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河南农业大学 本科生毕业论文 题 学 目 院 电子商务网站的设计与实现 理学院 11 级电子信息科学与技术 3 班 黄河 谷小青 专业班级 学生姓名 指导教师 撰写日期: 2015 年 5 月 28 日 电子商务网站的设计与实现 黄河 摘要 21 世纪是一个集信息化,数字化的,网络化,以网络为核心的社会体系,越来越 多的人在互联网上获得了巨大的收益和方便,电子商务便是这个社会发展化的产物, 它是一种利用电子信息技术和网络技术进行商务贸易的先进手段。 为商家带来了巨大 的利益。也为消费者的购物提供了方便和多种选择性。 本文并未就商品这么大的范畴去体现商务网站的特点。 而是借书这么一种商品, 从侧面去映射主体, 因此而设计开发了网上书城系统, 本书城系统旨在让消费者能轻 松的在浩瀚的书海中轻松选购自己心仪的图书, 通过对网上书城的设计与实现, 表现 出电子商务网站的特点和作用性。 首先,本文简述了电子商务,尤其是网络购物发展现状。 其次, 本文就毕业设计的内容, 完整地阐述了整个网络电子书城系统的功能及实 现。 本网上书城系统是一个典型的基于 JSP(Java server page)搭建的系统,基于轻 量级 Java EE 应用体系结构,展示了 Web 运行的基本原理。大体上实现了网上购物 的功能流程,能够实现用户在网上进行图书购买。 最后,本文总结分析了系统实现中的难点和重点及若干技术问题。 关键词:电子商务;Java EE;JSP+Servlet;Oracle; Design and implementation of electronic commerce website HUANG He Abstract In twenty-first Century, it is a collection of information technology, digital, networked, take the network as the core of social system,More and more people get huge benefits and convenience on the Internet, That is the product of social development about Electronic commerce,It is an advanced method for commercial use of electronic information technology and network technology.Has brought great benefits for businesses.what's more ,it also provides a convenient and alternative to consumers shopping. The characteristics of this product category doesn't to show business website so much .It is through the book is so a kind of commodity, subject to the mapping from the side, so that the design and development of online bookstore, the bookstore system is aimed at designing to allow consumers to buy their favorite books in the vast sea of books easily,by way of the design and implementation of online bookstore, the characteristics and functions of electronic commerce website is shown. First of all, this paper describes the e-commerce briefly, especially the current situation of the development of online shopping. Secondly, in this paper, the content of graduation design, has fully expounded the function and realization of the network electronic books system. The online bookstore system is based on a typical JSP (Java server page) to build the system, system,Lightweight Java EE-based application architecture,Shows the basic principle of operation of the Web.Largely achieved the online shopping functionality processes, enables users to buy books online. Finally, we analyzed the system implementation difficulties and priorities and a number of technical problems. Keywords:E-commerce;Java EE;Jsp + Servlet;Oracle; 目录 1 绪论 ......................





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