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Women of Achievement

achievement (n) achieve (vt) achieve one’s dream welfare (n) charity (n) project (n)—protect-object institute (n)— institution China Welfare Institute specialist (n) specialize (vi) specialty (n) chimp (n)

成就,成绩 达到,达成 达到某人梦想 福利,福利事业 慈善 项目,工程,规 划—保护—物体 学会,学院,协 会—制度,机构 中国福利基金会 专家 专注,专攻 专业,特长 黑猩猩

have some/no connection with connect…with… (vt) human being campaign (n, vi)battle—fight--war campaign for/against/ to do landmine (n) organization (n)-institution organize (v) behave (v) behave oneself behaviour (n) shade (vt; n)— shadow (n) in the shade

与…有/没有关系 把…连接起来 人类 运动,战役,作战战斗-搏斗-战争 为/反对…作战 地雷 机构,组织,团体 (非官方)--官方 组织 举动,表现 自律;守规矩 举动,表现 阴凉,遮住光线— 阴影 在阴凉处

connection (n)
connection between A and B


move off move on worthwhile (a) worth (prep;a) worthy (a)

离开,启程,出发 继续行进 值得的 值;值得的 有价值的

respect (vt,n) have a respect for sb

尊重,尊敬 对某人尊重

argue (v)
argue with sb about... argue sb into doing.. argue for/against… argument (n) entertainment (v) lead/live a…life

和某人争论某事 劝服某人做… 支持/反对… 争论,辩论,争吵 款待,娱乐,表演 过着…生活

It is worth /worthwhile 值得做某事 doing/to do It is worthy being done/ to be done nest (n) 值得做某事 巢,窝

bond (n)- connection-relation
observe sb do/doing observe laws/rules

联系;关系;纽带 -连接-关系
观察,观测,遵守 遵守法律/制度

crowd (n, vt)
a crowd of people– a crowd of magazine

一群人—一堆杂 志

crowd in
be crowded with…


observation (n)
childhood (n) outspoken (a)


童年(状态/时期) inspire (vt) 直言的,坦诚的


inspire sb to n/ to do… 鼓舞,激励某人

inspire sb with… inspiration (n) spirit (n) support (n.vt) support one’s family look down upon refer (vi) refer to (介词) audience (n)

激发某人… 灵感,鼓舞 精神,灵魂 支持,拥护 养家糊口 蔑视,瞧不起 谈到,查阅,参考 谈到,查阅,参考 观众,听众

career (n) rate (n)

事业,生涯 比率,速度

at the rate/speed of
sickness (n) intend (vt) intend doing intend sb to do… intend n for/ to be emergency (n) emergent (a) generation (n) gap determination (n)

疾病,恶心 计划,打算 打算做某事 打算让某人做.. 打算让…成为… 突发事件 紧急的,突发的 一代。代沟 决心,果断 决定(从句用虚拟)

by chance= by accident
on purpose=by design


come across
happen to do… It happened that…

碰巧做某事 碰巧

determine (v)

kindness (n)
considerate (a)

考虑周到的,体 贴的

consideration (n) take…into consideration deliver (vt)

考虑,体谅 考虑,顾忌 递送,接生, 发表演讲

be under consideration 在考虑中

carry on carry out modest (a)

继续,坚持 执行 谦虚的,谦让 的

1. n.成就,成绩


取得伟大的成就 make a great achievement 最伟大的科学成就 the greatest scientific achievement 有成就感 have a sense of achievement

实现梦想 取得成功

vt (经过长期努力)达到,实现,取得

achieve /realize one’s dream achieve success

2.关系,联系 n. connection
A和B之间的关系 connection between A and B 和---有关系 have some connection with 和---没关系 have no connection with

食物和健康之间有密切的关系。 There is a close connection between food and health. 连接,联系 vt. connect connect---with--把---和---连接起来
巴拿马运河把太平洋和大西洋连接起来。 Panama Canal connects the Pacific with the Atlantic.

