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风平中学英语导学案 学校:风平中学 备课组成员 授课时间: 课时: 年级:九 学科:英语 课题:Unit 2 Topic 1 Section A 学生姓名:

苟金满、焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 班级:

一、学习目标: 1、初步认识直接引语和间接引语的用法。 2、认识不同种类的污染,提高环保意识。 二、学习重、难点:1、直接引语和间接引语的用法; 2、直接引语变间接引语(人称、时态、时间状语和地点状语等都作相 应的变化)。 3、认识污染的种类。 三、预习导学: 1、生词:bee,chemical,waste,stream,soil、breathe,influence。 2、词组: (1)土壤污染________ (2)灯光污染________ (3)水污染________ (4)噪音污染________ (5)空气污染________ (6)有害的,导致损失的________ (7)把……倒入……里________ (8)废水________ 3、句子: (1)、The flowers and grass have gone! (2)、Light pollution is harmful to birds. (3)、Pollution really causes too many problems. (too many + 可数名词复数,too much + 不可数名词,much too + adj./adv.) (4) There are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the river. 、 (several = a few几个、数个) There be + sth./ sb. + doing sth. (有某人在做某事) There are many students reading books in the classroom. (教室里有许多学生在看书) (5) 、Kangkang said that it was a beautiful place with flowers and grass. (6) 、The government has done something。 4、语法:(1)直接引语和间接引语的用法; (2)直接引语变成间接引语时应注意人称、时态、时间状语和地点状语等 的变化。 四、课堂练习: 将下列句子变为间接引语: (1) teacher said, “In the past, it was a beautiful place with flowers and grass.” The (2)Mary said, “The world has changed for the better.” 三、巩固题: A. 改错题: 1、The flowers and grass have been! _______ 2、There is several chemical factories pouring waste water into the stream. _______

3、Light pollution is harmful for eyes. _______ 4、I have gone to the West Hill before. _______ 5、Kangkang said that it is a beautiful place with flowers and grass. _______ B.阅读理解: The earth is about 4,600 million years old. Modern man has lived on the earth for only 35,000 years, but during that time, we have changed our planet in many ways. Many of the things that we have done are good, but more are not good for the earth. Water pollution A lot of people, birds and fish die each day because of water pollution. Factories have polluted the land and the water. As a result, many rivers and lakes are now dead. Air pollution In big cities, factories, as well as cars, trucks and buses are the main cause of air pollution. Many people in cities now have serious health problems. For example, Mexico city used to be a beautiful sunny capital, but today it is always covered by thick brown clouds. Soil pollution In order to have a good harvest, most of the farmers use chemicals too much in their fields. That’s bad for the soil. But this kind of pollution is difficult to stop. Hope for the future These problems are very serious for our future, so all of us should do something to improve our environment. If we can stop pollution, our planet will become more and more beautiful and our health will be better. Let’s be greener people! ( ) 26._____ have made the earth change a lot. A. Human beings B. Animals C. Plants D. People in other planets ( ) 27. There are _____ kinds of pollution in this passage. A. two B. three C. four D. five ( ) 28.Pollution isn’t a big problem now, is it? A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, there is. D. No, there isn’t. ( ) 29.Which sentence is NOT right according to the passage? A. Most of things that we have done are good for our planet. B. We must stop the factories from pouring waste water into the rivers and lakes. C. Because of water pollution, many rivers and lakes are now dead. D. Water pollution is very serious nowadays. ( ) 30.Which sentence is RIGHT? A. Though Mexico city is always covered by thick brown clouds, it’s still a beautiful sunny capital. B. Air pollution can make people sick. C. Now fewer farmers use chemicals in the fields. D. Factories, cars, trucks and buses are the main cause of soil pollution.

