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Unit 3 A taste of English humor reading_图文

Unit 3 A taste of English humor reading_图文

Unit 3 A taste of English Humour

Types of humor

How many kinds of humour do you know?
jokes sketch小品 cross talk 相声 mime 哑剧 funny pictures funny poems tongue twisters 绕口令


cross talk (相声)

doggerel 打油诗

走进一间房, 四面都是墙, 抬头见老鼠, 低头见蟑螂.

A funny poem/ limerick(打油诗)

A large lady from Corfu,(科孚,地名) Wished to travel to Peru.(秘鲁) But whether buses or trains Or boarding airplanes, There wasn’t a door she’d get through.

Tongue twisters绕口令:
黑化肥发灰, 灰化肥发黑; 黑化肥发灰会挥发, 灰化肥发挥会发黑; 黑化肥挥发发灰会挥发, 灰化肥挥发发黑会发挥。

1.Betty bought some butter, but the butter was bitter, so she bought some better butter to make the bitter butter better.

2.How many good cookies could a good cook cook if a good cook could cook as many good cookies as a good cook could cook?


mime 哑剧


A Master of Nonverbal Humour

Charlie Chaplin

?What do you know about Charlie Chaplin? ?What do you know about his films?

Charlie Chaplin’s Movie Posters

Task1: Read the passage quickly and answer the following questions. 1.What’s the passage mainly about? A. The history of English humor? B. The films Chaplin made. C. The humor Chaplin made in his films. D. The Gold Rush in California.

2. People enjoy laughing when they feel depressed because ______. A. they enjoy doing so B. it makes people more worried about their life. C. it makes people more content with their life. D. there’s much fun in doing so.

3.You may find it astonishing that Charlie was taught to sing as soon as he could speak and dance as soon as he could walk. A. kind B. great C. amazing D. exciting

4.In the middle of 19th century people went to California to look for _______. A. films B. gold C. entertainment D. water

5.Chaplin was given a special Oscar for __. A. they enjoy doing so. B. the films he directed. C. the joy he gave us in his films. D. the contributions he made in films.

Task2: Find out the main idea of each paragraph.

a) What Charlie’s most famous character was like

para.2 para.3
para.4 para.5

b) Why people needed cheering up c) His achievements d) What Charlie’s childhood was like e) An example of a sad situation that he made funny

Task3: Read Para.1 and answer the question: What are the functions of laughter?
1.It is the sun that drives the winter from the human face. 2.It can brighten the lives of people during hard times and make them laugh at a time when they feel depressed, so they can feel content with their lives.


Task 4: Read Para. 2 and do True or False. 1. Charlie Chaplin was born in a rich poor family in 1989. 1889 2. Charlie was trained to sing and dance because he was interested in singing and dancing. teens 3. By his twenties, he had become a popular actor. 4. People who don’t know English cannot enjoy Chaplin’s films.

Task 5: Read Para. 3 and describe the picture. Can you immitate him?
a small round black hat a moustache a walking stick large trousers worn-out shoes
Picture of charlie

He is a tramp, a homeless man with a moustache, wore large trousers, worn-out shoes and a small round hat and walked around stiffly carrying a walking stick.

Task 5. Read Para. 4 and put the sentences in correct order.
1. They try boiling a pair of leather shoes. 2. Gold is discovered in California. 3. The tramp and his friend have rushed there. 4. The tramp picks out the lace and eats them. 5. They are hiding in a small hut with nothing to eat. 6. The tramp tries cutting and chewing the bottom of the shoe. 7. The tramp cuts off the leather top of the shoe.


Let’s enjoy Chaplin’s wonderful acting. The Gold Rush

Task 6. Read Para. 5 and answer: What are Charlie’s achievements? 1. He wrote, directed and produced the films he starred in. 2.He was given a special Oscar for his outstanding work in films.
3. He was loved and remembered as a great actor who inspired people with great confidence.

Exercise 1 on Page 19
1889 Actor Job Famous character The little tramp Large trousers, worn-out Costume shoes and a small round black hat. Type of acting Mime


Make a dialogue
Imagine one of the students wants to write an article about Charlie Chaplin for the column“Humour” of the school newspaper. So he is going to interview Charlie Chaplin.

What should we learn from Charlie Chaplin?

We should learn his optimism (乐观)and determination(决心) to overcome all difficulties.
We should be optimistic (乐观的) no matter what difficulties we meet.

Try to rewrite the passage in the first person in 120 words and then present it in the next class.

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