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第一组 1.He got divorced last year,and it seems that he is not to remarry soon,at least in half a year. A.possible B.probable C.1ikely D.necessary 2.--The bells expressed the idea to make peace with US.-- Sometimes they lie A.Yes,I think SO B.Let's sit down and talk C.I doubt if they are honest D.It's always worth a lot 3.Look,Hyrum! There's light in the——.We're coming to a village or a town soon. A.way B.direction C.sight D.distance 4. The moment we Netherlands, felt friendship here and there, well as the beautiful nature. we as A.got in touch with B.paid attention to C.put all end to D.set foot in 5.They're not yet finally decided whether or not to have our plan to the public--just for some reason. A.announced;unknown B.achieved;secret C.reported;foolish D.witnessed;stable 6.--It's hard to find a hotel to live in your city now,isn't it? 一 Yeah.the island is experiencing a in tourism this season A.disadvantage B.trend C.boom D.preference 7.--You see,he’s serious in such a view. --I think so.He always what he says. A.talking about;keeps B.putting forward;means C.dealing with;minds D.thinking over;does 8.He offered me a good job---with easy work and good pay,so I didn’t a moment about taking it. A.think B.hesitate C.observe D.1cave 9.Now that she is out of a job,Lucy going back to school,but she hasn’t decided yet. A. had considered B.has been considering C.considered D.is going to consider 10. Suddenly, tall man driving a golden carriage a The gir1 and took her away, into the woods. A.seizing;disappeared B.seized;disappeared C.seizing;disappearing B.seized;disappeared 11.The discovery offend evidence led to . A.the thief having caught B.catching the thief C.the thief being caught D. the thief to be caught 12.It was with great joy he received the news that his lost daughter had been found. A.because B.which C.since D.that 13.We didn’t plan the concert that way,but it to be a great success A.worked out B.carried out C.turned out D.made out 14.A The movies produced in the 1930s established a solid base a Chinese film industry could grow. A.when B.that C.on which D.for which 15.All passengers are expected to fasten the seat belts when the plane takes off and lands. A.on aboard B.on board C.on the board D.on boards


第二组 1. They to examine the ship. A.set out B.set about C.set aside D.set off 2. We grow all our fruit and vegatables, saves money. A.which B.it C.that D.what 3.Is it that factory this type of cars are produced? A.which B.where C.that D.as 4. One quarter of the area by green trees. A.are covered B.is covered C.covers D.covering 5.——the attic(阁楼)yesterday,I came across an old photo of my father. A.Cleaning B.Cleaned C.To clean D.Having cleaning 6. Eric came out,changed into clean clothes,and a chocolate bar right away. A.eating B.having eating C.ate D.eaten 7.The old man fell asleep . A.with the window open B.with the window opened C.with the window opening D.with the window to open 8.Her pale face suggested that she tired out,SO we all suggested she a rest。 A.was;have B.were;has C.be;should have D.was;must have 9. a computer works is a question not everyone cad answer quickly. A.That;which B.How;that C.What;which D.When;that 10.You can us in the discussion if you A.take part in;hope so B.join in;want to join C.attend;don’t want to D.join;wish to 11. He has SO angry that he his pencil. A.broke 0ff B.broke down C.broke into D.broke in 12.Why didn’t you make me a telephone call yesterday?I about it. A.should be told B.ought to have been told C.should have told D.ought to be told 13.The boy kept his mother for more chocolate,and finally his mother . A.asking for;gave away B.asking;gave up C.asking;gave in D.asking for;gave off 14. group was formed to demand the bus company its unfair practices. A.change B.changed C.would change D.to change l5. The headmaster the children from flooded areas into schoo1. A.preferred B.reminded C.got D.admitted


第三组 1. the latest technologies, the farmers grew vegetables in greenhouses. A. Use B. Using C. To use D. Used 2.You must do as you , but I don't agree with your decision. A. see fit B. work out C. look into D. cool off 3.--We could invite John and Barbara. -- Yes, ? A. why not B. do you really think so C. isn't it D. can you 4.China is to about one-fifth of the population on the earth. A. resort B. downtown C. home D. family 5.If you're looking for a winter adventure, you should try a visit to Kitzbuhel. A. or B. and C. so D. then 6.When going to a far-away destination, try traveler's cheques if possible and avoid too much money. A. to use; to bring B. using; bringing C. to use; bringing D. using; to bring 7. in long forms a lot of time and few people like it. A. Fill; takes B. To fill; take C. Filled; take D. Filling; takes 8. the sad news, tears ran down her cheeks. A. Hearing B. Having heard C. To hear D. When she heard 9.Buying a train ticket one day ahead of time will usually you a good seat. A. stretch B. gather C. guarantee D. rate 10.We all write , even when there's not much to say. A. now and then B. by and by C. step by step D. more or less 11.Janet spent 200 yuan on the shoes. But I paid . A. as much twice B. twice as much C. as much as twice D. as twice much 12.But the main problem deeper and will take longer to solve. A. runs B. stays C. turns D. grows 13.There are some encouraging signs the farmers may benefit from the new program. A. if B. that C. whether D. / 14.Bison is a type of wild animal which used to exist huge numbers the plains of America. A. in;in B. with; on C. in; on D. at; in 15.At this time tomorrow over the Atlantic. A. we're going to fly B. we'll be flying C. we'll fly D. we're to fly