学校:风平中学 备课组成员 授课时间: 课时: 年级:九 学科:英语 课题:Unit 2 Topic 1 Section B 学生姓名: 苟金满、焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 班级:

一、学习目标: 1、掌握直接引语和间接引语的用法。 2、学会表达责备和抱怨。 二、学习重、难点:(1)直接引语和间接引语的用法; (2)学生在学习直接引语和间接引语过程中,对人称、时态、时间状 语和地点状语的变化,很难掌握,教学中要多列举范例,加强练 习。 (3)如何抱怨和责备。 三、预习导学: 1、生词: weak、produce、 chest、anyway、 gas、 2、词组: (1)生产难闻的气体________ (2)can’t stand (doing) sth. ________ 3、难理解的句子: How long have you been like this? I’m always in a bad mood … Anyway, I hope the government will solve this problem soon. It’s difficult for me to breathe. The bad air makes my chest hurt. I can’t stand the environment here. 4、语法:间接引语 (1) The old lady said that it was difficult for her to breathe. (2) The old lady told Kangkang that she had been like that since the week before. (3) Kangkang asked the old lady how long she had been like that. (4) The journalist asked Mrs. Zhou whether/if she was feeling better then. (5) The journalist asked what the environment around that place was like. 四、课堂练习: 按要求改写下列句子: 1、KangKang asked, “What's wrong with you, Granny?” (改为间接引语)—— 2、Granny said to Kangkang, “It's different for me to breathe.” ( 改为间接引语)—— 3、She said that she (改为直接引语)— didn't want to live there.

五、巩固练习: A、根据句意,用所给单词的适当形式填空。 1. Look, there is a bird _____ (sing) in the tree.

2. The bad air makes my chest hurt and it’s difficult for me _____(breath). 3. They are doing their homework carefully. You’d better not _____(disturb) them. 4. Litter _____ (influence) the look of our city. 5. It is known that smoking does great _____(harm) to us. B、改错题: 1、It’s difficult for I to breathe. 2、How long have you gone like this? 3、I’ve been like this for last week. 4、The factory makes too many noise and I can’t sleep well at night. 5、Kangkang asked the old lady how long had she been like that. C、阅读理解: Stop and listen! What do you hear? You may hear many different sounds. Some of those sounds may be noise. Noise is a loud or unwanted sound. Noise can be caused by many kinds of machines, such as motorcycles, jet planes (喷气式飞 机), farm tractors, and power motors. And, to some people, rock music is also a noise. What happens to people who live near noisy machines or use them over a period of time? Doctors have found that these people have trouble in sleeping. And most importantly, constant (连 续的) loud noise can cause loss of hearing. Scientists use a unit of measure called a decibel(分贝) to measure the loudness of a sound. The sound of a quiet room, for example, measures 35 decibels. Talking measures between 40 and 65 decibels. Sounds from traffic and from some rock bands measure over 120 decibels. Noise at such high level causes the greatest hearing loss. 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F)。 ( ) 31.According to the passage, noise is all sounds that you can hear. ( ) 32.A “decibel” is a machine that makes loud noise. ( ) 33.Loud noise can help people sleep better. ( ) 34.Not all people think that rock music is a noise. ( )35.We can infer (推断) from the passage that noise is a serious problem.

学校:风平中学 备课组成员 授课时间: 课时: 年级:九 学科:英语 课题:Unit 2 Topic 1 Section C 学生姓名: 苟金满、焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 班级:

