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年级+科目——学生姓名 福建省厦门第一中学 2012-2013 学年度 第一学期 10 月考试 高一年英语试卷
第二部分:英语知识运用 第一节 单项填空(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 21.My grandpa____a lot of hardship when he was young. A. calmed down B. went through C. added up D. set down 22.Do you have any difficulty____these flowers ?I’d like to help you if necessary. A. to plant B. for planting C. with planting D. planting 23.It was in the street ___I met my friend yesterday. A. who B. where C. when D. that 24.My parents and I are flying to London for a holiday and I’ll ___the chance to practise my spoken English. A. come up with B. make use of C. be concerned with D. get tired of 25.---Are you still busy? -----Yes, I____ my work, and it won’t take long. A. just finish B. am just finishing C. have just finished D. am just going to finish 26.The number of applicants for study tours around America ______growing every year, and a number of them ____from Xiamen. A. are,are B. is, is C. is, are D. are, is 27.The officer commanded that the man ____to hospital right now. A. to be sent B. should send C. send D. be sent 28.Joe had changed so much that I could hardly _____him at first at the meeting. A. remember B. realize C. recognize D. notice 29.I have asked several people what happened, but no one will give me a ____answer. A. loose B. native C. latter D. straight 30.Tim is in good shape physically _____he doesn’t get much exercise. A. if B. even if C. unless D. as long as 31.She asked____ I got along well with my new teachers. A. if B. how C. what D. that 32.Do you think shopping online will____ take the place of shopping in stores? A. especially B. frequently C. specially D. finally 33.----Have you ever been to Guangzhou Asian Games Town? -----No. It is the first time that I_______ to China.. A. come B. have come C. am coming D. came 34.____solve the problem, the boy had to turn to his parents for help. A. So as to B. In order to C. Because of D. As if 35.---I’ll take the college entrance examination next week! ----_________________! A. Good luck B. Cheers C. Congratulations D. Come on

第二节 完形填空
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The _ 31_ teacher, Mr. Litmus, had asked his students to study some special animal. They would write a short report, and tell the rest of the class their conclusions(结论). Some talked about dogs, others about horses, and some chose fish. But the most interesting _32_ of all was made by little Sophie. “I found that _33_ are terribly ill- tempered(脾气坏的),” she said, very sure of herself. Everyone smiled, waiting for her to _34_. Then Sophie explained, “I spent hours in my house, watching flies. When they flied _35_, everything was OK, but when they found a _36_ they would really be noisy. I had always thought they made that _37_ with their wings, but they don’t. With my daddy’s telescope I watched the flies really closely, and saw that what they were really _38_ was shouting and protesting. They were so hysterical (歇斯底里的) that they couldn’t fly out of the window, and they would just _39_ their heads against the glass again and again. If only they had _40_ the butterfly that passed by, they would have seen that the top of the window was _41_. The butterfly tried to tell them, but it had no _42_effect(效果) at all. The flies just kept on shouting and complaining.” Mr. Litmus was amused, and _43_ to the class that that form of fly’s behavior had nothing to do with _44_. Instead, it was an example of animals having different _45_ of intelligence . And this was what _46_ a big disorder in the science class. Many parents had to come and complain because their children had _47_ their parents among the least intelligent of creatures! This, said the children, was because the parents did nothing but complain, and they _48_ listened to anyone. Mr. Litmus had to do a lot of explaining, and quite a few parents _49_. It helped some of them realized that, although they weren’t _50_, they often behaved not terribly intelligently. 31. A. geography B. head C. physics D. science 32. A. discovery B. invention C. activity D. direction 33. A. insects B. flies C. butterflies D. bats 34. A. cheer B. begin C. discuss D. continue 35. A. quickly B. repeatedly C. normally D. directly 36. A. door B. window C. light D. wall 37. A. force B. wind C. result D. noise 38. A. finding B. hating C. doing D. imagining 39. A. shook B. leaned C. beat D. turned 40. A. watched B. obeyed C. caught D. heard 41. A. shut B. windy C. open D. clean 42. A. no B. much C. great D. some 43. A. told B. explained C. spoke D. shouted 44. A. pleasure B. excitement C. joy D. anger 45. A. levels B. areas C. senses D. fields 46. A. removed B. caused C. reduced D. solved 47. A. respected B. listed C. separate D. admitted 48. A. never B. always C. almost D. already 49. A. turned up B. gone back C. calmed down D. held on 50. A. poor 第二部分 阅读理解 B. busy C. serious D. stupid

