys-13.8%,far below the national average.By comparison,26% of high school students smoke in Kentucky.Other low tax states have similarly depressing teen smoking records. Hal Rogers , Representative from Kentucky , like those who are against high toba cco taxes, “who choose to smoke.” That's true.But there is more reason in keeping future generations of , if the new tax drives them to quit,they will have more to spend on their families, cut their risk of cancer and heart disease and feel better. 【语篇解读】 烟草税增加后,取得了立竿见影的效果——许多烟民纷纷戒烟。然而有 些地方却对此充耳不闻,中学生吸烟的比例居高不下。本文让我们意识到:从长远看,通 过增加烟草税而使人们戒烟是泽被千家万户的大事。 1.The text is mainly about ________. A.the price of cigarettes B.the rate of teen smoking C.the effect of tobacco tax increase D.the differences in tobacco tax rate 解析 主旨大意题。 本文主要谈论的是烟草税增加后取得的明显效果以及给人们带来的益 处。A、B、D 三项均为文章的某一方面。 答案 C 2.What does the author think is a surprise? A.Teen smokers are price sensitive. B.Some states still keep the tobacco tax low. C.Tobacco taxes improve public health. D.Tobacco industry fiercely fights the tax rise. 解析 事实细节题。由第三段第一句可知,唯 一让人吃惊的是,有些州对此充耳不闻,

也就是继续保持低烟草税。 答案 B 3. A.tolerance C.doubt B.unconcern D.sympathy __.

解析 推理判断题。Roger 认为高烟草税是把税收负担加到了低收入的烟民身上,故应该 持同情态度。
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答案 D 4.What can we learn from the last paragraph? A.The new tax will be beneficial in the long run. B. C.Future generations will be hooked on smoking. D.Adults will depend more on their families. 解析 推理判断题。由全文最后一句可知,增加烟草税促使烟民戒烟,可让他们有更多的 时间与家人团聚,减少癌症和心脏病的发病率,从长远看,是一件有益的事情。 答案 A


A blog can be a very effective way of spreading the word ab out yourself, and your other writing. It can unshroud your knowledge, and create an ongoing relationship with your readers. A good blog is more than just a marketing tool; it’s also an expression of your personality.

An obvious starting point is to post samples of your work that not only show off your skills and writing ability but also leave people wanting more. Post selections from the most exciting parts of your stories but end them just as the action reaches its peak. If you write nonfiction (写实文学), show people what they could achieve, and give them a few steps to get them started.

Give tips, information and advice about the subjects you cover. For example, something about struggling with difficulty and many other issues like this. Your writing tips can also be included, as well as interesting, strange or funny things you discovered
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during your research. Whenever you contact an expert, ask if he or she has any interesting stories you could use. You may also give background information about your stories and the locations.

Give details of coming posts on your blog, so people can watch out for you, or come and meet you. Personal news will help people feel better connected to you. Include photos of objects and locations in your writing, famous people you meet, the views from your window, and your favorite things—with a note about where they came from and what they mean to you. Look out for things that will help your readers get to know you better, know the subject better, or anything else you think they might find useful, inspiring or entertaining.

If you only occasionally post things on your blog, people have a tendency to forget you. As a writer you shouldn’t ever run out of interesting material to fill your blog with—and your readers will love you for it.

1. Which is the best title for the text?

A. What to Blog about

B. How to Start a Blog

C. Why to Launch a Blog

D. How to Make Blog Attractive

2. The underlined word “unshroud” in the first paragraph means


A. put on

B. turn up

C. show off

D. write down

3. You’d better blog about


A. the difficulties of your position to readers

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B. the e ntertaining stories you have

C. advice about your subjects

D. masterpieces from famous writers

4. Personal news on your blog


A. can make people watch out for you

B. can make people easily get in touch with you

C. helps to leave your privacy known

D. helps you improve your wiring

5. What does the author suggest for keeping a blog?

A. Posting things on your blog once in a while.

B. Adding new stories to it every day.

C. Filling it with attractive things frequently.

D. Loving it as your life.


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