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a sad love story上课_图文

a sad love story上课_图文

A Sad Love Story

1.heart-broken 2.turn up 3.keep her word 4.Look forward to sth /doing 5.hold her breath 6. apologize 7.drown his sadness in coffee 8.It was obvious that 9. turn on 10.on earth 11.fall in love 12.get /be married to sb 13.make sb do 14.Set off for 15.throw away 16.remind sb of sth 17.remind sb to do 18.hear a voice calling him 19.There be sb waving at him and calling 20.forgive sb for (doing) sth

Do you know our Chinese Valentine’s Day?

乞 巧 节

Chinese Valentine’s Day

the Double Seventh Day
Read Para.3

the seventh day of the seventh lunar month

Read Para.3 and fill in the table.
weaving girl, the most _____ Zhinu, the _______ lovely of the daughters, visited the earth and met Niulang, the herd boy. _______ ell ___ in _____ love , married secretly They f___ and were very happy. The Goddess of Heaven got so angry that she Heaven . Niulang tried to forced Zhinu back to ________ ollow f_________ her but was stopped by the Milky Way. ouple were separated. Thus, the c_______ The Goddess of Heaven allowed the couple to meet once a year on the seventh ______ day of the eventh l_______ unar month when magpies made a s_______ _________ of their wings. bridge


Climax (高潮)


牛郎白天放牛 牛郎织女喜结良缘

王母娘娘把他们分开 牛郎织女终于 在鹊桥上相会了

A Sad Love Story

Li Fang

Hu Jin

Divide the passage into three parts and match the main ideas. Part One Hu Jin’s Para One & Two Misunderstanding and regret

Part Two Para Three & Four

The story of Niulang and Zhinu Li Fang’s not turning up and Hu Jin’s sadness

Part Three Para Five - Seven

Answer the following questions:
1. What was Li Fang afraid that Hu Jin was

doing? He was afraid that she was with her friends laughing at him. 2. How did Li Fang know the manager wanted to shut the coffee shop? The manager wiped the tables and then sat down and turned on the TV. 3.Why do people want the weather to be fine on Qiqiaojie? People want the weather to be fine so they can meet the one they love.

4. What is the reason why Li Fang and Hu Jin did not meet on time? They did not meet on time because Li Fang waited in the coffee shop and Hu Jin waited in the tea shop. 5.Why was Li Fang so worried at the end of the story? He was worried because he had thrown away the gifts for Hu Jin--the chocolates and roses so he had nothing to give her and he thought she would not forgive him.

Listen to the story and decide whether they are true or false

1. The girl Li Fang loved and waited for her boy friend who didn’t turn up.( F ) 2. Because the goddess’s most lovely granddaughter got married to a human secretly, she got very angry.( T ) 3. Zhinu was made to return to Heaven without her husband. They were allowed to meet once a year on the seventh day of the tenth lunar month.( F ) 4. Hu Jin had been waiting for Li Fang for a long time with a gift for him.( T )

look forward with his heart-broken roses and not turn up chocolates not keep her word

Be laughed at?

Throw away his roses and chocolates

not to hold his breath for her to apologize
= wait without much help

drown his sadness in coffee
=drink (usually alcohol) in order to forget

At last…

tea shop

Why are you so late? ve been waiting for I’ve you for a long time.

coffee shop

tea shop
coffee shop

What do you think of the story? Why?

A sad love story
1. Li Fang was sad that Hu Jin didn’t turn up. 2. The story of Qiqiaojie made him sad.

3. Sadly, he threw away his love gifts.
4. He was sad to have thrown away his love gifts when he heard Hu Jin calling him. 5. He was sad that this Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be a happy Valentine’s Day.

出现 守诺言 期望

turn up keep one’s word look forward to


hold one’s breath
set off


remind … of…

1. But she didn’t turn up. 但是她还没露面。
1. I can’t heat it clearly, please turn up the radio. 调高,放大 2. His nose turned up slightly. 向上翘//翻 3. He turned up the card that lay on the desk. 翻过来,使…面朝上

4. He turned up the ends of his trousers. 卷起
5. I forgot the address, but it can quite easily be turned up in a dictionary. 找到,发现

2.keep one’s word/promise 守信用,遵守诺言 break one’s word/promise, 失信,违背诺言 1.He is a man who always keeps his word, so you can trust him. 2.Don’t break your word, otherwise, no one will trust you.
注意:keep one’s word和break one’s word中的名词word不能 用复数形式。 相关word短语: in a word/in short/to be short 简而言之;总之 have a word with sb. 与某人谈话 have words with sb. 与某人发生口角 in other words 换句话说

3. couple: 夫妇;一对 seems//seem (seem) to The young couple _____________ be happy. They keep a couple of dogs. 两条狗 I will have a couple of drinks and I will go home. 几杯酒 试比较 couple // pair I found a couple of socks in the room but they do not make a pair. 天下夫妇多, Not every couple is a pair. 珠联璧合少。

4. Well, he was not going to hold his breath for her to apologize. 他不打算精神紧张地等她来道歉。 用法: I come here to apologize to you for having broking your cup. apologize to sb for sth // doing sth

apology (n)

make // offer an apology
accept an apology


refuse an apology

5. They got married secretly.
据例句自我总结用法 1. I’m happy he married a girl of cheery personality. 2. Mr Brown married his daughter to a rich man.

3. She got married to a man from her hometown.
4. They have been married for more than 25 yeears.

marry sb // marry sb to sb get married to // be married to

6. remind sb of sth 使某人想起某事, 提醒某人某事 1.This photo reminds him of his childhood. 2.This film reminds people of the hard experience that Chinese people has suffered. remind sb to do sth使某人想起做某事, 提醒某人做某事 1.His parents often remind him to study hard. 2.The accident reminds him not drive too fast. 7. forgive sb for (doing) sth 原谅/宽恕…… 1.I’ll never forgive him for what he did. 2.He has forgiven you for doing that. forgive and forget 不念旧恶,不记仇

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