一、学习目标: 1、认识噪音污染,提高环保意识。 2、明白污染带来的不好的影响。 二、学习重难点:1、明确噪音污染会给人类造成怎样的后果。 2、短文的理解。 三、预习导学 1、生词:coal,deaf ,print,disturb,rubbish 2、短语:(1)一种;一类________ (2)丧失听力________ (3)同……几乎一样________ (4)相当;很________ (5)有害________ (6)不但-----而且________ (7)噪音污染________ 3、句子: (! )Noise is also a kind of pollution and is harmful to humans’ health. (2)… many teenagers in America can hear no better than 65-year-old people do. 二、课堂练习: 给下列句子配对。 1、noise pollution a、causes sore eyes and breathing problems. 2、litter b、makes our environment dirty and influences the look cities. 3、air pollution c、destroys the soil and unhealthy food. 4、light pollution d、make people deaf and cause high blood pressure. 5、soil pollution e、make people feel terrible and is bad for the eyes. 三、巩固练习: A. 改错题: 1、There is a little boy playing the soccer on the playground. ___________________ 2、Soil pollution can cause people to become sick or deaf. ___________________ 3、It’s a pity that such a beautiful lake has been . ___________________ 4、People who work and live in noisily conditions may go deaf. ___________________ 5 、 It not only disturbs others but also does great harm to hear. ___________________ B. 单项选择: ( ) 1. We have known each other _____ ten years ago. A. for B. ever C. about D. since ( ) 2. There is _____ pollution in the world. We must stop it. A. much too B. too much C .many too D. too many ( ) 3. — Is the flower beautiful?

( ( (



—Yes, at _____ it’s _____ the one you bought for me. A. last; as bad as B. least; no better than C .last; not better D .least; no worse than ) 4.I can’t stand _____ for you so long. A. to wait B. waiting C. waits D. waited ) 5.The boss made child laborers _____ 12 hours every day. A. working B. works C. work D .to work ) 6._____ the environment is important for human beings. A. Take care of B. Taking care of C. Took care of D. Take the care of ) 7.—Have you finished your homework? —Not _____. There are still some exercises to be done. A. already B. yet C .just D. ever ) 8. — It smells terrible. What has happened here? —Look, there is much waste gas _____ from the chemical factory. A、pour B. pouring C. poured D. pours

C. 阅读理解: The students were having their chemistry class. Miss Li was telling the children what water was like. After that, she asked her students, “What is water?” No one answered for a few minutes. Miss Li asked again, “Why don’t you answer my question? Didn’t I tell you what water is like?” Just then, a boy put up his hand and said, “Miss Li, you told us that water has no color and no smell. But where to find such kind of water? The water in the river behind my house is always black and it has a bad smell.” Most of the children agreed with him. “I’m sorry, children,” said the teacher, “our water is getting dirtier and dirtier. That’s a serious problem.” 根据短文内容,回答问题。 36. Why didn’t the children answer the teacher’s question at first? ________________________________________________ 37. Please use a sentence to describe what water is. ________________________________________________ 38. Why does the water in the river have color and smell? ________________________________________________ 39. Do you think the boy who answered the teacher’s question is stupid? ________________________________________________ 40.What did other students think of the boy? ________________________________________________

学校:风平中学 备课组成员 授课时间: 课时: 年级:九 学科:英语 课题:Unit 2 Topic 1 Section D 学生姓名: 苟金满、焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 班级:

一、学习目标:(1)复习直接引语和间接引语的用法。 (2)总结污染的种类及其危害。 二、学习重、难点:(1)总结直接引语和间接引语。 (2) 弄清污染的种类及其危害。 三、预习导学: 1、生词:create, industry, blood 2、短语: (1)in many ways( ) ) (2)高血压_____ (4) with the development of

(3)effect on our environment( industry( )

3、句子: Burning gas, oil and coal creates air pollution. With less pollution, our planet will become… 二、课堂练习: 选出能够代替句中划线部分的选项。 1、Look, there are several chemical factories pouring waste water into the river. A、many A、been B、much river B、been death C、some D、any D、death D、 be good at 2、Many fish in the have died because of water pollution. dead C、dead

3、Light pollution is harmful to our eyes. A、be bad for 三、巩固练习: A.改错题: 1、He asked what the environment around that place is like. ___________________ 2、Too many noise can cause high blood pressure. ___________________ 3、She asked that you were feeling better then. ___________________ 4、He asked if the environment around that place was like. ___________________ 5、Noise are harmful to humans’ health. ___________________ B.填入适当的句子,补全对话: A: Hello, May! B: Hi, Peter! I haven’t seen you for weeks. 11.________________________ A: I have been to Hawaii (夏威夷). B: How was your journey? A: Great! Hawaii is a beautiful place. B: 12. ________________________ B、 be good for C、 be bad to

