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2010 届高三高考考前辅导(英语)2 1. August 8th, 2008 is a special day, ____, I think, that will be remembered by the Chinese forever. Ks5u A. one B. what C. which D. the one Ks5u 2. It is not socially ____ for parents to leave children unattended at that age. A. accessible B. adorable C. adaptable Ks5u D. acceptable Ks5u 3. If we go on using energy so wastefully, ____are that our oil wells will be dried up before new energy sources can be found to replace oil. A. chances B. difficulties Ks5u C. questions D. problems Ks5 u 4. Faced with the exams, we should work as hard as we can. at the cost of our health. A. Therefore Ks5u , we shouldn?t do it B. However C. Moreover D. Furthermore Ks5 u 5. To tell you the truth, the accident and the damages _______ resulted in frightened me so much that I almost gave up driving ever since. A. it 6. We have to be A. actual B. that C. what Ks5u D. which Ks5u . There is no point in looking at a house we can?t afford to buy. B. attractive C. practical D. valuable Ks5u Ks5u 7. He _____back to work without the doctor?s permission. Now, he has to stay in bed for a couple of days. Ks5u A. wouldn?t have gone B. couldn?t have gone C. needn?t have goneD. shouldn?t have gone Ks5u Ks5u 8. The hospital nearby has just got a, ________ you?d call it, er... a scanner. A. that B. which C. what D. how Ks5u Ks5u Ks5u 9. —Excuse me, I wonder if you can help. I ______ my ID card. —But where did you lose it? A. have lost B. lost C. had lost D. lose Ks5u Ks5u 10. How badly reform is needed was ________ recently by the rising youth crime figures. A. suspected B. indicated C. influenced D. announced Ks5u Ks5u 11. It may have seemed unusually cold recently but experts say it?s ____ for this time of year. A. normal B. formal C. ordinary D. common Ks5 u Ks5u 12. A lack of ______ of cultural differences to local customs can create problems. Ks5u 1 A. existence B. revolution C. awareness D. evidence Ks5u Ks5u 13. With proper measures, the economy in China is beginning to _______ again. A. rise up B. hold on Ks5u C. pick up D. take on Ks5u 14. —So you have met Maria? —Yes, it was last week A. where B. when C. that we attended Jack?s party. D. why Ks5u Ks5u 15. The company provides cheap Internet access. _______, it makes software freely available. Ks5 u A. In addition B. In brief C. In return D. In common Ks5 u 16. The Ks5 u of surfing the Internet is how you can tell whether the information is true or not.



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