第四组 1.It was not a serious illness, and she soon it. A. got over B. got on with C. got around D. got out of it 2.I have done much of the work. Could you please finish in two days? A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the Others 3.The most important thing about cotton in history is part that it played in Industrial Revolution. A. /; / B. the; / C. the; the D. a; the 4.There's a feeling in me we'll never know what a UFO is. A. that B. which C. of which D. what 5. I accept that he is not perfect, I do actually like the person. A. While B. Since C. As D. If 6.I don't think there is much sense them advice. They won't take it. A. to give B. to giving C. in give D. in giving 7.The pilot asked all the passengers on board to remain as the plane was making a landing. A. seat B. seating C. seated D. to be seating 8.Robert is said abroad, but I don't know what country he studied in. A. to have studied B. to study C. to be studying D. to have been studying 9.--How would you like your coffee? -. A. It's well done B. Very nice C. One cup. That's enough D. The stronger, the better 10. you are leaving tomorrow, we can eat dinner together tonight. A. For B. Now that C. Once D. When 11.If David carries on working like this, he'll sooner or later. A. break down B. break away from C. break up D. break out 12.I felt very disappointed when my repeated request that I join the club was A. replaced B. resisted C. rejected D. removed 13. As far as I am concerned ,education is about learning and the more you learn, A. the more for life are you equipped B. the more equipped for life you are C. the more life you are equipped for D. you are equipped the more for life 14.When I watched the film, I slowly became aware of the fact cultural differences couldn't stop people understanding each other. A. which B. where C. whether D. that 15.There came the news that the visiting team had gained a victory the home team with a score of 4 to 3. A. against B. toward C. upon D. over


第五组 1. How I the college students the good education they can receive. A. admire B. envy C. appreciate D. enjoy 2. Grandma shouldn't work so hard; she is over 70, . A. after all B. above all C. in all D. first of all 3. After the trial, the judge passed judgment him and he was sentenced 10years' imprisonment. A. on; on B. to; to C. to; on D. on; to 4. Why does he always drive he could easily Walk to the office? It's a little bit strange. A. while B. as C. when D. unless 5. It's useless to persuade her to get rid of the habit of taking drugs; she just couldn't A. to try; realize B. trying; make C. to try; do D. trying; discover 6."The interest be divided into five parts, according to the agreement made by both sides," declared the judge. A. may B. should C. must D. shall 7. half way along the street, Jack came to realize that he had the wrong direction. A. Walking B. Having walked C. Having been walking D. To have walked 8. property, we're quite rich. A. In terms of B. In place of C. In spite of D. In search of 9.It is said that he had in love with his wife for 8 years before they got married. A. fallen B. got C. been D. put 10.I'll lend you my bike you return it to me before school is over. A. unless B. if only C. except that D. on condition that 11.It will take us half an hour to get to the airport, traffic delays. A. serving as B. leaving alone C. adjusting to D. allowing for 12.The police are searching the town for Mr. Smith, who they think is to the murder. A. concerned B. linked C. united D. mixed 13.Mr. Jones spent 20 dollars on the bicycle, but I paid A. twice as much B. twice as much as C. as much twice D. as much as twice 14.This sofa used to a bed when a relative came to stay with us. A. use as B. use for C. serve as D. stand for 15.A sudden change in temperature to bring rain or snow. A. gets B. turns C. hopes D. tends