A: I went there by air. B: 13. ________________________ A: Yes, I had lived there for 4 years before I came here. B: 14. ________________________ A: I traveled with my friends. B: 15. ________________________ A: I have been away for about eleven days. B: What a wonderful journey! A: Yes, it was! C.完形填空。 I can’t remember when I started collecting litter. But it was when I got tired of 16 litter nearby that I realized no one else was going to pick it up. I live near a forest in Ohio, America. I can walk there 17 three minutes. I used to love going there to play with my dog. But one day there was 18 much litter there that I became very unhappy. I decided to clean up the forest, and I wanted to 19 happy when I went again. I made my first trip to clean the forest that afternoon. I took a big black rubbish bag with me. Ten minutes 20 I started to pick up litter, my bag was full! There were cans, bottles, broken glass and newspapers in it. From then on, I 21 to the forest four times a year to pick up litter. I often stay there for three hours. It makes me feel 22 to do something for the environment. After each trip, I look through all the litter that I’ve collected. If 23 of it is recyclable 可回收利用的) I’ll keep it. ( , I can’t understand why people drop litter. But I will keep on picking it up 24 they stop dropping it. I know I am only doing a small bit 25 the earth, but I still think it is important. ( ) 16. A .seeing B .throwing C. dropping D. cleaning ( ) 17.A.after B .for C. with D. in ( ) 18. A. such B. very C. so D. too ( ) 19.A.make B. feel C .look D. find ( ) 20.A.after B .later C. before D. of ( ) 21.A.had gone B. have gone C .go D. will go ( ) 22.A.tired B. sad C. interesting D .great ( ) 23.A.many B. few C. any D. much ( ) 24.A.until B. after C. as soon as D. when ( ) 25.A.helped B. to help C. help D .helping D.写作题:人类只有一个地球。根据提示,以“Saving the Earth”为题,写一篇 80 词 左右的短文。 提示: 1.如何保护环境已成为世界最大难题之一; 2.各种污染破坏环境,损害健康; 3.不要乱倒垃圾,乱排废水; 4.我们应该保护环境,使我们的家园更加美丽。

学校:风平中学 备课组成员 授课时间: 课时: 年级:九 学科:英语 课题:Unit 2 Topic 2 Section A 学生姓名: 苟金满、焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 班级:

一、学习目标: 1.初步学习不定式代词和不定副词的用法。 2、进一步认识有关环境污染的一些情况。 二、学习重、难点:不定式代词和不定副词的用法。 三、预习导学: 1、生词:importance、rude、behavior。 2、短语:(1)结果_______________ (3)天天,逐日_______________ (2)一开始,初期_______________ (4)消失,灭亡_______________

3、句子: But the government is doing something useful to protect the environment. None of us likes pollution. Don’t spit anywhere in public. Everyone should care for wild animals and plant more trees. We should do everything we can to protect the environment. 4、语法:不定代词something useful (something是不定代词,其修饰语要放在它后面。) 四、课堂练习: 选择适当的词填空: 1、 2、Let’s go 3、 4、 5、There is 五、巩固练习: A、用 none, no one, nobody 回答问题。 1、A: Who has gone with Jim? 3、 of us like pollution. B: B: . B: 2、A: How many students have ever been to America? 4、A: How many birds can you see in the tree? B、改错题: 1、 2、 3、 4、 5、 (Anything, Everything)is made of elements(元素)。 (somewhere ,anywhere) nice for dinner. (Anyone ,Everyone) is here ,isn’t he ? (Nothing, Anything) is difficult if you set your mind on it. (anything ,everything) important in today’s newspaper.

