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【配套K12】安徽省长丰县高中英语 Unit 21 Human Biology Lesson 3 Epidemics Explained教案 北师大版选修7

【配套K12】安徽省长丰县高中英语 Unit 21 Human Biology Lesson 3 Epidemics Explained教案 北师大版选修7

教育配套资料 K12

Unit 21 Human Biology Lesson 3 Epidemics Explained

课题 Unit 21 Lesson3 Epidemics Explained

课型 Reading 第 3 课时

1. To learn some useful words and expressions.



2. To complete the exercises about the text.

1. To develop the students' reading ability.



2. To improve the Ss’ speaking ability

情感目标 To understand the text and get more about the epidemics.

重 点 The useful expressions in Lesson 3. 内容
难 点 Learn some useful reading and speaking strategies. 分析
关 键 点 The words, phrases and the grammar

教法 学法

Team-work and communication approach.

教具 学具

Multi-media A tape recorder




I Warming up Ⅰ. Warming up

1. Listen to the song “Tears in

heaven” .

2. What’s your feeling after hearing the


教 学

3. Why was the singer so sad?

过 程

4. What else may cause death?

5. Epidemics can cause more deaths than

anything else.

II. Pre-reading


教育配套资料 K12

教育配套资料 K12
1. To present question 1 What’s the main idea of the text? A. New health threats is on the rise. B. A lot of epidemics happened in history. C. SARS used to be out of control, now people are trying to stop it on the track. D. We should pay more attention to our health. 2. We can predict what will happen in the text from the title In this text, some epidemics in the history will be talked. 3. Give more titles and ask the Ss what will be talked A. Epidemics B. Epidemics and economy C. SARS D. The history of the Black Death III. While-Reading
ⅢWhile-Reading 1. To present question 2 Read the following graphic and try to tell which epidemics are described? (To see the PPT.) 2. We will try to know some basic information about epidemics in history.
教育配套资料 K12

教育配套资料 K12

IV. Conclusion




plague ) :


North Africa, the Middle East,


The Black Death : 1330

Europe, Asia, Africa, the middle East

The Great Flu Epidemic (The Spanish

Flu) : 1918

Similar as the Black Death

SARS : 2002/2003

China , Canada, Hong Kong

IV. Conclusion 1. Read (Find ) the title carefully 2. Read the text fast and get the general idea 3. Read the text carefully and understand related science terms 4. Try to know more science knowledge through reading the text carefully 5. To figure out the development of the text

教育配套资料 K12

教育配套资料 K12 板 书 设 计 教 学 反 思
教育配套资料 K12

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