第六组 1. — Goodbye, Joyce. Please remember me to your parents. — ______. A. Thanks, I will B. It’s very kind of you to say so C. My pleasure D. Thank you. What a good idea 2. The success of this project ______ everyone making an effort. A. relies on B. cares for C. reminds of D. calls up 3. The student couldn’t ______ what the teacher was trying to explain. A. recognize B. grasp C. study D. achieve 4. Her examination paper was ______ except for one spelling mistake. A. private B. humanoid C. perfect D. economic 5. As is known to all, ______ great scientific achievements may have ______ positive effect on our life as well as society. A. /; a B. the; a C. the; / D. /; / 6. He ______ a plan for the committee to consider. A. put away B. put off C. put forward D. gave up 7. The school has ______ a special class to help poor readers. A. set up B. set aside C. come true D. come into being 8. Scientists have made a great ______ in the treatment of cancer. A. principle B. breakthrough C. conclusion D. introduction 9. — Is it ______ that the spaceship will be launched within this week? — No, I don’t think so. A. probably B. perhaps C. possibly D. likely 10. Selecting a digital camera for personal use is no easy task because technology ______ so rapidly. A. is changing B. has changed C. will have changed D. will change 11. The development of modern science will soon ______ it possible for some patients to recover from these illnesses. A. make B. find C. consider D. think 12. — I really like the record you lent me last week. — ______. — And thank you very much for letting me keep it so long. A. I’m glad you like it B. That’s all right C. Don’t mention it D. I hope you like it 13. He sent her a telegram ______ his immediate re-turn to London. A. announced B. announcing C. has announced D. announces 14. The company wishes to ______ its new factory beside the river. A. find B. stand C. locate D. arrange 15. Oh, I’m not feeling well in the stomach. I ______so much fried chicken just now. A. shouldn’t eat B. mustn’t have eaten C. shouldn’t have eaten D. mustn’t eat


第七组 21. The 10th National Games of the People's Republic of China _______ athlete talents and build up the national teams for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing were held in Nanjing in Oct, 2005. A. aimed at developing B. aiming to develop B. to aim at developing D. aimed to develop 22. The successful launch of Shenzhou VI ______ everyone involved in the space project making an effort. A. reminded of B. cared for C. relied on D. called up 23.----- Why was the student laughed at by classmates? ----- He must have _____ what the teacher said in class. A. recognized B. grasped C. mistaken D. achieved 24. ------ Listen! A warning is being broadcast on the radio that a hurricane is ______ to come in two days. ------ Oh, I must strengthen my house. A. unable B. likely C. possible D. probable 25.---- I hear that you will be on travel again. ---- Yeah. My boss _____for me to discuss business details with someone from another company. A. asked B. arranged C. sent D. called 26. cause of Aids was made clear, which is helpful to make a(n) great ________ in the treatment The of the deadly disease. A. achievement B. progress C. breakthrough D. accomplishment 27.The successful bidding of 2008 Olympic Games has already ___________ our country's breathtaking economic progress, A. showcased B. achieved C. boomed D. made 28.------ I hear a new chemical plant will be built here. ------ Terrible! Where will it be built? ------ It will be _______near the railway. A. arranged B. appeared C. set D. located 29.The medical reform in that country turns out to be _________ failure, but, as we know, success often comes after ________ failure. A. a, a B. the, the C. a, / D. / , / 30.----Tom is good at lots of things but you can't say he is _____. ----I can’t agree with you more. In fact no one is. A. complete B. splendid C. perfect D. wonderful 31.He failed to completely achieve the aim _______ by his parents at the beginning of this term. A. set forth B. put forward C. brought up D. come up to 32.When he first _________ foot on the strange city, he didn’t know what the future might have in _________ for him. A. set, the store B. put, store C. set, store D. put, stores 33. From the dates _______on the gold coin, we decided that it was made five hundred years ago. A. marking B. marked C. to be marked D. having been marked 34.Don’t run _______ fast. We still have 20 minutes left. A. that B. much C. more D. any 35.------ Is the news ____________? ------ Yes, he counts on it for help. A. true B. significant C. unimportant D. popular

第八组 21. A new cure for the disease is ______to be discovered. A. like B. likely C. possible D. probable 22. They were filled with joy when they ______in this beautiful island. A. set free B. set foot C. paid visit D. reached 23. After the president made an official announcement,she expressed her _____opinion. A. personal B. private C. single D. individual 24. The test we held last time is obviously bad because it ______incorrect learning. A. relies upon B. leads to C. refers to D. depends on 25. The airline ______for a plane to take us to Boston yesterday. A. called B. arranged C. asked D. sent 26. He narrowly escaped ______in the fighting. A. to kill B. to be killed C. killing D. being killed 27. The weather report says it will _____cold tomorrow. A. turn up B .turn out C. turn on D. turn in 28. -It's ______that he said: "I am ______to help you." -Don't take it seriously. He is always playing that trick. A. sure; sure B. certain; certain C. sure; certain D. certainly; surely 29. -How much is the rent of the house, Mrs Sandra? -One hundred dollars, the electricity and telephone fee_______. A. contain B. containing C. including D. included 30. Please find some books that ______these matters. A. light upon B. give light upon C. throw light upon D. throws light upon 31. The boy listens to the teacher ______,so everything seems easy to him. A. attention B. attentively C. attentive D. attend 32. A man who hesitates ______everything cannot do anything successfully. A. to do B. doing C. for doing D. in doing 33. The old lady is _____to what others say. A. stable B. available C. sensible D. sensitive 34. _____I know the money is safe, I shall not worry about it. A. Even though B. Unless C. As long as D. While 35. The good policy _____a lot to the economic development. A. gives B. contributes C. cause D. benefits


