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Modal verbs

1. shall

(1)用于疑问句与第一、三人称连用,表 示征求意见或请求许可。

? 1) Shall we go out for a meal together? ? 2) Shall the newcomer have a try?

? 1.--- The room is so dirty .______ we clean it? ? ---- Ok. ? A will B Shall ? C Would D Do


说话人的 允诺,决心,威胁,警告, 命令,或法律、文件的 规定 。

? Nothing shall stop me from going there. 决心 ? You shall be sorry for what you have done, I tell you.

? 3.You shall get an mp5 as your birthday present this year.(允诺) ? 4.The fine shall be paid in cash.

? 5. Persons under 18 shall not be employed. (规定)

“The interest(利息) __ be divided into five parts, according to the agreement,” declared the judge. A.may B. should C. must D. shall

? 2. should ? 表示惊讶、遗憾、“竟然,居然”

? It’s strange that he should fail again. ? You can’t imagine that a wellbehaved gentleman ___ be so rude to a lady. ? A. might B. need C. should D. would

? 3. must ? ---- Must I do it at once? must / ---- Yes, you______. ’t ----No, youneedn _____. don’t have to) (=No, you ___________

? You mustn’t waste any more time. ? You must not smoke here.
? 禁止,不可以,千万别

? 2) 肯定推测,“一定,准是”(只能用于 肯定句)

? 1. She must be tired after such a long walk. ? 2. He must be sleeping now.

? ---Hi, Tom. Any idea where Jane is? ? ---She _____ in the classroom. I saw her there just now. A shall be B should have been C must be D might have been

3. must 表示固执,不满,意为“偏偏,偏

?---- May I smoke here? ---- If you __, choose a seat in the smoking section. A. should B. could C. may D. must

John, look at the time, __ you play the piano at such a late hour? A. Must B. Can C. May D. Need

1. would是will的过去式,但它也是一个 情态动词.(would+动词原形) (1)would you表示委婉,客气的说法 a) Would you like to have a cup of tea? b) Would you mind my smoking here? c) Would you tell me the way to the park?


a) He would eat nothing b) I told him not to go, but he would not listen c) He would do in spite of our warnings.

(3).表示假想的愿望.(但愿, 要是...多好/虚 拟) a) We wish that he would come again. b) It would be good if I could fly!

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