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板块1 第4讲 动词和动词短语

板块1 第4讲 动词和动词短语


第四讲 动词和动词短语

Ⅰ.语境填词 ①(2014· 高考课标Ⅰ卷 完 形 填 空 )For example , on Christmas morning , children are excited

about__43__with their new toys. A.working C.playing B.living D.going

②(2014· 高考课标Ⅰ卷 完形填空)The same is true of the young adults going to college.And then,how many__52__,who now complain(抱怨)about the long drives to work,__53__drove for hours at a time when they first__54__their driver's licenses(执照)?Before people retire,they usually__55__to do a lot of__56__things,which they never had__57__to do while working. 54.A.required C.noticed 55.A.need C.start B.obtained D.discovered B.learn D.plan

解析:①43.C 根据该空后面的 with their new toys 可知孩子们是“玩耍”新的玩具,所以此处要用 playing。 ②54.B 成人“获得”驾照,因此要用 obtained。require 要求;notice 注意到;discover 发现。 55.D 退休前他们通常打算(plan)做很多事情。 Ⅱ.单句语法填空 1 . (2015· 高 考 天 津 卷 变 式 )If you have any doubts about your health , you’d

better____________(consult)your doctor at once. 2.(2015· 高考浙江卷变式)We tend to have a better memory for things that excite our senses or appeal ____________ our emotions than for straight facts. 3.(2015· 高考福建卷变式)It is said that body language accounts ____________ 55 per cent of a first impression while what you say just 7 per cent. 4.(2015· 高考陕西卷变式)Peter will take ____________ his post as the head lead of the travel agency at the end of next month. 5.(2015· 高考湖北卷变式)There is no doubt that this candidate’s advantage ____________(lie)in his ability to communicate with foreigners in English. 6.(2015· 高考湖北卷变式)Don’t worry.I’m sure your missing glasses will turn ____________ sooner or later. 7.Sports,without which you remain ____________(poorly),mean a lot in life.

8.The two countries are going to meet to break____________some barriers to trade between them. 答案:1.consult 2.to 3.for 4.up 5.lies 6.up 7.poor 8.down Ⅲ.单句改错 1. We tried to advise father to give up drinking too much wine;but it didn't work. _______________________________________________ 2.The expert suggests eat some fruits after dinner,and I recommend you to have some more apples. _______________________________________________ 3.Sometimes it' s not easy to realize a man' s voice on the phone. _______________________________________________ 4.Did he taught for 10 years by then? _______________________________________________ 5.The flowers he planted were smelled sweetly. _______________________________________________ 答 案 : 1.advise→persuade sweetly→sweet Ⅳ.短文填空 在下列短文中的空白处填上(选择)适当的词,使短文意思通顺 M:Can I help you,madam? W:Yes.Did you have this room checked before we moved 1.____________?The toilet doesn't seem to have enough power and the water doesn't drain in the shower.What do you have to say that? M : I'm extremely sorry to 2.____________(hear , listen)that.I'll attend to it right away.We usually 3.____________(check , test)every room before new guests enter.We've been busy in preparing 4.____________ a large conference. W: That's not what you should do, after all.One doesn't 5.____________(expectation)this sort of thing here. M: No, madam.I do 6.____________(pardon, apologize)to you for that.It's most unusual.We do try to check the rooms as thoroughly as possible.Anything else? W:Well,your air conditioning doesn't seem to be 7.____________(work)too well.It's so hot up there. M:I'll just try to make it work better and you'll 8.____________(see,find)it a little cooler in a short time.I'll also send someone right away to look at the toilet and shower. 答案:1.in 2.hear 3.check Ⅴ.写作提升 用高级词汇或结构替换划线部分内容 1.I_had an idea that the wallet had been stolen. →An idea ________________________ that the wallet had been stolen. 2.As a_result,my brother was admitted into a famous university. →As it ________________________,my brother was admitted into a famous university. 4.for 5.expect 6.apologize 7.working 8.find 2.eat→eating 3.realize→recognize 4.Did→Had 5. 去 掉 were ,


3.Plenty of memory work is_helpful_to your English study. →Plenty of memory work ________________________ your English study. 4.Generally speaking,the kids are_eager for knowledge. →Generally speaking,the kids ____________________ for knowledge. 答案:1.occurred to me 2.turned out 3.contributes to 4.have a strong appetite


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