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2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业7 Unit4 Cyberspace 北师大版必修2 Word版含解析

2014高考英语一轮总复习 课时作业7 Unit4 Cyberspace 北师大版必修2 Word版含解析


必修 2

Unit 4


1.—Hi,Tom!I need to talk to you. —Sure,Jean.________ A.You must be worried. C.What’s up? B.It doesn’t matter. D.Why me?

2.Our school________exchange students to America.Would you like to have a try? A.sent C.has sent B.will have sent D.is going to send

3. With mountains________the village on three sides, there’s only one road leading to it. A.have surrounded C.surround B.surrounding D.surrounded

4.The manager of our company was ill in hospital last month and I________in charge of the whole company ever since. A.had been C.will be 5.—Where should we go? —I don’t care.________you want. A.Everywhere C.Anywhere B.Somewhere D.Nowhere B.have been D.am

6 . It has been proved________violence on television affects the growth of children. A.if C.when B.because D.that

7.—When did Aimee and Brian set off for France? —They left two weeks ago,________,on July 27. A.that is to say C.as a result B.what’s more D.at least

8.Professor Smith gave us a speech last month,________he expressed his concern about the current global economic trends. A.in which C.with which B.to which D.for which

9.The line was busy and the operator asked if I’d like to________.

A.hang on C.ring up

B.go up D.work on

10.(2013·湖北省咸宁市高三联考)Don’t worry.I’ve________a car to pick up the guests at the station at 8 o’clock. A.prepared C.arranged with B.arranged for D.prepared for

11.By sending text messages or chatting online,we’ve been in touch for months, but I’ve never met my new friend________. A.by accident C.in the flesh B.on purpose D.in her absence

12.(2013·西安第二次质量检测)________on the top of the mountain is an ancient tower________back to two hundred years ago. A.Standing;dating C.Having stood;dating B.To stand;to date D.Stand;dated

13.Wherever I am,I make________a rule to take part in physical exercise in order to keep healthy. A.it C.which B.that D.what

14.Although I like the appearance of the house,what really made me decide to buy it was the beautiful________through the window. A.scene C.view B.look D.picture

15.I knew I shouldn’t accept anything from such a person,but I found it difficult to turn down his________. A.offer C.request (2013·河北高考模拟考试) When I was in my early twenties,I moved away from my home state of Wisconsin to attend graduate school.I chose to go to the University of Arizona in Tucson and__1__there.Upon landing in early June,I was shocked by the lack of__2__and the burning desert heat.After less than two days in that__3__,I called my parents to question whether I had made the__4__choice and to announce that I was__5__considering coming home.My father,in a calm and__6__voice,indicated that I always had a__7__.I could always come home and be welcome there.But in fact,we both__8__I wouldn’t come B.suggestion D.planⅡ.完形填空[建议用时 15′]

home at the time.Needless to say,I chose to__9__. Many years have passed.My father’s__10__words remain with me.Knowing that I can always__11__,I’ve been able to__12__several challenging situations—unemployment, divorce and even the__13__of my only son.I have also used these words in many cases where others need to know that someone__14__and that they do have a choice. Whether__15__is earthly,spiritual,or some sense of calm,knowing that we can come home will be just enough to__16__us on our way. It__17__me,in a way,of the prodigal son (回头的浪子) who found__18__and love upon returning home.While we don’t have to be like him and hit bottom in life, it is good to know that we can wander and experience pains and__19__in life but we still have a home where love,support and comfort__20__. 1.A.flew C.walked 2.A.blue C.brown 3.A.family C.environment 4.A.new C.last 5.A.naturally C.obviously 6.A.gentle C.supportive 7.A.choice C.friend 8.A.pretended C.knew 9.A.graduate C.return 10.A.surprising C.interesting 11.A.wander outside C.come home 12.A.face up to B.drove D.cycled B.yellow D.green B.refuge D.desert B.right D.difficult B.fortunately D.seriously B.weak D.pleasant B.dream D.request B.expected D.forgot B.regret D.continue B.encouraging D.moving B.hang around D.move away B.get away with

C.make sure of 13.A.return C.arrival 14.A.worries C.leaves 15.A.health C.church 16.A.help C.protect 17.A.informs C.warns 18.A.comfort C.food 19.A.regrets C.sufferings 20.A.survive C.fall Ⅲ.七选五

D.look out for B.growth D.loss B.cares D.stays B.marriage D.home B.stop D.teach B.reminds D.rids B.interest D.money B.complaints D.pleasures B.exist D.disappear