第九组 21. His uncle doesn’t know the temperature today _______ from _______ to 2℃. A. ranges; minus two degrees centigrade B. ranks; under 0℃ C. ranges; under two degrees centigrade C. drops; two degrees centigrade below freezing 22. In 1850 a law was made ________ runaway slaves. A. forbid people to help B. forbidden people helping C. to forbid people helping D. to forbid people to help 23. My nephew is trying to make _______ he has learned _______. A. that; hers B. what; her C. what; his D. what; himself 24. Please ask the police for help _______ you have trouble _______ in strange places. A. in case of; travelling B. despite; to travel C. do; in traveling D. should; travelling 25. ________ at the gym, Samuel put forward a plan _______ in that river. A. Working out; taking a dip B. Having worked out; to take a dip C. To work out; taking a dip D. Work out; to take a dip 26. It is I not my brother _______ to have two days’ leave. A. is getting on itch B. am getting the itch C. are having the itch D. get the itch 27. Heat capacity is _______ amount of energy _______ takes to _______ the temperature of a substance by one degree centigrade. A. the; it; raise B. an; that; rise C. the; it; rise D. an; it; raise 28. Fortunately, she succeeded _______ others didn’t try. A. in where B. there where C. in whatever D. in which 29. One of the traders,_______ a great effect _______ us, _______ on German soil next year. A. has; to will set his feet on B. that have; on; will set feet C. who has; on; will set foot D. who have; on; is to set foot 30. The speaker raised her voice a bit but still couldn’t make herself _______. A. hear B. to hear C. heard D. hearing 31. With more forests being destroyed, large quantities of rich soil _______ away each year. A. is washing B. are being washed C. is being washed D. are washing 32. He _____have fallen asleep last night because he didn’t hear the phone call. A. may B. should C. can D. must 33. Her works _______ our understanding of the importance of esturaries. A. have devoted to B. has led to C. have been affected D. have contributed to 34. — Can I look at the menu for a few minutes before I decide? — Of course ._______, sir. A. Make yourself at home B. Enjoy yourself C. Take your time D. It doesn’t matter 35. Rain is _______ to rain in all parts of the country today, weather report says. A. alike B. possible C. probable D. likely


第十组 1. The director’s new film turned out to be ____ failure, but as we know, success often comes after___ failure. A. a; a B. x; x C. a; x D. x; a 2. Eating too much fat can ____ to heart disease and high blood pressure. A. devote B. attend C. contribute D. turn 3. I was telling them about my travels when she _____ with her own story on her visits to Hawaii. A. broke in B. broke out C. broke up D. broke down 4. ---I hear John has taken up his business in London. ---Really? He has no business ___ and I’m sure he’ll fail. A. feeling B. idea C. sense D. opinion 5. Mr. Smith flew to New York this morning, his assistant ____him there next Saturday. A. joining B. to join C. will join D. wants to join 6. The couple looked at the score that their __ son had got in the exam, ____. A. disappointing; disappointed B. disappointed; disappointed C. disappointed; disappointedly D. disappointing; disappointing 7. ---The boss expressed his satisfaction with your wonderful work. ----Really? I ____ better under more favorable conditions. A. could do B. should do C. must have done D. could have done 8. The foreign friends you referred to ____ looking forward to _____ around our university. A. are, being shown B. being, being shown C. being, shown D. are, be shown 9. ― Why do you want to change your job? ― I’ve been _______ typing and _______ so many telephones every day. A. tired of; answered B. tiring from; answered C. tired of; answering D. tiring from; answering 10. ― Shall I ___ the raincoat? ― No hurry! Leave it ___ it is. It’s raining again. A. put on; where B. put away; in the place C. put on; there D. put away; where 11. --- Where was it ___ the accident happened yesterday? --- In front of the market. A. when B. that C. which D. how 12. It was with great joy ___ he received the exciting news ____ his children had been found. A. that; that B. which; that C. that; which D. that; x 13. His father sent him to Paris to study law, but ___ he developed his love for the theatre. A. besides B. moreover C. instead D. therefore 14. ___ in diving suits, they walk around in this magic world. A. Dressing B. Dressed C. Wearing D. To wear 15. The moment she came back, she __ to clean the kitchen. A. set off B. set about C. set out D. set up 16. I found him sitting in his chair, completely_____ a magazine. A. absorbing B. being absorbed in C. absorbed in D. absorbing in 17. You should go to the city in July, the best time ___ the South American winter cools off the city. A. where B. when C. on which D. which 18. ---What can I do if the ship is caught in a storm or strikes submerged reefs? Oh, terrible! ----Don’t be so silly! With a (n) ____ captain, I can say that you’ll land on New York safe.

