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大学英语 4 网络自主学习测验卷一 (Quiz 1) Part 1. Multiple Choice Directions: Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D. 1. They packed the instruments carefully ____ they would be broken during transportation. A. so that B. on condition that C. for fear that D. provided that 2. Lots of people pretend that they never read advertisements, but this claim ________. A. may be hardly doubted B. may be seriously doubted C. may be hard doubting D. may be doubted serious 3. ______ hostels (客栈) may not offer the most comfortable quarters, they are convenient, inexpensive, and attractive to traveling students and young people. A. When B. While C. Now that D. If 4. Almost all the countries in the world hoped that the warring sides would ________ a compromise. A. affect B. effect C. come D. lead 5. Our talk was completely ________out by the roar of the machines. As a result, we had to communicate with gestures. A. decreased B. reduced C. smashed D. drowned 6. She was arrested for ______ state secrets to a foreign reporter in return for her son going abroad. A. getting away B. giving away C. breaking away D. putting away 7. Can you ______ furnishing your house luxuriously at a time when the company is losing so much money? A. verify B. identify C. justify D. clarify 8. There _______ new problems in respect of the relationship between the two countries in recent years. A. rose B. raised C. lifted D. arose 9. The professor kept speaking about his new discovery in the field, only ____ occasionally to have a mouthful of tea. A. dropping off B. breaking off C. putting off D. setting off 10. After the meeting the workers went back to their ________ workshops. A. respectable B. respective C. respectful D. respected 11. His answer was so confused that I could hardly make any ________ of it at all. A. interpretation B. meaning C. reason D. sense 12. No one in the class could ________ the right answer to the question. A. describe B. furnish C. install D. assess 13. The dentist could ________ no signs of decay in my teeth. A. determine B. define C. assign D. detect 14. To his great joy he discovered that his ears became ________. A. sensitive B. aware C. efficient D. sensible 15. He made no ________ to his illness till after the lesson. A. remark B. comment C. reference D. opinion 16. The pilot of the plane is ________ for the passengers' safety. A. conscious B. responsible C. necessary D. regulated 17. We need to make sure that we ________ our resources as fully as possible. A. achieve B. operate C. exploit D. expel 18. The economy looks set to ________ its growth into next year. A. endure B. persist C. remain D. sustain 19. The shop assistant says if I leave $10 as a ________, they'll keep the dress for me. A. deposit B. loan C. guarantee D. fee 20. It was such a(n) ________ to hear that Marta was found safe and well. A. concern B. anxiety C. expectation D. relief 21. I think you should question their ________ in offering to lend you the money. A. motives B. reasons C. ideals D. initiatives

22. The government is trying to _____ public confidence in its management of the economy. A. recover B. relieve C. preserve D. restore 23. I don't think his remarks are relevant ________ our discussion. A. to B. at C. for D. with 24. He won't succeed any way, ________ hard he tries. A. whatever B. no matter C. as D. however 25. There's nothing on TV tonight, ________ rubbish. A. rather than B. more than C. better than D. other than 26. According to the American federal government, residents of Hawaii have the longest life ________: 77.2 years. A. rank B. scale C. span D. scope 27. A season ticket _______the holder to make as many journeys as he wishes within the stated period of time. A. entitles B. grants C. presents D. promises 28. _______ in the office made a mistake and the firm regretted causing the customer any inconvenience. A. Someone B. Some C. Anyone D. One 29. In recent years much more emphasis has been put ________ developing the students' productive skills. A. onto B. in C. over D. on 30. Only a selected number of landladies in the neighborhood have been allowed by the university to take in ________. A. residents B. lodgers C. settlers D. inhabitants 31. The fire was finally brought under control, but not ________ extensive damage had been done. A. before B. since C. after D. as 32. Purchasing the new production line will be a ________ deal for the company. A. forceful B. tremendous C. favorite D. profitable 33. Rod is determined to get a seat for the concert ________ it means standing in a queue all night. A. as if B. even if C. provided D. whatever 34. Though he was born and brought up in