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高二英语选修6第三单元第五课时Using language

高二英语选修6第三单元第五课时Using language


Unit 3

A healthy life
Using language

HIV/AIDS: Are you at risk?

Step I: brain--storm

World AIDS Day, 1 December 2007.
World AIDS Day is 20. Slogan: “Stop AIDS: Keep the Promise”.

President Hu Jintao shakes hands with an HIV patient in a hospital in eastern Beijing Friday morning.

AIDS in China

An AIDS patient receives free medical treatments in Wenlou Village, Central China's Henan Province.

AIDS in Asia

AIDS in Africa

AIDS in Europe

1. What is HIV?

HIV is a virus, a small living thing leading people to disease.

HIV virus

How HIV destroys cells.

2. What is AIDS?
AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (后天免疫缺陷综合症) AIDS is a disease. The stage of having HIV in one’s body is called AIDS.

1. Only bad people get AIDS. F 2. I can become infected with HIV by swimming in a pool, holding hands or
kissing someone with HIV. F

3. In 2002, there were 42 million people
living with HIV/AIDS in the world. T

4. People who have not injected drugs do not need to get tested for HIV. F 5. If I had HIV, I would know because I would feel sick. F 6. Evidence show that men get AIDS more easily than women. F 7. It is very likely that you will die if you become infected with HIV. T

Is There a Cure for AIDS?

There is no cure for AIDS. There are drugs that can slow down the HIV virus, and slow down the damage to your immune system. But there is no way to get all the HIV out of your body.

This passage can be divided into three sections. What’s the purpose of each section? Background information Section 1: about what HIV / AIDS. Section 2: Section 3: Ways to protect yourself. Some common myths dispelled. (可消除的荒诞说法)


Read the poster then choose the best answers.
1. The word “homosexuals” meansA _____. A. People only attracted by the same sex B. People who don’t care about themselves C. People who are very sexy. D. People who often have sex. Careful reading

2. We can infer from the passage that ____. B A. HIV is equal to AIDS B. HIV is different from AIDS C. HIV weakens a person’s immune system D. people can have HIV in their blood for quite a long time

3. In order to stay safe, you ____. D A. should not share needles with someone else B. have to avoid using anything else that the person has used while injecting drugs. C. should use a condom if you have sex with another one. D. All of the above.

True or false. 1. You can also get HIV/AIDS injecting You can only get HIV from from unprotected sex with an infected person. drugs. F 2. It is very likely that you will die if you

become infected with HIV. T
3. If you look healthy, you cannot have HIV. F

4. It could be dangerous to have sex without a condom. T 5. Taking food from the same dishes as someone infected with HIV will give you HIV too. F 6. If you have HIV, you will always get AIDS eventually. T

Answer these questions:

1. What’s a virus?
A virus is a very small living

thing that cause disease.
2. What is the difference between AIDS and HIV? HIV is a virus, while AIDS is the

stage of the illness caused by HIV.

3. How does HIV affect people’s health?

HIV virus weakens a person’s
immune system and eventually it damages the immune system so much that the body can no longer fight against disease.

Fill in the blanks.
Weakens a person’s Information ________ _______. Spread immune system about HIV through _____ or the fluid blood made during sex Ways to Don’t share your ______ needle protect with anyone else. yourself Use a condom if you have sex with a male or a female.

Some wrong 1. You can tell by looking at statements __________ someone whether or not they have HIV. 2. If you hug, touch or kiss _____________ someone with AIDS or visit them in their home you will get HIV/AIDS.

1. What can I do to support World AIDS Day? At school, you can support World AIDS Day by: Having a dressing up, down or fancy dress day. Putting up some posters - get people talking. Making and selling red ribbons. Organizing a creative writing/poster campaign. Arranging a sponsored three-legged race or balloon release. Getting your friends, family to express their feelings and expand their knowledge about AIDS. Using your imagination!

How much do you know about the AIDS red ribbon? The red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS awareness that is worn by people all year round and particularly around World AIDS Day to demonstrate care and concern about HIV and AIDS, and to remind others of the need for their support and commitment.

2. How should we act towards people who have HIV/AIDS? 3. What can we do to help them? Don’t look down upon them.
Show love and care to them. Help them fight fear, shame and injustice (unfair).

I. 将下列词组翻译成英语。

1. 破坏人体免疫系统
damage a person’s immune system

2. 与疾病作斗争 fight disease 3. 患艾滋病 develop AIDS
4. 保持安全 stay safe

Ⅱ. 根据句意及所给单词的首字母或汉语 提示, 写出各单词的正确形式。

1.He k______ his wife and children issed
good-bye and got on the train.

omprehension 2. His behaviour was beyond c______________.
I could not understand why he did so.

flu 3. I caught a ______ (流感) and had to lie
in the bed.

needles 4. We need to buy some _______ (针) for

different types of sewing machines.
5. All the ______ (女性的) workers in this female factory got a present on March 8. perfect 6. Linda is a _______ (完美的) girl in every way.

Ⅲ. 用所给词的适当形式填空。
1.After two years in Spain, Kate spoke

perfectly the language _________ (perfect).
2. The prime minister is expected to issue

statement a __________ (state) on the present situation.
3. It is quite necessary for children to learn

basic some ______ (base) knowledge of first aid.