A. seasoned B. reasoned C. experiencing D. determined 19. It is possible to tell the time in day light ___ a cat’s eyes. A. from looking at B. by looking into C. with looking at D. for looking upon 20.--It’s great that we’ll go on an organized trip tomorrow. --But _____ tomorrow, we’d delay it. A. It should rain B. Were it rain C. Would it rain D. Should it rain.


第十一组 21.— Let’s go and have a good drink tonight. [仿真 2004 高考重庆卷] —_____. Have you got the first prize in the competition? A. What for? B.What is it C.How is it D.How come 22.The government has lost a great deal of _____ because of the large increase in food pries. A.strength B.support C.agreement D.vote 23.The theory that the earth was spherical(球状),and not flat, was laughed at when it was first ________. A.put away B.put up with C.put through D.put forward 24.He thought this was the first pair of shoes that had fitted him ________. A.perfectly B.justly C.fairly D.rightly 25.Scientists have made a great ______ in the treatment of cancer. A.principle B.breakthrough C.conclusion D.introduction 26.The success of this project ______ everyone making an effort. A.relies on B.cares for C.reminds of D.calls up 27.The student couldn’t ______ what the teacher was trying to explain. A.recognize B.grasp C.study D.achieve 28. Shanghai, _______ the west coast of the Pacific Ocean, is well known for its“the Oriental Pearl”. A.locating B.located at C.located on D.locating on 29.When the teacher told the students they would have three days’ vacation, they _______ at once A. came to themselves B. came to lives C. came to their sense D.came to life 30.His efforts ended in _______. That is to say, he is _______ as a nurse. A.a failure; a failure B.a failure; failure C.failure; a failure D.failure; failure 31.He sent her a telegram ______ his immediate re-turn to London. A.announced B.announcing C.has announced D.announces 32.-What are you doing here? -Oh, my teacher asked me to write a passage about ________in English. -You can write________ passage in English? A.600 words; 600-words B.600-word; a 600-words C.600 words; a 600-word D.600 words; a 600-words 33.Which do you enjoy _______ your spare time, playing cards at home or taking a walk in the park? A.spending B.to spend C.having spent D.to have spent 34.—What made her parents so angry? — ________ she had failed in the examination. A.As B.Because C.Since D.That 35.— How is it _______ you persuaded your brother to give up playing games on the Internet? — By promising that I will buy him a PC if he can pass the college entrance examination. A.that B.which C.when D.who


第十二组 21.— I failed again and my parents will be entirely disappointed with me. — _______! You have tried your best. A.Come on B.You needn’t C.Never mind D.Don’t regret 22.The president has told his friends that he is sick but will not admit it _____. A.in private B.in secret C.in public D.in detail 23.After a short holiday, he _____ himself once more to his studies. A.applied B.converted C.engaged D.exerted 24.-It's______that he said:"I am______to help you." -Don't take it seriously. He is always playing that trick. A.sure; sure B.certain; certain C.sure; certain D.certainly; surely 25.A man who hesitates _______ everything cannot do anything successfully. A.to do B.doing C.for doing D.in doing 26.It is so nice to hear from her.______,we last met more than thirty years ago.(2002 Beijing) A.What's more B.That is to say C.In other words. D.Believe it or not 27.The thing that _______ is not whether you fail or not, but whether you try or not. A.matters B.minds C.cares D.considers 28.— Have you finished the work? — Not yet. I _______ to do it just a moment ago. A.set off B.set up C.set out D.set down 29._____ that Liu Xiang is the best in 100—meter—hurdle now. A.It is no doubt B.It is doubtless C.There is no doubt D.I don’t doubt about 30.The modern scientific development has _______ this question. A.throw out B.throw off C.throw over D.throw light upon 31._______ from the earth to Mars! A.How long it is B.How far is it C.What a long distance it is D.What a long distance is it 32. As soon as I was on _______, I began to have second thoughts about leaving. A.abroad B.broad C.aboard D.board 33.She ______ the cake and gave each of us a piece. A.cut off B.cut through C.cut up D.cut down 34.His monthly petrol bill is high because he makes several ______ to town every day. A.journeys B.trips C.voyages D.travel 35.I’m twenty-five and she is twenty-two. She is _______ than I. A.younger three years B.three years younger C.younger by three years D.younger of three years


