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2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

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2016 年甘肃单招英语模拟试题:独立主格和 with 的复合结构

1:The living room is clean and tidy, with a dining table already ______ for a meal to be cooked. A、laid B、laying C、to lay D、being laid

2:The weather ___ hot, we all went to the seashore. A、is B、are C、was D、being

3:Being asked if he could come to the party that night, A、nobody said anything B、they didn’t get an answer from him C、nothing was said by him D、John nodded his head and left the room


4:When _____ the letter, tears came to her eyes. A、she was reading B、reading C、she reading D、read

5:With so many people __________ in English every day, it will become more and more important to have a good ___________ of English. A、communicate, knowing B、communicated, knowledge C、communicated, knowing D、communicating, knowledge

6: (2015, 湖北高三三月高考仿真, 76) with _____, the audience will see more and more super stars on the screen。 ( go)

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

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7:根据汉语完成句子。(请将答案写在答题卡对应题号的横线上。) 【小题 1】老师讲英式英语和美式英语没有太大区别。 It ________ ________ ________ ________ a difference whether a teacher speaks British or American English. 【小题 2】每天早晨,他带着一个圆形木板爬到拐弯处. Every morning he climbs up to the bend _______a large circular board ________ ________ ________. 【小题 3】但经常他们只是从他们身边驶过,把人体交通标志看作理所当然的事. But often they just pass by, ________ the ________ ________ ________ for granted 【小题 4】到 19 世纪 50 年代,它每年能卖出 100 万册,这使它成为迄今为止最受欢迎的教科书之一。 ________ the 1850s, it ________ ________ one million copies a year, ________ it one of the most popular school books ever. 【小题 5】应工人们的要求,老板向遇难者的家属道了歉。 ________ ________ to the workers’ ________,the boss ________ an apology to the relatives of victims.

8:阅读下列各小题,根据括号内的汉语提示,用句末括号内的英语单词完成句子,并将答案写在答题卡上的相 应题号后。 【小题 1】They worked day and night about three days (一切才恢复)to normal.(return) 【小题 2】I can’t imagine (他们多么激动)when they received these Christmas presents.(how) 【小题 3】 (如果参加)eco-travel and you will find it will help you understand the importance of nature.(take) 【小题 4】Not (知道如何解决)the problem, he turned to his teacher for help. (work) 【小题 5】The doctor insisted that the patient (动手术)as soon as possible. (operate) 【小题 6】 With (一场致命的台风爆发) , more than 600 people were listed as either dead or missing on August the 21 , 2009 in Taiwan. (break) 【小题 7】To every one of us, (被录取)Beijing University is a great honor. (admit) 【小题 8】The news spread quickly through the village (战争已结束),making the villagers wild with joy. (end) 【小题 9】I’ll pay you a visit tomorrow afternoon if (你方便). (convenient) 【小题 10】I would have come for the lecture given by professor Lee the day before yesterday, but I (没受到邀请) (invite).

9:完成句子 (共 10 小题;每题 1 分,满分 10 分) 【小题 1】她很有可能成为今晚比赛的冠军。 (likely) _____________________________________________ the champion for the game tonight. 【小题 2】这两种英语 (variety) 在另外两个领域的区别是拼写和发音。 The other two areas ____________________________________________ are spelling and pronunciation. 【小题 3】你想不到他们在实施那项计划中费了多大劲。 You can’t imagine ______________________________________________ out the plan. 【小题 4】This field trip has ___________________________________ (对我的人生有深远影响), which will never fade from my memory.

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

育龙单招网,单招也能上大学 www.zzzsxx.com

【小题 5】Mostly drivers just pass by, ____________ the human traffic signal __________ ____________ (视为理所 当然). 【小题 6】我能看到一个人被绳子捆着躺在地板上。 I could see a man _________ on the floor, ________________ with rope. 【小题 7】He left school early, and as an adolescent, ________________________________________ (下定决心想要去南美发大财) in South America, set off from his home in Hannibal, Missouri for New Orleans. 【小题 8】我今晚没有心情去参加宴会。 I ___________________________________________________ the dinner party tonight. 【 小 题 9 】 People walked round the streets wearing masks, doing __________ they wanted without ________________________. (为所欲为而不会被认出来) 【小题 10】_________________________________ (随着时间的推移), Carnival became a way to unite different communities.

10:John received an invitation to dinner, and with his work ________ (finish), he gladly accepted it.



