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Before the 17th century, most of the native English speakers lived in England. After the 17th century, British people began to move to other ___66___ (country). Gradually, English was spoken there. At present ___67___ (many) people speak English as their first, second or a foreign language than ever before. ___68___ (luck), native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. English ___69___ (change) and developed when cultures met and communicated with each other over the past centuries. The English ___70___ (speak) in England between about AD450 and 1150 was very different ___71___ the modern English we speak today. It was the new settlers that enriched the English language and ___72___ (especial) its vocabulary. The English language was settled by the 19th century ___73___ two big changes in English spelling happened. English now is also spoken as a foreign ___74___second language in South Asia. China may have the ___75___ (large) number of English learners. 66.【答案】countries 【解析】考查名词。country 是可数名词,此处由 other 修饰用复数形式,指其他的国家。故 填 countries. 67. 【答案】more 【解析】考查比较级。根据句中的 than ever before 可知含有和以前比较的意思,要用比较级 表示更多的人,故填 more. 68. 【答案】Luckily 【解析】考查副词。此处单独使用作状语要用副词形式,指“幸运的是”,故填 Luckily. 69. 【答案】has changed 【解析】考查时态。根据句意和时间状语 over the past centuries 可知与现在完成时连用,主 语是单数,故填 has changed. 70. 【答案】spoken 【解析】考查过去分词。English 和动词 speak 是被动关系,此处是过去分词作定语,故填 spoken. 71. 【答案】from 【解析】考查固定短语。be different from“和…不同”,是固定短语。故填 from. 72. 【答案】especially 【解析】考查副词。especial 是形容词“特殊的,特别的”; especially 是副词“尤其,特别”。

此处指新的定居者丰富了英语,尤其是它的词汇。表示“尤其,特别”,故填 especially. 73. 【答案】when 【解析】考查连词。此处引导时间状语从句,表示“当…时候”,从句时态是过去时,故填 when. 74. 【答案】or 【解析】考查连词。此处表示选择,指作为第一语言或第二语言被说,故填 or. 75. 【答案】largest 【解析】考查形容词最高级。因为中国人口最多所以说英语的人也最多,此处由 the 修饰用 I had just visited my best friend in hospital with my mum,___41___hadn’t seen my friend since she’d gone into hospital six months earlier. I knew where she was coming from as she was___42___(grave)ill, but as I’d been visiting her every week I had stopped seeing the obvious; my friend___43___(lose)most of her body weight and her hair was falling out, it wasn’t looking good. After the visit I took my mum to the station____44____(see) her off on her train; the mood was understandably bleak but I stayed positive as well you do, don’t you? I went to get ___45___ (we) some coffee and my mum some food for the journey. I misread the amount of my purchase and didn’t have enough money. ___46___some reason, this was the straw that broke the came’s back; I burst into uncontrollable___47___(tear)as a massive queue was gathering behind me. A woman came up to me and offered to pay, putting an arm round my shoulder, no questions___48___(ask). I could barely say thank you through the confusion and the flood of emotion that was pumping through me ___49___ running off in embarrassment. After composing myself I ran round the station ___50___(try)to find this kind lady to thank her properly but never did. 【答案】41. who 48. asked 42. gravely 43. had lost 49. before 50. trying 44. to see 45. Us 46. For 47. Tears

Bill Gates has said China is the best place for _____41_____ young to fulfill their ambitions to make the world a better place. In a lecture to Peking University students, he described the skepticism(怀疑论) in some developed countries about _____42_____ globalization works for ordinary people. He said the results of the US presidential election and the Brexit (英国脱欧) vote showed how any country may turn inward when _____43_____ (face) with difficult issues like

immigration, security and global development. In a world suddenly short of experienced leaders, Gates praised China for shouldering _____44_____ (great) responsibility for significant global issues like climate change and inclusive development. Gates told hundreds of students _____45_____ (attend) the lecture of his high hopes for China's youth, for they enter the work force at the time of China's rise _____46_____ a center of global progress and innovation(创新). “The world's eyes are on China, _____47_____ (specific) on all of you. What an incredible thing is the belief _____48_____ you can make the world a better place. Now it is the best moment that you _____49_____ (have),” he said. “No matter what, if your ambition is to improve the world, this is the best time and the best place _____50_____ (struggle) for it.” 【答案】41. the 46. as 42. whether 47. specifically 43. faced 48. that 44. greater 49. have had 45. attending 50. to struggle