A Jim a successful businessman, told the experience of his childhood. When he was 12,his parents died. He was alone and didn’t get on well with others. People always laughed at him. No one showed kindness to him. His only friend was a dog named Tiger. He gave his dog enough to eat and drink, but sometimes he was not polite to it. He didn’t know that an unkind word sometimes could cut one’s heart like a knife. One day as he walked down the street, a young lady was walking in front of him. Suddenly one of her bags dropped from her bags dropped from her arms. As she stopped to pick it up, she dropped other bags. He came to help her,” Thank you, dear!
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You are a nice little boy!” she said kindly, smiling. A special feeling came to him. These were the first kind words he had ever heard. He watched her until, she went far away, and then he whistled to his dog and went directly to the river nearby. “Thank you ,dear! You are a nice little boy.!” he repeated the woman’s worlds. Then in a low voice he said to his dog, Tiger raised its cars as if it understood. “Uhum! Even a dog likes it” he said.” Well, Tiger. I won’t say unkind words to you any more.” Tiger waved its tail happily. The boy thought and thought. Finally ,he looked at himself in the river. He saw nothing but a dirty boy. He washed his face carefuiiy. Again he looked. He saw a clean nice boy. He was amazed. From then on, he had a new life. After telling this, he businessman stopped for a while, and then, he said,” Ladies and gentlemen, this is the very place where that kind woman planted in me the first seed of kindness. All of us should learn about kindness. What a great power it has!” 56.The boy repeated the words “Thank you ,dear!You are a nice little boy.!”because . A. he wanted to talk to his dog B. he was thinking about the words C. he didn’t understand the words D. he liked talking to himself 57.What made the boy start his new life? A. The people laughing at him. B. The hard life. C. The kind words spoken to him. D. His lovely dog. 58.Which of the following is right according to the passage? A. He never took good care of his friend,Tiger. B. He usually had many friends around him. C. He often washed his dirty face in the lake. D. He helped a young lady when her bag dropped. 59.What may be the best title of this passage? A. A Dog and a Boy B. A Poor Boy’s Childhood C. A Businessman and a Boy D. The Power of Kindness B Some time ago I discovered that one of my chairs had a broken leg. I didn’t think there would be any difficulty in getting it mended, as there are a whole lot of antique(古董) shops near my home. So I left home one morning carrying the chair with me. I went into the first shop expecting a friendly reception. I was quite wrong. The man wouldn’t even look at my chair. The second shop, though slightly more polite, was just the same, and the third and the fourth, so I decided that my approach must be wrong, and I should try another way. I entered the fifth shop with a plan in my mind. I placed the chair on the floor and said to the shopkeeper,“Would you like to buy a chair?” He looked it over carefully and said,“Yes, not a bad chair. How much do you want for it, sir?” “Twenty pounds,” I said. "OK,” he said,“I’ll give you twenty pounds.” “It’s got a slightly broken leg,” I said. “Yes, I saw that, it’s nothing.” Everything was going according to plan and I was getting excited. “What will you do with it?” I asked. “Oh, it will be easy to sell once the repair is done.” I’ll buy it,” I said.“What do you mean? You’ve just sold it to me,” he said.“Yes, I know but I’ve changed my mind. I am sorry. I’ll give you twenty-seven pounds for it.” “ You must be crazy,” he said. Then, suddenly the penny dropped. “I know what you want. You want me to repair your chair.” “You’re right,” I said.“And what would you have done if I had walked in and said, “Would you mend this chair for me?” “I wouldn’t have agreed to do it,” he said.“We don’t do repairs, not enough money in it and too much trouble. But I’ll mend this for you, shall we say for a fiver(五英镑钞 票)?” He was a very nice man and was greatly amused by the whole thing. 60.We can learn from the text that in the first shop the writer _________. A. was rather impolite
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B. was warmly received C. asked the shopkeeper to buy his chair D. asked the shopkeeper to repair his chair 61.The expression“the penny dropped”in the last paragraph means the shopkeeper _______. A. changed his mind B. accepted the offer C. saw the writer’s purpose D. decided to help the writer 62.How much did the writer pay? A. £5. B. £7. C. £20. D. £27. 63.From the text,we can learn that the writer was _________. A. honest B. careful C. clever D. funny C Chocolate is good for your heart, skin and brain. Usually, people think that chocolate is bad for their health. They describe chocolate as “something to die for” or say “death by chocolate”. Now they should bite their tongues! Evidence(证据) is showing that some kinds of chocolate are actually good for you in the following ways: A happier heart Scientists at Harvard University recently examined 136 studies on cocoa — the main ingredient in chocolate — and found that it does seem to strengthen the heart. Studies have shown increased blood flow is good for heart. These are the results of cocoa’s chemicals, which seem to prevent both cell damage and inflammation(炎症). Better blood pressure If yours is high, chocolate may help. Jeffrey Blumberg from Tufts University recently found that people with high blood pressure who ate 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate per day for two weeks saw their blood pressure drop quickly. Muscle magic Chocolate milk may help you recover after a hard workout (锻炼). In a small study at Indiana University, people who drank chocolate milk between workouts did better on a tiredness test than those who had some sports drinks. Better for your skin German researchers gave 24 women a half-cup of special cocoa every day. After three months, the women’s skin was moister (滑润的) and smoother. The research shows that chocolate helps protect and increase blood flow to the skin, improving its appearance. Brain gains It sounds almost too good to be true, but research suggests that chocolate may improve your memory, attention span, reaction time, and problem-solving skills by increasing blood flow to the brain. 64.What can’t we get from chocolate according to the text? A. A healthy heart. B. Smooth skin. C. A good memory. D. A beautiful figure. 65.What’s the meaning of the underlined sentence in the fourth paragraph? A. Sports drinks are better than chocolate milk. B. Sports drinks can make people easy to be tired. C. Drinking milk can keep you energetic at work. D. We should drink chocolate milk between times when we work hard. 66.What’s the main idea of the text? A. More Chocolate,Less Health B. Chocolate,a Healthy Food C. Chocolate and Blood Pressure D. Advice on Eating Chocolate 67.The conclusion that chocolate may help lower blood pressure was brought out by______. A. Jeffrey Blumberg from Tufts University B. scientists at Harvard University
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C. scientists at Indiana University D. German researchers 68.What’s the meaning of “bite their tongues”in the first paragraph? A. Think of it B. Speak up C. listen to it

