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First Aid 学案

First Aid 学案

Unit5 First Aid 学案
Period1 First Aid for Burns (Reading) Step1 Warming up First Aid is a form of given to those who suddenly or before a doctor can be found. Step2 Pre-reading What happened to the little girl? A kettle full of on the , and the little girl has pulled onto herself. She will have bad . Her mother looks . What should the mother do? Step3 Fast Reading Main idea: The passage is mainly talking about and the passage is organized according to , , and . Task: number the order from 1 to 5 (P35). Step4 Careful Reading Task 1: Label the three pictures according to the reading (P35). Task 2: Read the text and choose the best answer according the text (EB P48). Task 3: Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks (EB P48). Step5 Comprehending 1. The reason why a third degree doesn’t hurt is because . 2. The clothes and jewellery near burns should be because the bacteria from the clothes and jewellery will the burn. 3. when someone has a third degree burn, we can see because all the o f the skin showing the tissue underneath. 4. Why the information under the heading First aid treatment numbered? The numbers indicate the you should take to treat a burn, in the order that they should happen. Step6 Post-reading Task4 on page 35-36. Step7 Summary According to the passage, fill in the blanks of the summary on EB P49-50. Period2 Words &Expressions (Vocabulary) Step1 Discovery useful words and expressions 1. First aid is a form of help someone suddenly or before a doctor can be found. Often the illness and is not serious, but there are other times giving first aid quickly can save lives. 2. The skin is an part of your body and its largest . You have three layers of skin act as a against disease, and the sun’s harmful . it can your body losing too much water; it is you feel cold, heat or pain and it gives you . 3. You can get burned by thins: hot , steam, fire, , the sun etc. 4. Burns are called first, second, third degree burns, which layer of the skin are burned. 5. It is beat burns under gently for about 10 minutes. The cool water stops the , the pain and reduce swelling. 人教版英语必修五第五单元 First Aid 学案 第 1 页 共 4 页

6. For second degree burns, keep cool by putting them back in a basin of cold water , them and placing them on the burn area for about an hour the pain is not so bad. 7. Cover the burned area with a dry and clean that will not the skin. Hold the bandage with tape. It is to get the to the doctor or hospital at once. Step2 Complete the sentences and passage (P36) Step3 Studying new words and expressions 1. get injured 是“受伤”的意思,在现代英语中大量出现了 “ get + ” 构成的被动语 态。例如: get damaged, get repaired, get broken, get married…. 2. unbearable 是由 构成的前缀, 你还能说出那一些用该前缀构成的词汇?

3.sense of touch 的意思是“触觉” 表示感觉的短语还有: , 视觉: 听觉: 幽默感: 美感: 味觉: 嗅觉: 方向感: 罪恶感: 荣誉感: 正义感: 饥饿感: 责任感: 价值观: 道德观: 第六感: 4. 4. 根据词根拓展词汇(P36) 5. 别的重点单词参考 EB(P51-53) Step4 Consolidation(详见参考书) Period3 Ellipsis (Grammar) Step1 Discovering useful structures 1. discuss what kind of first aid you should give in these situation. 2. the skin is an essential part of your body and . 3. First degree burns turn white . 4. If burns are on arms or legs, keep them higher than the heart, . 5. Often the illness or injury is not serious, but there are other times . 6. , depending on which layers of the skin are burned. 7. These affect and the second layer of the skin. Step2 Comparison Task2 on page 37. Step3 Exercise (Task3&Task4 on page 37) Step4 Conclusion 考点 1:状语从句中的省略 状语从句中,如果主句的主语和从句的主语 , 且主语从句中有 , 从句的主语 连同 be 动词可以省略。这类连词有: when, while, though, if , unless, although, as if 等。另外, 在 when/if it is necessary/possible 结构中,is 常省略。 1. when first to the market, these products enjoyed great success. A. introducing B. introduced C. introduce D. being introduced 2. with the size of the whole earth, the biggest ocean does not seem big at all. A. Compare B.When comparing C. Comparing D. When compared 3. the research is so designed that once nothing can be done to change it. 人教版英语必修五第五单元 First Aid 学案 第 2 页 共 4 页