It happened in a holiday when I was 18 years old. I ___36___ (be) to fly to Brussels. I set my alarm___37___ (get) up early. There was one problem: I had never used an alarm before. I was uncertain whether the button on the top had to be up or down. I got little sleep as I worried about it all night. I ___38___ (obvious) had made the wrong ___39___ (choose) because the next morning I woke only a short while before sunrise. I panicked and grabbed my belongings. I didn’ t even have time to shower___40___set off to the airport. Now I had less than an hour before my flighty left. Not ___41___ (have) much experience on buses, I ___42___(make) extremely angry by the bus driver___43___pulled over and waited every few streets. I had to do something, so I went to him and informed him that I was late for my flight and so we needed to move on. He stared___44___me, but he continued his route at the same pace. When I finally got to the airport, I rushed to find where I had to check in. But I still missed my flight. The lady at the desk felt so sorry for me___45___she offered to change the flight at no extra cost. 36. 【答案】was 【解析】表示发生在过去的事情,所以用一般过去式。 37. 【答案】to get 【解析】句意:为了早起,我设置了闹钟。表示“为了……”,用 to get。

38. 【答案】obviously 【解析】用副词修饰动词。 39. 【答案】choice 【解析】用名词作宾语。 40. 【答案】and 【解析】句意:我甚至没有时间淋浴,并且直接动身去机场。表示并列关系,所以填 and。 41. 【答案】having 【解析】 “我”和“没有经验”之间是主动关系,所以用现在分词作原因状语。 42. 【答案】was made 【解析】“我”和“使得”之间是被动关系,所以用被动语态。 43. 【答案】who/that 【解析】 这里含有一个定语从句,而且关系词在从句中作主语,指人,所以填 who/that。 44. 【答案】at 【解析】Stare at 是固定用法,意思是盯着、瞪着。 45. 【答案】that 【解析】 So…that 是固定用法,意思是太……以至于。 I was always a runner and in pretty good shape for most of my life so far. Then I lost my job and each day I just couldn’t get myself out there feel worse about 28 (I). 29 (hard)than it used to be. I went out for 31 30 run the 26(run). I put on weight 27 just made me

I finally run again but it’s much

other day and I aha almost convinced myself to give up when I can do it! It’s hard, but you can do it!” There was a lady biggest smile 33 her face. 34 32

(hear)someone say “You

(walk)the other way and had the

Those words of

(encourage)came at a time when I was ready to give up. I finished my

run and now every time I feel like giving up I hear her in my head and it gives me motivation. I’ve never seen her again, so I’ve never been able to thank her and let her know the effect of a few simple words from a 26. to run 31.heard 27. which 32.walking 35 (strange) had (and still have)on me. 29.harder 34.encouragement 30.a 35.stranger 41 is very difficult to

28.myself 33.on

Friendship is one of the most important things in everyone’s life.

find a better definition(定义) of friendship. A true friend is the person who can share all our 42(sad) and double all our happiness. In time of trial(尝试) , he or she is always at our side to give us his or her help and comfort. Knowing how 43 (value) friendships is, we should be very careful with our 44

(choose) of a friend. We should choose those people with a good character as our friends, but we must try to avoid 45 (make) friends with a bad man. Besides, we should forgive their mistakes

and try to help them as much as possible. A true friend can always he or she won’t tell when they are 48 46 (trust), loved and respected. If you tell a friend your secrets,

