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Learning about Language_图文

Learning about Language_图文

Theme parks Learning about Language Discovering useful words and expressions

Words & phrases
various several different types of 1. _______ 2. _______ theme the main subject of a talk, book, film or something else. 3.preserve _______ to keep something as it is, and area of land made available for a special group of people or animals to live in 4. _______ to or at any place, position or situation wherever 5. fantasy _______ something that is pleasant to think about but is not real

6. _______ deed action, usually a very great one or a

very bad one.
7. _______ length the measurement of something from

one end to the other.
8. _______ unique being the only one of its kind; unlike

anything else.
9. _______ central in the middle of an area or an object 10. __________ no wonder without doubt

engine carpenter cartoon amusement eagles slide swing tourism 1. Before buying a car, my dad always looks at

its _______. engine
2. Early American settlers were great

_________, -- they could build almost anything carpenters
from wood.

3. Both adults and children like to watch
_______ amusement cartoons just for __________.

4. There are about 60 different kinds of
_______ eagles around the world, but only two kinds live in North America. 5.Tourism _______ is a big business for small countries like Singapore. 6. When I was little, my favorite thing o do was to go to the playground and _______ down slide ________ slides and _______ swing on _______. swings

attraction deed fantasy preserve sword tournament whichever There are many stories about Britain’s ancient fantasy King Arthur, some true, some just _______. When Arthur was a boy, no one knew who his

parents were. He worked for a great knight and
his son, to help them prepare for ___________ tournaments and battles. One day, news came that Britain’s old king had died without a son.

preserve the kingdom from disorder, the To _________ old wiard Merlin took the kning’s ______ sword and

drove it into a great stone. He announced that
___________ whichever knight could take it out was Britain’s true king. The __________ attraction brought many knights from all over the country to try

their strength. One morning, Arthur came
across the sword _____ in the stone.

He knew nothing about it but decided that he should try to get it for his master. He pulled

hard, and it came out! Soon the whole country
heard about Arthur’s amazing _______ deed and

made him king.

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