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M5P1 Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary_图文

M5P1 Introduction & Reading and Vocabulary_图文

1. What is clone? Warm-up A. An English word meaning any of group of plants or organisms produced asexually from one ancestor B. A person’s name who makes new things in the way of cloning 2. How much do you know about clone before you learn this Module? A. I only learned some in my biology lesson. B. I have known a lot about clone both in English and in Chinese.

3. What is the first cloned animal in the world? A. Dolly B. Three cats 4. Have scientists cloned vegetables in China? A. Yes B. No 5. Are there any cloned animals in China? A. Yes B. No

A cloned sheep

This cloned sheep in Yangling, Shanxi Province is visited by many people from China every day.

A cloned goat

This is a goat cloned in Xingjiang by Chinese scientists.


This is the first cloned sheep in the world by British scientists in 1997.

The world's first cloned cats

Researchers in Texas, recently announced the world's first cloned cat has three kittens. Two of the cats take after their mother, while the third, left, has a gray coat like its father.

Tomato sweet pepper

This tomato sweet pepper is created by Japanese scientists after more than ten years’ hard research.

Words and Expressions





v. 追逐,追赶,追踪
v. 使觉得恶心,使厌烦


n. 感情,情绪

Words and Expressions
murder n.未婚妻 v.谋杀

burn out

v. 拒绝
(火)燃尽,烧完自灭 v.呼吸 n.血管,静脉 v.对照



Words and Expressions
contrast with 与……形成对比

throw oneself on


make a sound again and again nightmare

发出声音 一再,屡次 n.噩梦

1) Do you like to see films? What kind of films do you like to see? 2) Have you ever seen a science fiction film? If so, please give the names of the film. 3) How much do you know about the film “Frankenstein”?

Walking in Space in 2001 2001年漫游太空

《星际战争》(War of the World)

<<侏罗纪公园》Jurassic Park 内容:两位生物学家第一 次来到侏罗纪公园,他们 乘坐的吉普车来到原野上, 其中的一位被眼前的情景 惊呆了,而他的伙伴还在 埋头翻着公园地图,他用 手将伙伴的头扳过来,这 下轮到伙伴瞪大眼睛了: 只见在树丛中一只巨大的 雷龙正在悠闲的散步,它 还不时动作优雅地去啃食 树叶,它的脚步落下时使 大地都为之颤动。

ET内容:电影的主人公一 大群孩子骑着自行车带着 外 星 植 物 学 家 ET 四 处 逃 避大人的追捕,那些大人 要 把 ET 当 成 研 究 品 。 在 路口,警察们已经严阵以 待,一辆辆警车将公路堵 得水泄不通,就在孩子们 一 筹 莫 展 之 际 , ET 发 出 异能使所有的孩子和他们 的车子在路障和目瞪口呆 的大人们面前腾空而起, 逃出包围圈。月光中孩子 们奋力蹬车,御风而行。

From Frankenstein (1931)

Mary Shelly

? 1. When was the film made? The film was made in 1931. ? 2. Try to describe it with the following words in the box.
huge human being lip monster terrifying ugly e.g. The monster resembles a huge human being, strong and very ugly, with wrinkled skin, yellow eyes and black lips, which makes him very terrifying.

1. create
2. frightening a. feeling of extreme fear or dislike b. fill with fear c. cause something to exist d. small fold or line in the skin e. fill with fright or terror f. be similar to; be like

3. horror
4. resemble 5. terrify

6. wrinkled

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words above.

? 1. I saw a _____ film yesterday. It horror was really ________. frightening ? 2. The monster was huge, with ugly, _______ skin. It terrified me. ______ wrinkled ? 3. The creature had wings and ________ a bird. resembled ? 4. The writer______ a very created exciting story.

Last night I went to see Frankenstein, a horror film about a scientist who _____ created monster _______ a _______ that resembled a huge ________ human being in his laboratory. The creature was made to look ugly. With _____ wrinkled skin, yellow ____ and black eyes _______ ____. It was big and very strong . He lips terrified saw _______ everyone who ____ him. It was a very __________ story; but it was also frightening very sad.

I couldn’t believe the creator of this ______ poor creature could be so stupid– why didn’t he think that __ he made a living if being, it would have emotions just like _______ any man? If I were a scientist, I would think about my experiments before I did them. If I didn’t, the results could be _____ as terrifying as they were in the film.

? 1) What do you think of horrible films ? ? 2) Can you tell why a film director directs some science fiction films? ? 3) If you are a film director, do you like to make some terrifying scene in a science fiction film? Why do you do like that? Tell the reasons.