America, he can speak ________ Chinese. A. fluid B. smooth C. fluent D. flowing 35. He wrote an article criticizing the Greek poet and won ________ and a scholarship. A. faith B. status C. fame D. courage 36. The older New England villages have changed relatively little ________ a gas station or two in recent decades. A. except for B. study C. except D. besides 37. The Car Club couldn't ________ to meet the demands of all its members. A. assume B. ensure C. guarantee D. confirm 38. Extensive reporting on television has helped to ________ interest in a wide variety of sports and activities. A. assemble B. generate C. yield D. gather 39. Eating too much fat can ________ heart disease and cause high blood pressure. A. attribute to B. attend to C. contribute to D. devote to 40. This article _______ more attention to the problem of cultural interference in foreign language teaching and learning. A. gets B. has C. pays D. focuses 41. Petrol is refined from the ________ oil we take out of the ground. A. crude B. fresh C. rude D. original 42. ________ in the United States, St. Louis has now become the 24th largest city. A. Being the fourth biggest city B. It was once the fourth biggest city C. Once the fourth biggest city D. The fourth biggest city it was 43. He has recently ________ golf for relaxation. A. taken up B. taken with C. taken on D. taken over

44. Although they met with many difficulties, I hear they succeeded ________. A. over all B. after all C. above all D. all in all 45. After several months' study, I was able to easily read Japanese novels in the ________. A. origin B. reference C. source D. original 46. He had a ________ escape from the gas explosion. A. slim B. thin C. small D. narrow 47. Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor was ________ dangerous an undertaking ________ be scarcely believable. A. so... as to B. such... as to C. very... to D. so... that to 48. In the old days people only had a ________ idea of what other countries were like. A. cough B. tough C. rough D. crude 49. She was using all her powers of persuasion to ______ the Griffins to remain in the town. A. make B. induce C. expel D. tempt 50. Unless you have a heated greenhouse we feel you will have difficulty in keeping the plant for very long indoors because they like a really warm and _______ atmosphere. A. vivid B. amused C. moist D. contaminated Part 2. Cloze (with four choices provided) Directions: Read the following passage carefully and choose the best answer from the four choices given for each blank. Questions 51 to 70 are based on the following passage. I have goals for my life, but they are not fame or fortune. But that does not mean I can just sit (51)______(calm, quiet, peaceful, still) doing nothing at all. I want (52)______(accident, , adventure ,risk ,chance) something unusual, , exciting and even dangerous sometimes. One dream I have is to be (53)_____( stuck, struck, confronted , strapped) into the harness of a jet and fly at twice the speed of sound. Or, I could go into space and (54)_____ (defy ,deny ,oppose, violate) gravity. On an outer space adventure, I could (55)______ (chase, surround, orbit, twist) the Earth in a spacecraft. I also would like to jump from an airplane, (56)______(hang, wonder, fly, suspend) in the sky and parachute (跳伞) to the ground. Or maybe I'll climb steep mountain (57)_____ (heights, peaks, points, maximums) in China. It's also possible for me to (58)______ ( explore ,investigate, research, search) tropical jungles in Brazil. No, I'm not (59) ______ (disappointed, horrible, hopeless ,desperate) for the spotlight. I don't want to join the (60)______(conquest, dispute, defeat, victory) of fame. I simply don't want my life to be (61)_____ (fascinating, amazing, disgusting, boring ). I could go on a fantastic (62)_____ ( commission, mission, procession, responsibility) . I could uncover (63)_____ (sunk, submerged, emerged, overwhelmed) treasures in the mysterious Bermuda triangle or become a captain on a naval aircraft carrier and (64)_____ ( orbit, circle,cruise,float) the seven seas. Maybe I'll investigate crimes or be an attorney for the public and (65)______( accuse, charge, blame, criticize) large corporations of terrible crimes. I could catch them as they are (66)_____ ( compelling, misleading, stealing,cheating) citizens out of their hard-earned money. Or, I could be a government agent and (67)_____ (spy, investigate, inspect, observe) on foreign countries. I could find out if they are planning a(n) (68)_______ (violation, corruption, invasion, pursuit) of our mother country. On second thought , this all seem quite (69)______(boring, ,destructive, tiresome, complicated). I take back everything that I have said. A(n) (70)_____(worthless, idle, empty, unemployed)life is for me. I think that I will simply sit back in my big comfortable chair with the air-conditioning set at a perfect 24 degrees centigrade and read about someone else doing those dangerous things. This book about mining for gold will do fine. Part 3. Reading Comprehension (Multiple Choice) Directions: Read the following passages carefully and choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D. Questions 71 to 75 are based on the following passage. In the primary school, a child is in a comparatively simple setting and most of the time forms a relationship with

