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7A Unit7 Period3(ReadingⅡ)

7A Unit7 Period3(ReadingⅡ)

7A Unit 7 Shopping
一、词组翻译 1.每个两元 __________________ 3.有足够的钱_________________ 5.与……很相配_______________ 7.好的东西___________________ 二、单词拼写 1.My younger sister is a______________(俊俏的)girl and we all like her very much. 2.The coat is very____________(便宜),1 want to buy it. 3.I_____________(花费)¥800 on this pair of sunglasses. 4.一 Your CD looks__________(不同的)from mine. 一 Yes,you’re right. 5.There are many trees on____________(每个)side(边)of the street. 三、用所给词的适当形式填空 1.These cards are very nice.How much do__________(it)cost? 2.This white blouse goes very_________ (good)with the blue dress. 3.Kitty wants to buy some_________ (present)for Simon and Sandy. 4.一 Can I borrow some_________ (money)from you,Daniel? 一 Yes,of course. 5.一 Whose book is this? 四、单项选择 ( )1.Millie is_________ her hair clip,but she can’t_________it. A.looking for;find C.looking for;look at ( B.finding;look for D.looking at;find 一 It’s_________ (Millie). 2.各种各样的____________________ 4.稍等一下______________________ 6.今年的足球卡__________________ 8.足够好________________________

)2.Mum,my trousers are too small.I want to buy a new________. A.pair B.one C.it D.trousers


)3.He is to buy

for his parents. B.enough rich;enough presents D.enough rich;presents enough

A.rich enough;enough presents C.rich enough;enough present (

)4.一 Good morning,_________? 一 I’d like some flowers. A.can you help me C.how do you do B.what can I do for you D.what would you like 一 Can you guess?


)5.一________does the book_________you? A.How many;spend C.How much;cost

B.How much;spend D.How much money;pay


)6.一 Do you want to buy a football card,too? 一 No.I don’t want to buy__________ present_________you. A.the same;as C.the same;like B.same;as D.same;like


)7.一 How about last_________football cards? They’re cheap. 一 ________.I want the new cards. A.year;Just a minute C.year’s;No,thanks B.year;Yes,please D.years;No,thanks


)8.Father often helps Mother to________all the bags when they go shopping. A.carry B.bring C.take D.send


)9._________.How beautiful they are! A.Take a look B.You are right C.Here you are D.Thank you


)10.一 What about this kind of fruit? 一 It tastes so delicious.I’ll__________some. A.spend B.1ike C.take D.have

五、完形填空 Near my home,there is a clothes shop.It has clothes 1 people of different ages. You can buy trousers, 2 ,coats,blouses and dresses there.Some clothes are very nice, but very 3 .Some are cheap,but not very nice.My mother sometimes 4 clothes for

me there.There are not 5 people there from Monday to Fri day.But 6


and Sundays the shop is very crowed.Today is Sunday.My mother and I go there.Look! My mother 7 a silk 9 a skirt for me.She is 8 with the saleswoman.At last,my mother buys 120 yuan. At five o ‘clock,

for me. She says it matches my blouse well. It 10

We go home. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1.A.with )2.A.T-shirts )3.A.cheap )4.A.buys )5.A.a few )6.A.at B.to B.pens B.expensive B.sells B.a little B.on C.for C.badminton C.new C.borrows C.much C.in C.is watching C.saying C.shirt C.costs D.at D.apples D.colourful D.gives D.many D.from D.is reading D.shouting D.skirt D.pays

)7.A.is looking for B.is seeing )8.A.telling )9.A.blouse )10.A.takes B.talking B.jeans B.spends

六、阅读理解 Shopping List(购物单) Coke bread rice orange juice ( ( ( ( ( A. 2 tins A. 3. A. pants A.¥238. A.¥59. 七、句子翻译 1.这家服装店里有各种各样的短裙。 ________________________________________________________________________ 2.吉姆的妈妈想给他买一件新衬衫来配他的蓝色牛仔裤。 ________________________________________________________________________ 3.你有足够的时间来写一份关于你日常饮食的报告吗? ________________________________________________________________________ 4.你的裤子与你的衣服搭配得很好。 ________________________________________________________________________ 5.—那些卡片多少钱?—他们每个 2 元钱。 ________________________________________________________________________ 2 tins 3 loaves 5 bags 2 bottles B. 2 bottles B. 5. B. a dress B.¥229. B.¥114. pants shoes dress coat Price(价格) ¥101 ¥128 ¥59 ¥137 C. 3 loaves C. 2. C. a coat C.¥187. C.¥137. D. 5 bags D. 4. D. shoes D.¥196. D.¥128.

)1. Ben wants to buy ____ of bread. )2. How many bottles of juice does Ben want? )3 Jane has just 60 yuan, she can buy ____. )4. Jane wants to buy a pair of pants and a coat. How much are they? )5. How much is a pair of shoes?

一、1.two yuan each 2.all kinds of 3.have enough money 4.just a minute 5.go well with/match. . .well 6.this year’s football cards 7.something good 8.good enough 二、1.pretty 2.cheap 3.spend 4.different 5.each 三、1.they 2.well 3.presents 4.money 5.Millie’s 四、1.A 2.A 3.A 4.B 5.C 6.A 7.C 8.A 9.A 10.C 五、1.C 2.A 3.B 4.A 5.D 6.B 7.A 8.B 9.D 六、CCBAD 七、1.There are many different kinds of skirts in this clothes shop. 2.Jim’s mother wants to buy a new shirt to match his blue jeans. 3.Do you have enough time to write a report about your diet? 4.Your trousers matches well/goes well with your clothes. 5.一 How much are the cards? 一 They are 2 yuan each. 10.C

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