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reading unit3 a taste of English humour_图文

reading unit3 a taste of English humour_图文

? How many kindskinds of humour you know? How many of do humour

do you know?

Two speakers make many jokes and funny conversation.


Act out a situation during their shows.

Mr. Bean Use body language to make people fun.

What do you know about Charlie Chaplin?

Charlie Chaplin
He was a great silent movie star. Modern Times, The Little Tramp, The Gold Rush, City Light are his masterpieces(代表作). He was very popular in his time.

What’s the passage mainly about? A. The history of English humor? B. The films Chaplin made. C. The humour Chaplin made in his films. D. The Gold Rush in California.

Find out the main idea of each paragraph.
a) What Charlie’s most famous character was like b) Why people needed cheering c) His achievements d) What Charlie’s childhood was like e) An example of a sad situation that he made funny

para.3 para.4 para.5

Read the passage again and do True or False.
1. Charlie Chaplin was poor when he was a small boy. T 2. People who don’t know English cannot F enjoy Chaplin’s films. 3. The Gold Rush is set in California in F the late of the nineteenth century.

4. In The Gold Rush Chaplin and his friend are fortunate to find some gold. F 5. In the film the meal he eats is hard to chew. T 6. Chaplin not only acted in films but T wrote and directed films as well.

Notes about Charlie Chaplin’s career
Born Died Job 1889 1977 Actor Mime and farce (笑剧)
homeless person

Type of acting

Character “the tramp”, a poor and

Reason for Because he has optimism and determination to overcome success
difficulties and he is always kind


Large trousers, worn-out shoes, small round black hat and a walking stick

a small black hat a moustache a stick

He wore a small

black hat, very
wide trousers, a

moustache and
carried a stick that he swung in the air as he walked.

very wide trousers

Name Charlie Chaplin Early ①He was born in 1889 and his life parents were poor music hall performers __________. ②He learned to sing and dance at an early age. ③He spent his childhood ________ looking after his sick mother and his brother. ④By his teens he became one of the most popular child _____ actors in England.

Model His charming character, _____________, the little tramp became known throughout the world. ①The character was a poor homeless _______ man wearing a __________, moustache large trousers, worn-out ________ shoes and a small round black hat. ②He walked about stiffly carrying a ___________. walking stick ③He was a social failure but was loved for his optimism and determination to overcome all difficulties.

Model ●In The Gold Rush, the little tramp and his friend haven’t discovered ____ and live with cold gold and hunger. leather ●They try boiling a pair of ______ shoes. enjoyment ●The little tramp eats each convincing mouthful with great _________. ●The acting is so _________ that it seems as if it is one of the best meals he has eaten.

Late ①He wrote, directed _______ and produced life the films he starred in. ②In 1972 he was given a special Oscar for his outstanding __________ work in films. ③He lived in England and the USA but spent the last years in Switzerland __________.
Influ He brightened the lives of Americans ence and British as a great actor.

In Britain and America people were feeling miserable because of the bad economic situation. Charlie understood their problems. His character “the little tramp” was poor and homeless, but everybody loved him for his kind heart and the way he dealt with his difficult situation. Charlie Chaplin made people laugh at some of these terrible situations like being without food or money. He wrote and directed his own films and received an Oscar for his outstanding work.

1. Do you think his poor childhood

helped him in his work? Why?
Yes, because he understood the problems of people who were very poor.

2. Why did people like The Little Tramp? Because it gives people courage to overcome difficulties. 3. Do you think Chaplin’s eating boiled shoes funny? Why?
Yes. Because he made the terrible situation “real” for his audience.

And he was able to show the humanity and kindness in the most difficult circumstances. 4. Why do you think he was so successful? Because he was a wonderful actor, understood and sympathized with people’s problems and tried to cheer them up.

5. What should we learn from Charlie

6. How many ways can you make

others laugh?

Humour is everywhere in our daily life. I hope you can be optimistic (乐观) no matter what difficulties you meet, just as Charlie Chaplin was.

If you don’t feel content with your life, please……


… Play games...

...Enjoy the fields...

…Get some sun…

...Don’t unload your anger on others...

…Don’t be afraid of others just

because they are bigger than you. The real size could be measured in the wisdom.

In a word, you should develop a sense of humor and have a positive attitude towards life. And finally look in the mirror and think “I’m beautiful”

1. Preview grammar by finishing Exercises on Page 21. 2. Try to write a happy ending of the film The Gold Rush.

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