47 (other). Friends share their joys and sorrows. They help each other trouble, and cheer each other up when they are sad. 50 49 most

important thing is that a friend always understands you. In conclusion, good friend, don’t forget him or her. 41. It 42. sadness 46. be trusted 43.valuable 47. others 44. choice 48.in

you have made a

45. making 49.The 50. when

A farmer once organized a

41(compete) between his dog and his rabbit. He dug a hole in

one of his biggest fields, and hid a carrot and a bone in it. He wanted to see which animal would find 42 (they) first. The cheerful and optimistic rabbit threw himself into looking for the carrot, digging here and there, bit, 43 (total) convinced that he would find it. But 45 44 dog, after sniffing around for a

(lie) down and began to complain about how difficult it was to find one bone in such a

big field. The rabbit dug for 47 46 (hour), and with every new hole the dog complained even more

how difficult this was, even for the rabbit. But the rabbit thought that each hole dug was one 48 (leave) to dig,

hole less that needed to be dug. When there was no place in the whole field the rabbit dug a tunnel(隧道) right to the place he found the carrot and the bone. 49

the dog had been lying all the time. There

This is how the dog lost the game. He had come to the right place at the very beginning but failed to find the bone 41. competition 46. hours 50 he only complained and didn’t try at all. 43. totally 48. left 44. the 49. where 45. lay 50. because/as/since

42. them 47. about

Lake Titicaca is a famous lake in South America. The culture of the ancient people around the lake is thought to be 41.(true) advanced but has long remained a mystery. Recently, however, scientists participating 42. an exploration project there have found what is believed to be 43. 1000-year-old temple under the water. The temple 44.(build) by ancient people was indeed quite well preserved. The project leaders hope to begin raising important materials from the site in the 45.(expect) that they can solve the mystery eventually. “Scientists have not yet had the opportunity to study the materials carefully due to a great many 46.(hardship). Yet with our efforts, we are bound 47.(achieve) greater success if we can keep 48. up.” said project director, John Aubi. Since 2016, divers from the research team 49.(make) over 200 dives into water 30 meters deep. They have kept recording the ancient remains on film. A meeting, 50. will start later, is aimed to review the film. 41. truly 46. hardships 42. in 47. to achieve 43. a 48. it 44 built 49. have made 45. expectation 50. which

Last October, while tending her garden in Mora, Sweden, Lena Pahlsson pulled out a handful of small 41 (carrot) and was about to throw them away .But something made her look closer ,and (shine) object .Yes ,there beneath the leafy top of one tiny carrot was her

she noticed a 42

long-lost wedding ring. Pahlsson screamed 43 I had hurt 44 loudly that her daughter came running from the house .“she thought

(I),” says Pahlsson.

Sixteen years 45(early), Pahlsson had removed the diamond ring 46 (cook) a meal. When she wanted to put the ring back on later, it was gone. She suspected that one of her three daughters-then ten. eight, and six-had picked it up, but the girls said they hadn’t. Pahlsson and her husband 47 (search) the kitchen, checking every corner, but turned up nothing. “I gave up hope of finding my ring again," she says. She never replaced it. Pahlsson and her husband now think the ring probably got 48 rubbish and was spread over the garden, 49 (sweep) into a pile of kitchen

it remained until the carrot’s leafy top accidentally wonder. 44. Myself 45. earlier

sprouted (生长) through it. For Pahlsson, its return was 50 41.carrots 42.shiny/shining 43.so

46.to cook



49. Where


The Spring Festival is people’s most important annual event in China. What is children’s expected part of the Spring Festival? Chances are that they are longing 61 (receive) red

envelopes which contain money. The red color of the envelopes symbolizes wishes for good luck. And the money in 62 is a symbol of wishing good fortune on children. 63 (call) Sui

One popular story of where the red envelopes came from is about a monster appearing on Chinese New Year’s Eve. A sleeping child a fever 65 64

was touched by it would develop 66 (sincere) that a god sent eight

then become a fool. But a couple prayed so

guards disguised (假装,假扮) as coins to protect their child. From then on, people placed eight coins on a red string and 67 (hide) them under children’s pillows. 68 (pronounce) as the monster’s name, 69 (luck) money against the evil spirit”.