3.组织 vt. organize 组织,机构,团体 n. organization 有组织的;有条理的,有安排的 adj. organized 我们学校正在组织英语角以提高我们的英语水平。 Our school is organizing an English corner to improve our English. 世贸组织 the World Trade Organization

4.campaign: ① n. [C]运动,活动;战役 +to do…为(做)的… +for/against…为/反对…的; 1)The campaign to seize the city was a failure. 攻占这个城市的战役失败了。 2)The city hall is planning to start a campaign against smoking. 市政府计划发起禁烟运动。 ②vi. 作战;参加运动 + for/against/to do… The leaders are campaigning for better working conditions.领袖正在为更好的工作条件作战。

5.behave: ①vi. 行为,举止;为人处事 1)She behaved well. 2)The young lady behaved very bravely in the face of danger. ②vt./vi.行为检点,守规矩 + (oneself)使检点,使守规矩 Behave yourself! 规矩点!

▲behaviour=behavior n. 行为;举止;习性

? (2012·湖南六校联考)The children do not know how to ________ themselves at the party. ? A.act B.perform ? C.behave D.advance ? 解析:behave oneself意为“举止规矩 些”,符合句意。 ? 答案:C

6.shade: ①un. 荫;阴凉处 我看见他坐在树荫下。 I saw him sitting in/under the ~~ of a tree. ▲in the shade 在阴凉处 ②vt. 遮住光线, 遮蔽,蔽荫 1)Trees ~~ the streets. 2)We ~~ the windows with curtains. ▲ ~~…from/against…使…免受…的照射 3)She shaded her eyes from/against the sun. 她遮着眼睛,以避开阳光 。

7.move off:离开;启程;出发 士兵们在黎明时分出发了。 The soldiers moved off at dawn.

8.observe [?b'z?:v] : ①观察,观测;看到,注意到 sb. doing sth. sb. do sth. ~~ + sth. done (that)… eg:1)他们观察了鹿的生活习性。 They observed the behavior of deer. 2)他看到一个陌生人在商店附近闲逛。 He observed a stranger hanging around the store. 3)我看到他在门口停下来。 I observed him stop at the gate. He was observed to stop at the gate. 4)We observed (that) it had turned cloudy. ▲observation [,?bz?'vei??n] : n.


We must observe the law.

Some people observe Christmas here.

9.尊敬,尊重,重视 vt respect 尊敬,敬意 n. 我们应该尊敬老人。 We should ~ the old. have a respect for… 我非常尊敬你的妈妈。 I have the greatest respect for your mother. A 【选择】The headmaster promised to _______my respect

wish. A. respect B. repeat C. receive D. realize

10.argue: ① vi. 争论,辩论;讨论 ~~ with sb. about/over sth. 与某人争论某事 我今晚不想与你讨论这个计划。 I’m not going to argue with you about/over this plan tonight. ~+for/against… 支持/反对 他反对这个计划。 He argued against the plan. ② vt. 辩论,争论,讨论 We ’ll argue these points again next time. ▲argument: n. 争论,争辩,争吵

11.同源宾语: live a happy/bitter life dream a strange dream dance a beautiful dance sleep a good sleep 12.crowd in: vi.(想法、问题等)涌上心头;涌入脑 海 ▲sth crowd in on/upon sb eg:Sweet memories crowded in on me.

13.inspire:vt. ①鼓舞,激励 ~~ + n. / sb. to n. / sb. to do… 1)We were inspired by his speech. 2)The teacher inspired us to greater efforts. 3)His friend’s words inspired us to try again. ②激起,引发(感情,思想 ) ~~ sth. in sb. / ~~ sb. with sth. eg: The father inspired confidence in his son. The father inspired his son with confidence. ③赋予...灵感,给...以启 The memory of his childhood inspired his first novel. ▲inspiration: n.鼓舞;灵感;启示 ▲inspired: adj.(人、作品)得到灵感的;有灵感的 ▲inspiring: adj.鼓舞的,激励的

14.鼓励,支持,拥护 support
支持者 supporter 养家糊口 support one’s family

如果你在会上提出来,我支持你。 If you raise it at the meeting, I’ll support you. 马克有两个孩子要供养。 Mark has two children to support.

15.look down upon/on… vt. ①俯视,看不起 eg:We shouldn’t look down upon people who haven’t been to college. ★look up to…尊敬,敬仰;向上看 抬头看;查找 look up 把---当作 look on ---as

四处环顾 look about/around盼望;期待 look forward to 朝---里看;调查 look into

16.refer (referred; referring) vi. ★refer to:查阅;参考;谈到,涉及; eg:1)refer to the map 2)请别再提这件事。 Don't refer to this matter again, please.