A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun 考点 2: 定语从句中关系代词和关系副词的省略 1. that is an unpleasant thing to say about your father after he had done for you. A. something B. anything C. all D. that 2. Playing tricks on others is we should never do. A. anything B. something C. everything D. nothing 3. What surprised me was not what he said but he said it. A. the way B. in the way that C. in the way D. the way which 考点 3:不定式符号 to 的省略 不定式在感官动词:see, hear, feel, watch, notice, look at, listen to, overhear, observe 和使役性动词 have, make, let 后作 , 省略 to; 介词 but, except 后作不定式宾语并且介词前有行为 动词 , 不定式省去 to. 1. A computer does only what thinking people . A. have it do B. have it done C. have done it D. having it done 2. We have missed the last bus. I’m afraid we have no choice but a taxi. A. to take B. taking C. take D. taken 3. What do you like to do except football. A. playing B. played C. plays D. play 考点 4: 不定式后的动词的省略 动词: love, mean, want, hate, like ,wish, expect, hope, try, intend, plan, refuse, prefer, seem 及 glad(pleased, delighted, happy)to 等后面接不定式的时候,为了避免重复使用省略相同的动词,保 留不定式符号 to. 1. ---Would you like to go to the Great Theater tonight? --. A. Thank you. B. I’d love to, but I have an exam tomorrow C. No, I haven’t. D. That’s all right! 2. ---Does your brother intended to study German? --- Yes, he intends . A. / B. to C. so D. that 3. ----I’ll be away on business trip. Would you mind looking after my cat? ----Not at all. . A. I’ve no time B. I’d rather not C. I’d like it D. I’d be happy to 考点 5: 替代词 so 及 not 的考查 替代词 not/so 用于避免前面说过的话, 代替名词性从句, 可与动词: believe, do, expect, fear, guess hope, say, speak, suppose, think 等及 I’m afraid 连用。肯定时和 so 搭配,否定时 guess 和 hope 只 用 I guess not 和 I hope not。而 think, believe, suppose 等词后有两种否定形式,即 I hope not 和 I don’t think so. 1. ---- You haven’t lost the ticket , have you? ----. I know it’s not easy to get another one at the moment. A. I hope not B. Yes, I have C. I hope so D.Yes, I’m afraid so. 2. ----The boy are not doing a good job at all, are they? ---. A. I guess not so B. I don’t guess C. I don’t think so D. I guess not 3. ----I believe we’ve met somewhere before. ----No, . 人教版英语必修五第五单元 First Aid 学案 第 3 页 共 4 页

A. it isn’t the same B. it can’t be true C. I don’t think so D. I’d rather not 考点 6:虚拟语气中 if 和 should 的省略 书面语中,当虚拟条件从句有 were, had 或 should 可以省略 if,把 were,had 或 should 提到句首 构成 。在表示建议,要求,命令时,相关的名词性从句谓语动词要求 should+动词 原形,其中 should 可以省略。 1. it rain tomorrow, we would have to put off the visit to the Yangpu Bridge. A. Were B. Should C. Would D. Will 2. What would have happened as far as the river bank? A. Bob had walked farther B. if Bob would walk farther C. Had Bob walked farther D. if Bob walked farther 3. Jane’s pale face suggested that she ill, and her parents suggested that she a medical examination. A. be; should have B. was; have C. should; had D. was; has 4. be sent to worker there? A. Who do you suggest B. Who do you suggest that should C. Do you suggest who should D. Do you suggest Period4 Heroic Teenager Receives Award (Extensive Reading) Step 1 Skimming was honored at the Lifesaver Awards last night for shocking knife attack. Step 2 Scanning (Task1 on page38) Step3 Careful Reading John in his room he heard screaming. He and his father the scene. They found Anne Slade and people for , but no one could , his father got He slowed the bleeding by to the wounds until the police and John the Yong Lifesaver Scheme at his high school. It was John’s at school saved Slade’s life. It showed that a knowledge of first aid can Step4 Understanding (Task2&3 on page 38) Is your home safe? (Extensive Reading) Step1 skimming The passage is about in the home and the information is organized according to particular and also to one cause of accident----. Step2 Careful Reading Your home can be a place. In order to keep the safety of you, you should keep a in your home in case an accident takes place. Common accidents includes falls, fires, , cut, hot water burns and . in the kitchen, the saucepan handle should be the front of the stove. Youshould keep the away from your body when us knifes. You should follow for all electrical appliances and all appliances after use. In she bedroom, you shouldn’t and have a when ill. Never use in the bathroom. When your house is on fire never the building to save you things. Have in your house and place from furniture. You should if you have a baby at home. 人教版英语必修五第五单元 First Aid 学案 第 4 页 共 4 页 after a

, a man . He asked many from the house. arrived. and .

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