As the Chinese character for “year” has the same people called the coins “ya sui qian”, meaning “ 70

time passing, paper notes replaced the coins and the red envelope replaced the thread.

语法填空: 61. to receive 66. sincerely 62. them 67. hid 63. called 68. pronunciation 64. who 69.lucky 65. and 70. With (have) a close knock

A man looking at his Smartphone while walking across a railway 41

on Oct 22. He was so 42 (absorb) in his Smartphone that he did not see a train approaching until it brushed past him, 43 (throw) him to the ground. This should serve 44 should be aware of their surroundings, especially 45 46 crossing roads. (stop) the train. An a warning that people

(lucky), the man survived, but the incident forced the driver 47

18-minute delay followed the incident, 48 route. Smartphone 49

led to a break in the running of other trains on the

(addict) has spread like an infectious disease. It’s evident that it will do (bad), some addicts become impatient with relatives and

great harm to society. What’s even 50

friends. Some people blame the Smartphone for the sad story, yet in fact people’s weakening self-control and self-discipline are to blame. 语法填空:41. had 46. Luckily 42. absorbed 43. throwing 44. as 48. which 45. when/while

47. to stop

49. addiction 50. worse

A father was worried about his son , _____46_____ was sixteen years old but had no courage at all. So his father decided to call on a Buddhist monk(禅师) to train his boy. The Buddhist monk said ____47____ the boy’s father, “You should leave your son alone here. I’ll make him into a real man within three months. ______48______, you can’t come to see him during this period.” Three months later, the boy’s father returned. The Buddhist monk arranged a boxing match between the boy and an_____49_____ (experience) boxer. Each time the fighter ____50____ (strike) the boy, he fell down, but at once the boy stood up; and each time the boy was knocked down, the boy stood up again. Several times later, the Buddhist monk asked, “_____51_____do you think of your child?” “What a shame!” the boy’s father said,“I never thought he would be so _____52_____(easy) knocked down. I needn’t have him left here ______53______ longer.” “I am sorry that is all you see. Don’t you see that each time he falls down, he stands up again instead of _____54_____(cry)? That’s the kind of courage you wanted him_____55_____(have ).” 【语篇解读】本文是一篇记叙文,父亲觉得自己 16 岁的儿子没有勇气,让禅师训练儿子的 故事。 46. 【答案】who 【解析】此处 his son 是先行词,指人,在后面的非限制性定语从句中做主语,故填 who。 47. 【答案】to 【解析】say to sb.对某人说,故答案为 to。 48. 【答案】However 【解析】三个月之内我将让他变成一个真正的男人,然而,在这期间你不能去看他。此处表 示转折,有逗号,故答案为 However。 49. 【答案】experienced 【解析】 一个有经验的拳击手。experienced 有经验的,故答案为 experienced。 50. 【答案】struck 【解析】 每次拳击手袭击男孩的时候,他都会到下,但立刻站起来。根据句意可知用一般 过去时态,故答案为 struck。 51. 【答案】What 【解析】 你觉得你的孩子怎么样?What do you think of 觉得怎么样,故答案为 What. 52. 【答案】easily

【解析】 副词修饰动词短语,故答案为 easily。 53. 【答案】any 【解析】 固定搭配:not---any longer 不再,故答案为 not。 54. 【答案】crying 【解析】 instead of sth./doing sth.代替某事或做某事,故答案为 crying。 55. 【答案】to have 【解析】 固定搭配:want sb. to do sth.想让某人做某事,故答案为 to have。 It was my first class as a new teacher. A little girl, the gate of the classroom. I walked up to her and asked what was wrong with her, boy shouted , “She is from Grade Four and is the why her teacher asked her to stay in Grade Three. classroom. I later learnt that her parents died 65 (accidental). She became sad and didn’t like talking 63 64 62 she said nothing. Then a 61 looked very shy, was standing at