17. 碰巧,凑巧by chance = by accident
故意地: on purpose = by design

我们在机场不期而遇。 We met by accident at the airport. 你为什么偏要故意这么做? Why must you do it on purpose?

18.偶然遇见 come across
碰巧做某事 happen to do sth. 碰巧-----It happened/happens that--我偶然在一家书店发现这本书的。 I came across this book in a bookstore.

I happened to go out when you rang me up.

It happened that I went out when you rang me up.


rate the death rate the divorce rate


以------速度 at the rate/speed of

20.intend:vt. ①计划;打算;想要 n. (sb.) to do ~~+ doing. (that)… eg:1)He intends no harm. 2)他打算让他儿子经营该公司。 He intends his son to manage the company. He intends (that) his son will manage the company. 3)我打算出国留学。 I intend studying abroad. I intend to study abroad. 4)你今天打算做什么? What do you intend to do today?

②打算使...(成为) ~~+n. +for/as/to be 1)We intended the books for teachers. 2)He intended his son for business. 3)They intended the building to be a hotel.

21.考虑周到的,体谅的,体贴的 considerate
考虑,体谅 n consideration


be under consideration take--- into consideration

总的说来,这项活动取得了巨大的成功。 Taking everything into consideration, the event was a great success. 她是个很体贴的妻子。
She is a very considerate wife.

22.deliver: vt. ①投递;传送 ~~… to… eg:一些新书已被送到学校。 Some new books have been delivered to the school. ②生(小孩儿);给...接生 eg:. 哪位医生接生了这个婴儿? Which doctor delivered the baby? ③发表(演说等);讲;宣布 deliver an important report

23.carry on vt./vi 继续进行;坚持下去 Carry on working while I’m away.
▲carry out: ①把…进行到底;完成

carry out a survey
②实现;实行 1)carry out one’s promise 2)carry out a plan

24.worthwhile adj. 值得做的; 值得花费时间(精力)的;可作定语和表语 a worthwhile experiment/job. The experiment is worthwhile. 做某事是值得的 It is worthwhile to do sth It is worthwhile doing sth worth adj 只能做表语 … be (well) worth doing (很)值得做… (主动形式表被动意义) worthy: 值得的 值得做某事 be worthy to be done be worthy of being done be worthy of + n.


1. The book is worth reading.
2. The book is worthy to be read. 3. The book is worthy of being read. 4. It is worthwhile to read the book. 5. It is worthwhile reading the book.



Women of Achievement

A Chinese saying goes:

Women can hold up half of the sky.

A girl from the countryside who dressed as a man and went to fight for the French and to drive the English out of France. She was caught and put to death by the English.
Joan of Arc (1412-1432), France

? Elizabeth Fry was a Quaker. She helped improved prison conditions and give prisoners work and education. Her work helped the Elizabeth Fry Quakers get the Nobel Peace Prize (1780-1845), in 1947. Britain

She was Dr Sun Yat-sen’s wife. She was one of the top leaders in modern Chinese history. She concerned herself with welfare projects, leading China Welfare Institute especially for women and children. Song Qingling (1893-1981), China

A doctor who became a specialist in women’s illnesses. She devoted all her lift to medical work for Chinese women and children. Her work encouraged many other women to become doctors. Lin Qiaozhi (1901-1983), China

Jane Goodall


), Britain

She went to Africa and studied chimps.

As a young girl, she always wanted to study animals. She went to Africa and studied chimps instead of going to university. Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings. She works to protect chimps everywhere.

Jody Williams (1950- ),USA

? She helped found an international campaign to stop the making of landmines. She also work hard to make as many countries as possible agree not to use them. She and her organization were given the Noble Peace Prize in 1997.

As a young girl, she always wanted to study animals. She went to Africa and studied chimps. Her research showed the connections between chimps and human beings. She works to protect chimps everywhere.
Jane Goodall (1934), Britain