(2013·河北教学质量检测) How to Eat Slowly to Avoid Overeating Eating slowly can help you to better understand your real hunger signals and recognize reasons for faster eating,such as emotions or simply liking the taste of food.However,eating slowly is not a decision that you make suddenly.__1__ 1.Adjust you mind.Do not even attempt to acquire the habit of eating slowly before you’re mentally ready.Relax and use your imagination to create mental images that your brain will remember.As part of this mental process,imagine yourself lean and fit. 2.__2__Eating slowly isn’t just about slowing down the chewing;it’s also about slowing down your food choices.As you pick out the processed food,replace it with healthy,unprocessed or less processed choices. 3.Always relax before you start eating.Take a few deep breaths through the nose, not through the mouth.As you do so,hold your breath briefly and exhale (呼出) slowly by the mouth.__3__In this way,you remove any risk of comfortable eating. 4.Drink a glass of water or a small bowl of soup before the main dishes.This

will give you a sense of fullness.Be aware that not everyone advocates drinking during a meal,as some people believe that this can remove the nutrients from your meal.__4__ 5.Spend at least 20 minutes on your meal.__5__Eat your last portion slowly, if you are still hungry after 20 minutes,because it means you are eating too fast! A.Put the forks down after putting food in your mouth. B.Get rid of the stress before you start eating. C.It’s a habit that you need to acquire with practice. D.However,specialists believe water actually aids in digestion. E.Remove as much processed food from your plate or food storage as possible. F.Have a clock in plain sight from the table to adjust your eating speed. G.It is wise to talk to your doctor about this,if it’s still a problem for you. Ⅳ.短文改错 (2013·河北教学质量检测)

What Does a Credit Card Bring Us is written by Eillton Henley.It’s a brief or
excellent article about credit cards.The author explains what credit cards work.And he also points out the positive and negative aspect for having it.American consumers are mostly likely to use credit cards.However,the use of credit cards are expanding into almost every country in world.The key point making by the author is that users should pay for the amount in full when a bill is sent from the credit card company.This protected all the advantages and avoids all the disadvantages of using credit cards. Ⅴ.写作训练 (2013·黑龙江省哈师大附中高三第三次月考) 假设你是李华,几天前你从某国外网站购买一支录音笔,现在你发电子邮件到该网站反 应以下问题: 1.音质不太清楚;2.操作不简便:3.经常出问题。 期待的解决办法:1.退货退款;2.修理或调换。 注意:1.词数 100 左右,开头和结束语已为你写好,不计入总词数; 2.可适当增加细节,以使行文连贯; 3.参考词汇:录音笔 recording pen。 Dear Sir or Madam,


________________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua 答案: 课时作业(七) Ⅰ.单项填空 1.解析: 由 I need to talk to you(我需要跟你谈谈)可以推断,答话者紧接着应该 问对方“有什么事?”,故 C 项符合语境。 答案: C 2.解析: 由 Would you like to have a try?可知,这里说的是尚未发生的事情,所 以要用 is going to send。 答案: D 3.解析: 该题目考查 with 复合结构,mountains 与 surround 是逻辑上的主谓关系, 所以要用“with+宾语+动词?ing 形式”。 答案: B 4.解析: ever since 从那时以来。ever since 在此语境中表示的是从上个月一直持 续到现在,由此可知此句应该用现在完成时态。 答案: B 5.解析: 由 I don’t care 可知,答话者对去哪里不在乎。“任何地方(Anywhere)” 都可以。 答案: C 6.解析: 句意为:事实证明,暴力电视节目对儿童的成长有不良影响。It 在此处作形 式主语,真正的主语是 that 从句。 答案: D 7.解析: 句意为:他们是两周前离开的,也就是说,他们是 7 月 27 日离开的。that is to say 也就是说,符合句意。what’s more 而且;as a result 结果;at least 至少。 答案: A 8.解析: 句意为:史密斯教授上个月给我们做了一场报告,他在报告中表达了对目前 世界经济发展趋势的担忧。in which...是“介词+关系代词”引导定语从句,修饰先行词 speech。 答案: A 9.解析: 句意为:电话占线了,话务员问我是否愿意等一下(别挂断电话)。hang on

不挂断,符合句意。go up 上升;ring up 给??打电话;work on 继续工作。 答案: A

10.解析: 句意为:别担心。我已经安排了一辆车八点到车站去接客人。arrange for sb.to do sth.安排??去做某事;prepare for 为??做准备。 答案: B 11.解析: 考查介词短语辨析。根据 but 表示转折关系可知,我们已经通过短信和网 络聊天联系几个月了,但一直未与这个新朋友本人见过面。in the flesh 本人,亲自,符合 题意。by accident 偶然;on purpose 故意地;in her absence 在她不在期间。 答案: C 12.解析: 考查非谓语动词。句意为:位于山顶的是一座追溯到二百年前的古塔。

“Standing on the top of the mountain”是现在分词短语作表语,此处为了保持句子平衡, 将分词短语提到句首,引起完全倒装;“dating back to two hundred years ago”是现在 分词短语作后置定语,修饰 tower。 答案: A 13.解析: 考查 it 作形式宾语的用法。句意为:为了保持健康,无论我在哪里,我都 把参加体力锻炼作为一个规则。it 作形式宾语,真正的宾语为后面的不定式 to take part in physical exercise;其余几项不能作形式宾语。 答案: A 14.解析: 考查名词词义辨析。句意为:虽然我很喜欢这座房子的外观,但实际上使