(bad) student in her grade.”I understood (take)her hand, I led the girl into the

to others after that.She learnt very slowly, but I gave her respect and never looked down upon her. I helped her after school, and she was making progress little by little. 66 time went by, she 67 (sad).

was not as shy as before. When she left school, she seemed to have forgotten all her In the following 68

(year), she would send me a card on each Thanksgiving Day. Three 69 (invite) to her wedding. And now, I am at her wedding, and

days ago, I received an she 70

(smile) brightly.

Actually, everyone deserves respect and everyone can be happy. 61. who
66. As

62. but

63. worst

64. Taking
67.sadness 70 is smiling

65. accidentally
68.years 69. invitation

A long time ago, there lived a poor man41 buy a cow, so he42

(name) Mr. Vinegar. One day, Mr. Vinegar wanted to

(go) to a fair and took 50 dollars with him. When he arrived at the fair he

saw a43 (beauty) cow. Mr. Vinegar thought, “Oh! If I had that cow, I should feel very happy.”

So he paid 50 dollars44

the cow. Soon, he saw a man playing the bagpipes(风笛), and some

children45 (follow) him and a lot of people were giving him money. “Well,” thought Mr. Vinegar. “If I had that instrument, I should be46 happiest man in the world.”So he exchanged he met a man with a pair of gloves. (he). So he traded his bagpipes for the

the cow for the bagpipes. He was just leaving the fair47 “Oh, my48(finger) are so cold,” said Mr. Vinegar to49 gloves.

Finally, he felt very tired when he saw a man coming towards him with a thick stick in his hand. So he exchanged his gloves for the thick sick50 41. named 46. the 42. went 47. when 43. beautiful 48. fingers (help) himself to walk. 44. for 49. himself 45. were following 50. to help

For years, Ussuri Bay was a landfill(填埋场) for glass bottles and waste from a nearby factory. But today, all those materials glass beach. Many years ago, truckloads of glass 42 (pour) into Ussuri Bay. Instead of 43 41 (throw) away by people have been shaped into a colourful

should have been a landfill for unwanted, waste, Steklyashka beach is actually one of the most wonderful tourist 44 (attract) in the world. For years, waves have rounded and polished the 45 a

pieces of glass into beautiful stones of various colours and have turned this place wonderland.

Once considered a no-go zone, Steklyashka beach is now popular with both locals and tourists, and has been afforded special protection by the local government. In summer, it’s unique bathing spot. People minutes away, 48 46

47 (usual) drive from the port city of Vladivostok, about 30 49 (nature) beauty there. 50 (become) popular online

(take) photos of the breathtaking

Photos of the beautiful glass sand of Steklyashka beach

since an article in The Siberian Times showed this wonder to the whole world. 41.thrown 46.a 42.were poured 47.usually 43.what 48.to take 44.attractions 49.natural 45.into 50.have become

It was a beautiful early autumn day. The sun was beating down on my girlfriend and I. We had just climbed Moon Hill in Yangshuo, and taken in the amazing view. We were trying 41 our hostel(旅店). However, there was 42 Week tourists. (get) back to

problem—the road was full of cars driven by Golden

Luckily, there was another, 43 take it to get away 44

(small) road to the side of the crowded road. We decided to

the crowds, and to our great surprise, we found that there was hardly was just going the way they thought they were (take) the side road.

anyone on it. It turned out that everyone 45

supposed to go, and few people had considered 46

We cycled down what US poet Robert Frost might have called the “road less traveled” and were surprised by 47 we saw. A bamboo boat made 48 (it) way slowly down a river and went

down a small waterfall while a family shouted their enjoyment. Strangers shouted ”hello” at us in a 49 (friend), relaxed way. By the time we had arrived at our hostel we were 50 (sunburn), tired and excited by taking the “road less traveled”. 41.to get 47.what 42.a 48.its 43.smaller 49.friendly 44.from 45.else 46.taking