Dr. Jane Goodall and the chimps


Following…the way of.. The sun rises It is 5:45 am and the sun over… is just rising over Gombe National 跟随…之路 太阳照在 Park in East Africa. Following Jane?s way of studying chimps, 现在分词短语做伴随状语 our group are all going to visit them in the forest. Jane has How引导的宾语从句 studied these families of chimps for many years and helped 动名词短语做主语 people understand how much they behave like humans(何种从 1. Where 引导定语从句修饰先行词 句?). Watching a family of chimps wake the up place is our first activity 2. leave ―让某人怎么样(或者保持一种怎么样的状态)”, of the day. 难句【 This means going back to the place where we leave sb doing sth 留下某人干某事。 keep sb doing) left the family sleeping in a tree the (类似于 night before( 前一天晚上 ). 】 left the family sleeping in the tree of the night before Everybody sits and waits in the shade the trees while the warn sb. (not) to do sth. 警告某人(不要)干某事 前一晚把全家人留在树林里睡觉 family begins to wake up sth. and move off. Then we follow as(何意 warn sb. about 提醒、警告某人注意某事 3.Sleeping in the tree是现在分词短语做后置定于修饰family 思:when) they wander into the forest. Most of the time, chimps warn sb. against (doing)sth.警告某人某事 either feed or clean each other as (何意思:作为) a way of showing love in their family. Jane warns us that our group is It是形式宾语 going to be是形容词做 very tired and dirty by the afternoon and she is right. Worthwhile However, the evening makes it all worthwhile. We watch the 宾语it的宾语补足语 mother chimp and her babies play in the tree. Then we see them go to sleep together in their nest for the night. We realize that the bond between members of a chimp family is as strong as in a human family.

spend…(in)doing sth/on sth Nobody before Jane fully understood chimp behaviour. 在…方面花费 … She spent years observing and recording their daily After…month 是状语从句, activities. Since her childhood she had wanted to work It is +adj+of /for sb to do sth Only 位于句首,句子要倒装 with animals in their own environment. However, this was 对于某人来说做某事是 … 的 Only after… sb she allowed do… in Gombe in 1960, it was not easy. was When firstto arrived 只有…以后,某人才能做 unusual for a woman to… live in the forest. 难句【Only after her mother came to help her for the first few months was she allowed to begin her project.】 Her work changed the way people think about chimps. For example, one important thing she discovered (定语从句省略that)was that (表语从句,that不省略)chimps hunt and eat meat. Until then (then指代的是什么时候,从哪儿判断出 来)everyone had thought(过去的过去) chimps ate only fruit and nuts. She actually observed chimps as a group (介词短语后置修饰chimps)hunting a monkey and then eating it. She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other, and her study of their body language helped her work out (弄清楚)their social system.

Nobody before sb does… 在某人之前没有人做…

Have been outspoken about doing ? For forty years Jane 一直呼吁做 … Goodall has been outspoken about

(making the rest of the world understand and respect the life of these animals)(动名词短语做介词about的宾语). She has argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and crowding in是伴随情况状语, She 就是伴随主动词 not used for entertainment or advertisements. has comes 与它同时发生, (潮水般) 涌入;纷至沓来 helped to set up special “我一旦停下来,所有的一切都会涌上心头 places where they can live safely. She “ is leading a busy life(生活忙忙碌碌) but she says: “Once (引导时间状语,表一旦)I stop, it all comes crowding in and I remember the chimps in laboratories. It?s terrible. It affects me when I watch the wild chimps. I say to myself, ?Aren?t they lucky?” And then I think about small chimps in cages though they have done nothing wrong. Once (一旦) you have seen that you can never forget ..." ? She has achieved everything she wanted to do: working with animals in their own environment, gaining a doctor's degree and showing that women can live in the forest as men can. She inspires those who want to cheer the achievements of women.