单项选择。 (10 分) ( ) 1.— Would you like to have _____? —No, thank you. I’ve had enough. A. anything more B. something more C. more anything D. more something ( ) 2.The driver was badly hurt _____ of the traffic accident. A. at a result B .in the result C. with the result D. as a result ( ) 3. This washing machine is very easy to use. _____ can learn to use it in a very short time. A. Somebody B. Anybody C. Nobody D. Few people ( )4.—Hi, Bob! I can’t find my story book. Have you seen it? —Sorry, I haven’t. Why not ask Jim? Perhaps he’s seen it _____. A. anywhere B. everywhere C. nowhere D. somewhere ( )5._____ everybody likes watching TV in my family. My parents like doing outdoor activities. A.No B.Not C.None D.Nobody ( )6.We must plant more trees after we _____ every year. A.cut off them B.cut them off C.cut down them D.cut them down ( )7.The cleaners must keep the street _____. A.from getting dirty B.to dirty C.to get dirty D.getting dirty ( )8.—Is _____ ready for the trip? —No, we haven’t got a camera. A.nothing B.everything C.something D.anything ( )9.None of us _____ running, but we all like swimming. A.likes B.like C.liking D.would like to ( )10.Liang Li always helps others _____ she is very busy. A.but B.and C.although D.because

风平中学七年级仁爱英语导学案 主备教师:苟金满 班级: 审核组成员:焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 姓名: 课题:Unit 2 Saving the Earth Topic 2 All these problems are very serious. Section B 学习目标: 学号:

认识森林和水资源的重要性, 培养学生的环保意识。 学习重点:认识森林和水资源的重要性, 培养学生的环保意识。 学习难点:使用英语描述怎样保护环境。 一、预习导学: 1、生词: sand 沙子, prevent 妨碍,防止,although,虽然,尽管 Law法律,法令,定律 (desert沙漠 sandstorm沙尘暴)

2、短语:cut down(砍倒) change into(转换成,把……变成) human being (人)although …/ … but … (不但…而且…) turn off(关掉)prevent … from …=stop … from …(妨碍,防止,预防) turn off 反义词 turn on 3、句子:I couldn’t see anything, and my face hurt while I waswalking down the street just now. Trees can stop the wind from blowing the earth away. Pass laws against water pollution. Remember to turn the tap off when you leave. 二、课堂练习: 1、翻译词组: (1)prevent-------from (3)cut down trees 2、用所给词的适当形式填空: (1)The wind is blowing (2) We still need to work hard (3)We should protecting and (4) Trees can stop the wind from 三、巩固练习: 根据汉语提示完成句子 1、We’ll 2、 (节省) a lot of time if we go by bus. (尽管) he was old ,he still worked hard. (肥沃 的土地)has changed into desert. (中断) (strong) with lots of sand. (protect) the environment. (save) water on the earth. (blow) the earth away. (2)节约水 (4)change into desert

3、As a result ,a lot of 5、He 完形填空。 (10分)

4、Because of the strong wind ,the electricity

(改变)in many ways during the past twenty years.

Today we can see that many people are cutting down the trees in the forests. A lot of 16 lands have become deserts. If we read newspapers, we’ll learn that the forests on the earth are getting smaller 17 . We are cutting down large numbers of trees 18 we need wood and farmland. Some scientists say that there will not be any great forests 19 20 or 30 years. What will happen if the forests disappear? A lot of plants will die and the animals will 20 their homes. In many places the new farmland will soon look 21 the old desert. Crops will

not grow there. There won’t be enough 22 , and the weather will get hot and dry. If the climate of the earth changes, life will be 23 for everyone. Our living environment will become 24 . More and more rich farmland will disappear. We will suffer a lot from both droughts (干旱) and floods. It’s our duty 25 the forests well. Everyone should try his best to make a contribution (贡献) to taking care of the forests. Stop cutting down the trees and make the world greener! ( )16.A.low B.rich C.lonely D.high ( )17.A.on time B.all the time C.in time D.no time ( )18.A.or B.so C.because D.but ( )19.A.in B.at C.on D.with ( )20.A.find B.build C.lose D.decorate ( )21.A.like B.up C.at D.out ( )22.A.snow B.sunshine C.wind D.rain ( )23.A.easy B.hard C.happy D.interesting ( )24.A.better and better B.worse and worse C.bigger and bigger D.more and more ( )25.A.to do B.do C.to protect D.protect