试题分析:考查 with sth.done 是固定搭配。空格前面 table 为名词,此时只需要分析 table 与放置 lay 之间主被 动关系。桌子应该是被放置,选择 laid。句意:客厅又干净又整洁餐桌上已经放好了,准备放做好的的饭菜。选 A。 考点:考查 with 复合结构 点评: with 符合结构在句子做状语或定语, 要注意宾语补足语和宾语的逻辑关系, 判断是过去分词还是现在分词, 或不定式。

2、D 略

3、D 考查非谓语动词作状语时,前后主语的一致性。根据前面的状语,可知主语应是一个人,故答案应为 D。句意: 被问到那个晚上他是否能够来宴会,约翰点了他的头,离开了房间。

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

育龙单招网,单招也能上大学 www.zzzsxx.com


试题分析:考查独立主格结构。主句的主语是 tears,但 tears 不是 read 的逻辑主语。当非谓语动词的逻辑主语 与主句主语不一致时,非谓语动词要带上自己的逻辑主语,故选 C。 考点:考查独立主格结构

5、D 考查复合结构以及固定短语。With+宾语+宾语补足语是一个复合结构,many people 与 communicate 构成主动关 系,所以使用选择分词的形式。固定车站 Have a good knowledge of 掌握…;句意:现在每天如此多的人用英语交 流,掌握好英语将变得越来越重要。

6、the story going on with 后跟复合结构,the story 和 go 是逻辑上的主谓关系。

7、 【小题 1】doesn’t make much of 【小题 2】with in his hand 【小题 3】taking human traffic signal 【小题 4】By was selling making 【小题 5】In response request made

试题分析: 【小题 1】doesn’t make much of 考查固定词组 make a difference, much of 修饰名词短语。 【小题 2】with in his hand 考查 with 复合结构,with+宾语+宾语补足语 in his hand 在手里 【小题 3】taking human traffic signal 考查固定词组 take…for granted 【小题 4】By was selling making by 到…时为止;第 2,3 空用进行时表示在过去的一段时间里所发生的事情。第 三红 making 是结果状语。 【小题 5】In response request made 固定词组 in response to…对…的回应; 名词请求:request.第三空的固定词组 make an apology 道歉。 考点:考查固定词组和单词的识记

8、 【小题 1】before everything returned

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!
【小题 2】how excited they were 【小题 3】Take part in 【小题 4】knowing how to work out 【小题 5】 (should) be operated on 【小题 6】a deadly/fatal typhoon breaking out 【小题 7】being admitted (in)to 【小题 8】that the war had ended 【小题 9】 (it is) convenient to/for you 【小题 10】wasn’t invited 略

育龙单招网,单招也能上大学 www.zzzsxx.com

9、 【小题 1】She’s likely to be / become the champion for the game tonight. 【小题 2】The other two areas in which the two varieties differ are spelling and pronunciation. 【小题 3】You can’t imagine what difficulty they had in carrying out the plan. 【小题 4】This field trip has a profound effect on my life, which will never fade from my memory. 【小题 5】Mostly drivers just pass by, taking the human traffic signal for granted. 【小题 6】I could see a man lying on the floor, tied up with rope. 【小题 7】He left school early, and as an adolescent, determined to make his fortune in South America, set off from his home in Hannibal, Missouri for New Orleans. 【小题 8】I am not in the mood to go to / for the dinner party tonight. 【小题 9】People walked round the streets wearing masks, doing what they wanted without being recognized. 【小题 10】With time passingCarnival became a way to unite different communities.

试题分析: 【小题 1】固定句型 be likely to do sth 意思“可能做某事” 【小题 2】使用从句,介词+引导词 in which 相当于 where 【小题 3】固定句型 have some difficulty (in) doing sth 意思“做某事有困难” 【小题 4】固定句型 have/has a profound effect on my life 意思“对我的人生有深远影响” 【小题 5】固定词组 take sth for granted 意思“把…视为理所当然”,现在分词做状语 【小题 6】固定词组 lie on 意思“躺在…地方”,现在分词做名词的后置定语,固定词组 tie up 意思“捆绑”,过去分 词作状语 【小题 7】固定词组 decide to do sth 意思“下定决心做某事”,make one’s fortune 意思“发财” 【小题 8】固定句型 be in the mood to do sth 意思“有心情做某事” 【小题 9】what 引导的宾语从句,因为有介词 without,所以后面用动名词形式,因为是不会被认出来,所以用 被动语态 【小题 10】with 的复合结构,with+宾语+宾补,因为名词 time 和动词 pass 是主谓关系,所以用动名词形式 考点:考查语言综合分析能力 点评:单词拼写考察实词居多,特别应注意名词单复数的变化,动词时态语态的变化,形容词和副词的变化。

2000 份高职单招试题,全部免费提供!

育龙单招网,单招也能上大学 www.zzzsxx.com


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