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牛津高二英语Module6 Unit2课件_图文

牛津高二英语Module6 Unit2课件_图文

Unit 2
What is happiness to you?

be surrounded by family and friends

enjoy a good meal

achieve success in something and be proud of things you have accomplished

Sang Lan used to be a successful gymnast, and her best sport was the vault.

She is energentic and in good spirits


The search for happiness

How to read an interview carefully 1. Scan the 1st paragraph
find out the topic
take note of who is being interviewed

2. Read each questions carefully
The answers will give you a better
understanding of the topic

1. What is the topic of the interview? Happiness. 2. What is the name of the person who is being interviewed? Dr. Brain.

3. What are the questions asked by the host?
Can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan and who she is? How old was she when this happened?

And how has Sang Lan adapted to her new life?

Reading aloud while listening text aloud following Please read the
the tape, and then finish the True or False questions.

True or false :
1.The topic of TV interview was Sang Lan.
2.Dr.Brain studies happiness. 3.Sang Lan was born in Ningbo,China. 4.Sang Lan became a gymnast when she was eleven years old. 5.Sang Lan was injured in China in 1998, while practising for the Goodwill Games.

True or false : 6.Before her accident, Sang Lan’s best
event was the vault.
7.Sang Lan broke her legs and will never walk again. 8. The world was amazed by Sang Lan’s unexpected injury.

9.Leonardo DiCaprio visited Sang Lan in the hospital.
10.Sang Lan believes doing no work keeps her happy.

Let’s share some detailed information about three periods of Sang Lan’s story Before going to hospital (line14-32)
While staying in hospital (line33-53) After leaving hospital
(line 54-65)

Before going to hospital

successful being happy and __________in her sport

having been a _________ junior gymnast for dedicated eleven years competitions starting winning ____________ in 1991 energetic being described as ________, happy and______ hard-working being happy to ________ herself to gymnastics devote special working towards something _________ proud trying to make her parents _________

While staying in hospital
spirits being in good _______ knowing the secret to happiness is to think about focus good things, and to ______ on goals what thinking about ______she could do to get better overcome being able to _________ her disappointment and being proud of the things she had______________ accomplished alive feeling happy to be ______, and lucky to have the rest of her life to learn new things

After leaving hospital
studying journalism Beijing University __________at hosting a sports ___________ about the 2008 Beijing programme Olympics hoping to play table tennis in the special Olympics for _________people in 2008 disabled thinking about positive things and staying________ _______ optimistic stay believing that keeping busy helps her _____positive

1.What can happiness mean to those who have been injured or struggle with a physical disability.

A.Happiness can mean quick recovery from the injury or leading a normal life B.Happiness can mean a good rest at home instead of staying hospital
C.Happiness can simply mean a day without pain or just being alive. D.Happiness can simply mean getting some money to treat the illness.

2. Dr. Brain used Sang Lan as an example to ____________.
A.talk about his study on happiness B.talk about how to find happiness in difficult times C.present his own views about happiness D.introduce his books about happiness

3. The world was amazed by Sang Lan’s_____________.

A. unexpected injury
B. way to remain cheerful

C. success in her sports career
D. energetic, happy,and hard-working spirits

4.What can we learn from Sang Lan?
A.We should not be afraid of injury and disability. B.We should always think about positive things and stay optimistic when in difficulty. C.We should be very cheerful when we have sports in the school.

D.We should make many friends so that they can help us when we are in difficult time.

When you are in difficult times, how can you find happiness?

Let’s have a fastreading

1 .Look for happiness

2. Retell Sang Lan’s story

consolidati admirable happy on
cheerful optimistic
Personality of Sang Lan

positive energetic


1. In case some of our viewers don’t know her story, can you tell us a little bit about Sang Lan.

以免我们有些观众还不知道桑兰的故事, 您能跟我们简单介绍一下桑兰吗?
带上你的雨伞,以防下雨. Take your umbrella in case it rains. 如果我回来前他到这的话, 请让他等一会. In case he arrives before I get back, please ask him to wait.

2. By the time she competed in the gymnastics tournament at the New York Goodwill Games, she had been a dedicated junior gymnast for eleven years . 11年来,直到角逐纽约友好运动会的体操锦标 赛时,桑兰一直都是一个专心致志的体操小将. 到医生赶来时, 病人已经去世了.

By the time the doctor arrived, the patient had died.

到上学期期末为止, 我们已经学习了2000个英语 单词. By the end of the last term, we had learned 2,000 English words.
到下学期期末的时候, 我们将可以学习到 3000个英语单词. By the end of next term, we will have learned 3,000 English words.

到今年年底的时候, 她在澳大利亚就满两年了. By the end of this year, will have been in Australia for 2 years she _________________________________.

By the time Jane gets home, her aunt _________ for London to attend a meeting.
A. will leave C. will have left B. leaves D. left

3…… she was happy to devote herself to gymnastics.

devote…to… prep.

+专心于, 投身于…. (doing) sth.

他投身于基因研究. He devoted himself/ his life to studying the genes/ the genes study. 投身于帮助贫困国家人民的这位老人是全世界的 好榜样.
who devotes/

helping devoting The old man ________ himself to ______ the people in poor countries is a good example all over the world.

sb. be devoted to (doing) sth. 致力于,投身于

He is devoted to studying the genes.
他投身于基因研究. _________ to helping the people in poor countries, the old man is a good example all over the world.

A. Devoting
C. Having devoted

B. Devoted
D. Devote

Have a TV interview
Suppose it is the 90th anniversary of the founding of our school today. You are the famous host Bai yansong, and your partner is our headmaster. Please have a face-to-face interview according to the information.

Xuzhou No.1 Senior middle school
---a long histroy
---be founded on November 8, 1917 and named “the 10th Middle School in Jiangsu Province”

---be renamed “Xuzhou No.1 Middle School” in 1953
---64 classes in Senior middle school and 54 classes in Xiexiu Junior middle school

4. Instead of crying about what she had lost and feeling hopeless, Sang Lan thought about what she could do to get better. 本句含有两个名词性从句, 即what she had lost和what she could do to get better, 分别 作crying about和thought about的宾语. 桑兰没有因为她所失去的而哭泣,也没有 绝望, 她在考虑要做什么才能让自己恢复 的更好.

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