? 清晨5点45分,太阳刚从东非的贡贝国家公园的上空升起,我们一行人准备按照简研 究黑猩猩的方法去森林里拜访它们。简研究这些黑猩猩家族已经很多年了,她帮助人 们了解黑猩猩跟人类的行为是多么的相似。我们当天的首项任务就是观察黑猩猩一家 是如何醒来的。这意味着我们要返回前一天晚上我们离开黑猩猩一家睡觉的大树旁。 大家坐在树荫下等待着,这时候猩猩们睡醒了,准备离开。然后这群黑猩猩向森林深 处漫步而去,我们尾随其后。在大部分时间里,黑猩猩或相互喂食,或彼此擦身,这 在它们的家庭里是表示爱的方式。简预先提醒我们,到下午的时候我们就会又脏又累。 她说对了。不过到傍晚时分我们觉得这一切都是值得的。我们看到黑猩猩妈妈跟她的 幼子们在树上玩耍,后来看见它们晚上一切回窝里睡觉了。我明白了猩猩家庭成员之 间的联系像人类家庭一样紧密。 在简之前没有人完全了解黑猩猩的行为。她花了多年的时间来观察并记录黑猩猩的日 常生活。从孩提时代起,简就想在动物生活的环境中研究它们。但是,这不是一件简 单的事。当她1960年最初来到贡贝时,对女性来说,住进大森林还是很稀罕的事情。 她母亲头几个月来帮过她的忙,这才使她得以开始自己的计划。她的工作改变了人们 对黑猩猩的看法。比方说,她的一个重要发现是黑猩猩猎食动物。而在此之前,人们 一直认为黑猩猩只吃水果和坚果。她曾经亲眼看到过一群黑猩猩捕杀一只猴子,然后 把它吃掉。她还发现了黑猩猩之间是如何交流的,而她对黑猩猩肢体语言的研究帮助 她勾勒出黑猩猩的社会体系。 40年来,简古道尔一直在呼吁世人了解并尊重这些动物的生活。她主张应该让野生动 物留在野外生活,而不能用于娱乐或广告。她还为黑猩猩建起了可以安全生活的保护 区。她的生活是忙忙碌碌的,然而,正如她所说的:?我一旦停下来,所有的一切都 会涌上心头。我就会想起实验室的黑猩猩,太可怕了。每当我看着野生黑猩猩时,这 个念头总是萦绕着我。我会对自己说:‘难道它们不幸运吗?’然后我就想起那些没 有任何过错却被关在笼子里的小黑猩猩。一旦你看到这些,你就永远不会忘记……‖ 简已经得到了她想要得到的一切:在动物的栖息地工作;获得博士学位;还向世人证 明女人和男人一样也能在森林里生活。她激励着人们为妇女们的成就而欢呼喝彩。

1. What did the group do first in the morning? They_______. C

A. went into the forest slowly
B. left the chimp family of chimps wake up C. observed the family of chimps wake up

D. helped people understand the behaviour of the chimps
2. Why did Jane go to Africa to study chimps in the wild? Because she wanted_________. A A. To work with them in their own environment B. To prove the way people think about chimps was wrong C. To discover what chimps eat D. To observe a chimp family

C 3. Jane was permitted to begin her work after_________.
A. The chimp family woke up B. she lived in the forest C. Her mother came to support her D. she arrived at Gombe

C 4. The purpose of her study was to ____________.
A. Watch the wild chimps in cages

B. Gain a doctor’s degree
C. Understand and respect the lives of chimps D. Live in the forest as men can

Main idea??? The first paragraph What our group found chimps do during a whole day. \

What chimps do

A family of chimps wake up and move off

Wander into the forest either feed or clean each other

The mother chimp and her babies play in the tree

They go to sleep together in their nest

The second paragraph What are the two discoveries Jane found?

She discovered that chimps hunt and eat meat.

She also discovered how chimps communicate with each other.
Main idea:

What Jane discovered about chimps.

How Jane tries to protect the lives of chimps in their natural habitat.

The fourth paragraph
Working with animals in their own environment Gaining a doctor’s degree
Showing that women can live in the forest as men can

Only if we can understand can we care

Only if we care will we help Only if we help shall all the life is hopeful

------Jane Goodall

Learning about Language

1. Find the word or phrase from the previous pages of this unit for each of these meaning.

1. close connection that people have with each other bond

2. home made in a tree usually for a bird nest 3. Organization with a special purpose, especially for research or teaching institute

4. (of thoughts, questions, etc) to fill one?s mind crowd in 5. the period of time when someone is a child childhood 6. giving opinions openly and honestly outspoken

7. To move away from a place; to leave Move off 8. Happiness and health of people; money paid by the government walfare 9. Task that requires a lot of time and effort


Review some words in the text. Verb achieve behave Noun achievement behaviour

specialize advertise

observation specialist advertisement

connect organize inspire argue permit

connection organization



3. Replace the words underlined with a word of opposite meaning. Use the words from the text to help you. 1. She saw my friend and ignored him as he danced happily. She saw my friend and ________ observed him as he danced happily.

2. He knew what he was doing and it was
not worth it. He knew what he was doing but it was ___________. worthwhile 3. It is usual for people to agree about the price of a new car. argue about It is usual for people to ______

the price of a new car.

4. Many people look down upon poor people. Many peoplerespect ________ poor people.

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