第十三组 21.一 Well,that was really a good meal.I didn’t know you were a really good cook. 一_______. A.Thank you B.Not at all C.I can do better D.It’s my honor to do so 22.—Be careful when you cross the very busy street. If not, you may ______ run over by a car. — OK, I _______. A.have; can B.get; will C.become; would D.turn; could 23.More and more students are ___ this modern type of instruction. A.benefiting B.comparing to C.giving off D.setting out 24.For more than 20 years , we’ve been supporting educational programs that ______ from Kindergartens to colleges. A.spread B.remove C.move D.range 25.She was so _______ in her job that she didn’t notice anybody enter the office. A.attracted B.absorbed C.drawn D.concentrated 26.The elderly need special care in winter, as they are _______ to the sudden changes of the water. A.sensitive B.sensible C.flexible D.positive 27.There was something wrong with our car, so we has to go ___ on foot to the village. A.all the way B.at all times C.all the places D.all the roads 28.What makes the space shuttle (飞船) _____ is that it takes off like a rocket but lands like an airplane. A.exceptional B.strange C.unique D.rare 29.I'd like to take _____ of this opportunity to thank you all for your cooperation. A.profit B.advantage C.benefit D.interests 30.This place, originally a small town, has been _______ into a modern capital city. A.translated B.transmit C.transport D.transformed 31.— I thought you wouldn’t mind. — Well, as a matter of fact, I _______ , but you _______ first. A.didn’t; should let me know B.don’t; should let me know C.didn’t ; should have let me know D.don’t; should have let me know 32._______ he sees her, he will tell her the truth. A.While B.The moment C.Since D.Unless 33.Everyone arrived late at the party for _______ reasons. A.varieties of B.a varieties of C.various of D.variety of 34.Let’s go out and see the flowers. They’re _____ a sweet smell. A.carrying off B.giving off C.setting off D.putting off 35.—Will you go to the exhibition tomorrow? — Yes, I will go _______ it's cold. A.as if B.even though C.as long as D.in case


答 案
第一组 1. C 2.C 14.C 15.B 3.D 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.B 9. B 10.D 11C 12.D 13.C

第二组 1.A 2.A 3.B 4.B 5.A 6.C 12.B 13.C 14.A 15.D 第三组 1—5 BAACD

7.A 8.A 9. B 10.D 11.A

6—10 CDDCA

11 一 15 BABCB

第四组 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. A A C A A D C A D B A C B D D 第五组 1. B 2. A 3. D 4. A 5. B 6. D 7. B 8. A 9. C 10. D 11. D 12. B 13. A 14. C 15. D 第六组 1-5 AABCA

6-10 CABDA

11-15 AABCC

第七组 21. B aim at sth / doing sth; aim to do sth 目标在于……,志向。语境:以培养运动员能力和为 2008 年北京奥运会组建国家队为目标的第 10 界全运会与 2005 年 10 月南京举行。 22. C rely on = depend on 依靠、 依赖 rely on sb (one’s) doing sth, rely on sb to do sth 依靠某人做 某事;call for 需要。语境:神州六号的成功发射依靠参与太空项目的每个人的努力。 23.C recognize 辨认出;grasp 理解;mistake 误解。根据上文:他被同学笑,肯定是因为误 解了老师的话,而弄出了笑话。 24. B 根据下文:我必须加固我的房子,所以飓风可能到来。be likely to do sth 或者 It is likely that…;而只能用:It is possible (probable) that…的句型。 25.B arrange vt.安排 arrange sth; arrange for sb to do sth;而常用 ask sb to do sth; send sb to do (派遣某人做某事)句型。 26.C 语境:弄清楚 Aids 病的病因有利于在治疗疾病方面取得重大突破。 27.A 语境:2008 奥运会的成功申办已经展示出我们国家令人吃惊的经济进步。showcase 展 示、显示出……优点。 28.D locate 确立……位置;be located in 坐落于……。 29.C failure 表示“失败的人或事”时是可数名词,泛指“失败”时是不可数名词。前面指“一次 失败的改革”,后面泛指“失败”。 30.C 语境:——Tom 在许多方面都做得很好,但是你不能说他完美无缺。——我完全同意。 事实上没有是完美无缺。 31.B put forward 提出,这里做定语修饰 aim,相当于:the aim which was put forward by his parents,aim 与 put forward 之间是被动关系,所以要用过去分词。 32.C set foot in (on) 进入、踏上;in store 将要到来(发生)。 33. mark 给……做标记 B (记号) mark A (with B)。 这里相当于: dates which are marked on the the gold coin,dates 与 mark 之间是被动关系,所以要用过去分词。 34. A that(表示程度、大小)那样、那么。 35.B 语境:——这个消息重要吗?——是的,他指望它的帮助。 第八组 21-25 BBABB 26-30 DBBDC 第九组 21-25 A D C D B