D. Stop talking

D Elvis lives. At least he does today, in the hearts of tens of thousands showing their faithful love for the King on the 25th anniversary of his death. Refusing to let go of fond memories, fans are once again flooding to Graceland, Elvis’ house. This annual event is informally known as “Dead Elvis Week”, an almost religious journey in memory of Elvis’ death on August 16, 1977. Feeling like a cross between an Easter night and Mardi Gras, the week of sadness is hardly a sad affair. In fact, it includes all kinds of parties, concerts, and memorials. The highlight, however, is a candlelight night that more than 10, 000 fans from all over the world took part in. In twos and threes, they walk up to the small poolside garden where Elvis is buried. “The King of Rock’n’ Roll” may be dead, but for these devotees, he is never truly gone. Elvis Aaron Presley wasn’t born a king. As a matter of fact, he grew up dirt-poor in rural Tennessee. Legend(传奇) has it that Elvis was working as a truck driver in Memphis when he made his first recording: a late birthday gift for his mother. Later, when the owner of Sun Records, Sam Phillips, heard Elvis’ stirring voice, he thought he had finally found what he had been looking for — a white man who sounded black. Phillips boasted(夸口) that with Elvis on his label, he would make a million dollars. Early Sun recordings had Elvis on songs and guitar, supported by another guitar and a stand-up bass. He was playing the kind of material he would one day become famous for: blues and country songs. It was a long way from the white jumpsuits and Las Vegas-style concerts everyone now connects with Elvis. But those early recordings helped what the world now knows as rock’n’roll come into being. 69.When did the author write the passage above? A. In2011. B. In 1977. C. Between an Easter night and Mardi Gras. D. Not mentioned. 70.What can be inferred from the underlined part in Paragraph 3? A. Elvis was a white man who looked like a black one. B. Sam Phillips didn’t find what he had been looking for. C. Sam Phillips had been seeking a white man who acted like a black. D. In some way,the black then had a greater gift for singing than the white. 71.What is the best title of the passage? A. Elvis’Death. B. Legend of the King. C. Dead Elvis Week. D. The Origin of Rock’n’Roll. E Many animals recognize their food because they see it. So do humans. When you see an apple or a piece of chocolate you know that these are things you can eat. You can also use other senses when you choose your food. You may like it because it smells good or because it tastes good. You may dislike some types of food because they do not look, smell or taste very nice. Different animals use different senses to find and choose their food. A few animals depend on only one of their senses, while most animals use more than one sense. Although there are many different types of food, some animals spend their lives eating only one type. The giant panda eats only one particular type of bamboo. Other animals eat only one type of food even when given the choice. A kind of white butterfly will stay on the leaves of a cabbage, even though there are plenty of other vegetables in the garden. However, most animals have a more varied diet. The bear eats fruits and fish. The fox eats small animals, birds and fruits. The diet of these animals will be different depending on the season. Humans have a very varied diet. We often eat food because we like it and not because it is good for us. In countries such
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as France and Britain, people eat foods with too much sugar. This makes them overweight, which is bad for their health. Eating too much red meat and animal products, such as butter, can also be bad for the health. Choosing the right food, therefore, has become an area of study in modern life. 72.We can infer from the text that humans and animals _________. A. choose food in similar ways B. are not satisfied with their food C. depend on one sense in choosing food D. eat entirely different food 73.Which of the following eats only one type of food? A. The fox. B. The bears. C. The small bird. D. The white butterfly. 74.Certain animals change their choice of food when ___________. A. the food color changes B. the season changes C. they are attracted by different smells D. they move to different places 75.We can learn from the last paragraph that __________. A. food is chosen for a good reason B. French and British food is good C. some people have few choices of food D. some people care little about healthy diet