风平中学七年级仁爱英语导学案 主备教师:苟金满 班级: 审核组成员:焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 姓名: 课题: Unit 2 Saving the Earth Topic 2 All these problems are very serious. Section C 学习目标:认识各种污染对地球造成的危害和造成这些污染的原因。 学习重点:读短文认识各种污染对地球造成的危害和造成这些污染的原因。 学习难点:生词多,短文长,理解困难。 一、预习导学: 学号:

1、生词:period,时代,时期 rise,上升,上涨 level,水平线,水平 (carbon dioxide: CO2 oxygen: O2 blanket escape the greenhouse effect ozone layer radiation Mars ) 2、短语:on earth 在地球上;究竟,到底 take away 拿走 refer to 提到,涉及,有关 millions of 无数的,大量的,数以百万计的 3、句子: When it rains or when the wind blows, the earth is taken away. As a result, many rivers and lakes are now dead. The heat from the sun can’t escape so the temperature is rising. It causes the level of the oceans to rise and the climate of the earth to change. 二、课堂练习: 1.我想阻止她抓那个球,但是她没有听到。 I want to _____ her _____ _____ the ball, but she didn’t hear me. 2.打电脑游戏不但耗费时间,而且有害健康。 Playing computer games not only takes much time but also is _____ _____ _____. 3.我想要茶而不是咖啡。 I would like tea _____ _____coffee. 4.我叔叔离开家乡已有好几年了。 My uncle _____ _____ _____ _____ his hometown for quite a few years. 5.你知道印度人口比美国的还多吗? Do you know that the population of India is _____ than _____ of America? 三、固练习: 用所给词的适当形式填空: 1、The fire cause the village 3、He (cut)off its electricity supply for three days. (pollution). 2、The government is doing something to stop 4、None of them

(change) in many ways during the past twenty years. (pass) the exam .How sad they are!

5、Mr. Wang lost his job. Even (badly), he lost his house and children. 单项选择。 (15 分) ( )1.He said that he _____ to Canada a few years ago. A.had been to B.have been to C.went D.go ( )2.—Can’t you stop making so much noise? I really can’t _____ it. —I’m terribly sorry for giving you so much trouble. A.keep B.stand C.hear D.make ( )3.Trees can stop the sand _____ towards the rich farmland in the south. A.moving B.to move C.from moving D.moves ( )4.Don’t give up _____ you will never succeed. A.and B.but C.while D.or ( )5.There are five people in the room, but I know _____. A.both of them B.none of them C.all of them D.neither of them ( )6.—How long have you lived in this town? —_____ 2001. A.Since B.In C.To D.Until

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)7.What can we students do _____ the environment? A.to protect B.protected C.protecting D.protects )8.—Do you know him? —I’m sure I’ve seen him _____, but I can’t remember the right place. A.anywhere B.nowhere C.everywhere D.somewhere )9.It’s a good song, _____ the lyrics(歌词)are not good enough. A.which B.though C.and D.so )10.She finished the work _____ as soon as possible. She’s very happy now. A.succeed B.successfully C.success D.successful )11.There was a rainstorm yesterday. The flood _____ the old bridge over the small river. A.washed away B.went away C.blew away D.put away )12.I met my teacher _____ I was walking in the street, but I didn’t say hello to him. A.before B.after C.until D.while )13.His close friend _____ for two years. A.died B.has died C.has been dead D.has been died )14.The book cost so _____ that she didn’t buy it. A.many B.much C.big D.expensive )15.She prefers to offer more money for a better dress _____ pay less for this one. A.rather than B.instead of C.not to D.rather

风平中学七年级仁爱英语导学案 主备教师:苟金满 班级: 审核组成员:焦旺补、杨转果、思保团、冯焕 姓名: 学号:

