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高中英语一轮复习Book2 Unit5_图文

高中英语一轮复习Book2 Unit5_图文

Book 2 Unit 5


classical 1.●____________ adj. 古典的
2.●____________ musician n. 音乐家

class: n. 班级,等级,阶级 musical: adj.

pretend 3._____________ vt. Vi 假装;假扮 perform 4.●____________ v.表演;履行

music: n


performance:n performer:n 5.● ___________ adj.吸引人的 attractive attract: v. attraction n. form 6.●____________ v.& n.组成,形成

formal: adj. 正式的 informal: adj. 非正式 的 former: adj. 以前的

broadcast—broadcast--broadcast 7.●___________ broadcast v.& n.广播;播放
8.●___________ confident adj.自信的

brief 9.●___________ adj.& n. 简短的;摘要

confidence: n.

briefly: adv. 10.●____________ n. 投入;热爱 devotion devote: v. 11.●____________ invitation n. 邀请;招待 invite: v. 12.●_____________ n.加;增加;加法 addition additional: adj. add: v. 13.●____________ adj. 敏感的;灵敏的 sensitive sense: v.n. common sense:常识 14.●humorous _____________ adj. 幽默的 humor: n.

百万富翁 15.millionaire n. ___________________

16.instrument n. ___________________ 工具;器械;乐器
痛苦的;疼痛的 19.●painful adj. ___________________ pain: n get a pain in the neck 20.●familiar adj. 熟悉的;常见的;亲近的 ___________________

Sb is familiar with sth: Sth is familiar to sb

1. The little boy is a little too shy and his mother encourages him to have more _________ confidence (confident) in himself. 2. The _________ (attract) and attractive pretty woman _________ (attract) attracts people’s attention wherever she goes.


musician (music) is a person who 3. A ________ plays a ________ musical (music) instrument as a job or hobby. performers 4. Some famous ___________ performance (perform) will give a __________ (perform) at the concert this evening.

Ⅱ.短语与拓展 1.dream of 梦想;梦见;设想 2. above all首先;最重要

of all首先

3.sort out 分类 4.break up 打碎;分裂;解体 break down 垮掉;受挫 5.play jokes on 戏弄 laugh at 嘲笑 6.in cash 用现金;有现钱


7.to be to 9.
in tell


you the truth 说实话

8.attach... to认为有(重要性、意义);附上;连接 addition 另外;也

in addition be familiar 11.stick 12.
by to


10.be/get familiar




chance 偶然

(梦想) of Have you ever dreamed _________being famous as a

famous __________ musician (音乐家)? Many singers,at first,may form a band to practise their music. And then they may get the chance to give performances (perform) in pubs or clubs. Later ______________ they may gradually become popular. ________ , However the Monkees started in a different way.

Only one of them was good enough and the other three members pretended to sing. 4_____ be honest,it couldn’t 5_______ be called To (call)a real band at the beginning. Anyhow, humorous (幽默的) and their shows were 6_________ they became popular.

After a year 7___ or so,they worked harder and produced their own records and up started touring.The Monkees broke 8 __

about 1970 but they reunited in 9 ______ the mid-1980s and produced a new record in 1996 10 ____________ to celebrate (celebrate) their former happy time.

重点单词 1.pretend v.假装
to do sth.假装要做某事 to be doing sth.假装正在做某事


to have done sth.假装已做了某事 not to do sth.假装没有做某事 thatclause 假装??

to be+n./adj.假装是?? +n.假装

这男孩经常装扮成一名警察。 The boy often pretends to be a policeman. She pretends that she knows me. =She pretends to know me. She pretended that she was sleeping when John came in. =She pretended to be sleeping when John came in.

He pretended that he had known the news. =He pretended to have known the news.

2.form v.组成,构成;形成;n.形式;表格;状况;精 神 form a club成立俱乐部 form the habit of doing sth.养成做某事的习惯

fill in the form填表格
take the form of...采取??的形式

in form状况良好
out of form状况不佳
in any form以任何形式

in the form of ...以??的形式

语境活用——根据语境翻译 form Recently he has formed ( 成立 ) a weightloss club. Many people came to fill in a form (表格) to join it. He advised his members to form (养成,形成 ) a good eating habit. He also suggested them eating less fat in the form of ( 以??

…形式) meat. He claimed if they exercise regularly and
pay attention to their habit of life,they will surely have a good form ( 形体,外形 ).

sense: v. 感觉,察觉;了解,领会 感觉,知觉,意义 3. A word-guessing n. game!
ible: possible; sensible: adj.有感觉的,察觉的,明智的 responsible; flexible visible; accessible senseless: adj.失去知觉的,无意义的 less:无/不 careless; harmless hopeless;meaningless sensitive: adj. 敏感的 tive: active;creative;negative;attractive sensibility: n. 感觉,敏感(性)

sense v./n.

bility: possibility;responsibility

词性? 词义?

词组运用 1.familiar




be familiar with be familiar to

物(有时也可以 熟悉;通 是人) 晓 为??熟 悉

物 ( 有时也可以 是人)

用介词填空 (1)Don’t believe what she said just now,for I am not familiar with her family at all. (2)She is familiar with at least five foreign languages, but it so happens that this language isn’t familiar to her.

2. break up: v.

The ship broke up when it hit the rocks. 破碎,打碎 His girlfriend broke up with him, which made him sad (关系等)破裂,分手 Their band broke up and they went separate ways. (团体组织)解体 The police broke up the protest(抗议) workers. The workers went home. 驱散,解散 The meeting broke up and we went home. 结束,终止

3.break up 解体,解散,分散,拆散;打碎;分手 break down(机器等)出故障;(计划,谈判等)失败 break into 突然闯入;强行进入 break out (战争,灾难等)突然爆发 break in 闯入;打断;插嘴 break away from 逃脱;摆脱 break off 中断,break through 突破;打破;冲破 break into pieces 摔成碎片


down ⑴ The telephone system has broken _____.
⑵ The company top meeting didn’t break ____until midnight. up

out during the night. ⑶ Fire broke _____
⑷ His house was broken ____ into last week.

4.above all最重要的是;尤其是 first of all首先 after all毕竟;到底
in all 总共,总计 (not) at all


根本(不??),一点也(不??);(肯定句) 到底,究竟;(条件从句)真的,确实 all in all 总之

(2)用适当的介、副词填空 ①Why are you so anxious?It isn’t your problem after ② Above all,make sure you keep in touch. ③All in all it has been a great success. in ④There were twelve of us all for dinner. ⑤They obviously weren’t at all happy. all.

5. in addition
写作巧表达 除了牛奶,我们还需要蔬菜。 In addition to milk, we need vegetables. Apart from milk, we need vegetables. Besides milk, we need vegetables. We need milk as well as vegetables. We need milk and vegetables as well. We need milk . In addtion, we need vegetables.


They may start as a group of high school
students,(for whom practising their music in one’s house is the first step to fame. ) 他们开始可能是一组中学生,在某个 人的家里排练音乐是成名的第一步。
先行词 非限制性定语从句

1. Mandela was the black lawyer whom I went to for advice.) (________

→Mandela was the black lawyer to whom I went for advice. 2. The parts of the town(in which they had in ______ to live)were decided by white people.
可见:在“介词+关系代词”中, 介词+whom 先行词指人时: _____________ 先行词指物时: _____________ 介词+which

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