我下定决心买下它的是从窗户可以看到的美景。view 常指从某一特定地点看的景色,符合句 意。 答案: C 15.解析: 考查名词词义辨析。句意为:我知道我不应该接受这个人的任何东西,但

是我发现拒绝他提供的东西真的很难。offer 在此作名词,意为“提供的东西”,符合句意。 suggestion 提议,建议;request 要求,请求;plan 计划。 答案: A Ⅱ.完形填空 语篇解读: 家是什么?家是温馨的港湾,家是游子心中永远的牵挂,家是父母的一份

守候,家是心灵的最终归宿。在这篇文章中,作者告诉我们,家是容忍你犯错的永恒庇护所。 就让我们一览文章,去感受家的温馨吧。 1.解析: 从下文的“Upon landing”可知,作者是坐飞机去那儿的,所以用 flew。 答案: A 2.解析: 绿色(green)。 答案: D 3.解析: 作者在那样的环境(environment)中住了不到两天就打电话给他父母。 从下文提到的“burning desert heat”可知,这里是不毛之地,所以缺乏

答案: C 4.解析: 此时作者质疑他是否作出了正确的(right)选择。 答案: B 5.解析: 作者向父母宣布,他很认真地(seriously)在考虑是否要回家了。 答案: D 6.解析: 父亲很体谅作者,所以对作者的决定表示了支持,故用 supportive。从上文 的“calm”也可知 C 项正确。 答案: C 7.解析: 下文多次提到“choice”,这里表示我一直都可以有一个选择(choice),那 就是回家。 答案: A 8.解析: 但是事实上,父亲和作者都知道(know)他是不会放弃(而回家)的,所以作者 最终还是选择继续(continue)留在亚利桑那大学求学。 答案: C 9.答案: D 10.解析: 很多年过去了,父亲激励作者的话仍然影响着他,所以用 encouraging。 答案: B 11. 解析: 每次当作者面对(face up to)挑战的时候, 他知道他总是可以回家(come home) 得到慰藉。wander outside 表示“在外闲逛”,hang around 表示“到处游荡”,move away 表示“移走”,都不符合语境。 答案: C 12.解析: get away with 表示“做(坏事)而未受处罚”,make sure of 表示“确

信??”,look out for 表示“当心,提防”,都不符合语境。 答案: A 13.解析: 结合上文的“unemployment,divorce”可知,这些都是人生中的失意之事, 而丧子之殇(loss of my only son)则更是人生的大悲。 答案: D 14.解析: 作者总是用父亲的话去激励别人,让他们知道即便碰到挫折,总还有人在

关心(care)着他们,他们还是可以选择(回家)的。 答案: B 15.解析: 从上下文内容可知,这里在强调我们对家(home)的印象和家对我们的意义。 答案: D 16.解析: 知道远方的家一直在为我们游子守候,这能够帮助(help)我们一路前行。 答案: A

17.解析: remind sb.of sth.是固定表达,表示“让某人想起某事”,这里表示“我 想起了一个回头的浪子的故事”。 答案: B 18.解析: 从下文的“love”可知,家给了回头的浪子以慰藉(comfort)和关爱。20 空 前面的“comfort”是答案提示。 答案: A 19.解析: 从上文的“pains”可知,这里表示痛苦,故用 sufferings 与“pains”同 义。 答案: C 20.解析: 从上下文可知,家永远存在(exist),它给予我们关爱、支持和慰藉。 答案: B Ⅲ.七选五 1.C 2.E 3.B 4.D 5.F Ⅳ.短文改错

What Does a Credit Card Bring Us is written by Eillton Henley.It’s a brief
excellent article about credit cards.The author explains what credit cards work.And how he also points out the positive and negative aspect for having them.American consumers it aspects are mostly likely to use credit cards.However,the use of credit cards are expanding most is into almost every country in ∧ world.The key point making by the author is that users the made should pay for—— the amount in full when a bill is sent from the credit card

company.This protected all the advantages and avoids all the disadvantages of using protects credit cards. Ⅴ.写作训练 Dear Sir or Madam, I’m writing to tell you something about the recording pen I bought from your website several days ago. There seems to be something wrong with it. First,the voice isn’t so clear as you claimed. Second,it’s not easy to operate,which caused me much trouble. Third,it often breaks down,while a recording pen at such a price shouldn’t have had so many problems. Due to its poor quality and much inconvenience it has caused,I wonder whether you can do something about it. I would appreciate it very much if I can get my money back and I’ll send it back to you as soon as you return the money to me. If it can’t

be helped,I wish you could have it repaired or changed. I’m looking forward to your early reply. Best wishes. Yours, Li Hua

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