26-30 B A C D C

31-35 B D D C D

第十组 1 CCACC



第十一组 21.答案:A。What for“为什么”,询问对方为什么要请….。What is it“这是什么”;How is it“这 是什么样的”;How come“怎么会……,是怎么回事”。 22.答案:B。lose support 失去支持。vote 作为“选票”解时,是可数名称,所以不能与 a great deal of 搭配。 23. 答案: put forward“提出”; away“收藏起来”; up with“忍受, D。 put put 忍耐”; through“度 put 过,通过”。 【高考验证】(NMET2004-32)、04 吉林卷-26 和 05 上海卷-33 均考查 put 构成的短语。 24.答案:A。perfectly(=quite well, completely)十分,完全地。justly 公正地,正当地,应 得地;rightly 正确地,恰当地,正直地;fairly 公正地,正当地;相当,还算;清楚地。 25.答案:B。make a great breakthrough“取得重大突破”;make a conclusion“做出结论”。 26.答案:A。rely 的后面常跟 on/upon“依靠,信任”,everyone 为动名词 make an effort 的逻 辑主语。 27.答案:B。grasp“领会,抓住”;recognize“认出”;study“学习,研究”;achieve“实现,完 成,达到”。 28.答案:C。locate 常用于被动语态。be located in/ on/at…locate“把……设置在,使……坐落 于,指出……的位置”。如:The church is located in the center of the town.又如:Where shall we locate our new school? 29.答案:D。考查短语。A、B 两项意为“苏醒,活过来”,不合题意。Come to life“活跃起来”, 是固定短语,life 不用复数形式。句意为“当老师告诉学生们他们要有三天的假期时,学生们 顿时行装勃勃起来”。 30.答案:C。考查名词。Failure 作“失败”讲,为抽象名词,不可数;作“失败的人或事”讲, 为可数名词。例如:As a singer, she is a success, but as a writer, she is a failure. 31.答案:B。 32.答案:C。考查构词法。 【高考验证】 03 年春季上海, Many students signed up for the _____ race in the sports meeting ( 21) to be held next week. A.800-meter-long B.800-meters-long C.800 meter length D.800 meters length 答案:A . 33.答案:B。从整体看 enjoy 的宾语为 playing…or taking… ,空前的 do you enjoy 为插入语, 句子主干为疑问词+to do。 34.答案:D。that 引导的从句为主语从句,整个句子为:That she had failed…made her parents so angry.刚好回答了 what 引出的问题。 35.答案:A。考查强调句的疑问句形式。

第十二组 21.答案:A。come on 表示安慰,鼓励,相当于“加油”或“振作起来”之意。另外 come on 还 有“敦促”之意。 【高考验证】(2004 高考湖南卷) —Now, where is my purse? —_______ ! We’ll be late for the picnic. A.Take your time B.Don’t worry C.Come on D.Take it easy 导悟:答案:C。从语境看,对话一方在找钱包,而另一方“敦促”快走,别找了,否则就误了 野餐。所以 C 项符合语境。 22.答案:C。in public 公开地,当众;in private 私下;in secret 秘密地; in detail 详细地。 23.答案:A。apply oneself to“致力于”。Apply one's mind to(专心于)。Apply to sB.for aid(向 某人求援)。Apply a theory to practice(把理论应用于实践)。 24.答案:B。 25. 答案: hesitate“vi. 踌躇; 迟疑.犹豫”例如: case you need something, please don't hesitate A。 In to ask me.如果你需要什么东西, 请不客气地对我说 26.答案:D。 27.答案:A。matter 作动词用意为“有重要性”。如:It doesn’t matter if you are late.