4. Her parents were happy that she
judgement had such good ___________ (judge)

in choosing friends.
5. They don’t have the least comprehension _____________ (comprehend) of what I’m trying to do.

Ⅳ. 用适当的介词填空 of 1. At present we have no evidence ______ life on other planets. through 2. The virus can be spread _________ blood. 3. Scientists predict they will be able to find a cure ______ cancer by learning how to for switch cells on and off. of 4. Part ______ the building was destroyed in the fire. 5. People tend to work hard at this stage ______ life. of

The listening is a conversation between
Tina and Sara about going to a disco.

Let’s predict:
What kind of advise will Tina give to Sara?

1 Tick the things Sara is worried about.
( ) AIDS


) abortion

( ? ) drugs ( ? ) smoking ( ) strangers

( ? ) alcohol ( ) money (

( ? ) dancing ) orange juice ( ) cigar

2 Listen again and complete Tina’s sentences:

1. Just say “no”. You don’t have to do anything ________________________
you don’t want to ________________________. 2. It’s OK to _____________________ to drink orange juice or

something instead ________________.

3. It would be a good idea to ________ have
_______________________________ something to eat before you go out,

_________________. like rice or noodles
4. If someone offers you a cigarette, don’t take it ___________. get my 5. Well, you’ll __________. Let’s ________ teach you CD player and start practising now __________________________________.

Listening text
(T=Tina S=Sara)
Two college students are chatting. Tina wants Sara to go to a disco with her, but Sara is nervous about going.

Part 1 T: Hi Sara! S: Hello, Tina. T: I’m going to Belle’s Karaoke Bar and Disco tonight with some friends. Why don’t you come too? S: Oh. I’m sorry I’d rather not. T: Oh, come on. Why not? You never go out anywhere.

S: To tell you the truth, I’m too nervous. T: What are you nervous about? S: Well, suppose someone offers me drugs? T: Just say “no”. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. S: Maybe they’ll think I’m stupid.

T: Nonsense. Many people don’t take drugs. I don’t. And who cares what they think anyway? S: You know I’ve never drunk alcohol before either. T: Well, it’s OK to drink orange juice or something instead. S: Yes, but I’d really like to try beer, only I’m frightened I might get drunk.

T: Then only have one beer and drink it slowly. And it would be a good idea to have something to eat before you go out, like rice or noodles. S: Thanks.

Part 2 T: Another more worries? S: Another thing that worries me a lot is that I might start smoking again. I used to smoke and it was really hard to stop. T: Yes, I know what you mean. I found the same. So we need to help each other. If someone offers you a cigarette, don’t take it. And I’ll remind you not to smoke and you can remind me.

S: That’s a good idea, thanks. T: Is there anything else you’re worried about? S: Umm, just one more thing. T: What? S: I can’t dance. T: (laughing) Well, I’ll teach you. Let’s get my CD player and start practising now. it’s not difficult…(fades)

Imagine you are going to a party where there
are lots of people who are older than you. In groups make up a list of rules that you can follow to make sure you behave appropriately. Read your group’s list to the class. The following expressions may help you.

Don’t … do … You should (not)… It would be a good idea to … Don’t forget to … you don’t have to … It’s OK/all right to … It is not a good idea to … Mind your head/step! Is it OK if I …? I wonder if I could smoke here. Would/Do you mind if I…?

Read this letter and imagine you are

the adviser who deals with students’
problems. Write a letter to give Xiao

lei some helpful advice.

Dear…, Can you help me please? My best friend has just started smoking. I do not like it and I told her what I thought. She laughed at me and said that I was not grown-up enough. Then she offered me a cigarette and I felt so embarrassed and awkward. I did not know how to refuse it. Please help me. I do not want to start smoking, but I do not want to lose my best friend, either. Your sincerely, Li Xiaolei

show your sympathy for her and encourage her


list the harmful effects of smoking for smokers

express your wish

How to advise people about what to do You should… Do… Don't forget to…

How to advise people about what not to do

Don’t… You don’t have to… It would be a good idea to… There is no need to… It’s not necessary to… It’s OK/ all right to…

Illustration(陈述) I think, In my opinion, I believe Addition (递增) Besides, Moreover, In addition Contrast (转折) But, on the other hand, otherwise Summary(总结) In short, In brief, In all

Sample Letter
Dear Li Xiaolei, I am sorry you have found yourself in such a difficult situation. First, there is no need for you to feel embarrassed and awkward. She may think that she is behaving in a grownup way but you are the one with sense on your side. Here is some advice that I think you might give her:

1. Smoking cigarettes is addictive and expensive. 2. It can make you ill later in life. Even breathing in other people’s smoke can make you ill. 3. It is a dirty habit. 4. It is more difficult to stop than it is to start. Second, talk to your friend gently and explain that you are still good friends and don’t want to break this friendship.

However, you’ll not begin smoking to suit her. Give her the information above and then explain that whatever she chooses to do you will remain her friend. Don’t be disappointed, Xiaolei. Good luck and best wishes,
Sun Gao

Write short passage to give some advice on why people smoke and how to give up smoking.

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