课题:Unit 2 Saving the Earth Topic 2 All these problems are very serious. Section D 学习目标: 1、总结不定式代词和不定副词的用法。 2、认识垃圾污染的危害,让学生意识到环保的重要性。 学习重点:1、复习总结,让学生掌握不定代词和不定副词的用法。 2、认识垃圾污染的危害,让学生意识到环境保护的重要性。

学习难点: 学生对本课1a的阅读理解文章会有些困难,教师要引导他们阅读, 培养学生的理解能力。 一、 预习导学: 1、 生词:garbage垃圾 2、 短语:take up占据 3、句子: This harms the environment … At the same time, dealing with… Of all the garbage, about 35 percent can be recycled while the rest can’t. How shall we deal with it? 二、课堂练习: 用 none ,although, nothing, everything ,anywhere 填空: 1、 3、 4、 he is young ,he knows quite a lot. of us likes pollution . is made of elements(元素). is difficult if you set your mind on it. in public. 2、占据 4、污染种类 2、As we know , recycle回收,再循环 deal with处置,处理。

5、Don’t spit 英汉互译: 1、as well 3、be bad for 5、in the field 三、固练习:

用所给词的适当形式填空: 1、Cutting down trees is 2、A lot of rich land has 3、Did you go (harm)to human beings animals and plants. (change) into desert. (where) last Sunday?

4、Don’t walk on grass or pick (flower). 情景交际。 (10 分) (A) 选择句子,补全对话,其中有两项是多余的。 A: We have to meet the others at 7:30 at the botanical garden (植物园), don’t we? B: 16 A: Do you know how to get there? B: 17 It will take us about three hours to get there by train. A: 18 B: It’s an area that lots of different plants are protected. A: 19 B: I’m not really sure. I know there are many different kinds of trees and flowers and I’m going to take my camera with me. A: That’s a good idea. What clothes are you going to wear?

B: Well, if it’s wet, I will wear my strong shoes and take an umbrella with me. A: 20 I think we will enjoy ourselves. A: So will I. B: What kind of plants can we see there? C: Neither will I. D: Yes, I’ve got a map. E: What do you know about the garden? F: Yes, that’s right. G: Why do you know it? (B) 填入适当的句子,补全对话。 A: Have you seen Jim these days? B: No, he’s gone to Japan to see his grandfather. A: 21. ____________________________ B: Yes, he lived there before he came here. A: 22. ____________________________ B: About one month. A: 23. ____________________________ B: Yes, I’ve just received a letter from him. A: 24. ____________________________ B: He said he had a very good time there and he also wanted me to give his best wishes to you. A: 25. ____________________________ 完形填空。 (10 分) When people talk about air pollution, they are usually thinking about outdoor air 26 . But do you know that there is also air pollution inside homes, offices, hotels and other buildings? The air in your home can be 2 to 100 times more polluted than the air outdoors! In fact, some American doctors say that 50% of illnesses have 27 to do with polluted indoor air. A lot of pollution comes from indoor activities 28 smoking and cooking. As most people 29 about 80%-90% of their time inside buildings, it is important to take indoor air pollution seriously, too. Air pollution influences our health 30 . When the air is polluted, not only young children and old people 31 from it, 32 people with health problems suffer as well. Indoor air pollution can 33 people’s eyes, noses and throats. Air pollution, both indoor and outdoor, can also 34 to lung cancer and heart disease! In the great London fog in 1952, 4, 000 people died in a few days 35 the pollution! It is said that half a million young children and women die each year in India because of indoor air pollution! ( )26.A.pollution B.pollute C.polluting D.polluted ( )27.A.nothing B.everything C.something D.anything ( )28.A.as well as B.such as C.instead of D.so as ( )29.A.take B.cost C.spend D.give ( )30.A.in many ways B.in many things C.in many houses D.in many years ( )31.A.endure B.bear C.stand D.suffer ( )32.A.and B.but C.or D.while ( )33.A.hit B.hurt C.pollut D.beat ( )34.A.cause B.get C.give D.lead


)35.A.because of

B.thanks to

C.related to


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