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选修7 unit4 A letter home

选修7 unit4 A letter home

Unit4 Sharing --- A letter home --- 导学案 学习目标:1).理解课文的基本意思 2).掌握课文的基本结构 Part1.Skimming (characters ) 1. It was wonderful for ________ to receive a letter from Rosemary. 2___________ is dying to hear about Jo’s life there. 3._________ another teacher, Jo’s workmate. 4. ________ is one of Jo’s students. 5. _______ started crying “ieee ieee” to welcome them. 6. _________ led us to his house, a low bamboo hut with grass sticking out of the roof. Part2.课文结构 Part 1(Para____) A visit to a local village Part2(Para____) The end of the letter Part3(Para____) The beginning of the letter and introductito the topic Part4(Para____) The school and Jo’s work as a teacher Part3. Scanning(opening) 1.Why does Jo send Rosemary some photos? Part4. School Life 1)What is the school like? 2)Were the students friendly? 3)Why is Science the most challenging?

4)Did Jo manage to get used to the poor teaching conditions? 5)What did Jo do the other day? What happened? 6)We can infer from the sentence above that ___. A. Jo was sure chemistry is helpful to the kids’ life. B. Jo was skeptical about the use of chemistry in the kids life. C. Chemistry would be of great value to the kids’ life. Part 5 1)Local people How Jo got to know the local people: Para.4 Para.5 Para.6 Para.7



2)A remote village 1.How long did it take Jo and Jenny to get to the village? 2.Does Tombe have a large family? 3)The house Men’s hut is a __________________ with grass ______________the roof . No _________, small _________. Fresh _________ was laid on the floor. Possessions: 4) A meal 1. What did they eat? 2. What’s the right order? ____________________________ A. Lay stones in fire B. Build a fire C. Cover the vegetables with banana leaves. D. place vegetable in the oil drum E. leave them to steam 5) A special custom Tombe threw out the tin can, because he believed _____________ A. the can attracted evil spirits. B. any leftovers attracted evil spirits. C. the can had no use at all. D. the grill attracted evil spirits. The villagers believe in ___________. They believe that leftover food ________ evil spirits so they dry it out in a can over the fire. After the food is _______, the can is thrown out of the hut. Part6 Summary: A visit to a local village Men’s hut is a ________________ with _______________________. No ________, small Type of houses __________. Floor was covered with _________.

Family relationships

Everyone seemed to be a ________ of Tombe’s.

Cooking methods

___________ are placed in an _____________, then __________ are placed in the drum, covered with _____________ .


Sleeping arrangements

Kiak usually slept in her _______. A newly made ________ for Jenny and me to sleep on.


___________, _____ and _______.


I could only see a few __________ and _____ and a couple of _____.


The villagers believe that any ________ attract _________ in the night so the food is ________ in the can and the can is then ___________ of the hut.


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