My American friend kindly invited me to her home to celebrate this year ’s Thanksgiving Day. I ___41___ (experience) my first ever Thanksgiving. On that day, we watched the Thanksgiving parade (游行) in New York City on TV. My friend’s family sat ___42___front of the television. They came from all over the States and enjoyed being together. ___43___ (look) at their happy faces, I thought it was really a holiday for families, just like the Mid-Autumn Festival in China. That evening, we had a big Thanksgiving dinner. This ___44___ (tradition) meal includes roast turkey, mashed potatoes and assorted vegetables. When the dishes and plates arrived at the table, we started to take ___45___ (turn) to say the things we were ___46___ (thank) for. This, in fact, is a Thanksgiving tradition many families practice in the US. Then, the food ___47___ (pass) around the table and we all ate far too much. I also had desserts with my dinner. There and coconut pies. If one mentions Thanksgiving, one must talk about Black Friday, the Friday ___49___ follows Thanksgiving Day. Shops across the United States will give their ___50___ (big) sales of the whole year on Black Friday. Many people go crazy about it. I saw many long queues outside the shops on that day. 【答案】41. experienced 46. thankful 42. in 43. Looking 48. were 44. traditional 45. turns ___48___ (be) different kinds of pies, such as apple pies, pumpkin pies

47. was passed

49. which/that

50. biggest

On a very cold winter day, there was a drunken guy fishing on the ice in the lake.


decided that he would go

He packed up all his fishing tools and set out in search of a he came across a huge area of ice and 43


(suit) spot. Eventually

(decide) that since he had came to the lake, he

would stop there and gave it a go. He took out a saw (锯) from his tool box, and started to saw a hole in the ice. 44 (sudden), a loud voice beside him, “There is no fish here.” came. The 45 but he couldn’t find anyone. So he decided to ignore the voice and

drunken man looked went on 46

(saw). Again, the voice sounded, “I’ve told you once, there is no fish here!” He 47 (surrounding) again, but there were still no people there. So he returned to 48

looked at the

his task. “Stop it!” shouted the very sounding voice, “You’d better get out of here quickly

you will get into trouble.” “Who are you? “The drunken guy shouted. “You don’t scare me!” “Watch out and listen to me,” Rink! (溜冰场)” 语法填空:41. who 46. sawing 42. suitable 43. decided 44. Suddenly 45. around/about /round 50. the 49 (reply) the voice. “I’m 50 manager of this Skating


48. or

49. replied

In human history, many ancient and splendid civilizations were born and died. China is the only country 61 uninterrupted human civilization. Chinese civilization was born on the 62 Chinese civilization began is Henan

shores of the Yellow River. And the rich land Province. The Yellow River goes across

63 (center) Henan. It is China’s main north-to-south and 64 (lead), the

east-to-west artery (干线). China’s most ancient tribal (部族的,种族的) Yellow Emperor and the Yan Emperor, world still proudly call The river 65

(bear) here. Even today, Chinese people all over the

66 (them) the descendants (后裔) of these two emperors.

67 (hold) its unshakable position in the heart of every Chinese, respected by

every generation and called “the Mother River”. With intelligence, hard work and determination, Chinese descendants pursue co-existence and common prosperity on this land. The 5,464-km-long Yellow River breaks the last barrier and flows into the broad plain, of Chinese civilization. Till now, the Yellow River 69 (raise) 13 dynasties’ capital Luoyang, 8 dynasties’ capital 70 (it) area—Zhengzhou. 68 (form) the cradle (摇篮)

Kaifeng and the biggest economic center in

61. with 66. themselves

62. where 67. holds

63. central 68. forming

64. leaders 69. has raised

65. were born 70. its

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