one familiar teacher. On entering secondary school, a new world opens up and frequently it is a much more difficult world. The pupil soon learns to be less free in the way he speaks to teachers and even to his fellow pupils. He begins to lose gradually the free and easy ways of the primary school, for he senses the need for a more cautious approach in the secondary school where there are older pupils. Secondary staff and pupils suffer from the pressures of academic work and seem to have less time to stop and talk. Teachers with specialist roles may see hundreds of children in a week, and a pupil may be able to form relationships with very few of the staff. He has to decide which adults are approachable; good schools will make clear to every young person from the first year what guidance and personal help is available—but whether the reality of life in the institution actually encourages requests for help is another matter. Adults often forget what a confusing picture school can offer to a child. He sees a great deal of movement, a great number of people—often rather frightening-looking people—and realizes that an increasing number of choices and decisions have to be made. As he progresses through the school the confusion may become less but the choices and decisions required will increase. The school will rightly expect the pupil to take the first steps to obtain the help he needs, for this is the pattern of adult life for which he has to be prepared, but all the time the opportunities for personal and group advice must be presented in a way which makes them easy to understand and within easy reach of pupils. 71. According to the passage one of the problems for pupils entering secondary schools is that ________. A. they are taught by many different teachers B. they do not attend lessons in every subject C. the teachers are not so friendly and helpful D. the teachers give most attention to a few pupils 72. In secondary schools every pupil having problems should ________. A. know how to ask for help B. go to ask any teacher he can find C. discuss his problem in class D. turn to his parents for help 73. It can be inferred from the passage that the author is mainly concerned about ________. A. academic standards B. the role of specialist teachers C. the training of the individual teachers D. the personal development of pupils 74. Which of the following statements is TRUE? A. All the secondary schools know the way to encourage students' requests for help. B. The secondary schools are responsible for offering personal and group advice to new pupils. C. Secondary school pupils enjoy greater freedom in communicating with teachers and fellow pupils. D. Secondary school pupils can easily get the help they need. 75. The most appropriate title for the passage is ________. A. Primary School and Secondary School B. Problems for New Secondary School Teachers C. Problems for New Secondary School Pupils D. Academic Work and Personal Relationship Questions 76 to 80 are based on the following passage. The US military has blocked public access to nearly all its web sites after its servers were attacked by a new computer virus. Late last week, the US Space Command, which provides security for military computers, instructed all military organizations to block public access after a number of sites had contracted the virus, called the "Code Red" bug, according to an official. The virus is known as a "denial of service" bug, because it replicates (自我复制) itself by reading the data files on a network server and sending copies to other servers—thereby multiplying and sometimes crashing a system—and denying access to legitimate (合法的) users of the site. "The Code Red worm did in fact show up in some DoD (Department of Defense) web sites and we're working to contain that," Command Spokesman Army Maj. Barry Venable said. "Ways we're going about that include blocking public access to the Web sites, because that's the way this worm works, to prevent it from using our networks to propagate (繁殖) itself."

