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中国园林 英文介绍_图文

中国园林  英文介绍_图文

Chinese garden has a long history, it has been three thousand years of history, is the earliest garden art origins in one of the countries in the world, landscape history occupies very important position, and to have the extremely outstanding art and unique national style.

Our country region broad, the thing north and south of geographical conditions and climate product each are not identical, thus garden also often showed an obvious local characteristics.

The northern gardens
Covers many, large scale Garden sets of garden The subject is prominent

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The Summer Palace

the Imperial Mountain Summer Resort


It represents the folk residential garden, the park owner more essence of history was the famous litterateur or calligrapher, literati garden is normally less, contain many scenery, no north garden that grand , but it's a special flavor, Let a person yearn

Suzhou garden

Up above there is heaven; down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou

Yangzhou Ge Garden

Spring summer

autumn winter

Slender West Lake

24 bridge moon night, jade people where teach flute.


Welcome to China,To watch chinese garden

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