1. making sth. 2. a woman who is going to marry soon 3. kill someone 4. noun of the word “beautiful” 5. without life 6. describes a part of the human body 7. describing feelings 8. quickly follow sb. in order to catch him/ her

creation fiancee murder (vt.) beauty lifeless bone emotion chase Vocabular

1 a terrifying dream


2 your blood moves through these in your body veins 3 the most northern part of the world the Arctic 4 the thing that everything is made of matter 5 very different contrasted

If you see the title of “Frankenstein’s Monster”, what do you suppose the passage is about? 1. Frankenstein’s creation √ √ 2. Monster’s look 3. Monster’s emotion √ 4. Monster’s life in the human being √ 5. The place Monster lives × 6. Monster’s killing Frankenstein × 7. The terrifying scenes √ 8. Frankenstein’s death ×


? 1. In what way is the monster like a human being? ? The monster had a body which is made of human parts. ? 2. How did Frankenstein create the monster? ? He used bones from dead bodies to make a creature and gave it life.

?3. Why did Frankenstein decide to destroy the monster?

?Because the monster hated him for not creating wife for it, and killed his brother, friend and wife.

?4. What had Frankenstein wanted more than anything in the world?

?To give life to a lifeless body.
?5. Why did Frankenstein regret creating the monster? ?Because he was terrified by it.

man 1. Frankenstein is a young woman scientist from Geneva in Switzerland. 2. While studying at university, he discovers the secret of how to give life to lifeless matter. 3. The monster who is intelligent has not only learnt to speak but not has human emotions. True or false

4. The monster was killed by life into the ice. ended his own the scientist. 5. The monster came to Frankenstein’s bedroom in order to talk to him. 6. Frankenstein never regretted creating the monster.

Part 2 1.The first paragraph tells us ________. A. the making of the monster B. the terrifying emotion of Frankenstein C. the scene that the monster was born D. the cold night that monster was born 2. Frankenstein saw this monster when moved as human beings, he felt____. A. happy B. excited C. worried D. frightened

3. Frankenstein wished he had not created the monster because he thought ________. A. the monster looked very ugly B. he would bring people nightmares C. he would bring the world disasters D. the monster would kill him

4. The young scientist was disgusted when he first saw the monster because ______. A. he had wanted to create something beautiful, but it was very ugly B. he ate something wrong C. he created creature to do some harm to human beings D. he did wrong things to human beings

5. The passage tells us ______. A. Frankenstein regretted creating such an ugly monster B. Frankenstein’s creation is successful C. as a scientist, he must have some creations D. the monster can’t be given life

1. The monster terrified people because it was huge, strong and extremely ugly __________________________________. 2. Frankenstein tried to destroy the monster because __________________. it killed three people

3. When the scientist saw the monster move, he felt disgusted because ________ __________________. the creature was ugly 4. When the monster came to Frankenstein’s bed, the scientist ran out into the garden and hid __________________________. 5. The scientist regretted _____________________. having made the monster

For many weeks/ years the monster lived __________ finding/ getting alone in the woods, _____________ food where it could. Sometimes the lonely _______ met human beings, and tried to creature make/ become speak to them and ____________ friends, but they always ran away, terrified by _______ the huge, ugly creature.Often, they threw stones at it, and then the monster wished that they would kill him. ________

Slowly, the creature began to think that it ______was ugly and frightening. It wished it ___________ its appearance and show could change people ___ kind heart. But months passed its and the monster started to understand that it _______ always be alone. would Now it ____________ angry and unhappy, was/ became and started to wish that the scientist ___________ it. Then an idea came to it. hadn’t made The monster ____ watched human beings had and learnt_________ men and women that / how lived together in marriage. The monster began to wish it had /could have a wife. _____________

Retell “The Story of Frankenstein” (Part 1) with the help of the following questions. Speaking 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What did you create? What does the monster look like? What did the monster ask you to do? What did the monster do? What happened in the end?

Reference words and phrases
the creature, large and strong, intelligent, terrify, can speak, lonely and unhappy, hate creator, scientists, chase, destroy, disappear into the ice, end his life Start like this: When I was studying at university, I discovered the secret of how to give life to lifeless matter. So I used bones from dead bodies…

Work in pairs and make a dialogue between Frankenstein and Clerval (Frankenstein’s good friend)about Frankenstein’s creation of the monster. Student A = Frankenstein Student B= Clerval Student A: You are the scientist Frankenstein. Imagine that you have not seen the monster you have created for some days and do not know where he is.

Explain to your best friend Clerval why you created the monster and how you did it. Describe the monster, your feeling about him and your regrets. Student B: You are Clerval , Frankenstein ’s best friend. You had no idea that Frankenstein had created this monster. You express your surprise and ask questions about the monster and how Frankenstein created it.

You can begin like these:
Student A: Hi ! Clerval , I haven’t seen you for some days. How have you been? Student B: I am fine, thank you. But you don’t look very well. What’s wrong with you? Student A: I have been very worried these days. I wish I could disappear! Student B: Why? What on earth has happened to you? Student A: As you know, I discovered the secret of how to give life to lifeless matter when I was studying at university. For two years I had worked very hard with one aim only, to give life to a lifeless body…

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