The virus exploits a security flaw (缺陷) in certain Microsoft network servers. The flaw was announced last month when a patch was released to fix it. "To protect our DoD web sites from being compromised, DoD organizations have been told to review the status of the Internet information servers... to make sure that all the patches that were previously installed had been installed," says Venable. Only a handful of the major Defense Department sites, with the suffix ".mil," appear currently accessible to the public, including the central public affairs site DefenseLink and the military services' main homepages. Public access is blocked to information connected to those sites, and others such as the National Missile Defense site and the US Air Force's European site. Registered Department of Defense personnel continue to have access to the sites, Venable said. 76. Which of the following is the best title for this passage? A. The Code Red Worm. B. DoD Blocks Public Web Site Access. C. DoD Was Attacked. D. Protect DoD Web Sites Against Viruses. 77. The word "contracted" (Para.2) most probably means ________. A. make less or smaller B. get an illness C. make a legal agreement D. formally agree to marry somebody 78. Which of the following statements is NOT true about the Code Red worm? A. It can multiply in large numbers. B. It may make a computer system stop working. C. It's included in a patch released by Microsoft. D. It may destroy the connection between legitimate users and the sites. 79. Public access is blocked to most DoD web sites so that ________. A. the Code Red worm can't use the web site to replicates itself and send copies B. DoD organizations can have necessary patches installed to protect their sites C. the defense secrets can be prevented from being revealed D. the mistake in certain Microsoft network servers can be corrected 80. Which of the following is NOT a measure taken by DoD to fight against the Code Red worm? A. Blocking public access. B. Shutting down e-mail. C. Reviewing the status of the Internet information servers. D. Having necessary patches installed. Questions 81 to 85 are based on the following passage. The decline in moral standards—which has long concerned social analysts—has at last captured the attention of average Americans. And Jean Bethke Elshtain, for one, is glad. The fact that ordinary citizens are now starting to think seriously about the nation's moral climate, says this ethics (伦理学) professor at the University of Chicago, is reason to hope that new ideas will come forward to improve it.But the challenge is not to be underestimated. Materialism and individualism in American society are the biggest obstacles. "The thought that 'I'm in it for me' has become deeply rooted in the national consciousness," Ms. Elshtain says.Some of this can be attributed to the decay of traditional communities, in which neighbors looked out for one another, she says. With today's greater mobility and with so many couples working, those bonds have been weakened, replaced by a greater emphasis on self. In a 1996 poll of Americans, loss of morality topped the list of the biggest problems facing the US. And Elshtain says the public is correct to sense that: Data show that Americans are struggling with problems unheard of in the 1950s, such as classroom violence and a high rate of births to unmarried mothers. The desire for a higher moral standard is not a lament (挽歌) for some nonexistent "golden age," Elshtain says, nor is it a wishful (一厢情愿的 ) longing for a time that denied opportunities to women and minorities. Most people, in fact, favor a decrease in prejudice. Moral decline will not be reversed until people find ways to counter the materialism in society, she says. "Slowly, you recognize that the things that matter are those that can't be bought." 81. Professor Elshtain is pleased to see that Americans ________.

A. have adapted to a new set of moral standards B. are longing for the return of the good old days C. have realized the importance of material things D. are awakening to the lowering of their moral standards 82. The moral decline of American society is caused mainly by ________. A. its growing wealth B. the self-centeredness of individuals C. underestimating the impact of social changes D. the prejudice against women and minorities 83. Which of the following characterizes the traditional communities? A. Great mobility. B. Emphasis on individual effort. C. Concern for one's neighbors. D. Ever-weakening social bonds. 84. In the 1950s, classroom violence ________. A. was something unheard of B. attracted a lot of public attention C. was by no means a rare occurrence D. began to appear in analysts' data 85. According to Elshtain, the current moral decline may be reversed ________. A. if people can return to the "golden age" B. when women and men enjoy equal rights C. when people rid themselves of prejudice D. if less emphasis is laid on material things 大学英语 4 网络自主学习测验卷 二 (Quiz 2) Part 1. Multiple Choice Directions: Choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D. 1. This diploma (毕业文凭) ________ that you have completed high school. A. entitles B. certifies C. secures D. approves 2. The giant corporation was making a take-over ________ for a fertilizer plant. A. control B. bid C. effort D. proposal 3. The article ________ China's educational achievements during the past 20 years and outlined its development plans for the new century. A. predicted B. witnessed C. highlighted D. intensified 4. He is watching TV? He's _______ to be cleaning his room. A. known B. supposed C. regarded D. considered 5. I have already commented that colours will not show up unless the ________ of the light is sufficiently great. A. intensity B. density C. intention D. temperature 6. The famous actress did not show up at the party, _______ is disappointing. A. that B. which C. what D. it 7. He is not ________ to recover from the shock in one day or two. A. possible B. probable C. capable D. likely 8. The girl will get _________ her nervousness once she is on stage. A. over B. through C. off D. away 9. You are invited to the party ________ at our institute 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. A. having been B. given C. to give D. to be given 10. There are usually at least two ________ of looking at every question. A. means B. Opinions C. directions D. ways 11. Hot metal ________ as it grows cooler. A. contracts B. reduces C. condenses D. compresses 12. I'm in no ________ this evening to listen to popular music. A. feeling B. attitude C. mood D. tendency 13. Jack will ________ his nervousness once he's in front of the camera. A. get away B. get off C. get through D. get over 14. He has been ________ of murdering the Japanese visitor. A. blamed B. charged C. accused D. arrested

