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英语四级翻译常用词汇(1) 长城 the Great Wall of China
烽火台 beacon tower 秦士台皇陵 the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang 兵马俑 Terracotta Warriors and Horses 大雁塔 Big Wild Goose Pagoda 丝绸之路 the Silk Road 敦煌莫高窟 Mogao Grottoes 华清池 Huaqing Hot Springs 五台山"Wutai Mountain

九华山 Jiuhua Mountain 蛾眉山 Mount Emei 泰山 Mount Tai 黄山 Mount Huangshan; the Yellow Mountain 故宫 the Imperial Palace 天坛 the Temple of Heaven 午门 Meridian Gate 大运河 Grand Canal

护城河 the Moat 回音壁 Echo Wall 居庸关 Juyongguan Pass 九龙壁 the Nine Dragon Wall 黄帝陵 the Mausoleum of Emperor Huangdi 十三陵 the Ming Tombs 苏州园林 Suzhou gardens 西湖 West Lake 九寨沟 Jiuzhaigou Valley

日月潭 Sun Moon Lake 布达拉宫 Potala Palace 鼓楼 drum tower 四合院 quadrangle; courtyard complex 孔庙 Confucius Temple 乐山大佛 Leshan Giant Buddha 十八罗汉 the Eighteen Disciples of the Buddha

喇嘛 Lama 英语四级翻译常用词汇(2)
表示主要的,重要的 词 primary, major, main, chief, important, es sential, significant
表示充足 的 enough, sufficient, plenty, abundant
表示适当的 appropriate
表示提升,改善,加强 enhance, improve, strengthen
表示合法 valid, legal, lawful, rightful

表示卓越不 凡 extraordinary, excellent, uncommon, remarkab le, outstanding.
表示很有名气 well-known, noticeable, famous
表示义务,有责任去 做 compulsory, required, obligatory
表示积极,主动 positive, proactive
表示合 理 sound, rational, correct, sensible, logical , reasonable
表示英 勇 brave, bold, valiant, heroic, courageous, fearless

表示巨 大 huge, large, giant, vast, enormous
表示牢固稳 定 sturdy, strong, firm, tough, stable, hardy
表示声誉 reputation, fame, prestige
表示巅峰、顶 点 tip, top, peak, apex, zenith, climax
表示发现、探索 discover, seek, search
表示增 加 increase, enlarge, multiply, expand, raise,
accelerate, broaden, magnify

表示减 少 reduce, decrease, decelerate, lessen, debas e, abate, diminish, decline, discount, subtrac t, deduct
表示转变 convert, change, transform, switch
表示提供、提 交 offer, supply, provide, furnish, contribute , submit
表示构成、组 成 constitute, consist, organize, form, erect,
establish, compose, comprise,
加快人才培 养 accelerate the training of professionals

与……建立关系 establish relationship with
在……取得进步 make progress in
表示有用,有 益 helpful, useful, utile, beneficial
发挥……的作 用 play (central, crucial, decisive, essential , fundamental, important, key, leading,) major ,primary, prominent, significant, vital) role in

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