28.答案:C。set out to do sth.“开始做某事”;set off for…“开始….”,如:We set off for London. 我们动身去伦敦。You had better set off at once. 你还是马上动身的好。Set up“搭起,成立”;set down“记下,放下”。 【高考验证】(2004 高考江苏卷--29) It's ten years since the scientist ____on his life's work of discovering the valuable chemical. A.made for B.set out C.took off D.turned up 29.答案:D。There is no doubt that…毫无疑问……。 30.答案:D。throw light on/upon sth.“阐明某事,使某事显得非常清楚”。 31.答案:C。distance“距离,远离;远方;遥远”,此处指具体哪段距离。注意:in the distance 与 at a distance 的区别。 【高考验证】(04NMET-IV--28) The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be seen from a ____ of 60 miles. A.length B.distance C.way D.space 32.答案:D。go on board“上船”。 33.答案:C。cut up“切割开来,切碎,使难过”;cut off“隔绝,断绝,(电路)切断,剪下”; cut through“穿过,穿透,”;cut down“砍倒”。 【高考验证】(04 北京春季,33 ) He was in hospital for six months . He felt as if he was from the outside world. A.cut out B.cut off C.cut up D.cut through 34.答案:B。journey 一般指较远距离的旅行,指单程;trip 用得比较广泛;voyage 航海旅行; travel 一般指到国外或远方的旅行。 35.答案:B .近几年高考考查比较结构较多,原级,比较级和最高级等。2002 和 2003 年年上 海卷、2005 年湖北卷(28 题)、上海卷(28 题)、安徽卷(31 题)等。 【高考验证】现举一例如下: (2005 高考安徽卷--31)John is the tallest boy in the class, _______ according to himself. A.five foot eight as tall as B.as tall as five foot eight C.as five foot eight tall as D.as tall five foot eight as

第十三组 21.答案:A。对别人的夸奖要表示感谢。其他属于中国式表达方式。 【高考验证】[NMET1994] —Hi, haven’t seen you for ages! You look fine! —_______. You look well, too. A.Great B.Thanks C.Oh, no D.Not at all 22.答案:B。get+过去分词表被动,句意为:穿过这条繁忙的马路时一定要小心。否则,你 就会被车压着。答语为:我会(小心)的。 【高考验证】(04 全国卷一 28 ) Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to before the party. A.get changed B.get change C.get changing D.get to change 23. 答案: benefit“有益于” Exercise benefits our health.运动有益于我们的健康。 benefit by A。 We [from] daily exercises.每天做操对我们有益。 24.答案:D。range 此处是动词,常用于 range from…to…/between… and…“从……到……不 等”。如:The temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degrees。其他不符合句意。 25.答案:B。be absorbed in“专心致志于”。 , 26.答案:A。考查形容词辨析。be sensitive to“对……敏感,易受……影响”。 【高考验证】 上海春季--53] The more frequently farmers use insectides, the more_____the [05 insects will become to the chemicals. A.resistant B.available C.sensitive D.agreeable 27.答案:A。all the way“自始至终, 一路上”。 28.答案:C。unique(=being the only one of its type)同类事物中独一无二的。如:This stamp is unique; all others like it have been lost or destroyed. 29. 答案: take advantage of(=make use of sth. for one's own benefit)利用: B。 take advantage of my ignorance(利用我的无知)。 30.答案:D。translate“翻译,译成”;transport“交通,运输”;transmit“传递”;transform “改 变,尤其指改变形式,面貌”。

31.答案:C。【高考验证】(04 福建卷—32)—I’ll tell Mary about her new job tomorrow. —You________ her last week. A.ought to tell B.would have told C.must tell D.should have told (04 广西)Mr.White _____at 8:30 for the meeting ,but he didn’t show up. A.should have arrived B.should arrive C.should have had arrived D.should be arriving 32.答案:B。 【高考验证】(2001 北京春招-14)—Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her? —Yes, I gave it to her _______ I saw her. A.while B.the moment C.suddenly D.once 导悟: 答案: the moment 是名词型的从属连词, B。 用来引导时间状语从句, 意为: 一…就…(=as soon as) . 33.答案:A。for varieties of reasons“因为各种各样的原因”也可写作“for a variety of reasons” 或“for various reasons”. 34.答案:B.本题中“give off”意为 “发出,放出”。注意,give 构成的短语是高考的热点, 也是重点。 【高考验证】(NMET ,03.北京—23)Don’t mention that at the beginning of the story, or it may the shocking ending. A.give away B.give out C.give up D.give off 35. 答案: 【高考验证】 B。 (辽宁卷) There was never any time for Kate to feel lonely, ________ 34. she was an only child. A.ever since B.now that C.even though D.even as 导悟:答案:C。本题考查考生在特定语境中正确使用承上启下的短语的能力。Ever since 意为“从……之后”;now that 意为“既然”;even though 意为“即使”(表示状态);even as 意为 “恰好如……,正当……的时候”。这句话的意思是:即使她个独生子,Kate 从未感到过孤独。


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