15. Regardless ________ his appearance, he is innocent. A. to B. in C. of D. for 16. ________, I've decided to travel by sea, as it is obviously cheaper and more comfortable. A. At second thought B. On second thought C. In second thought D. From second thoughts 17. The government is believed to be considering ________ a law making it a crime to import any kind of weapon. A. to pass B. have passes C. passed D. passing 18. Austin did not have time to go to the concert last night because she was so busy ________ her trip to America. A. to have prepared for B. to prepare for C. preparing for D. being prepared for 19. Some newly-married couples think that it will give them a sense of achievement to properly rear a child and to see him or her ________ to be a useful person. A. fall out B. turn out C. carry out D. take out 20. The university is now making efforts to make the supply and demand of information more ________ and to protect students' rights with legal advice. A. transparent B. visible C. applicable D. practical 21. If the rain doesn't stop, people will be faced ________ serious flooding. A. to B. about C. with D. by 22. Yet in a ________ democracy, such a declaration cannot easily be made; indeed the opposite must be proclaimed. A. liberal B. liable C. liberated D. reliable 23. The manager promised to have my complaint ________. A. looked through B. looked into C. looked over D. looked after 24.- "What is the new literature course like?" -"It ______ the students aren't required to attend lectures." A. differs with the old course because B. is different than the old course due to C. differs from the old course in that D. is different from the old course with respect to 25. Since the publication of the novel, his reputation as a detective writer has been well ________. A. based B. established C. set D. built 26. To say that someone's work is not good is to find fault ________ it. A. of B. on C. at D. with 27. She was glad that her success would ________ for the women who would follow. A. make things easier B. make it easier C. be easier D. be easier to make 28. We must _______ that the telegram arrives in time. A. secure B. ensure C. assure D. cure 29. He didn't take the flat because he couldn't afford the _________. A. fare B. hire C. rent D. salary 30. Dinner will be ready _________, but we will have time for a drink. A. currently B. lately C. presently D. suddenly 31. I'm looking forward to ________ some time this year. A. my parents to come B. my parents are coming C. my parents' coming D. my parents come 32. My landlady wanted me to pay the rent in ________. A. progress B. advance C. development D. ahead 33. The man asked for a divorce because he could no longer ________ his noisy wife. A. take care of B. make use of C. put up with D. put out of 34. We have still one more problem ________. A. to solve B. to be solved C. is solving D. solved 35. People expect technology to ________ a lot ________ the quality of life. A. owe... to B. contribute... for C. owe.... for D. contribute... to

Part 2. Cloze (with four choices provided.) Directions: Read the following passage carefully and choose the best answer from the four choices given for each blank. Questions 36 to 45 are based on the following passage. I work for the state as a caseworker. If someone (36)______(powerless, unable ,disabled ,unsatisfied) needs help, I can help them. If they need help with their rent or money to fix their wheelchair or (37)________(whatever, however, whenever, whichever) , they just come to me. We should know that they all receive a (38)________( possession, pension, provision, profession) , so they should have enough money for bills. (39)________(Therefore, Instead, However, Furthermore) , I believe almost all of them get compensation from another (40)______(origin, basis, source, supply ). Welfare fraud is (41)_______(illegal, immoral, unappreciated, unprofitable) and so my job has really become (42)_______( the same alike, the same before, the same for, the same as) a detective investigating a crime. I make sure they have receipts for every (43)_________(potential, initial, influential, substantial) donation that they get. I also check (44)______(Although, while, if, unless) they should opt to ask me for additional money. I will make sure it is (45)______(identified ,justified, notified ,exemplified) . If they need money for medical reasons, I ask them to get a doctor to (46)______( verify, identify, modify, qualify) that the medical treatment is just necessary. I am not the enemy, but I don't just give out money to every (47)______( handsome, frank, serious, earnest) face that walks through my door. I see many people living on the welfare system are making money with the (48)_______(apology, confession, excuse, demand) that welfare alone won't pay the rent. In that case, I have to take away their welfare (49)______( advantages, benefits ,assets, aids) according to the law. In fact, they are (50)______(periodically, specifically, theoretically, practically) making more money