第四部分:写作(共三节,满分 45 分) 第一节:短文填词(共 10 小题,每题 1 分,共 10 分) Many English textbooks are not written in the English which we say every day. Sometimes the reading is so difficult_____ it almost seems like a compete______(外国的)language you can not understand at all. ______ fact, it is the language of science. You should not expect to be able to read a difficult science passage in the _____way you read an interesting story. You should not expect to read it_____(容易) Instead, you may have to read it several________, catching on the meanings of difficult w_____, going back over difficult sentences, and finally putting the whole thing together. _______ the whole passage does not make sense to you at first, don’t feel u______. You need to analyze the sentences______(耐心地)until you can understand it completely.

76.___________ 77.___________ 78. ___________ 79. ___________ 80. ___________ 81. ___________ 82. ___________ 83. ___________ 84. ___________ 85. ___________

第二节:根据提示完成句子(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) 注意:86-90 每空只写一词。 86. It is strange that two _________________ (德国人)should lose their way in the countryside. 87. She lived three _________________(街区)away from me when we were kids. 88. She _________________(遭受)from loneliness, but she had to take the challenge. 89. I’d be g_________________ if you could give me some advice on how to improve my English. 90. I think it is wrong of you to _________________ (忽视)the teachers’ opinion. 91. There is nothing better than seeing your hard work _________________(得到回报). 92. _________________(信不信由你), I prefer walking to riding a bus. 93. Some people do not have enough to eat while some others throw away food just _________________(因为)its poor
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taste. 94. I have to accept the fact that luck sometimes _________________(起作用)in my life. 95. I didn’t do it _________________(故意). Actually, I was just trying to help.

第三节:书面表达(满分 25 分) 请以”Why should we learn English?”为题,用英语写一篇作文,说明学习英语的重要性。 注意:词数 120 左右。 Why should we learn English? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

答案 单选 21-25BDDBB 26-30CDCDB 31-35ADBBA 完型 36-40DABDC 41-45BDCCA 46-50CABDA 阅读 56-60BCDDD 61-65BACAD 66-70BADAD 短文填词 76.that 77.foreign 78.In 79.same 81.times 82.words 83.If/When 84.upset 完成句子 86. Germans 87.blocks 88. suffered 91. pay off 92. Believe it or not 93.because of 书面表达(略)

51-55BBACD 71-75BADBD 80.easily 85. patiently 89.grateful 94.plays a part

90. ignore 95. on purpose

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