than I do. My (51)______(colleague, client, customer, volunteer)at the next desk has a different view. She misunderstands the (52)_____(causes, ideals, plots, motives )of these people. But it is (53)_____( mysterious, generous, jealous, ridiculous) that she just hands out money over there. The governor of this state has (54)_______( identified, qualified, clarified, notified) its decision that it is time to stop giving money away so easily. We can't pay people who simply (55)_____( sit on, sit up, sit around, sit down) doing nothing. I am doing my part. Part 3. Reading Comprehension (Multiple Choice) Directions: Read the following passages carefully and choose the best answer from the four choices marked A, B, C and D. Questions 56 to 60 are based on the following passage. During the first half of the nineteenth century much thought was given to building the Panama Canal. The discovery of gold in California in 1848 brought an increased demand for a transportation link across Panama. A railroad line was completed after six years of hard labor in the swamps (沼泽) and jungles. Over two thousand workmen died from yellow fever and malaria (疟疾). In 1881 a French organization tried to build a canal across the Isthmus (巴拿马地峡). For eleven years workmen struggled against heat and disease. At least 15,000 died before the French gave up their attempts to build the canal. For years the abandoned machinery lay in the jungles. At the close of the Spanish-American War the United States bought a strip of land ten miles wide across the Isthmus. Immediate attention was given to the control of diseases. In two years yellow fever was completely eliminated. Because of the work of American medical heroes, it was possible to build the splendid Panama Canal. 56. Prior to the successful completion of the Panama Canal, ________. A. France bought a strip of land across the Isthmus of Panama B. Malaria was wiped out as a killer disease C. one country failed in its attempts to build a canal D. American doctors were honored for their work 57. The building of the Panama Canal represents ________. A. man's unyielding desire for progress B. man's unceasing thirst for danger C. man's ability to resist disease D. man's spirit of invention

58. What was given priority by the United States? A. Buying a strip of land. B. Starting the building the canal immediately. C. the prevention of illness. D. the Spanish-American War. 59. The author presents details according to ________. A. order of importance B. spatial (空间的) order C. simple listing D. time order 60. What is the main idea of the passage? A. The elimination of yellow fever. B. The discovery of gold in California. C.The efforts recorded in the building of the Panama Canal. D.The work of American medical heroes. Questions 61 to 65 are based on the following passage. At one time a traveler could learn about a region by looking at the houses. For example, he or she could understand what building materials were available. In areas with many wood houses, the traveler would have guessed that there were nearby forests. Stone houses would have indicated that stones were easy to get. However, a closer look at the houses would have told the traveler even more about the area. People used to build houses that fitted the climate of their areas. For example, in desert regions there is a big difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures. Therefore, many desert people built houses with very thick walls. These thick walls served a useful purpose in the houses. For example, in the winter the thick walls absorbed the sun's warmth during the day and radiated the heat at night. Desert people were relatively comfortable in their homes, or residences, at all times because they built them to fit the desert climate. Then the supply of fuel for electricity became both cheap and easy to get. The effect on housing was immediate. People began to build their homes according to fashion instead of utility. Houses no longer reflected the availability of building materials or climate. Houses with steep roofs could be found in the tropics, the warm regions of the Earth, even though these pointed roofs originated in snowy regions of the world. Heavy snow falls off a slanted (歪斜的) roof. Another example is the use of glass. Houses made almost completely of glass could be found in very cold places. Yet ordinary glass does not insulate (绝缘) well because it neither keeps out cold air nor keeps in warm air. As long as fuel was cheap and easy to get, people could build any type of house any place. 61. What are two things that a traveler could learn about an area by looking at the houses? A. The climate is poor and so are the people living in it. B. The climate in the area and the kind of building materials easy for the people to reach. C . There is a forest nearby and they are on the top of a mountain. D. They are near a house and its owner is not there at the moment. 62. The main idea of Paragraph 1 is that ________. A. wood is a forest product B. there are no stones in forests C. houses used to tell about a region D. people used to travel to learn about houses 63. The main idea of Paragraph 2 is that ________. A. thick walls absorb heat from the sun B. people built houses to fit the climate C. people are comfortable in their houses D. in the desert, daytime temperatures are lower than nighttime temperatures 64. The main idea of Paragraphs 3 and 4 is that ________. A. heavy snow does not stay on steep roofs B. ordinary glass does not insulate well C. fuel is used to produce electricity D. the supply of fuel affects home building 65. What does "radiate" (Para. 2) mean? A. Give off. B. Absorb. C. Gather. D. Consume. Questions 66 to 70 are based on the following passage.. Real policemen, both in Britain and the United States, hardly recognize any resemblance (相似) between their lives and what they see on TV-if they are even able to watch TV.

The first difference is that in real life a policeman has been trained in criminal law. He has to know exactly what actions are crimes and what evidence can be used to prove them in court. He will spend most of his working life typing millions of words on thousands of forms about hundreds of sad, unimportant people who are guilty-or not-of stupid, petty (不重要的) crimes. Most television crime drama is about finding the criminal: as soon as he's arrested, the story is over. In real life, finding criminals is seldom much of a problem. Except in very serious cases like murders and terrorist attacks-where failure to produce results reflects on the standing of the police-little effort is spent on searching. A third big difference is between the drama detective and the real life ones. Detectives are subject to two opposing pressures: first, as members of a police force they always have to behave with absolute legality (合法); secondly, as expensive public servants they have to get results. They can hardly ever do both. Most of the time some of them have to break the rules in small ways. If the detective has to deceive the world, the world often deceives him. Hardly anyone he meets tells him the truth. And this separation the detective feels between himself and the rest of the world is deepened by the simplemindedness-as he sees it-of citizens, social workers, doctors, law-makers, and judges, who, instead of stamping out crime, punish the criminals less severely in the hope that this will make them reform. The result, detectives feel, is that nine-tenths of their time is spent re-catching people who should have stayed behind bars. This makes them rather cynical. 66. It is essential for a policeman to be trained in criminal law ________. A. so that he can catch criminals in the streets B. because many of the criminals he has to catch are dangerous C. so that he can justify his arrests in court D. because he has to know nearly as much about law as a professional lawyer 67. The everyday life of a policeman or detective is ________. A. exciting and mysterious B. full of danger C. devoted mostly to routine matters D. wasted on unimportant matters 68. When murders and terrorist attacks occur the police ________. A. prefer to wait for the criminal to give himself away B. work hard to track down the criminals C. try to make a quick arrest in order to keep up their reputation D. usually fail to produce results 69. The real detective lives in an unusual moral climate because ________. A. he is an expensive public servant B. he must always behave with absolute legality C. he is obliged to break the law in order to preserve it D. he feels himself to be cut off from the rest of the world 70. Detectives are rather cynical because ________. A. nine-tenths of their work involves arresting people B. hardly anyone tells them the truth C. society does not punish criminals severely enough D. D too many criminals escape from jail

大学英语 4 网络自主学习测验卷一之答案 1. C 2. B 3. B 4. B 5. D 6. B 7. C 8. D 9. B 10. B 11. D 12. B 13. D 14. A 15. C 16. B 17. C 18. D 19. A 20. D 21. A 22. D 23. A 24. D 25. D 26. C 27. A 28. A 29. D 30.B 31. A 32. D 33. B 34. C 35.C 36. A 37. B 38. B 39. C 40. C 41. A 42. C 43. A 44. B 45. D 46. D 47. A 48. C 49. B 50. C 51. still 52.adventure 53. strapped 54. defy 55. orbit 56.fly 57. peaks 58. explore 59. desperate 60. conquest 61. boring 62. mission 63. submerged 64. cruise 65. accuse 66. cheating 67. spy 68. invasion 69.complicated 70. idle 71. A 72. A 73. D 74. B 75. C 76. D 77. B 78. C 79. A 80. B

81. D 82. B 83. C 84. A 85. D 大学英语 4 网络自主学习测验卷二之答案 1. B 2. B 3. C 4. B 5. A 6. B 7. D 8. A 9. D 10. D 11. A 12. C 3. D 14. C 15.C 16.B 17. D 18. C 19. B 20. A 21. C 22. A 23. B 24. C 25. B 26. D 27. A 28. B 29. C 30. C 31. C 32. B 33. C 34. A 35. D 36. disabled 37. whatever 38. pension 39. However 40. source 41. illegal 42. the same as 43. substantial 44. if 45. justified 46. verify 47. earnest 48. excuse 49.benefits 50. practically 51. colleague 52. motives 53.ridiculous 54. clarified 55. sit around 56. C 57. A 58.C 59.D 60.C 61. B 62. C 63.B 64. D 65.A 66.C 67.C 68.B 69. C 70.C




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